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Coronation Street

Season 39 1998

  • 1998-01-30T19:30:00+00:00 on ITV
  • 25 mins
  • 4 hours, 10 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

10 episodes

39x01 30 January 1998

  • Season Premiere

    1998-01-30T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Nick and Leanne feel guilty as they leave for Scotland, telling their families they're going to Leeds for the day. Vera decides to wear Alec down by singing from the landing but all he does is turn the jukebox up to drown her voice. Nick and Leanne have to drag strangers off the street to be their witnesses. Alma grows tired of Hayley following her around everywhere but feels guilty as Hayley has no other friends. Fed up with being stuck on the landing, Vera phones the fire brigade and is lifted from the bedroom window in a ladder. Nick and Leanne exchange vows and are married in Gretna Green. Vera gives Jim and Gary their cheque and they replace the staircase. Nick and Leanne agree to keep their marriage a secret until Gail gets to like Leanne. They return to Weatherfield and go to their separate houses.

39x02 27 February 1998

  • 1998-02-27T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Fiona is annoyed by the way Pam doesn't blame Alan for not wanting anything to do with her. She tells Pam to stay out of her life in future. Eric tells Curly that he should be marketed as the voice of Firman's, as Alma is the face. Spider makes a row at Firman's by accusing Curly of supporting whale-hunting by selling Norwegian prawns. He threatens action unless Curly stops selling them. Roy invites Hayley for a meal but decides to entertain her in the cafe rather than his flat, for fear she'll think he's rushing her. Samantha is relieved when Des goes away on business as she feels she needs some space. When Chris calls round to pick up some books he'd left behind, she invites him to stay for a drink. Steve encourages Fiona, telling her she's got a brilliant future and is better off without Alan. Samantha admits to Chris that she doesn't think she and Des have a long future together. She opens up her heart to him over a bottle of wine and they kiss. Roy is shocked when Hayley tells him that much as she likes him they can't have a physical relationship as she's a transsexual.

39x03 18 March 1998

  • 1998-03-18T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Des tells Samantha he has to go away overnight to a race meeting. Ken agrees to another escort for Alec. Deirdre meets her new barrister, Stuart Hamilton, who makes her see she has to hate Jon enough to make sure he goes to prison and not her. Chris tells Sally he can't stop thinking about her and will drop Samantha for her if she asks him to. She admits she was fond of him but she now wants her marriage to work. She is annoyed by his pestering as it makes her realise she isn't happy with Kevin and is only staying with him because of the girls. Liz and Alec agree to be Deirdre's character witnesses in court. Samantha entertains Chris at No.6. Ken dines out with Babs Fanshawe but half way through the meal she collapses in the toilet. Des watches his house, hoping to catch Samantha and Chris out. He lets himself in just when Samantha has taken Chris to bed. She manages to keep Des occupied whilst Chris sneaks out of the house. Samantha is so convincing that Des feels she must be innocent. Babs dies and Ken is forced to talk to the police as everyone assumes they are a couple.

39x04 29 March 1998

  • 1998-03-29T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Deirdre is horrified when Jon is let off with a suspended sentence but she is found guilty of all counts and sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment. Chris tells Kevin he wants Sally run away with him but Sally tells them both that she can't leave. Mike is furious with the verdict whilst Emily, Ken and Liz are shocked. Ken shouts abuse at Jon as he walks free. Sally tells Kevin she's never encouraged Chris and needs him to trust her that nothing happened. Maxine returns from holidaying with James Wright. Deirdre is taken to prison where all her belongings are taken from her and she is searched. Alma doesn't understand why Mike is so worked up about Deirdre being found guilty. Samantha waits with her bag for Chris but he decides he can't be bothered with her and leaves the Street without calling for her. Deirdre is put in a cell with Jackie Dobbs, a re-offender. Deirdre can't take in what is happening to her and breaks down. Kevin is annoyed when Sally can't bring herself to tell him she loves him. Samantha is distraught when she realises Chris has left without her.

39x05 1 July 1998

  • 1998-07-01T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Maud annoys Jim by confronting him and accusing him of wanting people to pity him. She tells him it takes more bravery to live in a wheelchair than to be a soldier and that he should be grateful for still being alive. Alec tries to sign Sandy up for the Golden Years Agency. Roy and Hayley enjoy themselves sightseeing in Amsterdam. Emily and Ken try to convince Spider he'd be a good Councillor, shaking people up. They warn him that if he doesn't take his seat they will tell everyone he's a fraud. Maxine doesn't have any luck raising the deposit for the flat. Hayley is relieved that she's now a real woman and looks foward to living a normal life. Spider tells Emily and Ken he will take his seat if elected. They tell him he's going to have to change his appearance and take him for a haircut. Jim thanks Maud for her pep-talk. Greg advises Maxine to tell Fred she can't afford the flat, saying he'll then talk to him and get it cheaper. Alec gives Sandy his first escort assignment. Hayley is frustrated when Roy can't bring himself to declare his feelings for her.

39x06 3 July 1998

  • 1998-07-03T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Hayley is sad that Roy has to return home. She questions him over his thoughts about her but he can't express himself. Spider is uncomfortable in his parted hair, suit, collar and tie. Emily organises for him to have his campaign photographs taken on the Street. After Roy has gone Hayley finds he's left her a gold watch. Greg tells Fred Maxine can't afford the flat but he can. Hayley quickily packs and rushes to the airport, telling Roy she's coming back with him. She tells him she knows his feelings and she's happy to go along with him, in his own time. Audrey collects her professional campaign photographs and is upset as she appears so old in them. To boost her moral Fiona and Maxine give her a beauty treatment. Sandy takes time off work to escort for Alec. Vera is annoyed when he's spotted in town when he's meant to be ill. Hayley and Roy return home but she is stopped by an Immigration Officer as her passport says she's a man. Vera realises Sandy is acting as an escort for Alec and sacks him. She tells Jack she's had enough hiring bar staff - he can take over. After a humiliating time at the airport Hayley is allowed to leave.

39x07 2 September 1998

  • 1998-09-02T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Janice and Les arrive in London and call at Ronnie Clegg's house. He tries to get rid of them but is forced to explain to his wife Paula who they are. Paula is stunned to discover Ronnie has a daughter. Janice breaks down when she finds Toyah isn't with Ronnie. Toyah is pleased to be with the man she thinks is her dad and is glad that he accepts her and gives her a bed. Kevin is surprised when Sally splashes out on his birthday. Anne creates a letter out of words cut from Curly's book. Janice rows with Ronnie for never caring about Toyah. Rita arranges with Mavis to be her Matron of Honour. Janice and Les call at Ronnie's old address and talk to Neil Flynn. Toyah hides from them but is puzzled when she hears Janice introducing herself to Neil. She realises Neil isn't her father and begins to feel frightened. Jack and Vera agree to Alec buying them out so long as solicitors are involved. He talks them out of involving solicitors as they're so expensive. He agrees to pay them 50% of the pub's value. Toyah is terrified when Neil locks her in the flat and admits he's not her father. He explains he shared a cell with Ronnie in prison. When she tries to call for help he binds and gags her. Janice is alarmed to hear Neil was in prison for GBH. She fears Toyah might be with him after all and she and Les rush back to his flat but he's disappeared. Janice calls in the police. Neil unties Toyah to get her into his van. Suspicious Kevin spies on Sally as she and Greg kiss in the factory. Neil takes Toyah to Epping Forest. Kevin locks Sally out of the house and throws her bags into the Street. She is distraught but he refuses to talk to her. Greg takes her in. Toyah breaks free and is chased through the forest by Neil.

39x08 11 October 1998

  • 1998-10-11T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Spider and Trevor the security guard find Anne's frozen body. DI Fox tells Spider that he's the prime suspect and takes him in for questioning, thinking he killed her as an environmental protest. Jim signs up for wheelchair basketball. Natalie moves in with Des and decides to rent her house out. He is upset that she's hanging on to it for security. Michael apologises to Liz for taking advantage of her. Fox lets Spider go after Alma backs up his story and the videotape is found. Greg returns home from a business trip to find Sally has moved the children in. He isn't happy but hides his feelings. Sally is nervous about his reaction to them. Alma doesn't feel sorry for Anne, realising that she isn't sacked as no one knew but Anne. Greg is put out that he and Sally have to sleep on the sofa bed. Des presents Natalie with a "For Sale" sign, urging her to take it, sell her house and marry him. She accepts.

39x09 18 November 1998

  • 1998-11-18T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Tony and Des are taken to hospital - Natalie will never forgive Tony for all the trouble he's caused. Alec and Rita spend a pleasant evening together. Next day Martin tells Natalie that Des is over the worst and the police want statements from her and Tony. Roy and Hayley practice their Spanish. Judy meets Ruth for the first time and tells Ashley her reservations about the woman. Des suffers a severe setback. He has a massive heart attack and dies with Natalie at his side.

39x10 25 December 1998

  • 1998-12-25T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Alec sleeps in the Rovers' sitting room waiting for the Duckworths to emerge. He accuses them of trespassing and orders them out of the pub but they refuse to leave. In hospital, Judy has an epidural and is helped along by Gary. The Duckworths discover that Alec has removed all their clothing. They're cold and hungry. Jack is touched when Vera tells him that despite his faults she still loves him. Judy gives birth to a boy at 6.40am and a girl an hour later. She is exhausted and Gary becomes very emotional. Sally is upset when the girls open their presents before she's arrived at the house. Les splashes out on buying presents relying on his compensation covering the cost. He buys Toyah a new laptop and Janice a designer jacket. Betty is uncomfortable when Alec tells her that she's not to help the Duckworths. He tries to upset them by cooking a dinner of tempting smells. The Duckworths open their bedroom window and appeal to the neighbours for help. The residents provide food and drink, delivering it by climbing a ladder. Greg turns on the charm to woo Maxine. She is pleased by his attention. Deirdre gets annoyed as Blanche criticises her choice of men. Blanche wishes she had a daughter to be proud of. Alec is furious when Rita tells him that she told the Duckworths he was throwing them out. He tells her that she had no right and accuses her of betraying him. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her anymore and she tells him that she's pleased. Sally advises Maxine to have nothing to do with Greg, saying how he hit her and that he's soon going to be evicted from his flat. Leanne gets upset when she discovers Miranda Peters has given Nick a sweater for Christmas. She thinks it's proof that they're sleeping together and tells him that he can go to her as far as she's concerned; they're finished. When Maxine tells him to stay away from her, Greg realises Sally has warned her off him. Vera tries to make the most of her imprisonment to seduce to Jack, to his horror. Sally panics when Greg trails her home and tells her they have unfinished business.