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Coronation Street

Season 38 1997

  • 1997-04-07T18:30:00Z on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 5 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

10 episodes

38x01 7 April 1997

  • Season Premiere

    1997-04-07T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Don tells Ashley he was joking about setting fire to the factory. Ashley isn't sure what to make of him. Mavis celebrates her birthday and Derek tells her she'll have to wait for her present as he has to collect it. Andy is ashamed of himself when he learns Steve has had another fourteen days added to his sentence. Jim tells Andy he must stop feeling sorry for himself and get on with his life, feeling he went through a lot worse when he was Andy's age as he was in the Army. Vera worries that Tricia and Ray Thorpe are getting serious. Mike seethes over the way Don thinks he's got away with arson. He swears to Alma that he'll make Don pay one way or the other. Tricia's delighted by the way Ray hits it off with Jamie. Jim is amazed to hear in the pub that Andy is giving up University. The neighbours gather for Mavis' party but she is worried when Derek fails to turn up. He phones to say he's stuck in traffic. When he says he'll be an hour late she accuses him of ruining her birthday. Derek annoys a motorist by cutting him up. The motorist argues with him and when Derek rows back the motorist bends the paper clip sign on the roof until it snaps off. After the motorist has driven off Derek suffers a massive heart attack and collapses in the car.

38x02 14 April 1997

  • 1997-04-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ken struggles to compose a fitting tribute to Derek when Mavis asks him to speak at the funeral. Derek's sister Edith Wilton arrives and makes it clear she always disliked Mavis, preferring Angela. The residents turn out for Derek's funeral at St Peter and Paul C of E with Mavis and the others - Audrey, Ken, Jim, Alec, Kevin, Angie, Emily, Percy, Betty, Alma, Mike, Gail, Martin, Don, Jack, Vera and Claire attending. Norris is late to the service and has to barge past the coffin as it's carried in. Tricia considers moving in with Ray. When the vicar asks for Derek's friend to say a tribute, Mavis is horrified when Norris beats Ken to the pulpit. Insensitive to Mavis' feelings, Norris refers to Derek as Dirk and explains how Mavis left him on the motorway and forgot his birthday. Andy visits Steve in prison and apologises to him for increasing his sentence. When Andy tells him he's leaving University because of the shock of having a gun pointed at him, Steve accuses him of feeling too sorry for himself and points out how bad his life is in prison. Alma is alarmed when Don suggests they join forces to find Mike's weak point. Mavis gets upset when Edith tells her that the residents always viewed Derek as a joke and tells them all she doesn't care because she loved him and he was a wonderful man. Alma feels threatened by Don.

38x03 18 April 1997

  • 1997-04-18T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alma is alarmed to find Don is driving the taxi as she knows he hasn't got a licence. Vera gives Tricia a hard time about moving out. Tricia tells her she'd be a fool to let Ray go as he's the only chance she's got of having a family life. Jim tries to help Andy off drink by inviting him to join him in a drinking session, saying he'll match him drink for drink. Alma gets frightened when Don drives past Weatherfield Quays and refuses to let her out of the car. He likes being in control. He tells her that he wants her to feel useless as he does, as Mike has caused him to feel. He tells her he laughed when he set fire to the factory, unnerving her, telling her he wished Mike had burnt in the fire. Chris hopes that Angie will sleep with him as he's given her a great evening but she refuses, making him angry. Alma tries to raise help on the taxi radio but Don rips it out of the car and orders her out of the car onto wasteland. He drags her out, kicking and screaming. She fears he's going to rape her, disgusting him so he hits her. Andy isn't impressed by Jim getting drunk and trying to make him see sense. Jim tells him he used to be proud of him but isn't anymore. Alma wrenches herself free of Don and runs away from him. He chases her in the taxi, cornering her in a back street and forcing her back into the car. Mike enjoys his evening out with Frances Stillman and is in no hurry to get home. Chris is confused when Angie refuses to go to bed with him. She is angry that he thought he could win her over by cooking her a meal. Tricia tells Vera she views her like a mother but refuses to stay just so she can have Brad at home. Vera realises she can't stop her leaving. Don tells Alma he's driving her home but says Mike won't want her anymore as she's dirty and rubbish. She tries to get control of the situation by telling him she now understands how much Mike hurt him. She tells him he's right; Mike cheated him out of the garage. Andy lays into Jim for pretending to be drunk whilst throwing most of the drink down the sink. Jim hits back by saying he's got nothing to live for and starts to drink for real. Andy gets upset and tells him he can't bear it when Jim drinks as he loves him. Jim tells him he's getting his own back; he watched whilst Andy threw his career away now Andy can watch him throw everything away. Don fears that he'll get locked away because he kidnapped Alma. She swears she won't tell anyone but he doesn't believe her. Andy apologises to Jim for hurting him so much and tells him he won't give up his studies. Don tells Alma she's as bad as Mike and deserves to die. He drives the taxi straight into the River Irwell at the Quays, with them both inside it.

38x04 29 June 1997

  • 1997-06-29T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sally realises Kevin is having an affair and rows with Bill for keeping the truth from her. Kevin asks Natalie to go away with him for a weekend. He tells her that he wants to spoil her. Sally leaves the girls with Deirdre and drives to Natalie's house, interrupting Kevin and Natalie's lovemaking. Kevin is horrified when Sally bursts into the house and slaps his face. Sally refuses to listen to Kevin's excuses and Natalie urges him to leave her alone. She is upset when Kevin rushes after Sally. Kevin tries to explain to Sally, saying he was lonely. She tells him that he's pathetic. He fights back, accusing her of ignoring him and getting bogged down with the children and housework. She is disgusted when he tells her that he took Natalie into their bed. He assures her that he loves her and begs forgiveness but she tells him she can't bear to see him and wants him to leave. She is dismayed to learn Rita knew about the affair and didn't tell her. She throws him out and breaks down.

38x05 14 July 1997

  • 1997-07-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Janice orders Leanne to find a job, threatening to throw her out if she doesn't. She asks Roy for work at the cafe and when he turns her down she accuses him of letching after her. Curly has sleepless nights thanks to the Battersbys' music and can't think properly at work. Eric Firman plans to use Alma's recommendations to sell all his duff stock. Ashley hears about Maxine being Steve's alibi and is upset to discover they were together. Alma worries that she's being seen to recommend products she's never tasted. Percy holds a council of war with Emily, Mavis, Ken and Curly, to discuss how they should deal with the Battersbys. Percy is all for driving them out but the others advise caution. Curly complains to Janice about the noise and she agrees to make the girls turn off their music at 9.00pm. Maxine tells Ashley that Steve tried it on and she slapped him down and she just wants to forget all about it. She assures Ashley he's the best thing that ever happened to her. Gary is angry when Judy tells him she doesn't want to have the operation to unblock her tubes and tells him to accept the fact she cannot have his children. Curly is furious when the Battersbys only turn the music off for an hour. He forces his way into their house and smashes their CD player out onto the Street. Janice is furious, Leanne and Toyah are heartbroken and go for him. Les headbutts him to the ground and breaks his glasses. Emily and Ken are appalled and take care of bloody Curly. Alan swears to Fiona that he had nothing to do with Steve being pulled in over the stolen whisky. He accuses her of still being in love with Steve and tells her he's had enough. He breaks their engagement.

38x06 22 September 1997

  • 1997-09-22T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Maud wishes Maureen wasn't marrying Fred and admits she fears she's going to lose her. Maureen assures her she won't. Fred is nervous before the wedding. Deirdre and Ashley are witnesses and Maxine, Maud and Liz attend the registry office. Sally is annoyed when Kevin assumes she couldn't have started the flood as it's not in her character. She delights in telling him she did it. Fred and Maureen are married. Steve decides to move away from Weatherfield and keep out of Alan's way. Maureen is thrilled when Fred hires a Barber Shop Quartet to sing to her after the ceremony. Jim is annoyed when Steve accuses him of not caring about his welfare. Fred and Maureen lead a conga down the Street. Natalie lays into Sally for flooding her house, calling her sour and dried-up. Sally fights back, accusing her of treating Kevin like a lap dog. They row in the Street, cheered on by the factory girls. When Natalie grabs hold of Sally, they start to wrestle on the ground. Fred takes Maureen to their reception at No.4, telling her it's their new home. She is pleased until he tells her there's no room for Maud. Jim tells Fiona that his operation wasn't a success and he could have fathered her baby. She is horrified.

38x07 8 October 1997

  • 1997-10-08T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Fred locks himself away from the neighbours. Mavis and Rita fall out over Mavis' leaving party, with Rita annoyed by the way she worries about the arrangements. Ashley and Maud worry about Fred, shut away and drinking. Maud tells him it's as bad for her as it is for him. Mike waits after work for a delivery and is taken by surprise by Don who hits him over the head. He ties Mike up so he only has the use of one leg and tells him there's no delivery; it was him who set it up. Mavis' friends gather for her farewell party and feel uncomfortable as she and Rita bicker at each other all evening. Percy tells Ken he's worried about Emily being a secret drinker as he keeps finding empty bottles in the house. Don tells Mike he intends to kill him but wants to hear him beg first. Mike refuses to give him the satisfaction. When she's presented with a photograph of herself with Rita from the 1970s, Mavis remembers all the happy times they've shared. They apologise to each other and are reconciled. Don goes to club Mike to death but Angie sees him and throws her bag at him. Don escapes and Mike hobbles after him in time to see him drive the MG straight at him. Mike dives out of the way and the car smashes into the viaduct wall. It explodes in flames with Don inside.

38x08 7 November 1997

  • 1997-11-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Steve stays out all night, struggling to come to terms with Jim's news. He tells Andy about Jim sleeping with Fiona but Andy refuses to believe him. Steve confronts Fiona and demands to know if she has had sex with Jim. She breaks down as he throws her wedding dress at her and tells her it's the end of everything as far as he's concerned. Alan has a huge hangover after his stag party and goes to the church with his parents. Vera, Jack, Audrey, Alf, Alec, Deirdre, Jon, Liz, Andy, Chris, Angie and Rita attend the wedding. As Fiona arrives with her father she is sickened to see Steve enter the church and fears he'll make a scene. Maud shows Joe Dillon around the Corner Shop and is affronted when he offers £55,000 for it and not the asking price of £70,000. Afterwards he tells his friend Fred he offered what he told him to. As Fiona and Alan are exchanging their vows drunken Jim stops the ceremony and pleads with her not to marry Alan as she doesn't love him. DS Dave O'Grady and Lee Middleton throw him out of the church and Father Bradley takes shaken Fiona and Alan into the vestry. Fred sympathises with Maud over Dillon's low offer and tells her he'd buy it himself for £60,000. Maud isn't sure what to do. Liz tries to find out why Jim's wrecked Fiona's wedding but all he'll say is that Fiona needs saving from the bully. Fiona admits to Alan that she had sex with Jim but assures him the baby is his. Alan is horrified and refuses to marry her, telling her she's the McDonald family whore. Alan talks to the congregation, telling them the wedding is off. Alone in the vestry Fiona breaks down.

38x09 17 November 1997

  • 1997-11-17T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

While Ashley stands up to Fred over his treatment of Maud, she indulges in a little spontaneous revenge. Deirdre is horrified when Jon's new car is seemingly stolen from under their noses. Ken berates Alec for misleading him. Peter Kay debuts as a shop fitter.

38x10 31 December 1997

  • 1997-12-31T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sally suggests to Kevin that he fiddles the books so that there's no profits for Natalie. Fred thinks Ashley is a fool for letting Zoe stay but Ashley refuses to put her on the streets. Spider discovers that an endangered plant, the hairy groundwort, is growing on the Red Rec. Nick babysits so he can entertain Leanne in private. He plans to visit friends in Scotland and invites Leanne to join him. Deirdre decides to surprise Jon at work with some champagne. She goes to the tie-shop and is stunned to be told he's at home with his wife and children. She gets the address from the shop assistant. Zoe kisses Ashley, telling him she is attracted to him. He allows her to lead him upstairs. Chris is pleased when Kevin offers him his job back. He accepts. Deirdre calls at Jon's house and confronts him and Linda, telling her that she's the woman who doesn't exist. Jon tells Linda he doesn't know who Deirdre is.