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Coronation Street

Season 21 1980

  • 1980-03-24T19:30:00+01:00 on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 1 day, 6 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

60 episodes

21x01 24th March 1980

  • Season Premiere

    1980-03-24T19:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Mavis is haunted by phone calls from a mystery man who knows her name and tells her he wants to see her in her nightie. Albert tells Ken that Deirdre is after a husband. Ken tells him it's none of his business. Deirdre helps Mavis out at The Kabin for some extra money. Mavis calls in the police over the caller. They think the caller is a customer. Gail is annoyed when Brian spends money on records rather than saving up for a house deposit. The police persuade Mavis to agree to meeting the caller, they will be watching. Len visits the Gatsby and asks Ralph Lancaster where Rita is. Ralph says he doesn't know and threatens him with his bouncer. Mavis waits in the precinct but the man doesn't turn up.

21x02 28th May 1980

  • 1980-05-28T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Arnold advises Emily to invest her money in stocks and shares. Ivy works out a shopping rota for the machinists. Deirdre types up a letter for Arnold to his bank manager, asking for his overdraft to be extended. Emily wonders what his financial position is. Hilda gets bored, stuck in bed with Stan. Emily fears Arnold is after her money. Annie pays a sick visit to the Ogdens, to Hilda's shame. Mike refuses to let the girls have a shopping hour. He tells Pauline he's not running a charity. Pauline is furious and accuses him of destroying her authority with the workers. She tells him he's humiliated her and she's had enough. She quits and walks out.

21x03 9th July 1980

  • 1980-07-09T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Hilda calls round to Elsie to borrow a cup of sugar. She finds the sofa ablaze and tries to drag Elsie clear but she has to call for Stan to help. Ken and Deirdre talk to each other at the party for the first time since they split. He tries to be close to her but she isn't interested. Stan and Hilda drag Elsie out of the smoke-filled house. Hilda breaks up Arnold and Emily's party for help. The fire brigade arrive but Ken and Stan have already put the fire out. Elsie is full of smoke but refuses to go to hospital. Dr Crawford advises her to give up smoking. Emily takes her in. Elsie has convulsions when she hears she owes her life to Hilda. Renee shows the Bannisters around the Corner Shop. Hilda is proclaimed a heroine. She makes the most of the situation and over-dramatises the events.

21x04 28th July 1980

  • 1980-07-28T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Alf refuses to take Renee out in the car again. Betty worries that if she alerts the authorities over the Fletchers their 'uncle' will take it out on them. Gail isn't keen on Peterloo Place. The Post Master tells Alf he can have the sub-post office. The Roberts celebrate. They go to a country pub. As he's been drinking, Alf lets Renee drive home. Betty phones the NSPCC about the Fletchers. Bert and Ivy look at 15 Peterloo Place and think the house is a bargain. Gail tells Brian to make an offer on the house. The Roberts get lost in the country, Renee stalls the car at some roadworks in a narrow lane. Alf gets out to take over but suddenly a lorry comes down the lane and hits the car head on. After the crash, Alf looks into the car and sees Renee lying across the seat, eyes fixed open.

21x05 30th July 1980

  • 1980-07-30T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Police and ambulancemen arrive at the crash site. Renee is rushed to hospital. Alf goes with her and is breathalysed. The crystals turn green. Renee undergoes emergency surgery but she dies in the theatre. Her spleen and her liver were both ruptured. The next morning, the news of Renee's death shocks the residents. Alf doesn't know what to do about anything. P.C. White makes him go over the accident for their report. The driver of the lorry has a broken leg and concussion and Renee's PM is set for this morning. The NSPCC make an appointment to see Betty. The Willow Crescent Estate salesman calls on the Tilsleys and tells them he has a cheaper house to offer them for £13,000 with repayments at under £100 a month. Brian doesn't want to know but Gail is keen. The house is vacant but only has the one bedroom. Alf begins to break down. Ken tries to comfort him.

21x06 4th August 1980

  • 1980-08-04T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Alf blames himself for letting Renee drive. He is upset as he can't remember what she looked like when she smiled. Hilda buys a new hat for Renee's funeral and tells Stan and Eddie one of them will have to accompany her. Betty controls her grief by looking after the shop for Alf. Daisy Hibbert arrives and puts a strain on Alf by demanding all the grief for herself. Inspector Vaughn - an NSPCC official - visits Betty. She tells him about the Fletchers' neglect and her fears for the children. She is assured her name will be kept out of the investigation. Daisy discovers Alf was breathalysed and had a blood test. She believes he killed Renee.

21x07 6th August 1980

  • 1980-08-06T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Stan refuses to go to the funeral so Eddie has to. Annie, Elsie, Ivy, Betty, Ken, Mike, Hilda and Eddie attend, along with Alf and Renee's family. Renee is cremated. The Fletchers' "uncle", Reg Sudworth turns on Betty, realising she reported him. He calls her interfering and threatens her. Mike and Eddie walk in on them in the Corner Shop and scare Sudworth off. Ivy takes care of the catering at the funeral tea. P.C. White calls and tells Alf that his blood test was negative. Alf gives Daisy Hibbert a photograph of Renee and him. She tears him off the picture and accuses him of murdering her baby.

21x08 11th August 1980

  • 1980-08-11T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Bert is tired of working nights. Annie tries to keep her birthday a secret. Deirdre agrees to be Emily's Matron of Honour, with Tracy as a bridesmaid. Ivy goes with Brian and Gail to view the new house. Mrs Fletcher calls on Betty and tells her that Reg Sudworth has left her and she accuses Betty of ruining her life. Annie assures her she did the right thing. Emily is surprised that Arnold wants to marry in the Weatherfield Registry Office. She agrees but is upset that he is not a religious person. The Tilsleys look at 5 Buxton Close. Gail thinks it's perfect. Mavis is put out that Emily hasn't asked her to be her bridesmaid. Annie is furious when Hilda sings "Happy Birthday" to her in the middle of the pub. Ivy is against the new house because it is two bus rides away. Gail tells Brian she wants the house and if she doesn't get it she'll leave and live with Audrey.

21x09 13th August 1980

  • 1980-08-13T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Brian accuses Gail of emotional blackmail. He refuses to be pressured. Emily decides she would really like a church wedding. Deirdre tells her to stick up for herself. The NSPCC's Inspector Vaughn tells Betty that she should be proud of what she did. Gail worries when the 5 Buxton Close manager needs an answer by the end of the day but she can't get hold of Brian. Alf finds it hard coping with the shop on his own. Arnold tosses a coin to see where they should marry. Gail is furious to find Brian has been drinking in the Rovers. Alf tells Mr. Bannister that he's no longer selling the shop. Emily and Arnold agree on the Registry Office. Deirdre steps down to allow Mavis to be bridesmaid with Tracy. Brian signs for the house to Gail's delight

21x10 18th August 1980

  • 1980-08-18T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Gail and Brian move into 5 Buxton Close helped by Brian's friend Andy Rowlands. They haven't a bed and don't know if they can take the one at Ivy's house with them. With Annie and Betty away, Fred is instructed to take on a relief barmaid. The brewery sends Arlene Jones. Fred fancies her. Bet kids her that Fred has something mentally wrong with him. When some machinists fall ill, Mike mans a machine himself to get an important order out - the girls are amazed. The Faircloughs return from a motoring holiday to the news of Renee's death. The Tilsleys have a new sofa delivered. Gail is glad to be away from Ivy. Fred feels certain Arlene fancies him. Bert and Ivy give the bed to Brian and Gail as a housewarming present. Ivy starts to cry at the thought of Brian leaving home.

21x11 20th August 1980

  • 1980-08-20T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Ivy works on her machine at work to make curtains for Gail in her spare time. Eddie is given a table on his rounds. Arlene Jones realises Fred fancies her and plays him along. Eddie sells the table to Gail and Brian for £5. He feels guilty as they're broke so gives them £2 back. Ivy is forced to tell Mike his machine work is not up to standard. He tells her that he's been waiting for her to spot that - he just wants to keep the girls on their toes. He withdraws from the machine room and gives the girls overtime. Brian carries Gail over the threshold. Fred gets Arlene to work late "tidying up". The girls finish the big order. Ivy tells Gail the first sensible thing Brian ever did was marry her. Fred is shocked to meet Arlene's big husband, Arthur who warns him off her. Arlene tells Fred the pub is grotty and she won't be returning.

21x12 25th August 1980

  • 1980-08-25T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Mavis decides she doesn't want to be another bridesmaid and decides to be away on holiday during the wedding. Deirdre and Emily agree to finish the secretarial agency after Emily's wedding. Karen Oldfield applies for a job as machinist at Baldwin's Casuals. Mike makes her wait two hours before seeing her. Hilda asks Annie for next months' wages in advance but Annie refuses. Mike tells Karen there are no jobs going. She tells him that she'd be a good worker and he'd be a fool not to take her on. She impresses him and he takes her on as a trainee. Deirdre starts looking for somewhere else to live. Emily assures her that she will never throw her out. Martin repairs the water boiler at the factory and takes a fancy to Karen. Vera refuses to accept Hilda's money for the pools syndicate as she missed paying a week. She tells her that she's out of the syndicate. Hilda is annoyed when Stan only gives her £15 house-keeping. She tells him she's tired of making ends meet. Arnold tells Emily there is no way the Langtons can stay in the house after the wedding.

21x13 27th August 1980

  • 1980-08-27T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Mavis tells Emily that she can't be a bridesmaid as she's going to be in London. Hilda is adamant she paid Vera her pools money but Vera is equally adamant she didn't. Deirdre asks Alf if she and Tracy can have the shop flat. He is taken aback. He worries what people will say if he takes a woman in so soon after Renee's death. Emily braces herself and tells Deirdre that she'll have to move out. Deirdre tells her it's alright; she's arranged to take on the shop flat. As an act of revenge Hilda copies the winning pools numbers onto the factory girls' copy

21x14 10th September 1980

  • 1980-09-10T20:30:00+02:00 — 30 mins

Vera tries to get everyone in the Street to ignore Hilda. She is put out when Bet tells her she's pathetic. Arnold and Emily go to the registry office. George Turner and Deirdre act as witnesses as Annie and Betty watch. Karen falls for Martin and shares her barm cake with him. Arnold and Emily are married. Martin arranges to go to a dance with Karen after they establish they are both unattached. Hilda tells Stan she can't stand being snubbed and goes to stay with Trevor in Chesterfield. The Swains hold a small reception at No.3. Emily is touched when Leonard Swindley sends a telegram of congratulation.

21x15 29 September 1980

  • 1980-09-29T19:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Elsie rows with Martin for getting Karen drunk. The Swains return from their honeymoon at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. Arnold carries Emily over the threshold at Eddie's prompting. Bet is distraught that her only picture of Martin Downes has been taken. Arnold tells Emily he'd like to sell No.3 and buy a country cottage. Annie gives Bet some of her clothes, Rita gives her make-up. Karen has her first hangover. Her father tells her not to see Martin again. Bet is horrified when Annie gives her her old gowns. Elsie rows with Deirdre for selling Martin cider as he's underage. Deirdre tells her he told her it was for Elsie. Ken organises a whip-round at the Rovers for Bet. Bet wears Annie's dress back to front, the plunging back is turned into V-neckline to her waist. Martin vows not to let Oldfield stop him seeing Karen.

21x16 3rd December 1980

  • 1980-12-03T20:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Derek sends Mavis a Christmas card with his new address. She wonders if it's a hint. Mike refuses to back Frankie, he tells him he doesn't think he'll be successful with videos. Frankie is hurt. Dr. Crawford tells Stan he's overweight and he may have an allergy to beer. He tells him not to drink anymore beer until he sees him again. Bert worries that Fosters' may be laying off workers. He fears he'll lose his job. Ivy begins to worry that they won't be able to pay the mortgage. Arnold goes to Birmingham on business to pick up a load of parrots for Christmas. Emily takes over the pet shop. Mavis phones Derek. She hopes they'll get together for Christmas but he's visiting relatives. Stan is devastated that he can't drink anymore although everyone else thinks it's hilarious. Mike tells Fred that Frankie is a dodgy character. Fred asks for his money back but Frankie dodges him. Rita persuades Len to have Mavis with them for Christmas. An insurance man, Mr. Emery, calls at the pet shop telling a stunned Emily that Arnold's wife, Mrs Margaret Swain wants to finish her policy.

21x17 31st December 1980

  • 1980-12-31T20:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Martin buys Karen an engagement ring with his Christmas money. Elsie worries that Karen won't accept him. Martin tells Karen they should do something positive and gives her the ring. He tells her he wants to be engaged. She likes the ring and says she will marry him. Ken buys a Volkswagen but an angry Albert refuses to go in it as it's German. Gail refuses to see New Year in at home so the family go to the Rovers. Karen gives Martin the ring back, telling him they're too young to get engaged. She tells him it would be best if they finished. Gail feels unwell in the Rovers. Martin packs and leaves for Birmingham. Elsie is upset to see him so hurt. He tells her he doesn't like it in the Street anymore. Gail goes into labour, Annie lets the family wait in the living room and calls for an ambulance. Gail and Brian go to hospital, through the Rovers' bar. Elsie sees the New Year in alone and in tears. Brian phones the Rovers and tells Audrey that Gail has had a 7lbs 2oz son. She passes on the news to the delighted regulars, Ivy and Bert who all celebrate.