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Coronation Street

Season 33 1992

  • 1992-01-01T19:30:00Z on ITV
  • 25 mins
  • 3 hours, 20 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

8 episodes

33x01 1 January 1992

  • Season Premiere

    1992-01-01T19:30:00Z — 25 mins

The McDonalds worry about Steve's whereabouts. Liz fears that the gang have got him and want the Police brought in. Alma is upset to find Ken has checked out of the hotel. Liz grows hysterical when Jim refuses to contact the Police and suffers stomach pains. Andy calls for an ambulance. Raquel is upset when Curly doesn't seem pleased to see her. Bet guesses that Vicky is at the Ardens' house. She finds Steve and her asleep at the house. They swear they didn't get up to anything. The ambulance takes twenty-five minutes to arrive for Liz. Raquel breaks down and tells Curly that she's finished with modelling and is homeless. Curly comforts her. Vicky tells Bet she knows she's been having an affair with Des Foster. Steve is appalled to discover he's caused Liz to go into premature labour. Bet tells Vicky that she wanted to make Alec jealous with Des but it backfired. She swears she wasn't unfaithful and Vicky believes her. Liz gives birth to a premature baby girl. She names her Katherine and realises she has little chance of survival. Jim is heartbroken. Raquel stays at No.7. Doctor Swann tells the McDonalds their baby's chances are not good.

33x02 14 February 1992

  • 1992-02-14T19:30:00Z — 25 mins

Steve receives a Valentine from Vicky in Lancaster. Deirdre sets up a bed in the living room for Ken. Alf is sent a Valentine from 'Britannia' (an allusion to Vivian Barford but in reality Steve and Tracy). Audrey pretends to be furious and consoles herself by going shopping. Reg is delighted to receive a Valentine from Rita, unaware that Steve sent it. Rita is horrified when he comes on strong. Angela Hawthorne agrees to see Derek about a job, upsetting Mavis. Cherie Watkins calls on Alec. Bet introduces herself as Alec's mother and starts bossing 'little Alec' around. Alec is forced to explain that he is not a widower - Cherie is not amused. Mavis tells Derek she can't stand the thought of him spending every day with Angela. He tells her this may be his last chance to get a job, causing Mavis to say he must see Angela. Paula Maxwell thanks Andy for his card and gives him one in return. He is pleased. Derek goes to Hawthorne's but decides not to see Angela, telling Mavis their marriage is more important than work. Rita tells Reg she did not send him the Valentine. Deirdre is full of doubts as Ken is delivered to her from hospital.

33x03 27 May 1992

  • 1992-05-27T18:30:00Z — 25 mins

Vera refuses to let anything spoil the day for her. Raquel does Lisa's hair and makeup. At St. Mary's, Terry is handcuffed to a Prison Officer for the service. Deirdre is concerned when Emily attempts to buy baby food at the shop, claiming she is momentarily confused. Don and Ivy joins the Duckworths and Hortons at the wedding. Vera pleads with the prison officer and persuades him to take the handcuffs off Terry for the ceremony. Terry takes his opportunity for freedom whilst the photographs are being taken and runs away. The officers give chase but he's too quick. Lisa is horrified. The Hortons and the Duckworths row over Terry's disappearance. The officers suspect Vera of planning the episode. Lisa refuses to return to Blackpool, insisting that she wants to stay near the Duckworths. The officers warn the Duckworths to tell them when Terry makes contact. Derek applies for every job he can in order to get away from Mavis's rule. Lisa is scared about what's going to happen.

33x04 19 June 1992

  • 1992-06-19T18:30:00Z — 25 mins

Alma decides not to marry Mike; he's a liar. Audrey tells her if she wants to humiliate Mike she should do it in style - in front of everyone. Kevin is annoyed that Sally has bought expensive glasses for Mike and Alma. She is furious when he accidentally drops them. Ken gives Alma a bottle of champagne and wishes her well. Mike is relieved when Alma turns up just in time. She lets him sweat before agreeing to marry him. Gail, Martin, Sally, Kevin, Bet, Alec, Alf and Audrey witness the wedding. Don decides he's going to leave Ivy. He is annoyed when Julie tells him it makes no difference to her feelings. She refuses to be bullied by him. She tells him she doesn't believe he'll leave Ivy completely. She urges him to go back to Ivy and forget about her. She wants him out of her life. Alec drops Sally's present again, Kevin stops her telling him it was already broken and Alec gives her £30 to replace it. Alma tells Mike she married him because she wanted to; she understands him completely now and she's not scared of him anymore. She tells him he'll never be able to lie to her again. Don feels he should have never returned to Ivy in the first place. He feels he's got nothing left. Julie tells him that if his life is wrecked then he wrecked it, not Ivy, God or her. He is stunned and tells her she's right, but he still loves her. Ivy worries about Don's whereabouts. Don speeds along country roads without caring for his safety. He misses a bend and crashes the car.

33x05 29 July 1992

  • 1992-07-29T18:30:00Z — 25 mins

Ivy refuses to return to work until she has sorted Don out. Vicky tackles Alec about increasing her allowance but he refuses. Derek realises that Rita will return to work after Ted's death and he'll be job hunting again. Don leaves hospital. With Frank Haskins' help he moves into the Wentworths Guest House at 191 Ashdale Road. Landlady Eileen Wentworth takes charge of him. Mr Steele, the health inspector, calls at the Rovers to check the kitchens are still clean. He tells Liz she must wear a hat in the kitchen. During his inspection, Alec sees the spider in the kitchen and is forced to catch it in his hand and squash it. Curly contacts Cupid's Arrow Introduction Bureau to make an appointment. Ivy can't believe Don hasn't returned home, she feels he must be with Julie. Frank tells her he's in a bedsit.

33x06 9 September 1992

  • 1992-09-09T18:30:00Z — 25 mins

Lisa's labour pains start and she does the housework between contractions. She summons Vera from work and they go into hospital together. Lisa keeps calm but Vera is a nervous wreck. Jack is glad he's found Don again and they're still mates. Carmel takes every opportunity to babysit at the Platts' house. As Lisa isn't dilating beyond 4cm and the baby is tiring, she has a caesarian with an epidural. Vera sits with her in the theatre, taking her mind off things by chatting about her family. The residents watch Percy play Cyril Jukes at bowls. Phyllis cheers him on. Lisa gives birth to a son, she calls him Tom. Cyril beats Percy to Alf's relief. Jack and Vera become emotional at the sight of their grandson. At the match, Rita finds Ted asleep on a bench at the bowls match but then realises he's dead. The residents come to her aid as she weeps, cradling his head in her arms.

33x07 4 December 1992

  • 1992-12-04T19:30:00Z — 25 mins

Vera can't understand why she can't have a normal family. Denise Osbourne moves into her beauty salon at the newly-refitted No.2. Carmel goes to Ireland intent on finishing with Michael. When she talks about him to Sally she keeps calling him "Martin". Sally realises that she's got a crush on Martin. Deirdre collects Tracy from the florists and realises who Maggie is. She is so stunned she accidentally tells Tracy about Mark being Mike's son.

33x08 16 December 1992

  • 1992-12-16T19:30:00Z — 25 mins

Carmel tells Martin she doesn't want to go home for Christmas. Alf eats one of his puddings in the Rovers, watched by the regulars. Jack ends up losing his £5 bet with Doug when Alf eats every crumb. Reg is thrilled that profits are up despite the recession. Ken and Deirdre get Tracy to promise not to tell Mark about his real father. Audrey and Alf go to the WART's Christmas dinner. He eats too much and collapses during the meal, clutching his chest. Audrey hysterically tries to help him, screaming for an ambulance. Martin goes to the hospital porters' Christmas party. Gail leaves Carmel looking after the kids to be with Audrey at the hospital. Reg asks Rita to spend Christmas with him. She refuses so he asks Bet. She also refuses. Audrey breaks down, certain that Alf has died. The doctor tells her that he's out of danger and doesn't think it was a heart attack. Ken is pleased when Maggie invites him for Christmas. Gail stays the night with Audrey, phoning Carmel to tell Martin. Martin returns home completely drunk and gets into bed unaware that Carmel is lying beside him.