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Coronation Street

Season 32 1991

  • 1991-01-02T17:30:00-02:00 on ITV
  • 25 mins
  • 2 days, 17 hours, 25 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

157 episodes

32x01 2 January 1991

  • Season Premiere

    1991-01-02T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Ken continues to swallow tablets. Bet suspects someone is in No. 1. She finds Ken and he tells her he's only taken 3 tablets. He breaks down, telling her he's thrown everything away. She tells him he can't make Deirdre love him. He realises he won't achieve anything by dying. Ken is grateful that Bet stopped him. They agree never to tell anyone what happened. The Webster's grow aggravated by Rosie's continual crying and Mike gets the cold shoulder from the residents. Emily and Rita go to the tea dance and find Reg there. Reg tells Rita's he's separated from his wife. Victor tells Derek he has to go to Darlington with Angela.

32x02 4 January 1991

  • 1991-01-04T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Deirdre returns home. She's angry when Tracy tells her about the row and confronts Ken. He tells her he realises he's lost her. Mavis tells Derek she doesn't want him to go to Darlington. Mavis then tells Derek she's going to Darlington with him and Angela. Kevin takes paternity leave from the garage and Mark isn't pleased. Rita is astounded when Reg makes a play for her. Tracy apologies to Ken and Curly decides he's never going to get anywhere with Kimberley so he'll break the engagement.

32x03 7 January 1991

  • 1991-01-07T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Rita tries to avoid Reg, but Reg sends her flowers. Rita finally blows her top when Vera tells her she knows she's going out with Reg. Derek fears that Mavis will lose him Angela's contract, but Mavis decides not to go to Darlington at the last minute. The Webster's can't believe that Davis sleeps all the time. Des plans to go to the Boat Show and Derek clinches the deal with Angela.

32x04 9 January 1991

  • 1991-01-09T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Rita is annoyed when Vera warns her off Reg. She tells him she will go dancing with him, so they agree to be dance partners only. Curly tells Kimberely her parents treat her like a prisoner. Kim is upset when Curly makes it clear he doesn't like Brenda. Brenda is pleased when she gives his ring back. Derek secures his job's safety. Victor tell shim that he wants him to keep Angela happy. Jenny fobs Mark off. Angie and boyfriend Ben wonder what she's up to.

32x05 11 January 1991

  • 1991-01-11T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Curly feels that he wants to marry Kim now. Kimberley refuses to let Curly talk to her. She threatens to resign if he continues to harass her. Curly shouts at Brenda and accuses her of ruining Kim's life. Reg asks Kevin to do a foreigner on his car. Kevin plans to fix Reg's car in the garage during the weekend and Rita begins to enjoy Reg's company. Victor tells Mavis that Derek is going to have to see a lot of Angela, which cause Mavis to believe that Derek is seeing Angela. Angie thinks that Jenny has another boyfriend.

32x06 14 January 1991

  • 1991-01-11T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Mark is surprised to find the lights still on at the garage on Monday morning. Kim tells Reg she wants a transfer. Reg invites Rita racing. He tells her his wife has gone to live in New Zealand. Victor orders Derek to keep Angela sweet. Derek tells Mavis that Victor is up to his old tricks; trying to split them up. She refuses to listen and sits in the dark. Jenny introduces Steph to her older man, Robert Weston. When Mark turns up she passes Robert off as Steph's boyfriend.

32x07 16 January

  • 1991-01-16T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Steph is annoyed at Jenny's cheek of passing off her 'older man' as Steph's boyfriend. Mark tells Des that Steph has a 'fella'. Des tells him he's lying and goes for him in the Rovers. He confronts Steph who makes Jenny tell him the truth. Jenny then tells Angie that Robert is married. Mark discovers Kevin has been doing foreigners, and when Mark rows with Kevin, Kevin tells him he should be keeping an eye on Jenny. Curly is distraught at the thought of Kim transferring and Mavis is upset when Derek has to have lunch with Angela.

32x08 18 January 1991

  • 1991-01-18T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Derek tells Mavis it is obvious that Victor is using Angela to split them up. Reg tells Curly to organise a trolley race. Curly takes Kim's transfer request form and Reg and Rita go to the races and Rita does well. Jenny tells Mark she wants to finish as she has someone else. He calls her a slag. Kevin takes Seymour's car to repair it, but crashes into a tree on the way.

32x09 21 January 1991

  • 1991-01-21T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Kevin asks Mark to put the accident on the garages insurances,but Mark becomes paranoid that everybody is laughing at him. Seymour gives Kevin a bill for £1,250, but Mark refuses to claim off the insurance. Alf tries to teach Audrey shop management and Curly tells Kim he's not going to send her request in and rips it up. Ken gives Alf a list of repairs he wants done to his flat.

32x10 23 January 1991

  • 1991-01-23T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Kevin thinks he can repair the car for £400, but Seymour refuses to let Kevin touch the car. Sally begs Mark to reconsider but he refuses.Kevin is annoyed that Sally begged for him and doesn't know hot to cope with everything. As a result, Mark sacks Kevin. Alf refuse to consider Ken's demands and discovers a new water heater for the flat will cost £300. Reg tells Curly he'll see to Kim's transfer after Brenda rows with him. Curly threatens to tell Rita that Mrs. Holdsworth is only on holiday. Reg agrees to hold onto the request for a week and Mike packs up his flat.

32x11 25 January 1991

  • 1991-01-25T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Mark takes on another mechanic. Curly is certain that Kim really loves him, but that dream is shattered when he discovers her in the arms of another man. Ken invites Alma to share a meal with him and the two have a pleasant evening together. Reg refuses to let the trolley draw take place until Rita is present. Reg pulls out Rita's ticket. Curly helps Rita run around the shop in 2 minutes grabbing what they can. Rita then donates all of the goods to a hospital, but later she realises that Reg fixed the draw. Kevin gets an offer of a job at Walkers' tyre and exhaust garage, while Vera spreads around the gossip that the draw was a fiddle.

32x12 28 January 1991

  • 1991-01-28T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Kim tells Curly the man is her cousin Adrian and he is lodging with them. Curly is horrified by his mistake. Phyllis tells Reg Vera is spreading the word about the trolley fix and Rita is annoyed at local remarks about the trolley race. Kevin starts work at Walkers and Alma assures Audrey that Ken is just a mate. Alf refuses to do any repairs, but trips over a rotten riser and falls down the stairs. Vera finds out the consequences of her gossip spreading,Reg sacks her.

32x13 30 January 1991

  • 1991-01-30T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Alf has a sprained ankle but refuses to leave Audrey on her own at the shop and Vera writes to Head Office complaining about Reg. Seymour's solicitor writes to Kevin threatening legal action if he doesn't pay in 14 days. Alf advises Sally to write to the solicitor explaining their financial situation.Curly confronts Adrian at his building society and accuse him of stealing Kim,but Adrian accuses Curly of using Kim. Mike accepts an offer for his flat. So Jackie decides to sell her house and for them to find a place together somewhere--with no memories.

32x14 1 February 1991

  • 1991-02-01T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Reg discovers that his old enemy, Brendan Scott, is coming from HQ and that a letter has been written. Brendan arrives just in time to see Curly shouting at Kim. Brendan begins his fraud investigation and Vera admits to Rita that she wrote the letter. Brendan tells Reg, HQ has received many letter of complaint about him in the last 10 years. Reg takes a holiday and gives Curly the keys to the store. Sally works out the Webster's finances and works out that they can only offer £10 a week.

32x15 4 February 1991

  • 1991-02-04T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

The employees react to the news that Curly is in charge. Curly refuse Kim's transfer. He tells her she can resign if she wants a change that much. Raquel makes it clear she's interested in Curly. Brendan talks to Vera about Rita's connection in the fix. Brendan interviews Rita about the trolley race and she refuses to talk to him. Alma calling herself Mrs Halliwell makes arrangements to view Jackie's house. Alma tortures herself by looking round the house. Later Jackie discovers that the duvet has been cut and slashed.

32x16 6 February 1991

  • 1991-02-06T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Mike confronts the estate agent, who then gives Mike a description of Alma. Alma tells Mike she doesn't know why she did it and offers him payment.He is touched by her emotions. Raquel agrees to go out with Curly and he is shocked when Raquel makes it clear she wants to get him into bed. However, Raquel is upset when Curly keeps talking about Kim. Audrey arranges for some repairs to be taken out behind Alf's back. Reg asks Vera to withdraw her allegation and he'll take her back. Rita then shocks Reg by telling him she wants their meetings to stop.

32x17 8 February 1991

  • 1991-02-08T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Mavis is excited to see a fox in the garden. She tells Derek not to tell anyone about it, but keeps watch for the fox. Raquel reads Curly a letter in a women's magazine that she thinks Kim could have written. Curly confronts Kim with the letter and she tells him she didn't write it. Curly shows Adrian the letter that says Adrian is after her as well. He is shocked and tells Curly he has already slept with Kim. Curly threatens to kill him. An assistant thinks Curly is robbing Adrian and the police arrive and Curly spends two hours in the police station. Brendan is surprised to learn that Vera has dropped her allegations and is Curly's landlady. He thinks it's all a cover-up, but can't prove Reg's guilt, so Reg returns to work. Rita realises that Jenny is avoiding her.

32x18 11 February 1991

  • 1991-02-11T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Reg keeps his part of the bargain and gives Vera her job back. Curly, after his release from jail, goes berserk in the supermarket, shouting accusations at Kimberley. Sally and Kev have another row when a summons arrives in the post. Derek's skepticism is banished when he, too, sees Mavis's fox. But as Jack and Vera are going out the door to go celebrate Vera's reinstatement, they hear a crash in the back yard. Upon investigation, Jack discovers his pigeon coop has been broken into and two of his best birds have been killed.

32x19 13 February 1991

  • 1991-02-13T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Jack is shattered over the loss of his two pigeons. Percy and Jim are certain that a fox is responsible. Mavis is upset to hear of this. Curly marches around the supermarket like Frankenstein's monster, and Reg has to call him into the office and give him a lecture. Angie tells Rita she's planning a surprise birthday party for Jenny. Mrs Sneddon, Sally's mother, offers to loan her and Kev the money to pay off Mr Seymour, but Kevin angrily refuses the offer.

32x32 15 March 1991

  • 1991-03-15T16:30:00-03:00 — 25 mins

Ken talks to Andy about the book. Andy refuses to listen. Curly and Raquel go to Buxton where judge Brendan Scott tries to chat her up at the hotel. The Barnes slide further apart. The Bettabuys judges vote Luddenden Foot third, Blundell Sands second and Stalybridge first. Raquel blames pre-contest sex with Curly. When Ken tries to lecture Jim, he gets the cold shoulder. Curly, in underpants, catches Brendan planning to seduce Raquel. Raquel shuts them both out in the corridor. WART member Vivian Barford convinces Alf that he must stand for Council.

32x54 6 May 1991

  • 1991-05-06T15:30:00-03:00 — 25 mins

The water goes off on the terraced side of the Street and Vera gets short shrift from the Wiltons when she wants to use their toilet. As Alec considers he got Alf elected as Councillor, he demands that Alf sorts it out. Raquel gives Curly the push as she wishes to further her modelling career. Angie finds some of her designs have been ripped off and sold to a manufacturer. She and Curly kiss.

32x60 20 May 1991

  • 1991-05-20T15:30:00-03:00 — 25 mins

Mike is surprised to find Deirdre has applied for the job. Mavis is pleasantly surprised when the parsnips start working. Alf decides he will open the shop evenings and works out a rota. Audrey complains but Alf reminds her that he is the boss. Deirdre tells Mike that she's not after a handout but he tells her that he's glad she came to him. Steve helps Des out on the boat. He tells Steph he knows that he's not going to pass his re-sits. Derek confesses to Mavis that he slapped the cleaner's bottom at work.

32x68 7 June 1991

  • 1991-06-07T15:30:00-03:00 — 25 mins

The Duckworths put the new wallpaper up. Steph assures Steve that she hasn't been making a joke about his feelings. He agrees to be friends with her. Audrey wants Ivy out of the shop but doesn't want to work there herself. Mr Thomas of the insurance company tells the Duckworths they don't believe the claim for the hallway is true and refuse to pay anything. Steve refuses to listen to Liz going on about Steph and tells her to gossip in the corner shop if she wants to talk about her. Vera is furious with Jack for trying to get the hall on the claim. He promises to pay for the decorations himself. Derek buys a sunlounger for Mavis. Audrey leaves Alf. Des installs the motor after Kevin has tuned it up. The motion of the motor makes the boat topple over, crushing the Wiltons' fence and sunlounger.

32x83 12 July 1991

  • 1991-07-12T15:30:00-03:00 — 25 mins

Jackie and Mike agree to keep the factory if he can save it. Phil asks Mike for £500. Mike feels he'd never get it back and refuses. Percy shows Mrs Cudlip round No.3 in Emily's absence. He tries to put her off the house. She loves the house but is put off when he tells her it's a noisy area. Kevin is pleased that Sally is working evenings when he finds out she's earning £9 a night. Dean Lockwood grows tired of not being paid by Phil. Emily tells Percy he'll have to accept the fact that she is selling. Phil asks Jackie for a £500 loan. He tries to charm her but she realises he's in trouble and tells him Mike runs the business. In revenge he tells her all he knows about Mike's deceptions and previous marriages. Mike lands a big contract and wants to celebrate. He is bewildered when Jackie tells him she wants rid of the factory and him. She tells him she knows all about Deirdre and Susan and how he set Charlie Travers up to put in a low offer on the factory. She accuses him of setting her up and throws her rings at him. Jack wins on the horses. Phil arranges a card game with him and Don. Reg is interested in buying No.3. Jackie threatens Mike with a shotgun, he takes it off her and she drives off. He is shocked to find the gun was loaded.

32x104 30 August 1991

  • 1991-08-30T15:30:00-03:00 — 25 mins

Alec sees movement in No.1 and calls the police not knowing it's Vicky and the twins. Vicky enjoys herself DJ'ing on 'Just Can't Wait' Radio. Bet discovers they're the intruders and rush them out before the police arrive. The residents watch the carnival. Vivian Barford enacts Britannia on the WART float. Liz takes the radio equipment off the twins. Phyllis startles Percy, causing him to knock Vivian off her chair, bringing the Union Jack down on top of them both. Bettabuys win the prize for best float. Gail refuses to marry Martin. Angie gives Reg a design bill of £406. Reg refuses to pay it and gives Curly a £10 voucher to give her.

32x116 27 September 1991

  • 1991-09-27T15:30:00-03:00 — 25 mins

Gail has second thoughts about marrying Martin as he hasn't had the decency to tell her where he is. When he returns in the morning she tells him to throw himself on the Council tip. She throws his things at him and tells him to leave. Audrey tells him to leave Gail to her. Ivy is surprised when Don is aggressive towards her. Mavis enjoyed babysitting for Gail. Alma and Audrey make Gail laugh by telling her she has to marry Martin as they've bought new hats. Jim looks after Rosie so that Sally can go to the wedding. Liz realises he's trying to prove a point to himself. Martin can't believe it when Gail turns up in time. Kevin and Alma are the witnesses, Sally, Ivy, Des, Curly, Don, the Platts, Rita, Audrey and the children watch as Gail and Martin are married at the Registry Office. Reg minds The Kabin whilst Mavis delivers papers. The guests gather at the Rovers for the reception. Ken and Alma set off on their weekend. Ivy tells Nick never to forget that Brian is his real dad. Rita throws Reg out of The Kabin. Ken and Alma are both booked into the same room and the hotel is fully booked. Ken swears to Alma he didn't plan it. The Platts give Martin and Gail a present - a honeymoon in Abersoch. Barbara Platt moves into their house to look after the children. Ken sleeps on the sofa in the hotel room. Liz tells Jim she thinks they'd better have the baby. Jim tells her she won't regret the decision.

32x154 25 December 1991

  • 1991-12-25T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Mike tells Alma he'll make up the last year to her. He explains how he used Tracy to get Ken out of the way. She is shocked and appalled at the way he's manipulated everyone to get her in bed. She tells him he makes her feel dirty and she doesn't want any more. She throws him out, he is stunned. A gift-wrapped brick is thrown through the McDonalds' window. Curly ruins Christmas dinner by cooking the chicken with the giblets still inside. Des and Angie get drunk together and get physical. The Wiltons, feeling sorry for lonely Des, call on him and are embarrassed. Ivy tries to prove to Gail she's a changed person. Gail isn't convinced. Vicky keeps out of Bet and Des Foster's way. Des tells Bet he fancies her and she's very desirable. She tries to fend him off as he makes a pass at her. He accuses her of teasing him and hits her. She tearfully throws him out, witnessed by a disgusted Vicky.

32x156 27 December 1991

  • 1991-12-27T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Boxing Day. Ivy is keen to deliver a birthday prezzie to David (who has evidently changed his name back to Tilsley in anticipation, if we are to believe the credits). But Don advises her to just let him "drop it by", in an effort not to appear intrusive. Bet, feeling humiliation more than physical pain, consults with Rita, who advises a couple of quiet hours away from the Rovers, for a natter. Victoria goes to the pictures with Steve, and they are followed there by Carl Redfern and his cronies. Resourceful Vicky leads Steve out the fire exit after the film, and so they give Redfern the slip. Curly is in a foul mood after his Christmas, and is trying to drink himself blotto in the Rovers. But Betty, who diagnoses a jealousy fit, tells him to leave because he's had enough - and Angie arrives just in time to take him home. Ken finally finds Alma at home, and they plan to take their Cotswold trip at New Year's, but Alma is clearly feeling guilty about Mike. When Andy goes out to rent a video, he is less fortunate than Steve had been, and is in addition foolish enough not only to defy Redfern, but to tell him straight out that it was himself and not Steve who had shopped Redfern to the police. Andy receives a severe beating for his forthrightness.

32x157 30 December 1991

  • 1991-12-30T17:30:00-02:00 — 25 mins

Steve McDonald finds he can do nothing right ever since Andy's beating. Jim tells him to get lost from the motorcycle shop after a bike Steve had been working on proved to have a loose bolt in the braking system. Vicky longs to get away for a while, and is surprised when Bet offers to pay her taxi fare to go see her horse, Saracen. While waiting for her taxi, she sees Steve, and after hearing of his woes, invites him along. Later, in order to justify staying away with Steve, she phones Bet with a story about being invited to her friend Belinda's for a New Year's Eve party. The ruse works, until Belinda herself phones the Rovers to wish Vicky a happy new year. The McDonalds become frantic about Steve's whereabouts. Curly very reluctantly agrees to meet Angie and Des in the Rovers. Angie has arranged a blind date for Curly, who turns out to be none other than Raquel Wolstenhulme, whom Curly has not seen for seven months (since episode 3224, transmitted on Friday 10 May 1991, to be exact). Ken and Alma check in at the Cotswold hotel, but Alma seems very distant, and at dinner foolishly confesses what had happened at Christmas with Mike. Ken is shaken, and says he needs a few minutes on his own, but goes to the room, packs his bags, and checks out, leaving Alma in the dining room as the clock chimes midnight.