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Coronation Street

Season 31 1990

  • 1990-01-01T19:30:00Z on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 3 days, 6 hours, 30 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

157 episodes

31x01 1 January 1990

  • Season Premiere

    1990-01-01T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As the residents see in New Year, Deirdre realises Ken has spent the day with Wendy and she throws him out. Alec tells Bet he wants to find his daughter. Jim agrees to pay the excess on the new window with Alf claiming the rest on the insurance. Steve and Andy donate their Christmas money. Tracy tries to contact Ken at Wendy's to no avail. Wendy takes Ken in. Alf and Jim make up as the twins try out a JCB on the deserted building site, but it goes out of control and crashes into the shop, smashing the window.

31x02 3 January 1990

  • 1990-01-03T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec decides to contact his ex-wife, and gets Sandra's address from Joyce. Wendy helps Ken get the Recorder out and Tracy is upset to see them together. Sally arranges a meeting between Jenny and Rita but Jenny refuses to talk to Rita. Don finds life is not so great when his taxi is stolen while he is in the betting shop.

31x03 5 January 1990

  • 1990-01-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec discovers Sandra lives in massive Cheshire house and when he meets her husband Tim and his grand-daughter Victoria, Sandra is shocked to see him. Bet is surprised to find out that they are invited to Sandra's birthday party. The police find Don's cab but decide to keep it, but Don discovers that the cab was involved in a hit and run. Finally, Wendy secures the Council ads from the Gazette.

31x04 8 January 1990

  • 1990-01-08T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bet is worried about meeting Sandra, but Alec assures Bet that he loves her. Ted Lucas, editor of the Gazette offers to buy the Recorder, but Ken refuses to sell, which please Wendy. Deirdre tells Ken she'll settle for the house. He pleads with her to accept maintenance and if it couldn't get any worse Tracy tells Ken that she hates him and flies at him. Ivy is annoyed that Don was in a Betting shop when the cab was stolen.

31x05 10 January 1990

  • 1990-01-10T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bet and Alec get dressed up for Sandra's party only to find it's a casual affair. Bet is annoyed at being called grandma. Bet overhears Sandra telling Tim, she doesn't want to have Alec about the place. Don is told he can collect his car, don feels the police think he was involved in the hit-and-run. Mike tells Deirdre he is sorry to hear about her problems with Ken and offers is support. Ken meanwhile, is advised by his accountant to sell the Recorder.

31x06 12 January 1990

  • 1990-01-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec discovers Sandra is too busy to talk to him. Bet finding it hard, tells Alec that Sandra doesn't want to know him, but he doesn't believe her. Don sees one of the cab thieves so he begins to chase the youth, but loses him. However, Don decides to wait in his cab for the youth to return.

31x07 15 January 1990

  • 1990-01-15T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Don lies in wait outside a block of flats for Joe Egerton the lad who stole his taxi. He arrives with two friends and a scuffle breaks out, however, when the police arrive Joe accuses Don of assaulting him. Ivy is worried when Don fails to arrive home. Ken and Wendy argue when explains to her that he will have to sell his paper to pay Deirdre off. He is embarrassed when he arrives at home to discover that Deirdre has changed the locks and he can't get in. Eddie asks Tina to go to France with him. Alec phones his daughter and asks her and the family round to dinner. Mike's accountant tell shim that he'll have to start up the business again from scratch if he wants to make money.

31x08 17 January 1990

  • 1990-01-17T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec plans a big meal for Sandra and Time, but Sandra tells Alec she wants him out of her life and he is heartbroken. Joe confesses to stealing the cab, but Don's assault charge still holds and Mike invites Alma to move in.

31x09 19 January 1990

  • 1990-01-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alma stuns her friends by announcing she is moving in with Mike and then does just that. Bet visits Sandra to tell her that Alec is really upset, but Sandra refuses to listen to her. Alec then accuses Bet of meddling in his affairs and Eddie tells Tina the French trip is off as he has to look after Jamie.

31x10 22 January 1990

  • 1990-01-22T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sandra apologies to Alec for her behaviour. She tells him he can keep in touch with them, especially Victoria who likes him. Mike asks Peter Ingram for any work he can take off his hands. He agrees to make up some travel bags for him, but Alma worries about Mike's plans for the travel bags. Sally takes Jamie in so Tina and Eddie can go away, but Tina is alarmed to find out that their romantic get away is actual fact a football trip they're going on.

31x11 24 January 1990

  • 1990-01-24T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sally and Kevin like looking after Jamie. Alf gives her the day off to look after him when he cries I the shop. Sally is upset when a woman moves Jamie whilst she is hopping as a dog upsets him. Mike starts making the bags in his flat. He hires machines from Ingrams to make up the samples. He wins the order and tells Alma he has to make another, 1,000 and Jim prepares to return to the Army.

31x12 26 January 1990

  • 1990-01-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike's machining interferes with his neighbour's appliances. Mike asks Ivy to be an out-worker for him, but Don orders him out of the house. Josie reveals she is working for Mike as he told her that Ivy was also on board and the Residents Association threatens Mike with legal action. Tina returns alone and takes Jamie back. Tina reveals Eddie is in a French jail for being a football hooligan. Bet takes Tina and Jamie in as Alec invites Victoria over.

31x13 29 January 1990

  • 1990-01-29T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alma has enough of being a machinist and Josie refuses to work for Mike anymore. However, they agree to work for Mike for double the money, especially since he is still making a big profit and Victoria is touched to see Alec with Jamie.

31x14 31 January 1990

  • 1990-01-31T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

After receiving a postcard, Victor turns up at the Kabin to make arrangements to meet Mavis. Ingram discovers Mike doesn't have a factory anymore and Don tells him about the out-workers. Ingram is amused to see Mike at a machine, but Mike assures him the order will be completed on time. Mike asks Alma to lend him some money to pay his out-workers. Meanwhile, Alec discovers the hooligans have been released from jail.

31x15 2 February 1990

  • 1990-02-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek goes for an interview, selling beds and doesn't get the job. Meanwhile, Mavis goes behind his back to meet Victor. Victor in turn, offers Derek - via Mavis - a job at his recycled paper business, but Derek refuses. Liz reminds Jim that he promised to leave the army, but Jim announces his cold pay Johnny Johns is coming to stay. Ivy completes the order and swears not to work for Mike again. Mike lands another order for the travel bags and Eddie returns.

31x16 5 February 1990

  • 1990-02-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Don encourages Ivy to form a workers co-operative, undercutting Mike. While taking Don's advice Ivy manages to get Marg, Josie and Emily to join up and Ingram gives the co-op the order for1,000 bags. Audrey refuses to let Alf buy one of the new houses - she wants to move away from the street. Johnny arrives a No. 11 and tells Jim he is going after the recruitment job.

31x17 7 February 1990

  • 1990-02-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jim resigns himself to losing the job to Johnny. Liz tells one time lover Johnny about Jim wanting the job and how she doesn't want him to have it, so Johnny gives it up. Mike discovers his travel bag order has been cancelled. Mike is outraged to discover his workers have undercut him. Rita feels she would like to move out of No. 7 as it's full of bad memories. Rita decides to buy the shop and flat opposite Alf and Derek is taken on by Victor.

31x18 9 February 1990

  • 1990-02-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek discovers he has to be warehouse boy as well as sales rep and is humiliated by this new position. Liz is despondent that Johnny has given the job up in favour of Jim. Johnny warns Jim as he is leaving, that Liz will leave him if he stays in the army. Jim tells Liz he is leaving the army for good. Maurice starts moving furniture into No. 6 and Audrey thinks it's for his mistress. Mike undercuts Ingram and take the bag order from the travel company.

31x19 12 February 1990

  • 1990-02-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek is agitated about moving out of the Kabin flat as Rita is selling up. Victor then uses Derek as a chauffeur. Derek is humiliated when Victor gives Mavis a lift. Maurice tells Audrey the new house is for his daughter who has just wed. Des and Steph Barnes move into No. 6, rowing over his drunkenness. Ingram tells Ivy the order has been cancelled and Mike tells Alma he wants her flat as a machine room.

31x20 14 February 1990

  • 1990-02-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mavis receives a Valentine's card. Mavis is shocked when Derek tells here he didn't send the card. Victor is embarrassed to discover Derek knows he sent the card to Mavis. Mike advertises for workers, he takes Josie on, but Gail is annoyed by the way Mike has taken over the café flat. Des and Steph go on their honeymoon to Majorca. Martin get a job as a porter in Weatherfield General and Felicity Khan tells Rita she is worried about Jenny's state of mind.

31x21 16 February 1990

  • 1990-02-16T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alma spends the day supervising the machinists and Gail is harassed with martin at the hospital and Alma in the machine room. Gail threatens to sell out of the café unless Alma finds help at the café. Flick get no response from Jenny and Rita goes off to see Jenny. Victor takes Mavis to lunch whilst Derek is working, but Derek finds out about Mavis's lunch with Victor.

31x22 19 February 1990

  • 1990-02-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The café customers complain about the dust and noise. Rita discovers Jenny is locked in her room. Rita persuades Jenny to open the door, and when she does she breaks down and her and Rita make-up. Alf and Audrey go house hunting. Alf secures the house on Grassmere Drive for £3,000 less than the asking price. Victor leaves Derek to take possession of a guard dog while he has tea with Mavis. Derek is trapped by the alsatian. When he frees himself he tells Mavis that Victor is trying to seduce her and Eddie worries that Jamie's mother Maria is after him.

31x23 21 February 1990

  • 1990-02-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek tries to interest Bettabuys in PPP products to no avail and to top it all off Victor assigns Derek to an overnight job in Bedford. Jenny tells Rita she and Flick are moving out of halls. Rita offers jenny and Flick the tenancy on No. 7 when she moves and they agree. Jack kids Alf that open-all-hours grocer Patel is buying the shop opposite the Rovers. Alf tells Audrey they can't move and will have to open later to compete with Patel. Marie's brother Carl threatens Eddie unless Marie gets Jamie back and the Barnes return from honeymoon.

31x24 23 February 1990

  • 1990-02-23T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek goes to Bedford. Audrey learns from Maurice Jones that he has not sold the shop to anyone. Derek tries to contact Mavis or Victor by phone and when he fails he decides to return to Weatherfield. Audrey discovers that Jack was lying and makes him apologise to Alf. Tina hides Jamie Ramsden at the Rovers. A furious Derek arrives home to find Victor massaging Mavis's foot trying to cure a headache.

31x25 26 February 1990

  • 1990-02-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek throws Victor out. He tells Mavis wants a divorce. Rita assures Derek Mavis was being nanve and is not unfaithful. Derek tells Mavis he knows she is an innocent victim and that he is going to resign from his job. Marie turns up and tells Eddie she wants Jamie. Marie hears a baby crying in the Rovers and Tina says it' hers. Finally Audrey prepares a special 'leaving' flat meal.

31x26 28 February 1990

  • 1990-02-28T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek confronts Victor and Victor confesses his love for Mavis. Victor promises never to see Mavis again and gets drunk with Derek on home-made wine. Derek arrives home with the news that he now runs PPP as Victor has left the area to Darlington. Marie discovers Tina doesn't have a baby, but Bet lets Marie see Jamie. Marie pleads with Eddie to let her have Jamie and also threatens him with a solicitor. Eddie proposes to Tina in order to provide a good home for Jamie and Tina accepts. The Health and Safety inspector arrive to check Mike's factory and is told that he will have to close the factory. Ken asks Deirdre if he can see Tracy.

31x27 2 March 1990

  • 1990-03-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike accuses Percy and Don of reporting him, but Gail steps forward and admits that she was the one who reported Mike. Mike tells Alma that he is finished in the Rag trade and Alma blames Gail for sticking her nose in. Tracy agrees to go out with Ken, but Deirdre drags Tracy away from Ken when she sees Wendy in the car. Tracy tells Deirdre she's going to see Ken whether she likes it or not. Tina shows off her engagement ring. Marie tells her she had post natal depression and wants her baby back, even if it means going to court. Alf and Audrey celebrate their move from the street.

31x28 5 March 1990

  • 1990-03-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec is shocked to discover that he and Bet are paying for Tina's reception. Tracy visits Wendy and decides that she likes her, but Deirdre is angry with Tracy for going to see her. Alma slags Gail off and threatens to buy her out. Marie asks Eddie to be reasonable and Mike is offered a job by Ingram - as a sales rep.

31x29 7 March 1990

  • 1990-03-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tina buys her wedding dress. Deirdre, Emily, Bet, Vera, Sally, Natalie (Tina's flatmate), Betty, Gail, Liz and Ivy from Tina's hen party in the Rovers. Eddie arrives during the party to tell Tina that he can't marry her as he's marrying Marie. Alma spreads it about hat Mike is going to be Ingram's partner. Mike has to sign a contract swearing not to use Ingram's contacts for five years and Vera is certain Tina is pregnant.

31x30 9 March 1990

  • 1990-03-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alf infers Deirdre is slacking on the Council, but she still plans to go on Council business to Harrogate. She arranges for Tracy to be looked after by Emily. Tina tells Eddie he's a louse and she's better off without him and finally breaks down. Tina bounces back by cutting her wedding cake in the Rovers. Ivy asks Mike for a job and he snubs her. Mike changes his mind and tells Ivy he'll keep his eyes open. Don is amazed that Ivy asked him for a job.

31x31 12 March 1990

  • 1990-03-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Deirdre is suspicious of Tracy's every move. Deirdre agrees to discuss access with Ken when she comes back from Harrogate. Phyllis wins a trip for two to Holland at bingo. Percy slips on her shopping when her bag splits and is taken to Hospital. Sally arranges a night out with the Barnes' to Kevin's annoyance. However, Kevin is surprised by the fact he likes the Barnes'. Don discovers Mike is Ingram's sales rep and announces it to everyone in the Rovers. Tina goes to Cyprus.

31x32 14 March 1990

  • 1990-03-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Percy, with broken ankle, takes charge of the ward. While Deirdre is in Harrogate, Emily discovers Tracy on the phone to Wendy, which causes her to run away. Ivy wants a job and Don receives his court summons. Des asks Kevin to place a £500 bet on a horse, but when Sally finds out she is cross about the bet until Kevin produces his winnings of £100.

31x33 16 March 1990

  • 1990-03-16T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy arives on Wendy's doorstep and Ken decides she can stay the night while Deirdre is away. Deirdre is furious when Emily phones to tell her and she decides to break off her trip to come home. When Deirdre arrives at Wendy's to take Tracy home, she refuses to leave and Deirdre goes away alone. Percy is discharged early from hospital and Emily is alarmed to find he might need personal chores doing. The Barnes have a good night out with the Webster's and Steph is faster than her hubby's car.

31x34 19 March 1990

  • 1990-03-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Steph thinks Kevin fancies her and starts to flirt with him for a joke. She even goes so far as to squeeze his thing in the Rovers. Tracy tells Ken she wants him to come home. Ken then brings Tracy home, to Deirdre's delight and Percy sets his bedroom up in the front room.

31x35 21 March 1990

  • 1990-03-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Des thinks Steph teasing Kevin is a good joke, but Kevin can't cope with Steph's flirting. Mavis is excited about her move and Ken decides to talk to Lucas about his job. Editor of the Gazette free sheet Jeff Richmond tells Ken he is spending too much time on personal business. Ken accuses him of blocking all his ideas and threatens to resign. Jeff accepts his resignation. Don worries about his court case and Percy worries that he has lost his lollipop job for good.

31x36 23 March 1990

  • 1990-03-23T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kevin refuses to flirt with Steph - he's staying true to Sally and Steph announces a housewarming party. Don is fined £50 for assault and has to pay costs. Lucas tells Ken he won't intervene with his job - he hasn't got one. Ken is angry when he discovers Wendy has been give his job. Percy complains about the Rovers, Alec loses his temper and bars him and his wheelchair to everyone's horror.

31x37 26 March 1990

  • 1990-03-26T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Steph plans to get Kevin drunk at the party, but Kevin refuses to go to the party. Steph cancels the party as Kevin refuses to attend, everyone persuades Kevin to change his mind and Steph bets Des that she can shave Kevin's moustache off. Percy refuses to accept Alec's apologies. On Alec's orders, Jack takes Percy out in the wheelchair. Percy is left outside the betting shop while Jack enjoys himself and Ken refuses to go to the job centre.

31x38 28 March 1990

  • 1990-03-28T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek and Mavis move out of the Kabin flat and into No.4 and are surprised when Percy tells them Harriet looks distressed by the move. To make matters worse Derek and Mavis' romantic meal is ruined by the loud music coming from the Barnes' party. Derek complains about the music and ends up staying at the party and Mavis is horrified to find Harriet dead in her cage. Wendy tell Mike Ken doesn't work for the Gazette anymore. Kevin isn't happy about being at the party. Steph lures Kevin upstairs where she shaves off his tash, which horrifies Sally.

31x39 30 March 1990

  • 1990-03-30T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sally accuses Kevin of doing all sorts with Steph and refuses to let Kevin sleep with her. To keep his side of the bet, Des walks into the Rovers minus his trousers. Mavis refuses to let Derek bury Harriet in the garden, she wants a proper funeral in a pet cemetery and Sally refuses to talk to Steph. Ken admits to Deirdre he doesn't' have a job.

31x40 2 April 1990

  • 1990-04-02T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mavis is upset over burying Harriet next to a cat and agrees to having her buried in the back garden. Kevin convinces Sally he does not fancy Steph, but Sally threatens to get her own back on Steph. Tracy entertains the twins and cooks chips. The pan catches light and they are rescued by joiner Des Barton, but the kitchen is gutted. Ken is furious that Tracy was left on her own and rows with Deirdre.

31x41 4 April 1990

  • 1990-04-04T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Dave offers to give Deirdre an estimate for the redecoration of the kitchen. Ken assures Deirdre he will not fight for custody of Tracy - for Tracy's sake. Ken forgets that Wendy's mother is coming when he has arranged to see Tracy. Sally tells Steph that Des tried to arrange a date with her. Steph throws Des out and Sally thinks she went too far. Jenny and Flick move into No. 7 and can't wait for Rita to move out.

31x42 6 April 1990

  • 1990-04-06T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Steph tells Sally she and Des have made up. Wendy is adamant that Ken must meet her mother and Tracy takes the news of Ken's broken weekend well. Jack tries to borrow money in vain, so he steals Vera's clock. Dave starts decoration Deirdre's kitchen and Rita decides the time has come for her to move out of No. 7.

31x43 9 April 1990

  • 1990-04-09T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Wendy is anxious that Ken gets on with her stepmother. Sylvia Crozier senses that bad atmosphere between Ken and Wendy. They have row in front of her. Wendy feels his obsession with Deirdre and Tracy is ruining their relationship. Deirdre enjoys Dave's company, while Rita starts stocking her new shop and Vera is upset to find bike bits all over the house.

31x44 11 April 1990

  • 1990-04-11T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Audrey is jealous as Alf tries to help Rita, but Alf goes with Rita to choose a new bed. Audrey catches Alf and Rita on a show bed together. Ken goes to an Employment Agency. Ken finds the agency has nothing for him. He is interviewed by an old pupil who suggests he goes back to teaching. Wendy things Ken should teach, he tells her she doesn't know him very well. Jack ruins Vera's Mac by covering the bike with it.

31x45 13 April 1990

  • 1990-04-13T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Rita moves into the new Kabin and locks the door to the Kabin for the first time. Ken finds Wendy drinking with Lucas and Lucas tells Wendy, Ken is a loser. Vera discovers the bath is full of gunk and Dave arranges to take Deirdre and Tracy out.

31x46 16 April 1990

  • 1990-04-16T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jack is forced to move the bike out of No. 9 and stores it in the cellar of the Rovers and Alec confronts jack in the cellar with the bike. Dave takes the Barlow's out. Ken and Wendy plan a romantic picnic but, Ken's car breaks down and Kevin tells him it will cost £250 to repair. Ken tells Wendy he can't afford it. Rita moves into the flat at No. 10 and Audrey discovers Alf and Rita sharing a bottle of wine. Bet, Mavis, Emily, Flick and Jenny force Rita to have a flat warming party and Jenny and Flick are stood up.

31x47 18 April 1990

  • 1990-04-18T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kevin tries to get Sally interested in a foreign holiday, but Sally has a surprise of her own, she tells Kevin she is pregnant. Jim tells Jack he is jealous of him restoring his old bike, so Jack sells the bike to Jim for £150. Percy is sacked by the Council as he is too old. Deirdre tells Percy he was sacked because he lied about his age. Curly agrees to buy Ken's car for £1,450, but Ken doesn't tell Curly about all the faults.

31x48 20 April 1990

  • 1990-04-20T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kevin feels scared but happy about he pregnancy and Sally tells Audrey about the baby. Audrey lets it slip about he baby and everyone throws a party for the Webster's in the Rovers. Gail tells Sally that she is pregnant as well but swears her to secrecy. Vera takes half of Jack's bike money. Phyllis tells Percy he's got to fight for his job. Percy and Phyllis campaign for his reinstatement and Curly is worried as the car is obviously dodgy.

31x49 23 April 1990

  • 1990-04-23T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Curly's worried about the car he's bought from Ken - it refuses to start - even though Jack and Percy give helpful advice. Sally's pregnant - but she understands why Gail is not telling everyone - although she thinks Martin should be told. Gail is worried about he pregnancy. Jim is the in the process of renovating the motorbike he's brought from Jack. Mr. Holdsworth mistakenly thinks Curly has a drink problem. Curly tries to get money out of Ken to pay for car repairs but Ken insists the car is brought as sold. Deirdre refuses to go out with Dave but Dave says they'll go out when the job is finished. They eventually go to the Rovers for a drink and cross paths with Mike. Martin hints to Sally and Kevin that it would nice to have a baby - they wonder if Gail has told him.

31x50 25 April 1990

  • 1990-04-25T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Curly has taken the car to Kevin for repairs - it will be expensive. Ken is depressed about the car and job situation. Audrey is worried about Gail and Martin - she tells Don and Ivy to tread carefully. Alma asks Gail if anything's worrying her - Gail says not. Renne Dodds is pestering Mr. Holdsworth. Kimberley informs Curly that someone is sleeping in the stockroom. Holdsworth refuses to discuss the matter. Vera accuse Ken of fiddling Curly - Ken says the matters closed. Vera tells him she won't give up. Dave asks Deirdre out for a meal. Gail tells Alma she is thinking of going to a trade show in Liverpool. Tracy is pleased Deirdre's going out with Dave. Curly discovers Mr. Holdsworth is sleeping in the stockroom as his wife has thrown him out. Gail tells Sally she's going to have an abortion.

31x51 27 April 1990

  • 1990-04-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Curly has the work done on the car. Reg arranges to transfer Renee Dodds to Bolton but tells Curly he has to tell her. Gail tells Alma that she is not going to Birmingham but Liverpool to have an abortion. Alma tells her that she has had one in the past. Renee swears vengeance on Reg over the transfer. Deirdre entertains Dave to a meal. Ken rows with the Duckworths in the Rovers over the car. When Mike steps in, Ken hits him. A fight ensues and Mike lays into Ken, knocking him flat on his back. Deirdre and Dave share a passionate kiss.

31x52 30 April 1990

  • 1990-04-30T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gail is evasive with Martin about her Birmingham trip. Kevin tells Martin about the baby and Martin demands to know from Alma where Gail has gone. Renee tells Holdsworth her husband is after him and Ken admits defeat to Wendy. Alf agrees to rent he shop flat for Holdsworth when Curly pays him the £80 he owes him.

31x53 2 May 1990

  • 1990-05-02T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

At Victoria Station, Gail is shocked to see Martin. He tells her he's pleased with the news and doesn't want her to have an abortion. Martin jumps onto the train with Gail and argues with her about the abortion an then leaves Gail to go to the clinic. Gail returns, not having been to the clinic but she is bitter. Wendy tries to help Ken find a job and Dave loses his temper at Deirdre's reluctance to go out.

31x54 4 May 1990

  • 1990-05-04T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gail tells Martin she could still have the abortion. Martin says he'll run the cafe whilst Gail has the baby and tries to convince Gail everything will be alright. Wendy tries to lift Ken out of depression, but Ken tells Wendy he made a mistake leaving Deirdre and is leaving. Wendy desperately tries to get Ken to change his mind, but Ken leaves and Holdsworth moves into No. 15.

31x55 7 May 1990

  • 1990-05-07T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Dave takes Deirdre and Tracy out for the day. Deirdre is stunned when Wendy tells her she and Ken have split up. Gail isn't sure she's doing the right thing in having the baby, but tell Nicky and Sara Louise about the baby. Liz is fed up with Jim spending all his time on the bike and neglecting his new job repairing televisions and Holdsworth gets to know the residents and chats Alma up.

31x56 9 May 1990

  • 1990-05-09T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gail prepares to tell Ivy and Audrey about the baby. Ivy feels Gail and Martin are gong to announce their wedding plans. Deirdre avoids talking to Dave about their relationship because she feels nothing has changed in her attitude towards Ken. Nigel Ridley summons Alec to the Brewery. Alec tells Bet Nigel has a new image planed for the Rovers. The Duckworth's entertain Holdsworth. Vera wants to be promoted to check out.

31x57 11 May 1990

  • 1990-05-11T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Vera is furious when Kimberley is promoted and hears it was Curly who promoted Kimberley. Bet is appalled at the new plastic image planned for the Rovers. Tracey lies and tells Dave that Deirdre wants Ken back. Deirdre is stood up by Dave and Gail tell the Roberts and Brennans that she is pregnant.

31x58 14 May 1990

  • 1990-05-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bet worries about the Brewery's plans for the Rovers. Nigel tells Alec they plan to turn the pub into a New York type bar called Yankees. Bet tells the regulars about the plans and Nigel calls into to Percy in uproar. Deirdre discovers Tracy put Dave off. She assures Dave she is not getting back with Ken. Jim manages to get the bike working while Jack jealously looks on. Gail tells Ivy about the abortion, but Ivy orders Gail to marry Martin.

31x59 16 May 1990

  • 1990-05-16T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Deirdre tells Tracy, Ken will not be coming back. She receives a letter from an Estate Agent asking her to sell No1. Liz lets Jack sit on the bike. To get the bike out of his system, jack is allowed to ride the bike. Vera insists on joining him. The police stop them for doing 40mph down a one way street and the bike is not takes, insured or has any number plates. Jenny rows with Flick about keeping the house tidy and Martin thinks Gail should marry him. Nigel tells the Gilroy's the refurbishment's are to start next week.

31x60 18 May 1990

  • 1990-05-18T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jenny refuses to let Flick allow Rod Whitworth to sleep on the sofa for the night, but to Jenny's horror she finds Rod installed at No7. Jack refuses to discuss the bike incident with Jim. The police let the Duckworth's and McDonalds off and PC Nailor buys the bike for £800. The Estate Agent tells Deirdre the buyer is offering £30,000 for No1. Bet is adamant she will not like the new Rovers, so Alec tells Nigel the changes are off and Bet is delighted.

31x61 21 May 1990

  • 1990-05-21T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jenny demands Rod leaves but he manages to charm her round. Rita is curious that Rod is staying and tells Jenny Rod fancies Flick. Jenny tells Flick she doesn't mind if Rod stays, causing Flick to think Jenny fancies Rod. Deirdre fears the offer is from Jones. She tells the estate agent that she will not sell the house until she knows who has made the offer. The Estate Agent tells Deirdre they Brewery wants her house to extend the Rovers. Des warns Derek that from his garden he could see the Barnes' bedroom where Steph walks about in the nude.

31x62 23 May 1990

  • 1990-05-23T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Deirdre doesn't tell the Gilroy's about the Brewery's plans. Deirdre turns down the offer, but is talked into a meeting with a brewery boss. Nigel tells Deirdre and Dave that is she doesn't sell the Rovers will stay as it is. She tells him she's not interested but he offers her £35,000. The neighbours get annoyed at Rod playing his loud music. Jenny and Flick realise that neither one of them fancy Rod. The Wilton's decide on a pond and Derek catches sight of naked Steph.

31x63 25 May 1990

  • 1990-05-25T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jenny and Flick try in vain to make Rod see he's not welcome. The girls tell Rod they don't want him. He agrees to look for somewhere else, but Rod shows no sign of leaving No7. Mark threatens Rod with violence unless he leaves. Rod goes peacefully leaving the girls thinking Mark is an animal. Tracy tells Deirdre she does not want to leave No1 and she overhears Dave inviting Deirdre to move in with him. The Wilton's buy a rustic bench and Steph invites Mavis to use her sun bed. Mavis discovers Derek looking up to Steph's bedroom. She finds out Steph walks about in the nude and Vera plans a second honeymoon to a holiday camp in Pwllheli.

31x64 30 May 1990

  • 1990-05-30T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mavis tells Kevin the girls threw him out. Flick apologies to Mark for throwing him out, she is horrified when he asks her out on a date, but Mark corners her into accepting a date. Tracy tells Deirdre she doesn't want to live with Dave. Tracy tells Ken that Deirdre is selling up and moving in with Dave. She asks if she can move in with him. Mavis is cool toward Derek, but they make-up agreeing that Mavis has sexual urges which should not be suppressed. Do agrees to let Ivy go to work. Ivy tells Vera she's thinking of applying for the job of supervisor at Ingrams.

31x65 1 June 1990

  • 1990-06-01T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ken tells Deirdre she'll be setting Tracy a bad example if she moves in with Dave. He tells her he doesn't believe she's had an offer. She tells him it's from the Brewery. Deirdre tells Dave she can't accept his offer of accommodation - she's not ready for that sort of relationship. Ken ventures into the Rovers. He tells Bet he's now a supply teacher and tells her about the Brewery buying No1. Ivy goes for the job but needs a reference. Mike refuses to give Ivy a reference because of the travel bags. Curly and Kim plan a romantic evening but Vera plays gooseberry and Mark takes Flick out.

31x66 4 June 1990

  • 1990-06-04T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bet and Alec are getting worked up about the possibility of Deirdre selling out to Newton & Ridley - what will they do? They later find out that if they don't like the changes and increase in their rent, the alternative is to move out to Quarryman's Rest. Ivy get her reference from Mike Baldwin and gets the supervisors job at Ingrams. Mark is still trying unsuccessfully to get Flick to go out with him.

31x67 6 June 1990

  • 1990-06-06T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

The general consensus of opinion in the street is that Deirdre is stabbing everyone in the back by selling her house to the Brewery. The Quarryman's Rest has a ghost which is enough to convince Alec and Bet they don't want to move there and when Alec appeals for support against the Brewery, Percy promises immediate action. The Duckworth's are away and Kimberley has told her Mother she is staying the night at her friend Alison's house, when really she and Curly are planning a night alone together. However, Kimberley is already regretting her decision to go against her principals. Felicity doesn't want the gold necklace mark has given her.

31x68 8 June 1990

  • 1990-06-08T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kim spends the night in the Duckworth's bed, to Curly's disappointment. Brenda Taylor catches Kim at No9 in her dressing gown. She refuses to believe nothing happened. Bet thinks Alec could start up his agency again. He refuses and breaks down, telling her he wanted to provide a nice retirement for them. Bet pleads with Deirdre not to sell. Deirdre refuses. The residents send Jim and Mavis to see Nigel to plead their case. Nigel refuses to listen to Mavis and Jim. Mavis tells him what she thinks of him. Nigel accuses the Gilroy's of being unhelpful and tells them they won't be getting a new pub. Bet threatens to strike. Sally sees the necklace and thinks it can't be the same one. Mark refuses to discuss the necklace with Kevin. He tells Kevin he found the necklace on the garage floor. Kevin tells him to get it back. Mark discovers Flick has given the chain to the charity shop and Kim asks Curly to state his intentions to her parents.

31x69 11 June 1990

  • 1990-06-11T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kim tells Curly her parents aren't talking to her. Curly tries to convince the Taylor's his intentions are honourable and finds himself caught up in an engagement and Holdsworth suspects Curly of making Kim pregnant. Sally tells jenny the truth about the necklace, but Flick refuses to try and get the necklace back. Sally makes Mark buy the necklace for £35. Alec takes Bet's advice and closes the Rovers. The Relief manager Smedley is refused admittance by the Gilroy's and the rovers regulars climb over the back wall to be served. Nigel is thrown out of the Rovers by Bet and Deirdre and Emily fall out over the house sale.

31x70 13 June 1990

  • 1990-06-13T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Curly tells Kim to keep their engagement quiet - Holdsworth wouldn't approve. The Gazette interview the Gilroy's, the photographer takes all the photos of Tina and Deirdre refuses to give the Gazette an interview. Radio Weatherfield do a live interview with the Gilroy's. The Arden's hear it and offer their support. Tim tells Alec legally that he can trade for himself at the Rovers, and advises him to sell all he can before the brewery take charge of the pub again. Mark returns the necklace and Tracy is teased by the McDonalds at school.

31x71 15 June 1990

  • 1990-06-15T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bet calls Paul Rigby as chairman of the LVA. He tell them the licensees are all behind them but doesn't offer any firm help. The national papers show an interest in the Rovers and The Gilroy's are served with a notice of forfeiture - the brewery is repossessing the pub. Kim shows Curly her bottom drawer. Brenda presses him on buying a house and Alf warns Deirdre she's losing votes.

31x72 18 June 1990

  • 1990-06-18T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Gilroy's spend their last night in the Rovers. The residents row with the Brewery officials as they reclaim the pub. Bet, Alec, Betty and Tina are moved to the living quarters as a relief manager takes over the bar. Cecil Newton turns up and puts a stop to Yankees, telling the Gilroy's the Rovers is still theirs and the regulars celebrate as Deirdre feels alone and an outcast. Curly buys Kim an engagement ring and Vera returns alone having left Jack in Wales.

31x73 20 June 1990

  • 1990-06-20T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec puts the prices up to make for the loss in sales and Bet tries to settle the feud with Deirdre. Deirdre tells her the house is still on the market, but later she ventures into the Rovers and makes up with the Gilroy's. Jack hitchhikes from Wales and when he returns home he lays into Vera about her fling with entertainment manager Lester. She rows about his drinking and lack of interest in her and Jack ends up sleeping on the sofa. Steve stands up for Tracy when Andy picks on her at school. Tracy is astonished to find Ken teacher her class and Mike hints to Audrey that Alf is earning money on her tax.

31x74 22 June 1990

  • 1990-06-22T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Audrey tries to find out what Mike meant about the tax and decides to go to the tax office. Bet advises Jack to start treating Vera like a lady and Vera arranges a meal between the Duckworth's and Taylor's. Andy is kept behind at school for writing KB + WC on the blackboard and Liz tells Deirdre, Ken is teaching at the Comp.

31x75 25 June 1990

  • 1990-06-25T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy is annoyed that Ken is teaching at her school. She is upset at the stick she is getting. Curly worries about the Taylors meeting the Duckworths. Ken apologises to Tracy for working at the school. Alf tells Audrey that she's down in the books as getting a salary, for tax purposes. He admits it's £2,000 a year. She calculates she's earned £10,000. She demands the money. Deirdre sees headmistress Mrs Jeffers. She advises Deirdre to take Tracy on a holiday. Alf gives Audrey a bank book. Tracy is delighted when Deirdre tells Dave that he can't come with them to Scarborough. Vera puts Jack on his best behaviour for the Taylors, but the strain is too much, they row and he ends up calling her a trollop in front of their guests.

31x76 27 June 1990

  • 1990-06-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Vera and Jack row over who's fault the previous row was. Derek decides he needs good quality soil for the garden. Kimberley snubs Vera at work, upset at her parents being exposed to the row - "Daddy" needed two cups of cocoa before he recovered. Mrs Jeffers asks Ken to keep his personal problems out of the school. Steve goes down with stomachache. Andy jokes that it's from the food at the cafe. Ken innocently mentions this to Percy, who spreads the word. Alma and Gail ban Percy from the cafe. Vera worries that Curly thinks she's common. Jack comforts her. Derek purchases a "load" of soil for the garden. The Taylors offer Curly their spare room to rent and railroad him into accepting

31x77 29 June 1990

  • 1990-06-29T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gail worries about the food poisoning rumours and has a row with Ken for telling Percy it was the café, which upset Steve. The Health Officer calls at the café and clears the café. Alma and Gail take the opportunity to clean up. Vera is upset over Curly moving out, so Jack begs Curly not to move out for Vera's sake. Curly decides to stay at No. 9. Derek is annoyed when his topsoil doesn't turn up, then a huge pile of topsoil is dumped in the Wilton's drive.

31x78 2 July 1990

  • 1990-07-02T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Wilton's soil becomes a talking point, but The Garden Centre refuses to move the soil. So the twins move the soil for £10, only for Derek to be dismayed to find the soil piled up in the back garden. Holdsworth tells Curly he's pressing for him to be a trainee no longer. Kim fears Curly doesn't want to move in because he doesn't want to marry her. She gives him his ring back and breaks off the engagement. Curly makes Kim take the ring back, telling her he loves her. Curly is then made assistant manager. Holdsworth tells him he has a promising future if he remains single. Gail and Alma give the café a good clean, but Gail has a fall at the café and is rushed to hospital where Martin sees her.

31x79 4 July 1990

  • 1990-07-04T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Martin suspects Gail had the accident on purpose. Alma assures him she didn't and Gail assures him that she wants the baby. Alma agrees to let Phyllis help out at the café. Martin hears Ivy has called the accident 'God's will' and throws her out of the hospital ward. Flick and jenny are sacked from their holiday jobs in a sweet factory. They decided to go to France on holiday. Flick is annoyed when her parents tell her se has to look after her sister Joanne for a week before she goes to France. Kim refuses to work anywhere but Bettabuys. Holdsworth tells Curly his idea to run a free bus service to Bettabuys has been accepted. He tells Curly to work out the route.

31x80 6 July 1990

  • 1990-07-06T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Don asks Martin to try and get on with Ivy. Gail worries about the café with Alma and Phyllis running it. Gail and the baby are cleared and she is told she can go home. She tells martin she's going to put the baby first and leave the café. Jim starts work on a BSA Bantam bike. Andy is amused as Steve spends all his time working on it. Joanne arrives to stay and Andy falls for her, while Curly plans the bus route so that it stops on Coronation Street, which the residents think is a good idea. Alf is horrified to find a poster in the Kabin advertising the bus. The Bettabuy bus is launched and Holdsworth tells Alf the bus was Curly's idea.

31x81 9 July 1990

  • 1990-07-09T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alf is certain he's going to be bankrupted by the bus. Curly has the bus driven down the Street. He hives all the shoppers' vouchers and Sally watches in horror as Alf tries to stop the bus by standing in it's path. Emily is embarrassed when Alf corners her at Bettabuys and then accuses Holdworth of enticing his customers away. He threatens him with eviction unless the bus is re-routed. Martin brings Gail home and Audrey helps out at the café.. Steve tells Liz he hopes to get a job with motorbikes. Andy is thrilled when Joanne agrees to him showing her around and Liz suspects Andy of having a girlfriend.

31x82 11 July 1990

  • 1990-07-11T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Curly tells Holdworth profits are up 3.5%. He points out that there is no room for sentimentality at Bettabuy. Curly tutors Miss Bettabuy in her job getting people on the bus and plans a foreign holiday with Kim. Joanne tells Jenny she had a date with Andy and Steve discovers that Andy is seeing Joanne. She then receives a romantic poem asking her for a meeting. Joanne is thrilled when she discovers it wasn't from And but from Steve. Andy is horrified to discover Steve is taking Joanne out. Mike tells Alma to find out what Gail plans to do about the café and to try and buy her out. Alf gets on the bus and embarrasses his old customers. Alf packs Holdsworth's bags and throws them out the window and rips up his rent book. Holdsworth holds Curly responsible, while Audrey and Phyllis find it hard to get on with each other.

31x83 13 July 1990

  • 1990-07-13T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gail feels she's needed in the café and tells Martin she ha to return. Martin tells Gail he's given notice at the Hospital and will run the café for her. Phyllis walks out of the café, fed up with Alma and Audrey getting at her. Alma asks Mike to by Gail's share, but he refuses. Andy accuses Steve of using Joanne to get at him, but Flick finds Joanne and Steve in a clinch at No. 7 and throws Steve out. Holdsworth tells Curly that he's moved back home and has been reconciled with his wife. Curly and Kim approach the Taylor's about their holiday and find themselves roped into a family caravanning holiday in Barmouth. Holdsworth tells Curly that he is up for promotion in Hartlepool, so Curly tells Kim the holiday is off because of his promotion.

31x84 16 July 1990

  • 1990-07-16T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Flick tells Joanne to stay away from Steve, but Andy watches as Steve takes Joanne boating. Liz blames Joanne for running after Steve and Andy tells Flick that Steve and Joanne have been together. Steve starts to taunt Andy about Joanne and a fight breaks out. Alec makes Betty and Jack witness his will, but Betty tells Bet Alec has made a new will. Vera tells Curly that she'll look after Kim when he's away, causing him to worry and Alma feels Mike is not committed to her.

31x85 18 July 1990

  • 1990-07-18T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Andy and Steve avoid each other and Liz tells Flick that Steve has a lot of girlfriends. Jenny agrees with Joanne that she shouldn't be treated like a prisoner. However, Flick and Liz realise that they are making matters worse by stopping the kids seeing each other, so decide to change their approach. Joanne tells Steve she wants to spend the rest of the holiday with him. Flick discovers her parents are coming home and Jim assures Andy he loves both his sons equally. Bet thinks that Alec's health is failing. He tells her he's just brought his will up to date, but Bet feels Victoria has taken over Alec's affections and worries about his will. Alma is annoyed at Audrey's part time attitude and longs for Martin to finish working his notice at the hospital. Finally Jack things about renting Curly's room out.

31x86 20 July 1990

  • 1990-07-20T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Joanne begs to be able to stay with Flick but jenny is determined to go to France, but Flick tells Joanne she has to return to Canterbury. Steve and Joanne leave the Street on Jim's motorbike under the cover of night. Bet wants to know how much Alex has left to Victoria, when she discovers the key to Alec's safety deposit box. Bet looks at the will and discovers Alec has left Victoria £20,000. Vera begs Holdsworth not to send Curly away for Kim's sake, but Curly is annoyed to find out that Vera had a chat with Holdsworth. Holdsworth worries about the computerisation of Bettabuy. He cancels Hartlepool so that Curly has to oversee the computers. Jack offers Tina Curly's room. She plays him along and tells him it's a good idea.

31x87 23 July 1990

  • 1990-07-23T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Curly is tired of Vera interfering in his life. He refuses to go into work, taking his due holiday. Holdsworth tells Curly that Head Office want him to computerise Bettabuy, but Curly feels he has had enough of Holdsworth, the Taylors and Vera. Martin and Kevin encourage Curly to stand up for himself and Bet and Alec refuse to talk to each other. The McDonalds and Flick discover the kids have gone. Liz worries about the kids' safety when she discovers the big is gone too. Flick has to lie to her Dad and says that they have to look after the Kabin and refuses to inform the police. Steve and Joanne arrive in the Lake District and Liz discovers Steve has £20 from the house.

31x88 25 July 1990

  • 1990-07-25T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Curly thinks of finding somewhere else to live. He also threatens to not return to work unless he goes to Hartlepool and tenders his resignation. Curly then tells Kimberley that he is not going to Barmouth with her parents. Joanne doesn't like roughing it with Steve. She gets upset when he breaks into a caravan. Then the bike breaks down and Steve discovers they are out of money. Liz phones the police much to the dismay of Flick. Flick is then force to give the police her parent's address. Alec tells Bet he's taken out a £20,000 endowment policy for her as well as Victoria.

31x89 27 July 1990

  • 1990-07-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Vera fears she is going to lose Curly, but Curly is made official deputy manager at Bettabuy with a £20 a week pay rise. Kimberley tells Curly she hates the way he has changed and pours a pint over him in the Rovers. Curly tells Kimberley he loves her and promises to go to Barmouth. Steve dumps the bike in a silage site, he and Joanne are taken on at a hotel at £1.50 an hour plus accommodation. Joanne is horrified to learn the job's washing up and they have to share a double bed. Steve grows tired of Joanne's moaning, so Joanne packs and leaves the hotel and starts to hitchhike home. There is a surprise as Mr. Khan turns up at No.7.

31x90 30 July 1990

  • 1990-07-30T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mr. Khan feels Steve is to blame and rows with Jim. Steve phones the McDonalds to tell them Joanne is coming home. Joanne is picked up by a Rep. She realises he has designs on her and ditches him and returns home. Martin's car breaks down and he starts at the Café. Kevin tells him the car has had it and offers him £50 for scrap. Gail refuses to us any of the money from Brian's death to buy a new car. Ken receives a letter from Peter telling him he's marrying Jessica next week and they want Tracy as a bridesmaid. Deirdre is annoyed that ken hasn't told him about their separation and refuses to go to the wedding. Holdsworth does Curly a favour and makes the computer course clash with Barmouth.

31x91 1 August 1990

  • 1990-08-01T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Joanne refuses to tell anyone what happened and refuses to tell Liz where they can find Steve. Joanne gives Liz the address of the hotel, Liz borrows Rita's car and head of the Lake district and finds Steve, who agrees to come home. Jenny and the Khans set off to France, via Canterbury. Audrey discovers there is a car for sale at the garage for £2,000. She buys the 1.1 Ford Escort for Gail and Martin.

31x92 3 August 1990

  • 1990-08-03T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ivy feels that she can't compete with Audrey. Alf is horrified to hear that Audrey spent £2,000 on the car. She tells him it was out of her earnings, but Mark tells Alf the car cost £1,800 and Audrey spends the other £200 on a new outfit. Liz stops Jim from hitting Steve, by threatening to leave him. Andy taunts Steve over Joanne and Steve goes for him and Liz has to separate them. Ken asks Dave to stay away from Deirdre as they are getting back together. Ken begs Deirdre to take him back. He tells her he loves her but she refuses to take him back and asks him to leave.

31x93 6 August 1990

  • 1990-08-06T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Dave tells Deirdre that Ken told him they're getting back together. Deirdre tells Dave she'd like to have a few days away with him whilst Ken and Tracy are in Portsmouth. They both look forward to their little break. Mike tells Alma he plans to start his own company with a front man. Mike makes himself Managing Director of Phoenix Fabrics and Martin is annoyed when Alma skives at the café. Jack thinks Des is giving him tips and starts winning on the horses and Steve tells Jim where he left the bike.

31x94 8 August 1990

  • 1990-08-08T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike interviews for his new company. He taken by Jackie Williams, a very attractive woman and Ingram invites Mike and Alma to dinner. Jack interests Don in Des 'tips', but Des wonders what is wrong with Jack. Don gives Jack £50 to put on the next tip. The McDonalds bring the bike back, but Jim shows Steve that he doesn't really care for him. Ken doesn't enjoy Peter's wedding and Dave wonders why Deirdre suggested the break but they enjoy their time away. Ken promises Tracy that he and Deirdre will get back together.

31x95 10 August 1990

  • 1990-08-10T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jack and Don put their money on 'Three Lemons' after Des tells Jack to stick to fruit machines. Three Lemons loses. Mark is horrified as he put his £100 holiday money on it. Ken and Tracy return to find Deirdre is not about. He tell her he's on permanent staff from the start of next term. Ken and Tracy witness Deirdre and Dave's return. She tells Ken she never wants to see him again and the best thing he could do is find someone else. Vera plans a send off for Curly before he goes to Milton Keynes. Kimberley gives Curly a pocket calculator as a reminder of her and Mike is horrified to discover Jackie is Ingram's wife. Ingram tells him he wants to talk to him.

31x96 13 August 1990

  • 1990-08-13T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jack tells Vera he put all his horses on Three Lemons. Vera rows with Steph at her perfume counter over Des 'tips'. Ivy finds out about Don's bet. Des tells him he did not give Jack a tip. Alec is pleased that Tina has won the Brewery's barmaid of the month competition, but he still makes Tina work as a skivy. Tina refuse to be barmaid of the month after the way Alec has treated her. Ingram tells Mike he's going to fire him and because of the contract, he'll be on the dole for 5 years. Ingram tells mike he's not fired, but makes him works manager so he can keep and eye on him, on the floor with Ivy.

31x97 15 August 1990

  • 1990-08-15T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Vera refuses to let Des park his car outside No. 9 Vera and Steph have to be separated when Vera stops Des parking outside her house. Tina is adamant she won't receive the award - it's her night off. However, Bet gets her to change her mind, but Tina refuses again when Alec refuses to buy her a dress. Nigel arrives and is put off by Alec until Tina arrives at the last moment to collect her champagne from Nigel. Mike is put under Ralph Dobson and has to clean the gutters. Ingram tells Mike he doesn't trust him and he's not going to let him rise from the shop floor, he gets angry and collapses in his office.

31x98 17 August 1990

  • 1990-08-17T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Peter Ingram is in Intensive Care, having had a heart attack. Vera sprays 'Get lost you Yupis' with shaving foam on Des' car. Alec refuses to give Tina a pay rise. Ralph Dobson announces that Ingram is dead. Vera accuses the Barnes' of pulling her stone cladding off. When Steph insults her she throws a piece of the cladding at their house but it misses and smashes the Wiltons' window.

31x99 20 August 1990

  • 1990-08-20T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mavis finds a piece of stone cladding in the lounge and Derek suspects the twins. Derek accuses the twins of throwing the stone and they deny it. Jim threatens Derek and tells him the twins did not break his window. Steph tells Mavis that Vera broke the window. Derek confronts Vera and tells her he'll give her the bill. The Duckworths celebrate their wedding anniversary. The Duckworths spend their anniversary evening rowing in the Rovers. A policeman turns up and starts to strip, singing a telegram to Vera for her anniversary. Vera is furious and Steph admits to sending him. Mike move his desk onto the shop floor to Ivy's annoyance and Bet wonders who Tina's new boyfriend is.

31x100 22 August 1990

  • 1990-08-22T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Wilton's plan a housewarming barbecue and refuse to invite the Duckworths. Mike, Jackie, Dobson and Ivy attend Ingram's funeral. Mike assures Jackie that he'll look after the factory, but Jackie tells Mike she's selling up. Des gives jack a tip to make up for everything, but Des' horse wins and Jack didn't back it. Ken shows and interest in renting No. 12. Rita tells him he can look round hers as it's similar and the Gilroys feel Tina is becoming insolent.

31x101 24 August 1990

  • 1990-08-24T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Andy is proud of his exam results - 3 A's, 4 B's, 2 C's. Steve is upset at his - 3 C's, 4 E's, 2 fails. Andy is annoyed that Liz and Jim are more pleased at Steve's results. Andy tells his parents that he is going to join the army. The residents gather for the Wilton's barbecue. Vera is depressed that she wasn't invited and Jack take her out. The party goers leave the Wiltons early, fed up with soft drinks and inedible food. Mike asks Jackie to let him run the factory and Jack is forced to work when Tina phones in sick. Rita shows Ken her flat and Tina has a date with Nigel at a wine bar.

31x102 27 August 1990

  • 1990-08-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec wants to sack Tina, not believing she was ill. When Tina insults Alec, it takes Bet to stop him from sacking her. Bet warns Tina that she could lose her job. Deirdre discovers that Ken has been around and has shown and interest in renting the shop flat. Liz begs Andy not to join up and Jim advises Andy to get 'A' Levels and go to Sandhurst for a better Army career. Jim tells Andy he can sign up and Alf rents the flat to Ken.

31x103 29 August 1990

  • 1990-08-29T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jim tells Liz that only by agreeing with Andy can they get him to change his mind, but Jim takes Andy to the recruitment office. Alec plans to sack Tina for not turning up to work, but Bet sees Tina kissing Nigel and the Gilroys realise that she is fireproof. Deirdre begs Alf to put Ken off, but Ken refuses to give up the shop flat and tells Alf their agreement was legally binding. Deirdre is determined that Ken must not move in.

31x104 31 August 1990

  • 1990-08-31T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec thinks Tina is spying for Nigel. When Tina insults Percy, Emily and Rita stand up to her. The residents are amazed when Tina bars Percy. Bet sacks her on the spot, but Tina tells Alec he'll lose his job for this. Deirdre rows with Alf and he tells her he did it for Tracy and begs her not to be cross with him. Ken moves into the flat and Deirdre tells him she'll never take him back, but he tells her he loves her. Jim refuses to sign Andy's army papers. Liz tells him to move out if he joins up. Liz then tells Andy to leave. She tells him she's not going through with him what she went through with Jim, so Andy tells his family that he is not going to join up.

31x105 3 September 1990

  • 1990-09-03T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Nigel demands Tina's reinstatement and she returns to work, but Bet throws Tina out of the pub. Tina discovers Nigel with a girlfriend and creates a scene. When he threatens to have her thrown out she throws a glass of wine in his face and walks out. Mavis discovers a budgie in No. 4 and thinks it's Harriet, but when she discovers the budgie is a he she re-names him harry. Mrs Featherstone puts a card in the Kabin about her lost budgie Boris. Andy and Steve decide to go back to school and Deirdre ignores Ken.

31x106 5 September 1990

  • 1990-09-05T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek tells Mavis not to worry about Boris and that Harry is theirs, but Percy hears chirping at No. 4. Dave feels that Deirdre is so preoccupied with Ken that she has not time for him. Tracy neglects her homework to help Ken decorate and Deirdre tells Ken not to come round anymore. Jim repairs the TV in the Roberts' bedroom and Audrey takes the opportunity to flirt.

31x107 7 September 1990

  • 1990-09-07T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Rita realises that Harry is Boris and that Mavis ought to return him. However, Percy is determined to prove that the chirping he heard was coming from the Wilton's house. Audrey is amused by Jim's discomfort at her teasing and Dave is annoyed as Deirdre grows infatuated by Ken's movements. He tell her to sort herself out.

31x108 10 September 1990

  • 1990-09-10T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mavis decides to contact Mrs. Featherstone. Meanwhile, Derek buys a budgie to give to Mrs Featherstone, without telling Mavis. Mavis takes harry round to the Featherstone's' and Darren takes the budgie in. Mrs. Featherstone is annoyed that Darren has taken Harry in after she took Derek's budgie and returns Harry to Mavis. Audrey calls Jim out again to fix her TV. Jim takes the TV in and shocks Audrey by telling her he's not interested in her and that she is just a frustrated housewife. Dave and Deirdre make up and Dave tells Ken to stay away from Deirdre.

31x109 12 September 1990

  • 1990-09-12T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alf refuses to pay the TV bill of £45. He thinks the reason Audrey kept calling Jim out was Jim's shoddy work.She tells him Jim has been after her. When Alf confronts Jim he tell him what Audrey's been up to and drop the TV on purpose, breaking it. Alf threatens to sue Gregson and then decides to sue Jim. Vera goes to a spiritualist meeting for a laugh, but soon she is back and telling Ivy that the medium made contact with someone called Brian and Deirdre decides to divorce Ken.

31x110 14 September 1990

  • 1990-09-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Dave wants to live with Deirdre and she starts off her divorce from Ken. Dave proposes to her but she doesn't want to get married, but she want to live her life, so he walks out on her. Derek tells Mavis how he swapped the budgies for her and Mavis is horrified. Alf demand an apology from Jim, but Jim refuses and resigns from Gregsons'.

31x111 17 September 1990

  • 1990-09-17T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike plans a party to get to know Jackie better. He tells her he's trying o clinch a deal with Phil Jennings, but Ralph is appalled at Mike's business techniques. Liz wants to have it out with Audrey for losing Jim his job and she worries about the job situation. With the Rovers short staffed, Bet takes Liz on. However, Jim isn't happy about Liz working in the Rovers and warns a customer off who leers at her. Audrey threatens to confront Jim unless Alf tells her he trust her, so he does. Ivy agrees to go to the Spiritualist with Vera.

31x112 19 September 1990

  • 1990-09-19T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alf demands an apology from Jim. When Jim insults Audrey, Alf kicks the bike over and it takes Liz and Audrey to stop the pair from fighting. Mike and Alma entertain some friends including the Dobsons, Deirdre, Jackie and Phil. Jackie misses Peter and becomes tearful, plus Ivy visits the Spiritualist and feels Brian wants to get in touch.

31x113 21 September 1990

  • 1990-09-21T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Deirdre tells Liz she was chatted up by Phil, while Ken receives a letter from Deirdre's solicitor regarding the divorce, which leaves him horrified. Phil tells Mike that he's interested in Deirdre. Meanwhile, Ken begs Deirdre not to divorce him, but she is steadfast. Liz gets Jim and Alf together by telling them the other has apologised. Don disapproves of the Spiritualist, but Ivy books a private session. Phil places an order at Ingrams' and Jackie tells Mike she is selling up.

31x114 24 September 1990

  • 1990-09-24T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike worries about his future. Jackie is puzzled when Mike tells her he thinks she's doing the right thing by selling up. Slowly but surely, Jackie begins to like Mike's company.Jim considers going into the bike business he makes Liz see he has to do something to tide him over. However, Jim realises he's going to have to break into his army gratuity, but he buys a Kawasaki GPX 750r for £2,000. Ivy can't get Brian out of her mind so it's off to the medium. The Medium gives Ivy a message from a Martin. Don is furious that she is still going, but Ivy realises that Martin is in danger. Alec thinks Liz is a good barmaid and likes her efficiency and Ken stuns Deirdre by asking her to see a Marriage Guidance Counsellor with him. She tells him it's over and wonders why he doesn't understand.

31x115 26 September 1990

  • 1990-09-26T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike plans to win Jackie Ingram's friendship and later influence her over the factory. Jim buys a load of spares but Liz refuses to have them in the house. Ivy tells Gail about "Martin"'s car crash and "Elizabeth". Gail is worried. Martin is annoyed that Ivy has upset Gail. Betty is put out by Alec thinking Liz is wonderful. Phyllis tries to get Percy to join an art class with her. Deirdre plans to name Wendy as co-respondent. Percy refuses to go to the art classes. Betty tells Bet that she's scared she's going to lose her job. The Kawasaki arrives. Deirdre tells Ken she'll drop the divorce if he moves out of the Street. Don orders Ivy to drop the spiritualism. Martin rows with Ivy in the Rovers. Bet is stunned as she listens to the row and Alec finds her crying in the living room.

31x116 28 September 1990

  • 1990-09-28T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike plans to get rid of Ralph and takes Jackie to Thorn Grove in Oakfield, the house that she was buying with Peter. She plans to buy it with the sale off the factory and live off the interest. Bet tells Alec about her Martin and he embraces her. Alec then tells Don about the pain that ivy has caused Bet.Bet refuses to go to a meeting with Ivy as she doesn't want to get in contact with Martin. Deirdre tells ken she's still divorcing him - either no or in two years time. Meanwhile, Phyllis enjoys the art classes.

31x117 1 October 1990

  • 1990-10-01T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alma is annoyed that she rarely sees Mike, but Mike is more concerned about the buyer that Jackie has coming to see the factory. Travers' offer to buy the factory is too low and Mike tells Jackie it's the wrong time to sell. Alma is very amused to discover that Travers was put up by Mike to make an offer on the factory. Tracy is upset that Deirdre is going ahead with the divorce and Mrs Jeffers asks Ken to crack down on truancy.Sally reveals Ken is planning to move out of the flat. Ken tells Tracy he's applied for a job in Kent and that he wants to have a fresh start. Ivy drops a bomb on Don by telling him she's psychic.

31x118 3 October 1990

  • 1990-10-03T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ivy tells Don she has a message for Emily from Ernie. Emily is angry when Ivy tells her that Ernie is trying to get in touch. She tells Ivy she's behaving stupidly. Mike advises Jackie to run the factory until it's a seller's market. She agrees, thinking Peter would want her to make a go of it. Mike tells Ralph that Jackie plans to run the factory on her own. He persuades Ralph to stand up to her, so Ralph tells Jackie she's out of her depth and refuses to help her and walks out. Meanwhile, Tracy threatens to live with Ken when she's 16.

31x119 5 October 1990

  • 1990-10-05T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mavis rows with Jim for operating a business from No. 11.Ken decides to stay in Weatherfield and catches Andy and Tracy playing the machines in an arcade. Tracey promises Ken she won't go again and he promises not to tell Deirdre. Ralph considers resigning and give Jackie his resignation. He tells her Mike is poison and advises her to get rid of him. Don doesn't know how to stop Ivy. She tells him she knows Bert and Brian are all right so she's giving it all up and is going to see the priest for confession.

31x120 8 October 1990

  • 1990-10-08T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Angie Freeman arrives in the Street and, with Flick staying France, asks Jenny to take her in. Angie moves into No. 7 and jenny can't see the pint of staying at the Poly. Mike is pleased that Ralph is finished but is alarmed when Jackie moves into Peter's office to run the business, so Mike tells Jackie he's had another job offer. Tracy and the twins bunk off school to play the machines and Jim rents the viaduct arch. Sally is annoyed when Kevin doesn't get her an anniversary present. Kevin shocks her by having Don hire a limo to take them to a posh restaurant.

31x121 10 October 1990

  • 1990-10-10T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Liz thinks Jim is spending too much on the business. Mike is annoyed when Jackie takes the news o his new job lightly and doesn't beg him to stay. Jackie tells Mike she needs him and asks him to stall his new job for two months. She tells him he'll be in charge. Jenny delays her return to Poly, then decides not to return to school. Deirdre hears from the school that Tracy has been playing truant. Deirdre is shocked when Tracy thinks Ken has told her about the arcade. Ken tells Deirdre he wants to sort the problem out with her, but she tells him that she will deal with it on her own.

31x122 12 October 1990

  • 1990-10-12T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jenny has to see her Moral Tutor. He is angry that she has not been doing her work and throws her off the course and she is horrified. Rita is furious when Jenny tells her she's given up the course. Deirdre catches Tracy in the arcade and drags her out. She takes her to school and rows with Ken for not keeping and eye on her. Deirdre tells Ken she won't be blackmailed, but Tracy refuses to be good unless Ken is taken back. Mike tells Jackie he'd stay at the factory if she weren't selling up. Jackie decides not to sell and Mike agrees to stay.

31x123 15 October 1990

  • 1990-10-15T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sandra is not pleased that Mike is now General manager. Mike makes it clear he doesn't like Sandra and reduces her to tears. Jackie reprimands him to his fury. Jenny tells Rita she was thrown off the course when she lectures her. Bet looks forward to her holiday in Madeira. She plans to go shopping in London and The Casey's plan Mark's 21st birthday party. Deirdre tackles the arcade manager about letting underage kids in and gets a lot of cheek. She tells him she's going to stop him and vows to keep underage kids out of the arcade.

31x124 17 October 1990

  • 1990-10-17T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Deirdre rows with Alma for letting kids play the fruit machine in the café. Phil calls on Deirdre and tells her his company, PJ Leisure, owns the amusement arcade. She accuses him of corrupting school children. She tells him that she intends to close his arcade. Phil tells Deirdre he's on her side and charms her, then agrees to put signs up refusing admission to under 16's.Jenny refuses to go to Mark's party. Angie and Sally talk Jenny into the party. Mark makes a big play for Jenny but she isn't interested. All the youngsters make Sally and Gail feel old. Tom announces that he's giving the garage to Mark as a birthday present. Jenny is interested whilst Kevin is horrified. Mike sacks Sandra and she tells Jackie that Mike thinks he's running the factory. Jackie tells her that she will deal with Mike.

31x125 19 October 1990

  • 1990-10-19T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kevin refuses to believe Mark didn't know about his present. Tom tells Kevin that Mark will be boss but he couldn't have risen so high without Kevin's help. Kevin tells Sally he's resigning from the garage. Jackie agrees to get rid of Sandra. Sandra hits back by telling her she and Peter had been having an affair for the last year and walks out. Mike moves into Peter's office and shows Alma around the factory. Jenny buys a Walkman for mark and borrows makeup from Steph. She makes an impression on Mark and he takes her out. Phil makes a play for Deirdre by sending her flowers.

31x126 22 October 1990

  • 1990-10-22T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mark is annoyed when Kevin doesn't turn up for work. Kevin finds it hard looking for a new job. Sally advises him to return to the garage, he refuses so Mark tells him to get knotted. Steph puts Jenny's name down as a perfume demonstrator and Jenny gets the job. Alec auditions tenor, Tudor Parry Jones. His voice carries into the bar and No. 1. With Phil at No.1, ken is surprised to see his Mercedes parked outside the house. Tracy tries hard to get into the hockey team and Phil invites Deirdre for a meal to discuss his idea of donating sports equipment to the school.

31x127 24 October 1990

  • 1990-10-24T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mark doesn't know how to run the garage, while Sally makes Kevin realise Mark is missing their friendship. Kevin makes it up with Mark and agrees to work on Sunday. Alec has an earache and the Doctor tells him he can't fly, which means the holiday is off. Alec is hurt when Bet decides to go on holiday without him. she agrees to stay behind with Alec and that they will have to sell the tickets. Jenny starts work with Steph. She agrees to a Sunday in Bakewell with the Barnes and Mark. Mark tells Jenny he can't go out with her on Sunday because of work. She tells him to get Kevin to do the work causing Sally to row with her and accuse her of being a gold-digger. Phil takes Deirdre to a high-class restaurant. She makes it clear she can't be bought but enjoys herself.

31x128 26 October 1990

  • 1990-10-26T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec realises he'll only be able to sell the £1,200 holiday for £600. Mavis interests Derek in the holiday and he agrees to take her, but Des offers £750 cash for the holiday, and Alec sells it to him. Alec then sells the holiday on to Derek for £800 and Steph rows with Mavis in the street. Sally wants to apologise to Jenny but Kevin thinks she was right. In the end Jenny and Sally make up. Phil tells Deirdre he's gong to provide new strips for all the school teams.

31x129 29 October 1990

  • 1990-10-29T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Wilton's set off and leave Percy to look after the house and Harry. At the airport, the Wilton's can't find their tickets but later discover Rosamund Travel have taken Alec's money but have not issued the tickets. Mrs. Jeffers likes Phil's strip, but Ken is furious to discover the strips are advertising PJ Leisure. Jackie decides not to by Thorn Grove and Alma talks Mike into a mini-break in Paris.

31x130 31 October 1990

  • 1990-10-31T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Wilton's sleep in the airport and then discover that the owner of Rosamund Travel has gone bust and disappeared along with the money. The Wilton's are left stranded and Rita accuses Alec of cheating the Wilton's. Ken leads the teachers in criticism of the sponsorship. Mrs Jeffers accuses him of being biased against Phil because of his friendship with Deirdre. Ken accuses Deirdre of going out with Phil. Jackie worries that she can't run the factory if Mike goes to Paris. Mike decides to drop Paris for Jackie and Alec tells Ken he knows Phil under another name.

31x131 2 November 1990

  • 1990-11-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alec is furious that people could think he sold Derek the holiday because he knew about the bankruptcy. Mavis wants to return home but Derek refuses to budge. Alec goes to the airport to make the Wilton's see that he hasn't conned them but they turn on him. He then drives the Wilton's home. When they continue to blame him he dumps them on the roadside. When the Wilton's finally make it home they discover that they have been burgled. Ken tells Deirdre to be careful of Phil - he's using an assumed name. Deirdre tells him he's pathetic. Phil tells Deirdre he changed his name from Smith when he came out of prison and Deirdre admires his honesty. Jackie asks Mike to attend a conference in Harrogate with her.

31x132 5 November 1990

  • 1990-11-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The police discover that there are no signs of forced entry at No. 4, which sickens Mavis. The burglars take the TV, radio, video, carriage clock,Derek's cuff links, Mavis' chain and locket and the Wedgwood ornaments. Derek accuses Percy of leaving the door unlocked and then blames Alec for the break-in and threatens him with legal action. Mavis feels her house has been contaminated and refuses to stay at No. 4, so Rita puts her up, while Percy is determined to find the burglars. Phil entertains Deirdre and Tracy on bonfire night to champagne and rockets and Mark is annoyed when Angie interrupts a heavy session with Jenny.

31x133 7 November 1990

  • 1990-11-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ken notices Phil's car parked outside No. 1 all night and to Deirdre's horror bursts into the house to catch him. Deirdre applies for a court injunction to keep Ken out of the house. She tells Ken that Phil left his car behind as he was drunk. The solicitor puts Deirdre off an injunction and writes Ken a letter. Mavis realises possessions don't matter and plans to return home, but can't bring herself to enter No. 4. Percy tackles the milkman about the break-in and Mark considers asking Jenny to marry him. Bet thinks Alec should offer the Wilton's compensation. Don tells him that if he bought the holiday with a credit card then the card company would give him compensation.

31x134 9 November 1990

  • 1990-11-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ken ignores the solicitor's letter. Deirdre wonders what will stop him.Phil and a heavy, tell Ken to keep away from Deirdre. Mark works on persuading Jenny to let him live with her, but Jenny tells Mark to give her time. Angie is annoyed at Mark's plans to oust her and Alec contacts his credit card company. Rita worries about Mavis running away to the past. Derek asks Mavis to come home. She thinks they should move and he tell her he can't cope.

31x135 12 November 1990

  • 1990-11-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bet can't believe Alec plans to give the Wilton's £600. Alec gives £500 to Derek in the Rovers, but Bet discovers that Alec has claimed the money back from the credit card company. Derek warns Mavis that he can't cope on his on for much longer, but when Alec gives him the money he gets drunk and buys everyone drinks. Ken tells the police that Phil has threatened him.They tell him they can't get involved in a domestic situation. Ken tells Deirdre that Phil lent on him. Mike and Jackie go to Harrogate, Alma thinks Mike has gone on his own and Percy tackles Nigel the paper boy about the break-in.

31x136 14 November 1990

  • 1990-11-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek tells Mavis he has no intention of selling No. 4, but she is more upset that he got drunk. Rita has enough of Mavis' apathy and helps Mavis to return home. Nigel's mother tells Rita he's not delivering anymore because Percy accused him of theft. Emily threatens to evict Percy if he doesn't drop his enquiries and Nigel's father is planning to sort Percy out. Nigel's dad threatens Percy in the Rovers and is amazed when the regulars stand up for Percy. Alma refuses a night out with Audrey, thinking of Mike on his own. However, when Alma phones the hotel she is shocked to speak to Jackie. Mike assures her that Jackie had just popped in.

31x137 16 November 1990

  • 1990-11-16T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Percy suspects one of Jones' workmen, but it is not until he catches workman, Mal Harris, burgling No. 6 that he phones the police - after taking the keys to the van. Derek arrives and tackles Mal and ends up on the floor.The police catch Mal and the Barnes' goods are saved. Percy is proclaimed a hero. Ken asks Tracy to spy on Deirdre and Phil for him, while Ivy tells Alma that Jackie is still in Harrogate. She phones the hotel and this is confirmed.

31x138 19 November 1990

  • 1990-11-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alma worries about Mike and Jackie's relationship, and to confirm this, when Mike returns Alma is cold towards him. Alma then surprises Mike by telling him she wants him to resign from Ingrams. Don is surprised to give Marie andJamie a lift. Marie tells him Eddie has left them. Deirdre is amused when Tracy has her first boyfriend - schoolboy Graham Egerton. Ken uses an old contact, Linda Patterson in a cuttings library to find out about Phil. Alec informs Ken that the taxman is after Phil. Alf assures Sally that he'll keep her job open for her whilst she is on maternity and plans to get Audrey to take over.

31x139 21 November 1990

  • 1990-11-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike assures Alma he doesn't fancy Jackie and tells her he'll hand in his notice. Alma regrets pushing Mike to resign not knowing that he and Jackie are having an intimate meal which ends with them going to bed. Don is shocked by the Ramsden's squalid living conditions, but Don neglects Ivy to help Marie. He discovers he shares a birthday with Jaime. Tracy brings Graham home for tea,but Deirdre finds Tracy's new boyfriend too serious.

31x140 23 November 1990

  • 1990-11-23T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike tells Alma he's resigned. Alma begs him to ask Jackie for his job back, and later Mike tells Alma that Jackie has taken him back. Audrey is furious that Alf expects her to work in the shop. Don buys groceries for Marie and sticks £20 under the box. Ivy agrees to buy a rocking horse for Sarah Louise for £90, but Don refuses to spend £90 on a child's toy. Sally finishes at the shop and The Roberts buy her a pram. Phil asks Deirdre to accompany him on a business weekend in London.

31x141 26 November 1990

  • 1990-11-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jackie starts to look at life more positively and buys Mike a watch. Jackie and Mike spend the evening together and Alma is happy, thinking that Mike is working. Marie doesn't understand what Don wants from her. She tells Don that Eddie is in prison, for hitting a policeman at the Railwayman's Arms.Ivy on the other hand, feels Don is spending too much time cabbing. Deirdre accuses Alec of spreading rumours about Phil's character. Deirdre is pleased when Tracy doesn't mind about her going away to London with Phil and Steph goes after an evening job promotion.

31x142 28 November 1990

  • 1990-11-28T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Marie tells Don that she's left Eddie and when he comes out of prison she hopes he won't be able to find her. Mike tells Alma the watch he received is a reproduction from a Rep. However, later Audrey sees Mike and Jackie together.Alma tells her they are meeting with a client. Ken tells Deirdre that the taxman is after Phil, but that doesn't stop Deirdre and Phil from having a kiss. Steph promotes 'Pomme de lite' a new cider for £20 a night and Jenny decides to join her. Mark and Angie worry about the costume Jenny is going to have to wear for the promo. Audrey refuses to help Alf at the shop. Ken agrees to have Tracy for the weekend and Angie makes Sally a smock.

31x143 30 November 1990

  • 1990-11-30T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Phil has to cancel London because of business, but Deirdre decides to go on her own. Ken plans to take Tracy to the theatre but she goes off with Graham. She is furious when Ken tells her off in front of him. Percy discovers Phyllis is ill and nurses her. Percy ends up falling asleep at Phyllis' and so spends the night. Phyllis then tells everyone that Percy stayed the night. Mike spends the night with Jackie and Angie things Jenny and Steph look like tarts in their costumes.

31x144 3 December 1990

  • 1990-12-03T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ken embarrasses Tracy in front of her friends at the bowling alley. Deirdre decides to stay an extra night in London, but Percy fails to pass the message onto Ken. When Deirdre arrives back she is cool towards Phil. Percy discovers everyone is talking about him and Phyllis. Ivy plans Ingrams' Christmas party. Alma makes plans for Christmas in Madeira with Mike and Victor arrives with a surprise plan for Mavis.

31x145 5 December 1990

  • 1990-12-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Brewery tells the Gilroy's to have a promo night for Pomme de Lite. Des is pleased, as Steph doesn't know where the promo is. Steph and jenny are forced to do the promo in the Rovers. Des fills the pub with mates to embarrass Steph, but she hits back by flirting with the customers. Des demands Steph's resignation and threatens to hit her boss. In defiance she does a strip tease on the bar. Mavis is shocked with Victor introduces her to Yvonne, his wife.Victor tells Derek he married Yvonne because she is so like Mavis, but Mavis doesn't see it that way and dislikes Yvonne intently.

31x146 7 December 1990

  • 1990-12-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Wilton's and the Pendlebury's lunch together and Victor accuses Derek of not liking Yvonne. At Ingram's party, Jackie praises Mike. Alma admits to Audrey that she realises Mike is having an affair but doesn't want to challenge him as he'll choose Jackie. To make matters worse, Ivy catches Mike and Jackie in and embrace. Meanwhile, Deirdre and Phil have a drink in the Rovers, much to Ken's annoyance.

31x147 10 December 1990

  • 1990-12-10T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Des spends the night on the Webster's sofa, to teach Steph a lesson. Steph refuses to give up the job so Des packs and leaves for the night. Mike worries about what Ivy will say to the workers. Ivy assures Mike she won't tell anyone. However, Mike is embarrassed when Jackie mentions their affair in front of his secretary Amanda. Jackie tells Mike she's not going to share him with Alma, but he tells her he runs his own life. Don pays Marie's gas bill whenthe board tries to cut her off. Marie tells Don she will sleep with him if hewants, but he tells her he doesn't want anything from her.

31x148 12 December 1990

  • 1990-12-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mike and Jackie row about how to run Ingrams. Mike installs Phyllis at the café for the day so he can take Alma out. He tells her she's special to him. Des tells Steph he wants children and she is furious. Des and Steph make up after he wears a dunce's hat and stands in the corner. Don tells Ivy he's scared that Marie will turn to prostitution. Don then takes Ivy to see Marie's flat and she offers Marie their spare room. Curly tells Vera that he and Kimberley are spending Christmas Day with his parents.

31x149 14 December 1990

  • 1990-12-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Curly tells Kimberley they're not going to Crewe, but instead, he wantst o spend Christmas in a hotel. Kimberley tells Curly she will go to a hotel as long as no one knows. Ivy invites Marie to spend Christmas with them for a break and she agrees. Don worries about Marie borrowing from loan sharks.

31x150 17 December 1990

  • 1990-12-17T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Derek feels that Victor is avoiding him and worries about his future at PPP, then out of the blue Victor tells Derek he's going to reorganise the business. Jim plans a family Christmas but Alec tells Liz she has to work. Gail is annoyed when Martin drinks in the Rovers with Kevin and forgets to pick her up.

31x151 19 December 1990

  • 1990-12-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Victor considers closing the Weatherfield branch, he blamed Derek for not making enough profit. Derek swears to bring in new custom. Gail rows with Sally about Kevin inciting Martin to drink, but when it comes to making amends, Sally refuses. Kevin and Martin get Sally and Gail together. They make up but Kevin is annoyed when Sally calls him bossy. Jackie breaks down and accuses Mike of only sleeping with her to gain control of the factory. Jackie plans to offer Mike money to leave the factory. Mike and Jackie declare their love for each other. Mike tells her he'll sort Alma out before Christmas. Curly is horrified that the Taylor's have written to his parents thanking them for having Kimberley for Christmas and Alec forces Jack to work Liz's Christmas shift.

31x152 21 December 1990

  • 1990-12-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mavis worries that Victor wants to sack Derek as he thinks he doesn't like Yvonne. Victor tells Mavis that Derek won't be able to save the Weatherfield branch. Mike doesn't know hot to tell Alma it's over. She plans Christmas in Wales as a surprise for Mike. Mike tells Alma there won't be a Christmas. She realises he loves Jackie and breaks down. Kevin and Martin worry about the births and Alf is made President of the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders and Stockholders.

31x153 24 December 1990

  • 1990-12-24T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alma moves back to her flat. Marie and Jamie Ramsden arrive at No.5. Alma refuses to tell anyone about the split and resigns herself to a lonely Christmas. On the way to the WART dinner, the Roberts' car breaks down. Ivy is shocked when Marie goes out on the town for the night. Mrs Watts phones Brenda Taylor and tells her Curly and Kimberley are not spending Christmas with her. Kimberley breaks down. Kevin tows the Roberts to the dinner. Kimberley confesses to her parents. Curly is thrown out when the Taylors accuse him of seducing their "little girl". Sally goes into labour on her own. Don takes her and Liz to the hospital in his cab. Jack buys a dog, Boomer, from Bert Latham for Vera's Christmas present. Liz delivers the baby in the back of the cab on Rosamund Street.

31x154 25 December 1990

  • 1990-12-25T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sally spends Christmas Day in hospital with her daughter, Rosie, weighing 7lbs 5oz. Curly spends the night in his car. Boomer eats the Duckworths' turkey and turns on them. They take refuge in their bedroom, but Curly tames Boomer,after the Duckworths have spent 3 hours upstairs. Marie is hung over and spends the morning in bed. She doesn't like Ivy making Jamie eat turkey and goes bac kto the flat and Gail goes into labour at Audrey's. Alec is annoyed at Jack's non-appearance at the Rovers. When he confronts him Boomer goes for him and chases him down the Street. Vera tells jack to get rid of the dog.

31x155 26 December 1990

  • 1990-12-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gail delivers a little boy, David. She is put in a bed next to Sally. Curly tells Vera about his bust up with the Taylor's, she asks Brenda to give Curly a second change, but Brenda refuses. Jack returns Boomer to Bert Latham, but he refuses to give Jack his ·25 back. Ivy is cross that David's surname is Tilsley as he's a Platt. Ken spends Christmas with Susan and returns with presents,. He gives Tracy a present from him to Deirdre, as well as a TV fo rherself, but Deirdre refuses to open Ken's present and accepts Phil invitation to Paris. Meanwhile, Rita throws a little party and Derek saves his job by getting a big order - from Angela.

31x156 28 December 1990

  • 1990-12-28T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Phil and Deirdre fly off to Paris and Ken lays on a feast for Tracy. Tracy is forced to tell Ken that Deirdre is in Paris. He blows his top and tells her he wants Deirdre back and he hates being humiliated. He upsets Tracy, she tells him she's sick of him and that he only feels sorry for himself. She tells him he's pathetic and he's not even her father. She spends the night at a friends.Ken remembers the past and, as the residents see in the New year at the Rovers,he opens a bottle of pills. Mike tells Alma he's selling the flat and moving in with Jackie. Sally returns home and Rita considers going to a tea dance with Emily.

31x157 31 December 1990

  • 1990-12-31T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sally returns home with baby Rosie. Phil and Deirdre fly off to Paris. Ken lays on a feast for Tracy. Mike tells Alma that he's selling the flat and moving in with Jackie. Tracy is forced to tell Ken that Deirdre is in Paris. He blows his top and tells her that he wants Deirdre back and he hates being humiliated. He upsets Tracy who says that she's sick of him and that he only feels sorry for himself. She tells him that he's pathetic and he's not even her father. She spends the night at friend Debbie Dawson's house. Rita considers going to a tea dance with Emily. Ken remembers the past and, as the residents see in the New Year next door at the Rovers, he opens a bottle of pills...