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Coronation Street

Season 36 1995

  • 1995-01-03T06:30:00+11:00 on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 11 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

22 episodes

36x03 6 January 1995

  • 1995-01-07T06:30:00+11:00 — 30 mins

Derek changes his diet to cleanse his body. Denise is exhausted and uncomfortable with stitches. She and Ken decide to call the baby Daniel. Ken asks Mike if he can buy No.1 for his new family but Mike is jealous of his son and tells him he intends to rent the house out. The Duckworths are stunned when Cliff's wife Elsie turns up to collect him. Vera is hurt that he led her on, telling her he'd married a Vera whilst Jack worries Elsie will get all his money. Vera feels her Duckworth is better than Elsie's. Raquel and Curly throw an engagement party. Des decides at the last minute to attend. Derek stuffs himself with food behind Mavis' back. Raquel is astonished when Des tells her she mustn't marry Curly as it would be a mistake. She tries to ignore him but he keeps at her, telling her she doesn't love Curly. He asks her to marry him instead. She explodes and tells Curly to throw him out but realises he's right; she doesn't love Curly. She tells Curly he's the nicest man in the world but she can't marry him.

36x14 1 March 1995

  • 1995-03-02T06:30:00+11:00 — 30 mins

Reg realises he needs a more youthful appearance. He takes Curly with him as he goes to a hairdressers and has a £300 hairpiece fitted. Alf tells Audrey he saw Martin kissing a nurse but she thinks nothing of it. Reg is proud of his wig but only wears it at work. Jack is forced to babysit with Jamie whilst Tricia goes out with Curly. Jamie doesn't want to be with him either. Don takes Josie to the dogs. Jack is uneasy when Jamie tells him he's told his dad where he is. Jamie wins all his money off him at cards and then pretends to be his dad knocking at the door, scaring Jack. Andy learns the University bar staff get paid more than the Rovers' staff. He challenges Rodney but is told to wait for Bet's return.

36x15 8 March 1995

  • 1995-03-09T05:30:00+10:00 — 30 mins

Fiona is furious when Sean tells her how he took Steve's money off him at the dogs. She tells Steve she can't trust him so she's moving out but he stops her by saying he had a meeting at the dogs with Nick Gerrity, manager of Costello's Club and he won money to give back to Sean. Mike backs him up in front of Fiona and then demands 100 free T-shirts in return. Alma delights in shocking Mike when she turns up in her new sports car. He is furious that she's bought a car without consulting him. Audrey warns Martin not to mess Gail about. Maureen's van breaks down coming back from the Cash and Carry. Reg and Curly see her and stop to help. Maureen drives back with Curly and the stock whilst Reg stays with the van. She pulls down the sun visor and the wig falls onto her lap. She thinks it's a spider and screams, running the car off the road. Mike accuses Jon of ripping Alma off. Maureen confronts Reg with the wig, delighting Maud who thinks he looks stupid in it. Maureen embraces him when he explains how he's fearful of losing his youth. Steve and Fiona are embarrassed when his credit card is cut up at an expensive restaurant.

36x16 8 May 1995

  • 1995-05-09T04:30:00+10:00 — 30 mins

Martin and Gail are horrified to discover they're in the caravan next to the Duckworths. Percy erects the Union Jack outside No.3 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of VE-Day. Tracy grows despondent at the thought of life on dialysis and hates being dependant on Ken. Tricia is grateful when she's given bar work at the Rovers. Fiona worries about Denise's whereabouts. Jack doesn't enjoy being stuck in a field surrounded by children. Vera makes matters worse by volunteering him to babysit the Platt children. He gets them to play hide and seek with himself "hiding" miles away. The Wiltons are horrified to find Arthur the gnome missing. Derek assumes he's been stolen by Des or Steve. Gail begins to relax in the countryside. She tells Martin that she doesn't hate him just needs to be able to trust him. Phyllis, Percy and Betty reminisce about VE Day as a party breaks out in the Rovers. Pensioner Billy Williams calls, recreating a pub crawl fifty years ago. Alf lights a bonfire on the Red Rec. Vera worries when Jack stays out all afternoon and evening. He gets involved in a singsong at the local pub. Betty is startled to recognise Billy with whom she partied on VE night. Jack returns to the caravan site at midnight but can't locate his caravan.

36x17 2 June 1995

  • 1995-06-03T04:30:00+10:00 — 30 mins

The police call on Deirdre and take her to the hospital, Samir having been found with a bad head injury on the canal bank. He is in intensive care, unconscious. Fiona is hurt that Steve doesn't seem to care about her safety. Steve is scared when the heavy returns to say he's from a debt collector who wants paying. Denise tells Fiona she'd like her to manage the Salon for her as she wants to stop work and spend time with Daniel. Fiona is thrilled. Billy takes Betty to the Ritz ballroom for a tea dance. She is uncomfortable when he suggests they have a foreign weekend away together. He urges her to be impulsive. Fiona is upset when Steve doesn't share her joy over her promotion. She slams out of the flat to spend the night at her parents' house. Steve asks Vicky for £5,000 but she refuses. Deirdre is stunned when the doctors tell her that Samir isn't going to recover. She gives her consent for his kidney to be taken for the operation. Ken comforts her.

36x18 11 October 1995

  • 1995-10-12T04:30:00+10:00 — 30 mins

Rita isn't sure if she should invest in the Rovers or not. Although Des keeps standing her up, Maxine is still keen on him. Vera tries to find a job for Jack, fearing they'll soon be through the £30,000. Des decides to stop seeing Maxine as she's too much of a clinger. Vicky tells Steve she's renting a Quays flat. He is annoyed that she has done it without telling him when he wanted to buy rather than rent. Sarah Louise gets bored at home when Martin falls asleep, so she goes to have dinner with Don. Maxine doesn't like the way everyone accuses her of chasing Des. Mavis offers to take The Kabin off Rita's hands. The McDonalds apologise to each other, he accepts the flat and she agrees to open a joint bank account so he doesn't have to keep asking her for money. Rita asks Alf's advice. He poses the question that if the Rovers is such a success then why hasn't Bet any savings? Rita realises Bet is a bad risk to back. Des apologises to Vera over the house. She feels that it's a good job it fell through as the mortgage would have been huge. Des is surprised when Maxine tells him she knows he doesn't want a steady relationship and that's fine by her - she just wants to have fun. Bet gets the brewery to drop the price by £2,000 but Rita tells her she's not going through with it. Mavis is embarrassed when they start rowing in The Kabin. Bet accuses Rita of only having money because she married into it and Rita tells her she's jealous as she couldn't marry Len. They shout at each other, bringing up past hurts and knowing their friendship is over.

36x19 16 October 1995

  • 1995-10-17T04:30:00+10:00 — 30 mins

Bet has a sleepless night and confides in Raquel that no one will lend her the money she needs. She feels she's had her day. Denise is annoyed that Ken has asked Rita to be Godmother without consulting her. Bet gives Betty a garter to wear for her wedding and she surprises everyone by trying it on behind the bar. Bet is pleased when Vicky turns up and apologises, telling her she's the closest to a mother she has. Bet feels patronised as Vicky explains her plan to buy her a small house for which Bet would pay a nominal rent and be around when she's needed. Bet rounds on her, pointing out she housed her rent-free for four years as she loved her. Vicky is bewildered by her reaction and calls her ungrateful. Bet publicly throws Vicky out of the Rovers before turning on all the customers and throwing them out. She closes the pub, stunning Betty and Raquel. Anne Malone complains to Reg that Leo has been sexually harassing her and has made advances towards her. Reg doesn't know how to deal with the complaint but makes a note of it. Don grows concerned about Bet and calls on her. He finds her with her bags packed. She tells him she's finished with Weatherfield and the Rovers so she's leaving. A taxi arrives but she has no idea where she's going.

36x20 6 December 1995

  • 1995-12-07T06:30:00+11:00 — 30 mins

The Roberts' leave at 4.30am, driven by Don. On the way there, Don gets increasingly annoyed as Audrey gets at him over his treatment of Gail and Nick. Mavis tells Derek to allow her a little pleasure and let her go on the cruise. She also tells him that whilst she's away he could run The Kabin. Don accuses Audrey of hypocrisy when she starts on about honouring Ivy's wishes. Alf is alarmed as they start rowing in a service station. Audrey accuses Don of leading Ivy a dog's life with his affairs. Don refuses to drive her anymore and Audrey is left stranded as Alf decides he must go on with Don. Kevin and Sally give Bill the back tax-money, telling him he can pay them back in installments. He accepts the money and is very touched by their generosity. Derek accepts the challenge of running The Kabin when Rita suggests he couldn't cope. Audrey hitches a lift and gets to Buckingham Palace in time but isn't allowed in as she hasn't got a pass. She is furious to see Alf emerge from the Palace accompanied by Betty who he dragged in from the crowds outside. Vicky is annoyed to discover Fiona has cut Steve's hair. Audrey swears she'll never forgive Alf for humiliating her. Alf accuses Don of ruining Audrey's day and refuses to pay his fare. Don drives off, leaving the Roberts' stuck in London.

36x21 8 December 1995

  • 1995-12-09T06:30:00+11:00 — 30 mins

Liz tells Des that he'd be best off finding a girlfriend. He feels sorry for himself and tells Raquel he'd like them to be friends again. Audrey is still smarting over not seeing the Queen. Rita is furious to discover Sally and Kevin have lent Bill money. Raquel is encouraged when Phyllis tells her Des regrets hurting her and that he is lonely. Rita rows with Sally for giving her money to Bill. Sally accuses her of meddling in their lives and trying to use the money to buy grandchildren. Rita is upset when Sally tells her she wants nothing to do with her anymore. Raquel agrees to be Des' friend again so he invites her round for a meal. She responds when he kisses her and they end up in bed together. In the morning she realises she's been used when he makes it clear he is only interested in casual sex. Derek is hurt as Mavis makes plans to enjoy her holiday without him. Jack is put out when Harvey Nuttall invites Vera, as licensee, to a brewery function. Bill tells Rita that she had no right to row with Sally. He assures her that he is not a sponger and will be repaying the money. Raquel breaks down and is comforted by Betty. She tells him what a fool she's been over Des. Betty assures her there are people around her who she can trust. Curly is stunned when, completely out of the blue, Raquel asks him to marry her as soon as possible. He agrees but wonders over the rush. He confides in Maureen who advises him to go along with Raquel's plans if he wants her. He books a quick wedding and rings Alec to arrange a honeymoon on a cruise. Rita and Mavis leave on their cruise, leaving Derek running The Kabin. Vera is wined and dined at the brewery and returns feeling amorous. Raquel has last-minute nerves and cries in the toilets at the Registry Office. She pulls herself together in time to marry Curly.

36x22 29 December 1995

  • 1995-12-30T06:30:00+11:00 — 30 mins

Mavis urges Derek not to upset Norris as he's his boss. She makes him see that he stands little chance of getting another job. Steve tells Vicky he takes risks because she makes him feel like a parasite. He wants to make money that's his money. He tells her it'll be her fault if he ends up in prison. Derek wakes Norris up and dresses him in his suit. He tells Norris they are no longer friends. Alf lends Betty a video of their time at Buckingham Palace. Derek takes Norris to the wrong church on purpose and makes Norris beg before escorting him to the correct one. Rita apologises to Bill for causing trouble over the tax money. They agree to forget about the whole mess and start afresh. Derek gets Norris to the church just in time to marry furious Angela who has been driving round and round the church. Fred sits in judgement as Chief Square Dealer as Eric and Alf bring forth apprentice Curly to be sworn in as a Square Dealer. Audrey is annoyed when Billy gives her the Palace video. She had no idea it existed. Des tells Raquel she was stupid to marry Curly. She tells him Curly is a better man than he'll ever be.