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Coronation Street

Season 47 2006

  • 2006-01-01T19:30:00+00:00 on ITV
  • 25 mins
  • 3 days, 16 hours, 45 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

213 episodes

47x01 Sun 1 Jan, 2006

  • Season Premiere

    2006-01-01T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sally and Kevin are distraught that their little girl has had sex. Blanche heads of to Lena's as they've arranged to go to a funeral together. Carol's jealous of Frankie's good looks and makes bitchy comments insinuating Frankie's a tart. Jamie's uncomfortable in Frankie's company and Frankie can tell. Carol accuses Jamie of fancying Frankie but Jamie tells her she's sick in the head. Danny and Leanne go for lunch at Les and Cilla's. Danny thinks it's hysterical while Leanne is embarrassed when Les shows him her child's nurse's uniform. Kevin and Sally drag Rosie round to No. 6 where they have a showdown with Keith, Audrey and Craig. When Kevin and Sally discover Keith already knew Craig and Rosie had a sexual relationship they're incensed. Sally has a go at Audrey citing Sarah's teenage pregnancy. Craig and Rosie declare they've done nothing wrong as they're in love but no one will listen. Jack and Vera bicker while Hilary snaps away with her camera. Blanche's friend Lena has died, causing Blanche to mull over her own mortality. Keith tries to bar Craig from leaving the house but Craig ignores him. Jamie gets a taxi to the airport and refuses to tell Carol where he's going. Sally banishes Rosie upstairs. Rosie cries her eyes out for Craig.

47x02 Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-01-02T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sophie moans about spending New Year's Eve with Rita. She clocks Rosie trying to sneak out the door and points her out to Kevin and Sally. Penny's back and asks Adam how Mike's been. She's worried to hear he's had more lapses while she's been away. Mike tells Danny he's going to propose to Penny. Danny pretends he's pleased but really he's worried about his inheritance. Frankie's put out when Jamie calls saying he's gone to stay with Warren in Spain. Ed finds Emily in the café. She tells him she doesn't like the new vicar's modern approach. Ed agrees and suggests they form a bible study group. Emily's pleased. Rosie escapes from the house. She and Craig cling to each other in the street until Kevin forcibly drags them apart. Keith's at his wit's end with Craig. Audrey tries to console him. Sophie pours her heart out to Hayley about how she desperately wants a booster bra but life's so unfair. Liz is feeling put out as Vernon's got a job on a cruise for three weeks starting in Naples. Bev suggests they follow him out there and have a holiday. Shelley, Sean, Violet and Sunita have a night out. Sean admits he'd really like to be a dad one day. Violet offers to have a baby with him. Rosie tells Sophie she's been having sex with Craig. Sophie thinks it's gross. Mike takes Penny to the Clock and proposes to her. Penny's gobsmacked.

47x03 Mon 2 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-01-02T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Penny tries to let Mike down gently but he's hurt and storms out of the restaurant. Mike's scared and confused when he can't remember the way home. Gail calls on Sally and sympathises over the Rosie/Craig problem but points out there's nothing she can do to stop it. Ed, Emily, Rita and Norris go for a drink. Rita and Emily are totally enamoured with him but Norris is sceptical. Mike struggles to remember people's names. He asks Rita where Bet is! When Liz tells Vernon she and Bev will be joining him on his cruise he's put out but quickly covers up when he finds out they can only come for two weeks. Bev invites Fred to join her on the cruise. Fred's delighted and accepts. Penny finds Mike in the pub and takes him home. Hayley tries to talk to Sally about Sophie but Sally gives her short shrift telling her to go and interfere with someone else's kids. Hayley's very hurt. Mike becomes angry telling Penny the reason she won't marry him is because she thinks he's losing the plot. She knows he's right but can't admit it. Jack's dyes his hair and borrows Sean's fake tan. He's bright orange and Vera accuses him of seeing another woman. Mike throws Penny out of his flat accusing her of making him think he's going mad just so she can get her hands on his money. Penny tries to defend herself but Mike refuses to listen and slams the door on her.

47x04 Wed 4 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-04T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Mike wonders where Penny is. Adam reminds him he threw her out. Mike tries to cover but it's obvious he has no recollection. David continues to show no respect of Gail and treats her like his slave. Phil becomes increasingly irritated by him. Sally and Kevin tell Rosie she's barred from leaving house and they'll be nipping back from work to check on her. Mike tells Danny how Penny refused to marry him insisting he needs to see a doctor. Danny's secretly delighted, telling Mike he's best off without her. Sally apologises for having a go at Hayley and admits she's neglected Sophie of late. Adam and Mike row. Adam thinks Mike should apologise to Penny. Mike disagrees. Jack does his first nude modelling for Hilary's art class. She pays him £25. Danny wins a big factory order from Meadows. Mike's delighted and gives him the engagement ring he'd bought for Penny telling Danny to give it to Leanne as a gift. Sean clocks Phil looking at Eileen and is convinced Phil fancies her. Craig shins up the wall in the Websters' back yard and talks to Rosie through her bedroom window. They vow to stick together declaring their love for each other. Eileen's upset to find Sarah at No. 11 and insists Jason send her home. Danny gives Leanne the ring from Mike. Leanne's overwhelmed and slips off her clothes to show her appreciation!

47x05 Fri 6 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-06T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

David's rude to Phil and mimics his accent. Gail reprimands him but to no avail. Jason's fed up with Eileen's interfering in his relationship with Sarah. He tells her he's moving out. Eileen's upset. Mike tells Danny he's thinking of forgiving Penny and his son Mark. Danny's quick to put in the poison and suggests Mark's probably still with Linda. Eileen chats to Todd on the phone. She realises Todd's not bothered about Sarah and Jason any more as he's got a new boyfriend. Both Fred and Bev privately worry about the sleeping arrangements on the cruise and wonder if they're sharing a cabin or not. Penny wants to talk to Mike but Danny manages to head her off saying Mike's in one of his moods and she'd best leave it until later. Deirdre and Blanche arrive back from Lena's funeral with Lady Freckles, Lena's dog which she's left to Blanche in her will. Amy calls her Eccles. Eileen apologises to Jason and gives him and Sarah her blessing. Jason accepts and says he's changed his mind about moving out. Eccles takes an instant dislike to Ken who finds himself banished to the hallway. Mike's confused. He thinks Penny is Linda and Adam is Mark. Angrily he tells Penny he never wants to see her again and Adam to get out of his factory and flat. Danny starts to hate himself for fuelling Mike's confusion.

47x06 Sun 8 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-08T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Eccles continues to give Ken a hard time and refuses to let him have his newspaper. Adam confronts Mike about the hurtful things he said but Mike has no recollection. Mike's mood changes again and he rounds on Adam again accusing him of having an affair with Penny. He throws distraught Adam out of the flat. Danny hates himself for cashing in on Mike's confusion. Leanne's unrepentant. Kirk advises Ken on how to handle Eccles suggesting he gets down to Eccles' level. Rosie changes tack and is pleasant to Sally and Kevin. They're relieved at her mood change. Sophie's upset when Rosie pokes fun at her lack of boobs. Fred pulls out of the cruise wrongly thinking his feelings for Bev aren't reciprocated. Bev's disappointed but tries to hide it. Eileen babysits Bethany while Sarah and Jason have a night out. Gail's furious when she finds out and accuses Eileen of giving in. Kevin and Sally are pleased when Rosie says she wants to make a fresh start. They tell her they're willing to trust her again and return her mobile phone. Mike gives Danny a letter to post. It's a conciliatory letter to Mark forgiving him for his affair with Linda. Danny intentionally throws it away. Sophie's delighted when Hayley gives her a padded bra which she's made herself. Ken gets down on all fours and tries but fails to bond with Eccles. David continues to give Gail and Phil hell. Phil tries to talk to David but David makes it clear he intends to get Phil out of his mother's life.

47x07 Mon 9 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-01-09T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

David continues to treat Gail like a servant. Phil's appalled at his behaviour. Amber tells Dev she wants some work in the shop and how eventually she wants to be a fashion designer. Dev's amused by her. Blanche cons Keith into walking Eccles for her while he does his paper round. Danny's delighted when Adam tells him he's moving back to Scotland. In the Salon the girls compare Christmas presents. Audrey and Sarah are appalled that Maria only got Tyrone a £20 voucher. Tyrone decides to enter Maria for a competition called "Surprise the Bride". First prize is a white wedding. He enlists Molly's help with the entry form. Ken and Deirdre wave Adam off as he leaves for Scotland. Sarah practises her waxing skills on Maria's legs. Audrey lies saying she's booked up at the Salon to avoid helping Keith on his allotment. Ken quizzes Mike about his row with Adam wanting to know why Adam's left, but Mike's evasive. Maria takes Tyrone to the Salon in the evening promising him a surprise. He's excited when she tells him to take all his clothes off. At David's request Gail goes to the chippy. While she's out David is rude to Phil telling him to clear off. Phil sees red, grabs David and throws him against the wall, telling him it's time he learnt his lesson.

47x08 Mon 9 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-01-09T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

David tells Phil he and Gail are finished and threatens to report Phil to the police. Maria gives Tyrone a back and chest wax. Tyrone screams in agony. Amber tells Sunita it's her birthday and Dev doesn't even know it. Sunita lets her into the flat for a chat. When Gail arrives home David tells her how Phil threw him against the wall. Phil lies, saying he shouted at David but never laid a finger on him. Gail believes Phil. Blanche prepares for a night out with the Monday Nighters. She leaves Ken in charge of Eccles. Rosie sneaks round to Craig's. They declare their love for each other and swear they won't let Kevin and Sally tear them apart. David accuses Gail of caring more about having a boyfriend than she does about her children. Gail loses her rag and hits him across the face. David runs upstairs telling her he hates her. Gail's mortified at what she's done. Ed chats to Emily, Blanche and Rita. He sees Eileen at the bar and buys her a drink. Sarah finds Gail in tears and comforts her. David's angry with Sarah when she doesn't believe his story about Phil either. Deirdre chats to Eccles in the back yard whilst having a sneaky fag. Gail and Phil relax after the trauma of the evening. David looks at them with pure hatred.

47x09 Wed 11 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-11T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Tyrone and Nathan compare waxed chests. Maria suggests she tackles his nostrils next. Tyrone's worried that she wants to change him. Sunita tells Dev he's not welcome at the birth as Shelley's agreed to be her birth partner. Dev feels very left out. Mike's forgotten he bought two engagement rings and argues with the credit card company. He's embarrassed when he finds the other ring in his desk drawer. Penny pours her heart out to Frankie about Mike's mood swings and forgetfulness. Sunita's touched when Shelley, Frankie, Deirdre and Betty club together and give her a hamper full of pampering products. Tyrone finds out he and Maria are through to the next round of "Surprise a Bride". Gail's grateful to Sarah for being so understanding about Phil. Penny tries to talk to Mike about the accusations he threw at her. Mike's dismissive but secretly he can't remember what he accused her of. Phil tries to smooth things over with David but David's refuses to pack in his hate campaign. Amber tells Dev not to give up with Sunita. For the first time father and daughter bond. Leanne gets her engagement rings valued. She decides to sell the one Jamie gave her for £80.

47x10 Fri 13 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-13T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Ken struggles to take Eccles for a walk and eventually gives up. Carol gets a phone call from Jamie to say he's on his way home. She lies to Frankie pretending it was someone else but Frankie's suspicious. Sunita's contractions start. Shelley goes to the hospital with her. Carol buys a bottle of vodka and drinks half of it. Fred tells Dev that Sunita's gone into labour. Dev rushes to the hospital only to be told Sunita doesn't want to see him. He pleads with the midwife but to no avail. Eileen joins Ed and Emily for a drink. She introduces Ed to Jason and Sean. Sunita gives in and lets Dev into the delivery room. Ken promises to give Eccles one more chance providing she wears a muzzle if they go for a walk. Frankie gets a call from Jamie confirming Carol was lying to her. She finds Carol drunk at home and asks her why she lied. Frankie's shocked when Carol accuses her of trying to get Jamie into bed to replace Danny. Jamie arrives home and senses the tension. Sunita gives birth to a girl and a boy. Dev and Sunita are temporarily reunited as they gaze proudly at their twins.

47x11 Sun 15 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-15T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Molly teaches Ken how to train Eccles. Ken's pleased with their progress until he takes the muzzle off and Eccles bites him on the ankle. Vera's suspicious of Jack when in confusion he starts to take his trousers off when they're modelling for an art class. Sunita names her babies Asha (the girl) and Aadi (the boy). Tyrone and Maria get through to the next round of Surprise the Bride. Maria's cross and calls it a tacky competition. Tyrone's hurt. Amber's put out when Dev refuses to take her with him to see the twins. Ed suggests to Eileen they should be friends telling her how attractive she is. Frankie and Jamie discuss their feelings for each other and realise they have a totally normal mother/son relationship. Anything else is in Carol's poisonous mind. Jamie's furious with Carol. Carol's blinded by jealousy for Frankie and accuses them of having an affair. Jamie's disgusted with her and throws her out. Carol begs him to come with her but he refuses. Dev hopes he and Sunita can start again. He's shocked when Sunita tells him she doesn't trust him - he might abandon their children like he abandoned his other. She bans him from having anything to do with their babies.

47x12 Mon 16 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-01-16T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Danny's shocked when get gets a letter from Frankie's solicitor starting divorce proceedings and demanding half of everything. Sunita arrives home with the twins. She refuses any help from Dev. Mike wonders where Adam is. Danny explains he's gone back to Scotland because of his row with Mike. Mike struggles to remember. Rosie and Craig meet secretly at No. 13 while Sally and Kevin are out. Jack and Vera attending Hilary's art exhibition for the unveiling of their picture. Blanche and Roy go along and Blanche makes disparaging remarks about Hilary's work. Shelley, Hayley and Audrey call round to Sunita's and admire the twins. Sunita's already looking tired. Danny confides in Leanne that Mike's losing his marbles and in order to make sure he inherits the business he needs to get power of attorney. Rosie and Craig, in a state of undress, snog passionately. Sally arrives home and is incandescent with rage. She throws Craig out despite his protestations. Sally drags Rosie to the medical centre against her will insisting she must have the morning after pill.

47x13 Mon 16 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-01-16T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sally gets Rosie an emergency appointment with the doctor. Rosie explains she doesn't need the morning after pill as she had safe sex. Sally's furious when the doctor listens to Rosie and accuses Sally of using the pill as a punishment. Keith's at a loss as to how to handle Craig. Craig is matter of fact telling Audrey how he and Rosie were having sex when Sally caught them. Jack's shocked to find a whole room in the gallery devoted to nude pictures of himself. He does his best to keep Vera away from it. Jayesh visits Sunita and tells her she's very welcome to move back home to their parents. He suggests she can't cope and Sunita throws him out upset. Jack and Vera are delighted with Hilary's picture of them both. In desperation Sally buys the morning after pill from a chemist. Jack begs Roy and Blanche not to mention the nude paintings to Vera but it's too late. Vera's furious and hits Jack over the head with one of the offending pictures. Danny suggests Mike should see a solicitor and get his new will drawn up leaving Adam with nothing. Mike agrees. Sally forces tearful Rosie to take the morning after pill.

47x14 Wed 18 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-18T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sunita's trying to cope with two screaming babies. Dev offers to help but she refuses. Sally keeps Rosie off school and forces the second morning after pill down her. Mike tells Danny he's off to see his solicitor but instead finds himself on the factory roof. Danny and Leanne guide him down. Tyrone dupes Maria into having her photo taken with him for the next round of the "Surprise the Bride" competition. Maria's not impressed. Craig sneaks round to Rosie's. She tells him about the pills she's been forced to take. Kevin catches them but decides not to tell Sally. He sends Craig home. Sally pours her heart out to Gail about Rosie and Craig, declaring how she's going to break them up. Gail's unconvinced. Danny takes Mike to the solicitors. Mike draws up a new will leaving everything to Danny and nothing to Mark or Adam. In desperation Sunita allows Dev to get some bits from the shop for her. Jamie asks Violet out for a drink. Violet accepts. At Steve's suggestion, Dev registers the babies' names and makes sure his own name is on the birth certificates. Leanne's pleased to hear Danny's the sole beneficiary to Mike's will. Danny's guilt-ridden knowing he's manipulated Mike.

47x15 Fri 20 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-20T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Keith tries to talk to Craig about his relationship with Rosie but he's out of his depth. Danny's fed up with Leanne lazing around and sponging off him. He tells her to look for a job. Dev tries to tell Sunita he's registered the twins' births but she refuses to listen. Kevin tells Sally that if she insists on driving Rosie and Craig apart she could end up driving Rosie away altogether. Sally's annoyed but knows he's right. Tyrone shows Maria the fish and chip van he's thinking of doing up. Maria's unimpressed and Tyrone's hurt. Molly's sympathetic and tells him it's a great idea. Sunita struggles across town with the twins to the registry office only to find Dev's already registered the births. Sunita's furious. Craig and Rosie make an appointment at the medical centre. Gail's suspicious but Craig reminds her of her client confidentiality undertaking. Mike tells Danny he's off to Spain to play golf and he can stay in his flat if likes. He asks Danny if he posted the letter to Mark. Danny lies and assures him he did. Rosie and Craig see the doctor about Rosie going on the contraceptive pill. The doctor's convinced they've thought it through and agrees. Ed and Eileen bump into each other in the corner shop. Ed admits he doesn't think he's good enough for Eileen. Eventually he plucks up the courage and asks her out. Delighted Eileen agrees. Sunita's furious with Dev for registering the twins' birth and tells him his surname on the birth certificates will be his only link with his children. Dev's gutted.

47x16 Sun 22 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-22T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Leanne's delighted when Danny tells her they're moving into Mike's flat while he's away. She's impressed to find there's a gym and spa in the basement. Dev apologises to Sunita for registering the births behind her back. He takes Sunita some groceries. Sunita's too tired and too stressed to refuse his help for once. Eileen's nervous as her first date with Ed approaches. Sean gets her to do some breathing exercises. Leanne moves the furniture around in Mike's flat to try and put her own stamp on it. Danny forms a plan of how to get Mike to give him power of attorney. Tyrone's grateful when Molly offers to help him fill in the form to get a permit to sell fast food from a van. Maria's annoyed he's still going ahead with his mad idea and even more annoyed to see another picture of herself in the paper. Leanne sees Jamie and Violet together and can't help feeling jealous. Phil takes Gail, Sarah, David, Bethany and Jason out for a pizza. David sulks making it quite clear he doesn't want to be there. Sunita lets Dev hold the babies for the first time. He cries with emotion. Eileen tells Ed about her gay son and how she never married either of the fathers of her children. Ed assures Eileen that he too has a history. Jason spots Jamie and Violet together in the pizzeria. He has a go at Jamie telling him to keep his hands off Violet. Sarah overhears their conversation. She's furious and embarrasses Gail by rowing at the table with Jason. Penny leaves a message on Mike's answerphone in the flat. Leanne deletes it.

47x17 Mon 23 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-01-23T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sarah's jealous knowing Jason still holds a torch for Violet. They row over breakfast which David enjoys. Roy's unnerved when he receives a copy of his old school newsletter called "The Class of 71" containing a photo of himself and inviting him to a reunion. Sarah bitches about Violet. Gail and Audrey are sick of hearing it. Jason tells Violet he still loves and wants them to try again. Violet's unsure. Jessie turns up late for work with a hangover. Danny's surprisingly reasonable. Ed admits to Emily he's just out of prison and is worried what Eileen will think. He's pleased when Emily assures him he's a good person and Eileen will think the same. For the first time Phil and David have a bit of a joke together. Gail asks them to unload the shopping from the car. Roy tells Hayley how the newsletter was sent to him by a fellow pupil called Clifford and how Clifford used to be bullied even more than him. Violet realises Jamie's right when he says they both need to put their exes behind them. Phil annoys David by talking down to him. David slams the car boot on Phil's hand. Gail calls an ambulance. Phil covers up for David saying it was an accident. Violet tries to tell Jason it's over for good but he refuses to listen and proposes to her.

47x18 Mon 23 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-01-23T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Violet tells Jason she can't marry him as she doesn't trust him. Jessie climbs on a chair in the factory and gives the girls a rendition of the song she's written. Danny arrives in the middle and orders her into the office. Sarah's getting more and more frustrated with Jason who's not returning her messages. David lies to Gail saying he trapped Phil's hand in the boot accidentally. Gail believes him. Danny sacks Jessie. She leaves upset. Phil's back from hospital. He tells Gail how he won't be able to work for a couple of weeks because of his hand. David smirks at him. Violet admits to Sean she still loves Jason but she doesn't trust him anymore. Emily, Norris, Rita, Ed and Eileen have a drink together in the Rovers. Norris makes it clear he doesn't like Ed. When Ed lets slip he's been in prison Norris enjoys twisting the knife. Eileen can see Ed's upset and asks him what he was inside for. Ed's plays it down and says it was aggravated burglary. Jason decides to make it up with Sarah but when she nags him for ignoring her texts and slags off Violet he decides it's time to tell her some home truths. They have a huge row and finish with each other.

47x19 Wed 25 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-25T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sarah slams round the kitchen, still furious with Jason. Jason's in a sulk and refuses to talk to Eileen or Sean about it. Dev looks after the twins in the shop while Sunita gets some rest. Jamie's concerned that Mike's gone to Spain by himself. Hayley persuades Roy that he should go to his school reunion. Amber barges into the shop and wants to hold the twins. Dev refuses to let her wake them up. When she causes a scene he throws her out of the shop. Amber leaves in tears telling him he's the worst dad in the world. Sally tells Kevin she's spoken to Rosie's teacher and she's falling behind with her grades. Sally blames Craig for distracting her. Ravinder's furious with Dev for the way he treats Amber. She says she hopes Sunita divorces him and takes her babies a million miles away from him. Rosie and Craig steal a brief kiss in the ginnel. Rosie catches Sally search her school bag. She insists Sally looks in her pencil case insisting it's where she'll find "the evidence". Sally finds Rosie's contraceptive pills. She and Kevin are horrified. Furious Kevin rows with Craig and threatens to put him in hospital. Craig explains how he loves Rosie and he refuses to stop seeing her. Sarah and Jason get back together and kiss in the Rovers. Kevin and Sally resolve to report Craig to the police for underage sex with their daughter.

47x20 Fri 27 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-27T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Rosie practises her debate speech about war. Kevin and Sally can't help but feel proud and Kevin realises how grown-up she now is. David announces he's going to stay with Martin. Gail phones to check and finds out that Martin asked David to check it was okay with Gail first. Sally and Kevin go to the police. Kevin's guilt-ridden at shopping his own daughter but Sally insists they go ahead. Dev looks after the twins for the afternoon. When Sunita returns she's impressed at how well he's coped. Ken takes Eccles for a walk and loses her on purpose. Gail's cross with David for lying but he's unrepentant as he leaves for his weekend with Martin. Jessie announces she's got a new job as an air hostess with Celestial Airlines. Blanche is beside herself at losing Eccles and accuses Schmeichel of eating her. Rosie's appalled to discover Kevin and Sally have reported she and Craig to the police. She tells them how her relationship with Craig is a damn sight more loving than theirs. Blanche berates Ken for losing Eccles when to Ken's horror Eccles finds her own way home. Blanche is delighted. Keith is disgusted with Kevin and Sally for reporting Rosie and Craig to the police. Sally's gobsmacked when the police explain that because Rosie and Craig are the same age and both consenting they might not take matters any further.

47x21 Sun 29 Jan, 2006

  • 2006-01-29T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sally decides to let Rosie go on the school skiing trip to get her away from Craig. Phil and Gail enjoy a relaxing Sunday without David around. Sally's thrown when Rosie refuses to go skiing but later Craig persuades her she should go just to prove that even a holiday won't split them. Sunita admits to Shelley she's finding it tough being a single mother and although she hates accepting Dev's help she can't manage on her own. Jayesh calls in the shop and tells Dev what he thinks of him for lying to Sunita. Audrey asks Keith to jack in his paper round as she finds it embarrassing but he refuses to do so until he can find something better. Liz arrives back from the cruise full of beans. Fred's heartbroken when he hears that Bev's met a guy called Greg and has gone to stay with him in Romney Marsh. Jayesh again tries but fails to persuade Sunita to move back home to the family. David arrives back from Martin's feeling unwanted, having learnt that Martin and Robyn are expecting a baby. Phil apologises to David for pinning him against the wall the other day and offers to tell Gail the truth if David agrees to bury the hatchet. David refuses. Sally and Kevin see Rosie off on her trip thinking they're winning the battle and that Rosie will soon forget about Craig.

47x22 Mon 30 Jan, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-01-30T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Gail discovers the glass in the backdoor is cracked. She asks David if he's responsible. He takes offence and storms off. Fred's depressed thinking he's lost Bev forever. He wishes he'd told her how he felt. Audrey gives David a talking to about his behaviour and way he treats Gail but David's unrepentant. Ashley cuts himself in the butchers and Fred takes him to hospital. While waiting for Ashley, Fred's shocked to see Stacy (Orchid) being admitted in an ambulance. Sunita's finding it very hard to cope with the twins. Shelley offers to help. Maria and Tyrone are interviewed by a journalist from the Gazette for the 'Surprise the Bride' competition. Maria continues to belittle Tyrone and his looks. Roy attends the school reunion. He and Clifford are the only ones there. Clifford turns out to be more nerdy than Roy. Dev calls on Sunita and again offers to help. Sunita's too exhausted to refuse. David plays truant from school pretending he's got a free lesson. Fred phones the hospital and finds out Stacy is on Primrose 3 ward. He doesn't tell Ashley as he knows he'd disapprove. Dev holds Sunita and begs her to let him help with the twins. Sunita's too tired to resist and when he kisses her she responds.

47x23 Mon 30 Jan, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-01-30T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Dev is walking on air thinking that he and Sunita now have a future together. Shelley and Violet are appalled when Sunita announces she's going to get back with Dev for the sake of their children. Tyrone continues to work on the burger van. He's worried what Maria will think of it but Molly's supportive and tells him he's doing a great job. Clifford goes for a drink with Roy and Hayley. He tells Roy he's the only fellow pupil who doesn't hate him. Ronnie enjoys winding Tracy up by telling her they can't baby sit for Amy as they're going clubbing. Steve's worried that Tracy will be out for revenge. Fred visits Stacy and is appalled to find she's been beaten up. Stacy explains she was pulling her last Thai bride scam, intending to then go straight when the man attacked her. Roy and Hayley help drunken Clifford into a cab. Molly draws up a business plan for Tyrone so that he can impress Maria. Fred admits to Rita he's been to see Stacy and tells her what's happened. Rita warns him to stay away from Stacy as she's already conned him once. Sunita breaks down, admitting to Shelley she can't play happy families with Dev as she doesn't trust him. She decides it's best if she moves back to her family.

47x24 Wed 1 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-01T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Tyrone's disappointed with the article in the Gazette. His insecurities come to the fore, worried that he's too ugly for Maria. Dev proudly takes the twins for a walk in their pram. He suggests to Sunita they should move into the new house where they'd have more room. Fred persuades Rita to visit Stacy with him only to discover she's discharged herself from hospital. Fred's worried about her. Norris wonders where Fred and Rita have been but Rita refuses to be drawn. Sunita packs up her belongings and shares a tearful farewell with Shelley. Eileen goes for a drink with Ed and although they get on really well she's disappointed he just wants to be nothing more than friends. Maria tells Tyrone she's worried she might be pregnant. Tyrone's delighted. Stacy tracks down Fred and begs him for money so she can get away from Stuart, the violent man who put her in hospital. Instead Fred takes her to Rita's and persuades Rita to let her stay there for a couple of nights. Rita tells Stacy what she thinks of her for conning Fred in the past but feels sorry for her because of the terrible state she's in. Sunita leaves the street with the twins. Dev spots her getting into Jayesh's car and pleads with her not to go. As the car drives off Dev's a broken man.

47x25 Fri 3 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-03T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Tyrone's walking on air at the prospect of Maria being pregnant. He can't keep it a secret and tells Nathan and Kevin. Rita lies to Norris saying she's not well so she can keep an eye on Stacy. It's Sarah's birthday. She's shocked and upset when she gets a birthday card from Richard Hillman. She suspects David of playing a sick joke but he denies it. Dev's gutted at losing Sunita and the twins. Steve tries to comfort him. When Maria casually mentions she's not pregnant Tyrone's devastated and even more upset to see that Maria's visibly relieved. Tyrone's depressed as he tells Nathan and Kevin the pregnancy was a false alarm. Nathan makes him feels even worse pointing out that the only way to hang on to a gorgeous girl like Maria is to get her pregnant as soon as possible. Gail questions David over the Richard card but David's adamant he knows nothing about it. Gail believes him and wonders if Eileen's behind it. Stacy apologises to Fred for the way she treated him. Fred forgives her. Sarah refuses to let the card ruin her birthday and gets all dolled up. Tyrone faces his fears and tells Maria they've got to stop kidding themselves that it'll last as she's too good for him. Maria tries to argue but tearful Tyrone insists they should finish with each other as it will be less painful in the long run.

47x26 Sun 5 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-05T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Norris thinks Rita's behaving strangely when he hears hip hop music coming from her flat. Steve says he's heard her through the wall talking to herself. Tyrone tells Vera he's finished with Maria. Vera's thinks he's done the right thing. Fiz observes that Maria's more upset about being dumped than actually losing Tyrone. Clifford calls in the café and asks Roy if he would like to help him set up his model railway. Roy's delighted. Tyrone tells Maria he still loves her but he knows she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life with him and that's why he finished with her. Kelly's pleased to hear the police caught the mugger who took her bag. While at the station collecting her things she sees Becky, an old acquaintance from jail. Becky's been arrested for shoplifting. Kelly feels sorry for her and gives her some money. Tyrone gets the old burger van engine running. Molly tells him how clever he is and gives him a kiss which surprises Tyrone. Eileen asks Ed outright how he feels about her. She's pleased when he says he really fancies her but wants to take things slowly as they could have a future. Rita persuades Stacy to spend a couple of hours in Manchester with her. When they return they're shocked to find the flat has been burgled. Stacy's convinced Stuart, the man who beat her up, is behind it. Rita insists she's going to call the police despite Stacy begging her not to.

47x27 Mon 6 Feb, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-02-06T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Rita's shaken up after the burglary. Norris is concerned for her. Dev's scruffy and unshaven. Amber arrives in the shop and insists on taking over while he goes and smartens himself up. Rita covers up for Stacy to the police pretending she's no idea who was behind the burglary. The journalist from the Gazette calls to see Maria. Sarah enjoys humiliating Maria by telling him how Tyrone's dumped her. The journalist asks Maria out for a drink. Rita tells Fred and Stacy they've got to tell the police the truth. Stacy finally agrees. Deirdre's fuming when Tracy dumps Amy on her and disappears out. David gets chatting to Jo who's moved into the flat above the bookies. Rita tells the police the truth about Stacy and her violent partner Stuart. However when the police go to question Stacy she's disappeared. Amber calls in the shop again. She tells Steve he's not bad looking for 40! Tyrone and Molly take the burger van for a practice run. Molly makes it obvious she fancies Tyrone. Dev offers Amber a job working in the corner shop. Amber accepts. Tracy spends the afternoon in bed with Charlie. He suggests she moves in with him.

47x28 Mon 6 Feb, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-02-06T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Ken and Deirdre are appalled when Tracy announces she's moving in with Charlie. Rita's furious with Stacy for doing a runner from the police station. With Audrey away Maria accidentally dyes a customer's hair white instead of blonde. Rita pours her heart out to Emily about Stacy and the burglary. She worried sick she's not safe in her own flat. Emily's sympathetic. Ed offers to fix Rita's doorbell for her. Rita's grateful. Molly gets Tyrone to test different bread rolls for the burger van. She's disappointed when Tyrone muses that now he's got a new business venture he won't have time for a girlfriend. Emily gives Fred a piece of her mind and tells him to sort out the situation with Stacy as she's worried about Rita. Frankie, Eileen, Deirdre and Liz have a night out. To the girls' amusement Deirdre enjoys a drunken snog with a bloke until she guiltily explains she's married. The journalist takes Maria out. Maria has too much to drink and pours her heart out admitting how she cheated on Tyrone. Tracy arrives at Charlie's with her luggage. Taken aback she's moved in so soon, Charlie's further put out to discover Amy's moving in too. Stacy suggests to Fred they could make a go of it together. Although initially tempted Fred finally sees through her and realising she's using him again tells her he's throwing her out tomorrow. Stacy's gutted.

47x29 Wed 8 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-08T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Charlie's irritated by Amy being in his flat and all the mess that entails. Stacy implores Fred to let her stay but he insists she leaves by lunchtime. Jason teases Charlie about letting Tracy and Amy move in with him. Jo offers David a part-time job with flexible hours and good money. David accepts. Stuart calls in the Kabin. He locks the door behind him and demands to know where Stacy is. Rita's terrified realising who he must be. Frankie, Eileen and Liz take the mickey out of hungover Deirdre for snogging a stranger the night before. Deirdre's mortified. Frankie meets Nathan for a drink on the pretext of wanting some car advice. Nathan asks her for a proper date and Frankie's pleased. Fred finds the Kabin door locked. He hears Rita screaming from within and dashes to No. 4 to call the police. Stacy rushes to the Kabin and shouts to Stuart. Stuart comes out and tries to drag Stacy away but Nathan comes to the rescue. Stuart punches Fred in the commotion. Stacy and Stuart are taken away by the police. Rita's very shaken. Eileen and Ed have a night in. Eileen's increasingly frustrated by the lack of sex. Tracy's upset at Charlie's attitude towards Amy. She tells him her daughter comes first and threatens to leave but Charlie stops her realising he genuinely likes Tracy and will therefore have to make an effort with Amy.

47x30 Fri 10 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-10T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Rita insists on going back to work in the Kabin although she's a bag of nerves. Maria's upset to discover the journalist was just using her and has printed an article in the Gazette about how she was dumped by her fiancé. Maria's day gets even worse when Audrey tells her the customer whose hair she dyed white is going to sue the salon. Tyrone's upset thinking Maria sold their story to the paper. Maria assures him she didn't. Molly tells Tyrone she's booked a pitch at a car boot sale for the burger van. A solicitor arrives at the salon and explains to Audrey the insurance will cover the claim brought by the irate customer. He makes it obvious he fancies Maria but she's not interested although she's relieved she won't lose her job. Nathan and Frankie go for a Chinese together. They get on well although Frankie can't help referring to Danny all the time. Sarah's delighted when Jason books a last minute holiday to Ayia Napa. Tracy makes a few feminine touches to Charlie's flat. He's pleased. Tracy questions Charlie about his family but he refuses to be drawn. Ed takes Eileen out for evening. When they return home they kiss and he holds her telling her he hopes they'll always be together. Violet stays in the spare room at Jamie's after a night out together. Rita tries to sleep on the sofa with the TV on. She's never felt so frightened and alone and cries herself to sleep.

47x31 Sun 12 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-12T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Tyrone and Molly take the burger van to a car boot sale. They meet Roy and Hayley who are looking at vintage maps. Jason sees Violet leaving Jamie's house. He calls her a slapper mistakenly thinking she's slept with Jamie. Violet tells him to mind his own business. Sarah and Jason leave for their holiday in Ayia Napa. Rita cooks a Sunday roast at Emily's for the Book Club. She gets very drunk and talks at length about what it's like to be old and lonely. Sean goes on a date with a lad he's met on the internet called Josh. He's furious to discover Josh lied and doesn't look like Michael Owen at all! As Tyrone and Molly pack up the burger van after a successful day, Tyrone forgets to switch off the deep fat fryer. Ed and Eileen play scrabble. Eileen frustration bubbles to the surface and she tells Ed that if he doesn't find her attractive they should end their relationship. David winds Phil up. Phil threatens to trap David's hand in the lounge door to give him a dose of his own medicine. Gail arrives home unaware of the animosity. Roy and Hayley pour over an old map of Weatherfield they've purchased. When Tyrone and Molly realise the burger van is on fire Tyrone plunges it into a lake. Jo invites David into her flat. Ed assures Eileen he's attracted to her and leads her up to bed. Molly and Tyrone frollick in the lake and end up kissing passionately.

47x32 Mon 13 Feb, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-02-13T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Eileen's on cloud nine after her night with Ed but Ed seems distant and distracted. Charlie plays with Amy. Tracy's delighted to see them getting on. Amber watches Dev talking to Deirdre and detects a closeness. She accuses Dev of sleeping with all his customers. Tyrone's all loved up after his kiss with Molly. He's not even bothered when Kevin tells him the van is a write-off. Steve's angry when he finds out Tracy and Amy have moved in with Charlie. He tries to have a go at Charlie but Ronnie pulls him back. Dev's upset when his solicitor tells him he can only have a two hour supervised visit with his children. Tracy swans off to the dentist leaving Charlie to look after Amy. Charlie's fuming. Shareen calls in the shop looking for Dev. Amber wonders who she is. Clifford calls to see Roy. He's brought some pictures of his model railway and a tiny model passenger he's painted to look like Hayley. Ed meets Eileen for a drink. She's mystified when he says he really enjoyed last night but there's something he has to do. He leaves her waiting in the pub. Ed pays Emily a visit. He summons all his courage and explains how he sought her out as he needs to clear his conscience. Ed tells a shocked Emily that he was the robber who killed Ernest in 1978.

47x33 Mon 13 Feb, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-02-13T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Ed tells Emily how truly sorry he is for accidentally killing her husband and how he's a changed man. Emily's deeply upset and insists he leaves. Ronnie decides to befriend Tracy as she secretly thinks it would be better to have her on side. Tracy reluctantly agrees to go shopping with her. Deirdre's worried sick when the man she had a drunken snog with turns up at work and blackmails her into approving his planning application by threatening to tell Ken. Charlie's furious at being left with Amy and Tracy doesn't answer her phone. Roy agrees to help Clifford re-build his model railway so he can enter the model railway competition. Amber nags Dev about Shareen and Dev finally confesses she's his daughter. Amber's gob-smacked to discover she's got another sister she didn't know about. Eileen spots Ed in the street but Ed's too upset to talk to her. Eileen's unaware of his emotional turmoil and thinks she's been dumped. Sean tries to comfort Eileen but she's too upset and snaps at him. Sean's hurt. Charlie storms into the Rovers with Amy. He thrusts her at Tracy and tells her she's dumped. Norris arrives home and finds Emily in turmoil. She tells Norris about Ed's confession and how he murdered Ernest. Norris is horrified.

47x34 Wed 15 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-15T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Emily's in turmoil. Ed's confession has brought all her memories of Ernest's murder flooding back. David tells Gail he's got a job walking Jo's dog for her. Norris tells Rita and Deirdre about the shock Emily's had. They rush round to see her deeply concerned. Claire's flattered when she receives two Valentine's cards. Ashley hasn't the heart to tell her they're both from him. Gail's upset when she receives a hoax Valentine's card from Richard. Audrey suggests Phil's behind it. Tracy apologises to Charlie. He agrees to give their relationship another go but tells Tracy she has to choose between him and Amy. Hayley's irritated by Clifford who turns up at the café armed with boxes of railway paraphernalia. Claire thinks Steve is behind the Valentine card and resigns from her job. She's embarrassed when she finds out it was from Ashley. Steve gives her her job back. Emily's feeling very low and explains to Rita she feels unable to forgive Ed and is therefore questioning her own faith. Upset that she's heard nothing from Ed, Eileen calls on Emily to see if she's heard anything. Eileen's stunned when she's told Ed is Ernest's murderer.

47x35 Fri 17 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-17T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Norris tells Steve about Ed's confession to being Ernest's killer. Soon everybody's gossiping about it. Becky calls at the factory and insists on giving Kelly her money back. She hopes Kelly will invite her for a drink but Kelly makes excuses. Tracy tries to persuade Charlie to let Amy move back in with him but he refuses. David tells Craig that dog walking is only part of his job for Jo. He shows Craig the cannabis farm which Jo has installed in her flat and pays him to look after. Emily apologises to Eileen for telling her truth about Ed. Emily admits she can't forgive him and only wants revenge. Ken, Deirdre and Blanche are shocked when Tracy announces she's moving into Charlie's without Amy and expects them to look after her daughter. Deirdre threatens to tell Amy when she's older but Tracy leaves anyway. Eileen tells Sean that despite finding out that Ed killed Ernest, she knows he's a changed man and she isn't put off and still wants to see him. Tracy moves into Charlie's. He's pleased she hasn't brought Amy with her and feels that he's in control of their relationship.

47x36 Sun 19 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-19T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

David collects Jo's dog from her flat and unknowingly steps on an irrigation pipe causing it to burst. Eileen leaves a message on Ed's phone asking him to get in contact. Hayley finds the café in a mess and Vera run off her feet while Roy's busy looking for model railway paint on the internet. Kelly's unnerved when Shelley gives her a note with Becky's phone number on it. Kelly throws it away. Eric complains that there's water pouring through the ceiling of the bookies. Charlie and Jack force the door of the bookies flat and discover the cannabis farm. Becky catches up with Kelly and Lloyd and insists on buying them a drink. David phones Jo and warns her the police are raiding her flat. Becky gives Kelly a pair of cheap earrings as a present. Kelly feels uncomfortable. Sean tries to make Eileen see Ed for what he is but Eileen defends him. Emily wants to go to Church but can't as she feels a fraud. She explains to Norris how she wishes she could forgive Ed but she can't. Norris offers to pray with her. Tracy swans into No. 1 at lunchtime. Blanche wins the sweepstake having predicted she wouldn't show up until then. Roy, Hayley and Clifford have a trip out to a model railway shop in Chesterfield. Gail's worried sick that David's been involved with Jo's cannabis farm. He lies saying he knew nothing about it.

47x37 Mon 20 Feb, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-02-20T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Rita takes the morning off having had a sleepless night. Eileen's surprise to get a call from Ed. She arranges to meet him. David's interviewed by the police. He lies, insisting he knew nothing about the drugs. Fred gets a call from distraught Bev to say she's been dumped at a road side with no belongings. Fred jumps in the butcher's van and sets off to find her. Ed pours his heart out to Eileen. He tells her he loves her but he'll understand if she wants nothing more to do with him now she knows the truth about his past. Rita goes to look round a sheltered housing complex - Sunny Dale Retirement Community. Emily pours her heart out to Betty. She tells Betty how she reckons that if things were the other way round Ernest had such strong faith he would probably find it in his heart to forgive Ed, whereas she feels a failure because she can't. Ed tells Eileen how it was while he was in Strangeways that he found God. Fred finds Bev stranded at the road side. She's enormously grateful to see him.

47x38 Mon 20 Feb, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-02-20T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Bev's grateful to Fred for rescuing her. Rita tells Emily she's not ready to go into a retirement home. Emily suggests she moves in with her for a while until she feels more secure. Rita's grateful. Craig brings a new friend home from school called Suzie. Keith assumes that Rosie Webster must be history. Bev complains there's a weird smell in the butcher's van. Fred discovers the refrigeration unit has broken down and the smell is rotting meat. At first Norris is put out to find Emily and Rita have made arrangements behind his back but he's delighted when Rita tells him he can live in her flat. Eileen calls on Emily and explains how she feels Ed is a changed person and she's going to give him a second chance as she's in love with him. Emily's incensed at Eileen's decision and tells her she's evil and twisted. Fred and Bev admit their feelings for each other. Fred tells Bev all about the Orchid/Stacy debacle. Bev admits Greg dumped her not the other way round. Danny buys Leanne an old classic car. He asks Kevin to clean it up a bit. Audrey tells Sally and Kevin that Craig's got a new girlfriend. Sarah and Jason arrive back from their holiday and are shocked to hear Eileen's boyfriend Ed is a murderer. As Fred and Bev clear the rotting meat out of the back of the van, Fred proposes to Bev. Delighted Bev agrees to marry him.

47x39 Wed 22 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-22T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Norris and Rita give Eileen a hard time when they see Ed on her doorstep. Eileen realises how difficult things are going to be but remains defiant. Fred and Bev arrive back in the butcher's van all loved up. Shelley and Ashley are shocked to learn Fred and Bev have got engaged. Claire's pleased for them. Rita moves into Emily's and Norris moves into Rita's flat. Eileen insists she and Ed go to the Rovers rather than hiding away. The locals are cool towards them and Ed feels awkward. Gail tells Eileen she knows how she feels and likens Ed to Richard Hillman. Shelley and Ashley try but fail to talk Bev and Fred out of their engagement. Leanne takes Janice for a spin in her classic car. The brakes fail and they crash into a tree. Leanne sustains broken ribs and a sprained foot. Eileen's determined not to let people get to them and she and Ed go to bed together. Danny's guilt-ridden about the car and glad nobody was killed. Leanne enjoys milking the situation and gets Danny to wait on her hand and foot. Norris finds he's bored in Rita's flat by himself and calls round to Emily's for a cup to tea to both Emily's and Rita's amusement. Janice storms into the garage accusing Kevin of shoddy workmanship. Kevin explains Danny only asked him to clean the car and didn't want Kevin to check it over properly to save some money. Sally defends her husband and Janice and Sally end up fighting.

47x40 Fri 24 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-24T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Eileen's gutted when Deirdre tells her as long as she's with Ed she's no longer a friend. Sally's furious with Janice for nicking her clocking in card. Janice is still trying to blame Kevin for Leanne's car crash. Becky tracks down Kelly and tells her she's got a job interview and needs to borrow some clothes. Kelly agrees to meet her at Lloyd's flat later. Blanche tells Ed that nobody will ever forgive him and he should leave. Eileen suggests to Ed that may be they should think about moving away. Fred and Bev throw an engagement party in the Rovers. Ashley and Shelley realise their parents are in love and give them their blessing. Emily overhears Jack talking about Ernie's murder and goes home upset. Ken arrives home to find Deirdre in tears. Deirdre tells him how she kissed a bloke when she was drunk and how he blackmailed her into processing his planning application and now her boss has found out and she stands to lose her job. Ken's supportive and promises to stand by her. Fred gets down on one knee and proposes again to Bev and gives her a ring in front of all their friends. She accepts. Fred also announces Claire's pregnancy. Becky thanks Kelly profusely for the clothes. Kelly tells her she can keep them just wanting to be rid of Becky. Kelly confides in Lloyd she thinks Becky's too clingy. Shelley's worried when Fred makes an off the cuff remark about Bev becoming landlady of the Rovers.

47x41 Sun 26 Feb, 2006

  • 2006-02-26T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Emily talks to Rita about how she's consumed with hatred for Ed and how she dislikes herself for it. She feels she's not only lost Ernest but lost God too. Janice continues to bad mouth Kevin hoping to lose him some business. Rosie arrives back from skiing. She devastated when Sophie tells her Craig's been spending time with Suzie. Craig promises her Susie's just a mate but Rosie's gutted. Sally and Kevin are relieved thinking Craig's history. Ashley's shocked when he gets a letter from Matt Ramsden asking after Joshua. Ed asks Emily to try to forgive him and offers to pray with her but she refuses. Fred tells Ashley how hard it was watching him grow up thinking Sam was his father but knowing it was for the best. He hopes Matt will do the same and keep quiet. Craig declares his undying love to Rosie and swears he's been faithful. She forgives him and they're reunited. They decide to keep it quiet from Kevin and Sally. Danny and Leanne are sick of Janice going on about the car and getting revenge on Kevin and Sally. Ed's distraught knowing all the trouble he's causing Eileen. He tells her that it's best if he leaves. Eileen pleads with him to stay but Ed tells her she deserves better.

47x42 Mon 27 Feb, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-02-27T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Penny's worried when she can't get hold of Mike in Spain. Danny's not interested. Janice is her usual gobby self and bickers with Sally in the factory. Nathan confides in Kevin he really likes Frankie but wishes she'd stop talking about her ex-husband. Hayley and the other factory girls discuss song lyrics they've misheard. Janice drops an earring into Sally's tea and nicks a pile of the knickers Sally's sewn. Kelly's worried when Becky applies for a job at Underworld. Tracy suggests to Charlie they should go on holiday and promises not to take Amy. Frankie pays Danny a visit telling him how worried about Mike she is. Leanne arrives and Frankie tells her how she'll have the last laugh when Danny ditches her for someone younger. Eileen tells Rita and Norris that it's over with Ed. Although relieved, Rita feels sorry for Eileen. Ashley continues to worry that Matt Ramsden might try and take Joshua from him. Claire suggests they write to him explaining their fears. Ashley agrees. Janie pours her heart out to Danny telling him about Dennis's car crash and how she couldn't bear to think of that happening to Leanne. Frankie and Penny are united in their concern for Mike.

47x43 Mon 27 Feb, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-02-27T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Danny asks Kelly for a reference for Becky but Kelly's evasive pretending she hardly knows her. Jamie, Frankie and Penny finally get through to the Spanish police and find out that Mike's lost his mobile but he's fine. Tracy books a holiday and manipulates Ken and Deirdre into saying they'll have Amy. She then manipulates Charlie into agreeing to come with her despite his work load. Hayley asks Roy to collect a parcel from the post office. She's upset when he forgets because he and Clifford have been discussing signal boxes. Janice continues to bully Sally. She deliberately pours tea all over Sally's work. Sally can't take any more and slaps Janice. A fight ensues. Danny's relieved to learn that Mike's okay. Tearful Sally tries to resign but Danny promises to sort things out for her. Penny's still worried about Mike - she thinks it's odd that he hasn't phoned. Danny calls Janice into the office and sacks her. Janice is livid and demands the girls go on strike in support. She's shocked when they refuse saying she had it coming to her.

47x44 Wed 1 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-01T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Matt Ramsden follows Claire when she takes Joshua to the nursery. Janice tries to blackmail Danny promising to tell Leanne how he refused to pay for a proper service on the car. Danny refuses to play the game. Both Danny and Frankie are upset when they receive their decree nisi in the post. Rosie lies to Sally saying she's going round to Pippa's house. Kevin sees her going into Craig's and tells Sally. Tracy's touched when Charlie says he'll make an effort to get to know Amy when they get back from their holiday. Tracy says a tearful goodbye to Amy. Janice tells Leanne about the car and how it was Danny's fault it was a deathtrap. But Leanne sticks up for Danny and tells Janice to wind her neck in. Frankie suggests another date to Nathan but he tells her he doesn't want to play second fiddle to her ex-husband. Janice is furious with her ex-mates for their lack of support. Les sympathises with her and they get pissed together. Matt chats to Claire outside the nursery. He glances wistfully at Joshua. Sally rows with Rosie for lying to her about Craig. Rosie's adamant she's not giving him up. Sally's at her wit's end. Drunken Les and Janice go back to Janice's flat together. Danny sets off to tell Frankie he loves her and wants to stop their divorce. But he's gutted when he sees her kissing Nathan and leading him up to their bedroom.

47x45 Fri 3 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-03T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Nathan's spent the night with Frankie. Jamie's pleased for her. Rosie's shocked when Sally shows a brochure entitled "High Moor Boarding School for Girls". Rosie threatens to run away if they send her there. Sophie's fed up that Rosie's getting all the attention again. Leanne's upset to find Danny's spent the night on the sofa. She can sense he's pining for Frankie. Janice is hung-over and horrified that she spent the night with Les. Hayley's annoyed at Roy spending so much time with Clifford. Roy's contrite and promises her a romantic evening. Kevin's worried by Sally's crazy idea of sending Rosie to boarding school. Matt Ramsden turns up at Joshua's nursery school again. He chats to Claire. Roy and Hayley's romantic evening is scuppered when Clifford turns up and Hayley gets a call to say her Uncle Wilf is dying. Janice gets drunk and starts goading Sally. Sally punches her on the jaw. Cilla and Les arrive in the pub. Janice can't resists and enjoys telling Cilla how she spent last night in bed with Les. A fight breaks out between Cilla and Les. A depressed Janice collects her things and says a tearful farewell to Fiz. She boards a bus telling Fiz it's time she moved on.

47x46 Sun 5 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-05T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sally's embarrassed at finding herself hailed a hero for punching Janice. Cilla's genuinely upset at Les being unfaithful especially with Janice. Chesney's worried he's going to lose the only proper family he's ever had. Danny's unimpressed to find Les has stayed the night as Cilla's thrown him out. Roy spends the morning at Clifford's house building the model railway. Emily's delighted when Freda unexpectedly arrives. Freda's concerned about Emily having heard about Ed. Sally, Kevin, Rosie and Sophie go out for a pizza. They find Chesney looking downcast and invite him to join them. Les pleads with Cilla to forgive him but she's too upset. Freda insists on escorting Emily to Church. Emily's unhappy about going. unsure of her faith and worried she might bump into Ed. During the service Emily spots Ed at the back of the Church. Chesney tells the Websters how he's never going to have a girlfriend or have sex as it only causes trouble. Emily becomes emotional and has to leave the Church. Ed follows her and again apologises. Freda starts throwing stones at Ed and Emily tells him she wishes he'd never been born. Hayley's disappointed Roy's too late back from Cilfford's to see her off to Bognor where she's visiting her dying Uncle Wilf. Rosie points out they can't afford to send her to boarding school but Sally insists she's going even if she has to get two jobs to fund it. Emily confides in Rita that not only has she lost her faith in God but also in herself.

47x47 Mon 6 Mar, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-03-06T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Danny throws Les out of Mike's flat and tells him to go back to Cilla. Sally's still hell bent on sending Rosie to boarding school. Rosie refuses to go and Kevin takes Rosie's side. Sally's furious with Kevin. Becky starts her cleaning job at Underworld. Kelly's uncomfortable and tells Becky not to mention they were cell mates but to pretend they were at school together. Les begs Cilla to take him back. Cilla starts to weaken but Les then ruins his chances by accidentally calling her Janice. Cilla throws him out. Sally sees Rosie and Craig snogging and something snaps inside her. She forces Rosie into the car and drives off with her. Sally sets off for the moors intent on finding High Moor Boarding School. She's so angry her driving's erratic and Rosie's scared as the car swerves across the road. Les has nowhere to live and declares his taxi his home. Matt Ramsden pays Ashley a visit. Ashley's upset and angry and tells him to stay away. Matt leaves but tells Ashley it's unfinished business. Craig tells Kevin about Sally forcing Rosie into the car and driving off with her. Kevin's concerned. Sean notices how Becky seems much more friendly towards Kelly than Kelly is towards Becky. He's intrigued. Rosie becomes increasingly scared at Sally's state of mind as she drives like a lunatic. Eventually Sally stops the car and admits she's lost and never had any idea of where the school is.

47x48 Mon 6 Mar, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-03-06T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sally wanders across the moor totally distraught. Rosie phones Kevin who comes to the rescue. He guides tearful Sally back to his truck. Ashley's upset about Matt's visit, convinced Matt wants to take Joshua from him. When Claire realises Matt's the man who's been chatting to her at Josh's nursery Ashley vents his fury on her calling her stupid. Fred calms him down. Les makes his taxi his home and even plugs a TV in to the car. Clifford tells Roy how whilst building his model railway he's cut through a gas pipe causing everyone to evacuate their flats. Les goes to the chippy only to be served one of his own socks deep fried by Cilla! Emily, Norris, Rita and Freda play cards. Emily's very fragile but when Norris tries to broach the subject Emily refuses to discuss it and sends Norris packing. Roy's put out when Clifford turns up with all his railway gear proposing to build the model railway in Roy's flat now that his is out of bounds. Rosie's guilt-ridden blaming herself for her mum's breakdown. She promises Sally she won't have sex with Craig again until she's older. Sally's grateful. Ashley and Claire make up but when Claire suggests the problem of Matt isn't going to go away and they should have a meeting with him Ashley's dead against it.

47x49 Wed 8 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-08T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Freda returns home and asks Rita and Norris to look after Emily for her. Under pressure from Fred and Claire, Ashley agrees to a meeting with Matt. Danny agrees to let Becky try out as a machinist. He gets Kelly to train her. Reluctantly Kelly admits Becky can do the job and Danny takes her on. Becky's delighted - especially now she'll see Kelly every day. Roy stands up to Clifford and insists he takes his model railway away. Clifford is bitter feeling his only friend has let him down. When Rosie tells Craig she's promised Sally they won't have sex, Craig admires her for respecting her mum. Rosie loves Craig even more for being so understanding. Rita and Norris try to take Emily out for lunch but she's emotional saying she wants to be left alone to go back to bed. Rosie tells Sally how she and Craig are no longer going to have sex and how much she loves her. Sally's happy for the first time in ages. Les crawls across the cobbles to prove to Cilla how sorry he is. Under pressure from Chesney, Cilla agrees to let him move back in. Ashley and Claire have a meeting with Matt and Syliva. Matt wants access to Joshua but Ashley refuses telling him he'll never allow him any contact.

47x50 Fri 10 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-10T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Rita's deeply concerned about Emily having listened to her pacing the floor all night. Nathan and Frankie arrange a date which annoys jealous Danny. Emily goes to see the Reverend Sedgeley. He tells her that until she learns to forgive Ed it will ruin her life. He intimates that Ed is suicidal. Ashley blames Claire for forcing him into the meeting with Matt and insists he will never let Matt have access to Joshua. Gail's upset when she receives an anniversary card from Richard. She wonders if Phil is behind it but Phil insists it must be David. Emily pays Ed a visit. She summons all her strength and forgives him for murdering Ernest on condition he promises never to take his own life. She gives him Ernest's old camera and asks him make something of his life. Ed is eternally grateful. David's furious at Phil's accusations and declares he's moving out to his dad's. But when Gail phones Martin he says it's inconvenient. David's hurt and angry. Worried Frankie tells Danny that Jamie's just had a call from the Spanish consulate to say that Mike's had a fall and is in a bad way.

47x51 Sun 12 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-12T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Claire helps Joshua to make some party invitations for his birthday. Ashley's too hurt and upset by his conversation with Matt to join in. Sean and Jason play football on the playstation. Eileen's depressed as she's still missing Ed. Gail worries about who's behind the "Richard cards". Roy shows Eileen a love letter he's written to Hayley wanting her opinion. Eileen thinks it's wonderful and starts to cry as it highlights her own loneliness. Jamie arrives home with Mike. Deirdre, Ken and Audrey are shocked at the sight of him. Mike's a frail shadow of his former self and his confusion is evident. Mike doesn't recognise Penny and calls her "Alma". Penny runs from the Baldwins' house upset. Mike doesn't know where he is or who he is. Eileen and Roy go for a drink together. Roy tells Eileen how lucky he is to have Hayley. Eileen appreciates his company. Ashley opens up to Claire telling her how scared he is that one day Joshua will look like Matt and he won't love him any more. Claire assures him that won't happen. Danny collects Mike from No. 7 and takes him home. He's shocked to see the state of him.

47x52 Mon 13 Mar, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-03-13T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Danny goes to work leaving Leanne to look after Mike for the day. Penny visits Mike. This time he recognises her but he's angry with her. Penny leaves feeling hurt but worried about Mike. Mike gets dressed but Leanne has to point out he's still wearing his pyjama bottoms. Audrey's depressed at the state of her old friend Mike. She tells Maria that may be it's time she should think about retiring and selling the Salon. Becky continues to hang on Kelly's every word much to her irritation. Sylvia pays Claire a visit and pleads with her to let Matt see Josh but Claire refuses. Mike's very confused and can't understand what Leanne is doing in his flat. Audrey calls on Mike and is upset to see his dishevelled state. She cuts his hair for him and chats away but Mike's confusion is evident. With Hayley away Danny leaves Fiz in charge of the factory. Fiz is chuffed. Claire panics when Matt and Sylvia turn up at No. 4. Matt gives Joshua a toy scooter. Claire demands they leave but is helpless when Matt picks Joshua up. Deirdre calls on Mike. She's upset when Mike has no idea who she is.

47x53 Mon 13 Mar, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-03-13T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Claire continues to shout at Matt to put Joshua down but he refuses declaring that Joshua is his son. Claire screams for help and Audrey comes to her rescue. Claire grabs Joshua and takes him inside while Audrey gives Matt a piece of her mind. Ashley arrives home in a fury. He threatens to hit Matt and pushes him out of the garden. Matt says he's going to take Ashley to court as he's not fit to look after his son. Ashley takes his anger out on Claire telling her she's weak. Claire's upset. Danny takes Mike to see a private doctor. The doctor tells Mike he's had a minor stroke which has accelerated what he suspects to be Alzheimers. Fiz suggests to Kirk they should jack in their jobs and go travelling but Kirk's adamant he couldn't leave the kennels for more than two weeks as he's in charge. Leanne suggests to Mike he should give Danny power of attorney so he can look after the business. Mike thinks it's a good idea. After seeing Mike's condition Audrey tells Rita and Emily she's thinking of selling the Salon so she can live life to the full while she's still healthy. Violet suggests to Maria she should buy the Salon. Kelly's annoyed when Becky buys a jacket almost identical hers. Mike gets Danny to take him to the factory but then can't remember why he's there. Mike breaks down and cries on Danny's shoulder. Danny promises to look after him.

47x54 Wed 15 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-15T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Mike has a rare moment of lucidity and looks better than he has for days but it's short-lived and he soon returns to his confused state. Roy encourages Fiz to go travelling and gives her some ideas of where to go. Ashley's barely speaking to Claire and continues to blame her for letting Matt get hold of Joshua. Claire's very upset and hurt. Danny persuades Mike that signing over power of attorney to him is the right thing to do. Mike's grateful to Danny trusting him implicitly. Maria suggests to Kirk he buys out her half of the kennels by getting a bank loan. She would then buy the Salon with her half of the money plus a loan. Fiz thinks he should sell his half too then they could go travelling. Kirk's not keen. Mike asks Rita how Len is and wonders if he'd like a drink. Rita's upset to see Mike in such a pitiful state. Claire pours her heart out to Bev about the row with Ashley and how he keeps comparing her to Maxine. Meanwhile Fred tries to make Ashley see sense. At the solicitor's Mike signs over power of attorney to Danny. Fiz is fed up as her hopes of seeing the world evaporate. Roy suggests she could go to night school instead. Fiz thinks she might do a course in kick-boxing. Mike has another bad turn and puts himself to bed. Danny feels guilty at using Mike's illness to his own advantage.

47x55 Fri 17 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-17T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Fiz tries to interest Kirk in doing a kick-boxing course but to no avail. Mike arrives at the factory in his pyjama jacket with shaving foam on his face. He starts messing up the paperwork and talking rubbish to clients on the phone. The girls are concerned and phone Jamie. Danny arrives to find the place in chaos. He's furious with Leanne who was supposed to be looking after him. Danny and Jamie manage to lure Mike to Roy's Rolls. Kirk has a meeting with his bank manager about a loan to buy the kennels outright but it doesn't go well. Ashley's shocked when the hospital call to say Claire's been taken in as her blood pressure's too high. He apologises to her for the horrible things he's said and they're reunited. Jamie's scathing when he discovers Danny's got power of attorney over Mike. Maria's gutted when Kirk tells her the bank manager turned him down. Her dreams of owning the Salon fading rapidly. Ashley tells Claire that Matt and Sylvia can't have children and he's certain Matt will try and take Joshua away for good. He persuades Claire that they must run away to Scotland and take Joshua with them. Mike's test results come through confirming he's had a stroke but is also suffering from Alzheimer's.

47x56 Sun 19 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-19T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Ashley tells Fred their plans to go to Scotland straight after Joshua's birthday party. Fred tries to reason with him but Ashley's adamant it's the only way to keep Joshua away from Matt and Sylvia. Penny calls to see Mike. Danny and Leanne take the opportunity to nip out leaving Penny in charge of Mike. Matt phones the Peacocks but Ashley refuses to take the call. Maria asks Tyrone for her half of the wedding fund money as she hopes to put it towards buying the Salon. Molly's furious and gives Maria 50p telling her she doesn't deserve any more as she hardly put anything in. Penny's upset when Mike throws her out of the flat saying he doesn't know who she is. He then finds a photo of her in an album which confuses him even more. Mike turns up at the Barlows. Ken's concerned by Mike's mental state. Joshua's birthday party is in full swing when to Claire and Ashley's horror Matt and Sylvia turn up. Matt demands to see his son. Kevin and Deirdre are perplexed as Ashley ushers all the guests out. Fred can't bare to see his family torn apart by Matt Ramsden and gives Matt a piece of his mind telling him to stay away for all their sakes. Distraught Matt leaves the Peacocks declaring he'll never give up on Joshua.

47x57 Mon 20 Mar, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-03-20T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sean finds Mike confused on the factory steps. He takes him home and phones Danny. Charlie and Tracy arrive back from their holiday. Tracy's missed Amy and promises Ken and Deirdre she's going to persuade Charlie to let her live with them. Mike's in the factory. The girls are shocked to see their once powerful boss so fragile and ill. Joanne's upset as her grandmother had Alzheimer's. Mike accuses Danny of trying to steal the factory off him but Danny assures him he's still the boss. While Sarah's in the ladies Jason chats to Violet. Sarah's eaten up with jealousy accusing Jason of still fancying Violet. Jason promises Sarah he loves her. Tyrone gives Maria a cheque for her share of their wedding fund. Sally tells Claire she's sorry to hear about Matt turning up and offers to vouch for she and Ashley in court should they ever need her to do so. Claire's worried people are gossiping about Joshua's parenthood. Audrey asks Maria if she's interested in buying the Salon. Maria assures her she is and shows her the cheque from Tyrone to prove she's serious. Ashley suggests to Claire they might be best to move away and start a new life. Tracy plants a pregnancy tester kit in the bathroom letting Charlie find it. She lies saying she's pregnant. Charlie's stunned.

47x58 Mon 20 Mar, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-03-20T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Charlie's furious when Tracy tells him she missed a couple of pills. She feigns tears pretending to be terribly upset. Sarah insists Jason ignores Violet. When she returns from the toilet and finds Violet talking to Jason she throws his pint all over him and dumps him. Mike doesn't recognise Leanne and assumes she's some girl who he pulled the night before. He phones Dev to ask him if he knows anything but Dev's no idea. Charlie tells Tracy she'll have to have an abortion. Tracy pretends to be terribly upset saying she wants to keep their baby and hopes they'll get married too. Bev persuades Ashley and Claire that running away won't help as Matt will always track them down if he wants to. They agree not to move. To Leanne's horror Mike tries it on with her until she explains she's his son's girlfriend. Mike assumes she mean's Adam and apologises. Audrey chats to Emily and Keith about retirement and starts to realise she might be making the wrong decision. Tracy tracks Charlie down to the builder's yard. Charlie persuades Tracy that an abortion would be best. He lies saying they'll have a child when they know each other better. Tracy pretends to be upset but agrees so long as she can go to the best private clinic.

47x59 Wed 22 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-22T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Shelley's slightly put out that Bev's starting to behave as though she's in charge of the pub. Charlie gives Tracy £300 for her abortion. Leanne needs a break from looking after Mike so gets Deirdre to look after him for the afternoon. Audrey tells Maria she's changed her mind about retiring and won't be selling the Salon. Maria's fed up. Sarah has a go at Violet. Violet retaliates by telling her how Jason proposed to her a few weeks ago. Sarah's gobsmacked. Tracy pretends she's going to the abortion clinic but really she spends the money on shoes. Ronnie sees her coming out of the shoe shop. Mike enjoys his afternoon with Deirdre. They look through old photos and reminisce. Deirdre's upset to see how Mike's deteriorated. Bev tells Fred she's marrying him because she loves him and not for his money. Sarah's furious with Jason for proposing to Violet and throws another pint of beer over him calling him a lying cheat. Danny suggests to Mike he ought to move into a home but Mike ignores him. Tracy pretends she's had an abortion. Charlie's sympathetic. Tracy's pleased her plan is coming together.

47x60 Fri 24 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-24T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Sarah and Jason continue to row. Leanne's fed up at being left to look after Mike again. Mike mistakes Leanne for Maggie Redman. He offers to take her shopping for clothes. Leanne takes advantage and accepts. Shelley cocks up the rota and finds herself completely over-staffed. Fred's not impressed and tells Bev she's in charge of the rota in future. Shelley's put out. Ken and Deirdre are concerned when Tracy announces that Amy's moving in with her and Charlie. Vernon arrives back from his cruise and tells Liz his landlord has chucked him out and he's nowhere to stay. She asks him to move in with her and Steve. Charlie tells Jason about Tracy's abortion. Danny's furious with Leanne when he sees all her new clothes and realises she's taken advantage of Mike's illness. He resolves to cancel Mike's credit cards and tells Leanne another stunt like that and she's out. Leanne's contrite. Tracy gives Charlie an ultimatum. Either he lets Amy move in with them or she's leaving. Feeling guilty at forcing her to have an abortion, Charlie agrees. Tracy's delighted - her plan has worked.

47x61 Sun 26 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-26T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Jason tries to talk to Violet but she ignores him. Steve's unhappy at the prospect of Vernon moving in but Liz is determined. Eileen's touched when Jason gives her a mother's day card. Jason tries to talk to Sarah but she gives him the cold shoulder although secretly enjoying the attention. Jason breaks the glass and forces his way through the backdoor of No. 8 determined to see Sarah. He tells her he loves her and proposes to a shocked Sarah. Delighted, Sarah accepts. Audrey's upset when she receives a mother's day card which says "to the best mother-in-law in the world, love Richard". Audrey suspects Phil's behind it. Shelley asks Fred if she'll still have a job when he marries Bev. He assures her she will but points out that Bev will be the landlady. Sarah and Jason tell Gail and Eileen that they're getting married. Gail's unimpressed and Eileen clips Jason round the ear. Loved up Sarah and Jason announce their engagement in the Rovers. Sarah's disappointed when Violet wishes them well and shows no signs of jealousy.

47x62 Mon 27 Mar, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-03-27T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Tracy's enjoying playing happy families with Charlie and Amy. Sarah shows Audrey her engagement ring but Audrey's preoccupied - still upset about the card from "Richard". Danny and Jamie take Mike to look round a nursing home. Mike goes too not realising they thinking of him until he talks to another resident. Tracy asks Ken and Deirdre to baby sit for Amy in Charlie's flat. They agree through gritted teeth - still thoroughly disapproving of Charlie. Audrey tells Gail how she suspects Phil is behind the cards. Gail's defensive. Kelly tells the girls how she had a run-in with Norris. Becky thinks she should have thumped him. Kelly accuses Becky of over-reacting and Becky feels foolish. Phil asks David what's wrong with Audrey. David tells him how she received a card from Richard which has upset her. To liven up a dull evening Ronnie invites Tracy and Charlie to join her and Steve for a drink. Tracy agrees and forces Charlie to join in. Phil tells Gail he knows about Audrey's card. Gail's upset and Phil suddenly realises with horror that she suspects him of sending the cards.

47x63 Mon 27 Mar, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-03-27T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Becky threatens Norris telling to stay away from her mate Kelly. Norris is bemused. Ronnie exchanges lingering looks with Charlie and suggests they should leave the pub and go back to Tracy and Charlie's for a drink. Charlie agrees. Phil tries to talk to Gail about the cards but she busies her self and avoids the subject. Phil's frustrated. Sean arrives in the Rovers walking on air. He explains how he copped off with a gorgeous bloke called Chris and spent the night with him. The Baldwins have a meeting to discuss Mike. They all agree that a nursing home is not an option and he's better off with family. Danny persuades Leanne to agree to look after him at home. Penny looks after Mike for a couple of hours. They look at old holiday snaps together but she's upset when he refuses to recognize her as the woman in the photos. Ronnie plays games with Charlie. She asks him if he fancies her and when he admits he does, Ronnie turns the knife telling him she certainly doesn't fancy him. Charlie's not impressed at being made a fool of. Phil loses his temper and grabs Gail's arm in an attempt to make her listen. David leaps to his mum's defence. Phil pushes David over. Gail's furious and throws Phil out of the house saying she never wants to see him again. Ronnie tells Steve she wants to go as she has a headache. Tracy's suspicious wondering what went on between Ronnie and Charlie. Distraught Gail apologises to Sarah and David for bringing another violent man into their lives.

47x64 Wed 29 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-29T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail's upset when she overhears Norris, Eileen and Blanche gossiping about her and Phil. Sean's delighted when Chris texts him suggesting another night out. Deirdre takes Mike out for the day to give Leanne a break. Leanne's grateful. Steve suspects Charlie tried it on with Ronnie and threatens him in the street. Charlie denies it saying Ronnie tried it on with him. Tracy's furious with Charlie. Deirdre takes Mike to Roy's Rolls. While her back's turned he disappears. Mike turns up at No. 5 thinking he still lives there with Bet. With barely concealed delight Eileen quizzes Sarah about Gail and Phil's split. But when Sarah explains how Phil was violent towards David and how upset her mum is, Eileen feels guilty. Danny, Deirdre, Jamie and Les rush to No. 5 worried about Mike. They find him playing drafts with Chesney while Schmeichel watches. Realising Steve's not going to let it drop, Ronnie admits that she flirted with Charlie and led him on just to teach both Charlie and Tracy a lesson. Jamie, Frankie and Deirdre think Mike would be better off on Coronation Street rather than his flat. Danny's torn.

47x65 Fri 31 Mar, 2006

  • 2006-03-31T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sean lies to Violet telling him what a fantastic night he had with Chris. Emily calls to see Mike and give Leanne a break from looking after him. Norris annoys Rita by suggesting various changes he'd like to make to her flat. Mike enjoys his time with Emily but gets confused and asks her how Ernest is. Danny and Leanne are preparing dinner when Mike wanders in. He doesn't recognise them and tells them to get out of his flat. When they refuse and try to explain who they are Mike becomes aggressive and phones the police. Blanche buys herself a drink and one for a friend. When the friend doesn't turn up she drinks both drinks. Shelley's amused at her ruse. Blanche takes offence accusing Shelley of calling her an alcoholic and declares she's boycotting the Rovers. Sean bursts into tears and admits to Jamie his date never showed up but he wanted to save face. Jamie sympathises and promises not to tell anyone. The police arrive at Mike's flat. Mike becomes confused and upset wondering why they're there. Danny's at his wit's end. Blanche asks Emily and Rita to support her in her boycott of the Rovers but they refuse. Blanche is offended. Jamie calls to see Danny. Danny's upset about Mike but doesn't know what to do for the best.

47x66 Sun 2 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-02T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sophie's looking at Chesney's birth certificate. She queries why there's no mention of his dad. Chesney's embarrassed and tries to make excuses. Living under the same roof is starting to get on both Emily's and Rita's nerves although neither wants to admit it. Chesney tries to find out who his real dad is but Cilla's no idea. Mike has a great time in the Rovers with all his friends and family. Danny's gutted knowing this will be Mike's last evening in the pub before going into a home. Norris throws a party in Rita's flat. Rita's upset to see he's re-arranged her furniture and cleared away all her knick knacks. Vernon tells Liz the vocalist of his band has just quit and they're having an emergency meeting. Jamie's surprised to find Sean's come clean and told everyone about his abortive date. Norris's party is a flop and everyone leaves early and heads for the Rovers. Only Blanche stays even though Bev apologises to her and offers her a free drink. Chesney asks Les if he'll adopt him as he's more of a dad to him than anyone else. Les is touched and agrees to do it. Danny comes to the decision that Mike would be best off in a nursing home. He doesn't tell Jamie.

47x67 Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-04-03T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny promises Leanne this is the last time she has to look after Mike as he's taking him to the nursing home this evening. Les phones Social Services and sets the wheels in motion to adopt Chesney. Norris and Rita bicker about the changes he's made to her flat. Leanne tries to give Mike his pills but he's convinced she's trying to poison him. He tells Leanne he's going to live with Adam and while she's in the shower he escapes from the flat. Blanche ends her boycott of the Rovers and claims her free drink. Mike goes to the train station intent on catching a train to Doncaster. He chats to a stranger. He gets confused and tries to sell the stranger some women's underwear. Danny, Jamie and Leanne search frantically for Mike. Leanne thinks he's probably heading for Scotland in search of Adam. Danny informs the police that Mike's missing. Liz attends the auditions for a new vocalist with Vernon. She's put out that all the candidates are girls. Les, Cilla and Chesney nervously await a visit from Social Services. Mike turns up at Mark Redman's house in Doncaster having found the address in a father's day card. Mark's shocked to see him.

47x68 Mon 3 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-04-03T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Mark's worried by Mike's confused state. Mike thinks Mark is Adam. Genna from Social Services interviews Les, Cilla and Chesney who are all on their best behaviour. Les lies saying he has no criminal record. Mike asks Mark if he can live with him. Worried Mark says there isn't room. Liz and Vernon audition various girls but none of them is any good. Vernon suggests Liz should audition. Mark tries to apologise for his affair with Linda and hurting Mike in the past. Mike slowly remembers who he is and becomes angry. Mike walks out in a fury. Mark contacts the Rovers to let them know where Mike is but soon discovers Mike's stormed out into the night wearing dressing gown and slippers. Mike staggers into the park, talking to himself and swigging from a whisky bottle. Jamie and Frankie arrive at Marks and immediately go in search of Mike. Liz's audition goes well and Vernon's about to give her the job when Michelle, a glamorous last minute hopeful turns up. Liz is disappointed. Jamie finds Mike on a park bench. Mike cries, a broken man. Jamie manages to persuade him to come home with him.

47x69 Wed 5 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-05T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Frankie and Jamie look after Mike at No. 7. Mike's got a nasty cough. Leanne's pleased to have a day off from nursing Mike and refers to him as a human vegetable. Danny's furious and threatens to chuck her out. Norris studies the classified section in the Gazette. Rita wonders what he's up to. Danny tries to take Mike back to his flat but he refuses to leave No. 7. Vernon sets off for rehearsals leaving one of his drums behind. Liz takes the opportunity to drop in on him unannounced. She worries he's becoming over friendly towards Michelle the glamorous singer. Mike's cough has got worse and he's in a poor way. Frankie calls an ambulance. Danny's on the phone to a client when Sally runs in and tells him Mike's being taken off in an ambulance. Norris writes an ad for the lonely hearts column in the Gazette. He hides it from Rita. Danny, Frankie and Jamie go with Mike to the hospital. Penny arrives deeply worried about Mike. She's shocked to be told he's got pneumonia. Much to Kelly and Lloyd's embarrassment Becky tells them how much she loves them both. Jamie blames Danny for Mike's state of health - he wouldn't have spent the night in a park in the rain if he hadn't been trying to get away from Danny and Leanne.

47x70 Fri 7 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-07T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Mike's in hospital with an oxygen mask to help him breath. Jamie's by his bed. Kelly's annoyed when Becky makes Joanne swap machines so she can be next to her. Emily visits Mike. She's upset when he thinks she's his mother and keeps asking after his father. Liz becomes consumed with jealousy - adamant that Michelle is trying to get her claws into Vernon. Bev warns her she'll drive him away if she's not careful. In a very ill and confused state Mike walks out of the hospital. He wanders the streets in his pyjamas. Danny and Jamie are in a blind panic when they realise Mike is missing. Ken finds Mike standing outside the factory bare-footed and in his pyjamas. Ken puts his jacket round him and phones for an ambulance. Danny arrives. He's relieved to see Mike but distressed to see the state of him. While Ken and Danny wait for the ambulance, Mike suffers a massive heart attack and dies in Ken's arms. Distraught Danny cradles his dead father.

47x71 Sun 9 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-09T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny tells Frankie about Mike's death. She's upset. Danny asks her to break the news to Jamie. Deirdre's upset when Ken tells her what's happened. When Joanne admires Kelly's bag she gives it to her saying she'll get another one. Joanne's chuffed but Becky's silently furious at Joanne getting Kelly's attention. Jamie's distraught at Mike's death and goes to sit with the body. Liz continues to be suspicious about Vernon and Michelle's relationship. She decides to turn up at their "rehearsal" unexpectedly. The regulars in the Rovers are all shocked to learn of Mike's death. Adam arrives and is upset he's too late to see Mike. Danny's convinced everyone's blaming him and Leanne for not looking after Mike properly. Liz finds out from Lloyd that Vernon and Michelle have gone to a flat. She follows them there expecting the worst only to find the flat is for let and Michelle's showing him round. Vernon asks Liz to move in with him. Liz is delighted. Becky threatens Joanne telling her to stay away from Kelly. Joanne's frightened. Distraught Jamie throws Mike's personal possessions at Danny telling him he's got everything else so he may as well have the lot. Leanne's pleased thinking she and Danny will now have everything of Mike's. Penny witnesses the exchange and tells Fred that Mike's had the last laugh as unbeknown to Danny, Mike's made another will.

47x72 Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-04-10T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

The factory girls are upset about Mike's death but Danny insists on opening the factory as normal. Norris is busy emailing an internet dating agency called Konnections. He tells Rita he's emailing stationery suppliers to put her off the scent. Deirdre's very upset over Mike. Ken can't help feeling a twinge of jealousy. Liz admits to Vernon she does want to live with him but not in that flat. They agree to look for somewhere else. Molly's upset when Tyrone lies to get out of seeing her. She tells Vera she's worried she isn't good enough for him. Danny's furious with Leanne when he finds her going through all Mike's things. Rita gets Ken to show her how to tap into Norris's email. She's amused to find he's joined a dating agency. She decides to send a reply pretending to be Norris. Janice arrives back from visiting Toyah. Leanne agrees to let her stay in the flat. Joanne tells Kelly how Becky threatened her. Kelly's worried. Leanne rifles through Mike's briefcase. She's shocked to discover he's made a new will.

47x73 Mon 10 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-04-10T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Leanne reads Mike's new will and is horrified that he's left everything to Adam. Janice reads the front of the envelope and points out that Mike forgot to post it so nobody knows of its existence except them and the Spanish solicitor who drew it up. Jamie and Adam take over the funeral arrangements. Danny feels pushed out. Norris is excited as he has a date that evening. Liz and Vernon settle on a flat. Liz tells Steve she's moving out. Janice advises Leanne not to tell Danny about the will but to keep it as "insurance". Molly's depressed thinking Tyrone's not interested in her. Jack gives Tyrone a pep talk but Tyrone's adamant he just doesn't want to rush things. Norris is furious when his mystery date turns out to be Rita taking the mickey. He's about to leave but Rita apologises and insists on buying him dinner. Kelly makes Becky apologise to Joanne. Rita promises Norris she'll help him find a companion. Danny arrives home but Leanne decides to heed Janice's advice - she remains tight lipped about the will.

47x74 Wed 12 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-12T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Liz and Vernon load up the van ready to move into their new flat. Janice suggests Leanne should make a copy of the new will to show Danny, whilst keeping the original in a safe place as her "insurance". Leanne gives Janice the original new will to look after and shows Danny the copy. Danny's horrified realising he could lose everything. Genna the social worker calls at the Battersbys. She demands to know why Les lied about his criminal record. The meeting goes from bad to worse and Chesney cries his eyes out thinking they've blown all chances of adopting him. Danny frantically hunts for the original of Mike's last will but to no avail. Tyrone admits to Jack and Vera he's worried he's too ugly for Molly. Vera tries to convince him otherwise. Ronnie and Steve are fed up when their romantic evening is spoilt by Liz and Vernon who arrive back saying the new landlord's thrown them out because of Vernon's drum kit. Tyrone invites Molly for an evening at No. 9 when Jack and Vera are out. Molly's delighted. Leanne's worried when Danny points out Mike could have made several copies of his will, and for all they know Adam may already have one of them.

47x75 Fri 14 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-14T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny's nervous of Adam thinking he might have a copy of Mike's latest will. Adam's equally nervous, worried that Danny might inherit everything. Keith takes Audrey fishing on the canal. She's not impressed and even less so when Les and Chesney turn up. Chesney soon realises Les has never fished before but explains that just having him around is all that matters and not the fishing. Les is touched. Les and Chesney catch an enormous fish only to be fined £200 for not having a rod licence. The Baldwins and the Barlows gather nervously as Mike's solicitor reads out his will. Mike leaves £50000 each to Jamie and Warren and £10,000 to Adam. He leaves everything else - his 51% of the factory, the flat, apartment in Spain and investments to Danny. Adam's furious, convinced Danny manipulated Mike into it. Ken tries to persuade Danny to give Adam his share of the factory but Danny refuses. Tyrone cooks Molly dinner. He worries she won't want him when she sees him naked. But all his insecurities evaporate when she compares herself to Maria saying she's not pretty enough for him. Tyrone tells Molly she's gorgeous and she assures him she loves hairy men. They kiss passionately and sleep together for the first time. Danny takes a wander round the factory surveying his empire.

47x76 Sun 16 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-16T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Loved-up Molly and Tyrone kiss on the doorstep. Maria watches whistfully. David forgets it's Gail's birthday and rushes to the Kabin to buy a card. Danny tries to explain to first Ken and Deirdre and then Frankie and Jamie that he had no influence over Mike's will. Noone believes him. Gail's upset when she receives a birthday card from Richard Hillman. Sarah tells Maria about the fake cards. Janice persuades Leanne she should attend Mike's funeral. Diggory's delighted that Molly and Tyrone are now an item. He suggests that Tyrone might like to come into the family bakers business. Tyrone's gobsmacked. Norris returns from a disastrous lunch date with Sandra who he's met through the internet agency. He decides he's going to set an intelligence test for future potential candidates. With tensions at an all time high between Danny and the rest of his family, Ken worries that things are only going to get worse.

47x77 Mon 17 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-04-17T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Norris is pleased to find two replies from the dating agency in his in-box. Chesney asks Fiz to speak to the social worker and tell them what a good mother Cilla is but Fiz refuses to lie. Gail's still upset about the Richard cards having hardly slept a wink for worrying. Mike's funeral takes place. He's carried to the church in a glass hearse pulled by two black horses. Blanche and Audrey are both surprised to see that Archie is the undertaker. Danny, Adam, Jamie and Dev are the pall-bearers. Fred gives a speech at the funeral. He talks about his great friend Mike and how the dead aren't really dead. Gail gets upset - thinking about Richard Hillman. Sarah has a go at Tracy when she refuses to pay for her manicure. Jason tells her not to be too hard on Tracy as she's just had an abortion. Danny gives speech about Mike. Adam becomes more and more angry. Audrey tells Rita and Norris about the Hillman cards. Adam's fury boils over and he accuses Danny of murdering Mike. Danny retaliates accusing Adam of not being there for Mike at the end. Frankie reprimands Danny for his shameful behaviour.

47x78 Mon 17 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-04-17T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Mike's burial takes place. Adam and Penny weep at the graveside. Genna the social worker calls at the Battersby-Browns to interview Kirk and Fiz. Adam puts a letter he's written to Mike on top of the coffin. He's distraught that both his parents are dead. Norris gossips to Blanche about the Hillman cards. Rita tells him off. Sarah tells Audrey about Tracy's abortion. Audrey innocently mentions it to Blanche. Mark Redman turns up at Mike's burial but stays in the background. Later he finds Adam alone in the factory. Mark introduces himself to his brother. Adam explains how Mike's left everything to Danny. Mark tells Adam if he's a true Baldwin he'll put up a fight. Blanche embarrasses Audrey by introducing Keith to Archie as Audrey's boyfriend. The wake takes place at the Rovers and Danny buys champagne for everyone. Janice and the factory girls enjoy getting drunk at Danny's expense. Danny tries to apologise to Adam for the row at the church but Adam ignores him. Drunken Janice starts brawling with Cilla on the street just as Genna is leaving No. 5. Chesney's distraught thinking it's ruined his chances of being adopted. Blanche lets Tracy know she's found out about her abortion. Tracy pleads with her not to tell Deirdre or Ken. Adam makes up his mind to contest Mike's will.

47x79 Wed 19 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-19T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Keith's obvious jealousy of Archie starts to irritate Audrey. Ken offers to help Adam contest Mike's will. Adam's grateful for the support. Tracy blames Charlie for her abortion secret getting out. Charlie's unfazed. Janice pops into the factory for old time's sake. Danny tells Leanne he wants Janice out of the flat so they can be on their own again. When Ashley hears about the Hillman cards he's furious in case Joshua should hear anything. He shouts at Gail for not telling him. Gail's apologetic and very upset. Tracy gives Blanche a sob story about not wanting another baby so she could focus all her attention on Amy. Adam tells Danny he's going to contest Mike's will. Danny's worried that Adam might have got hold of a copy of Mike's most recent will. Blanche tells Deirdre about Tracy's abortion. Archie, Rita, Emily, Norris and Audrey all enjoy a good laugh over a few drinks. Keith's uncomfortable and Audrey can't help feeling annoyed with him. Tracy explains to Deirdre how she loves Charlie but knew he didn't want a baby. Deirdre feels sorry for her and apologises for being such a hard and unfeeling mother that Tracy couldn't tell her about her pregnancy. Feeling guilty, Tracy comforts Deirdre.

47x80 Fri 21 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-21T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Emily and Rita ask Norris how his date went but he remains tight-lipped. Danny insists he and Leanne must visit the villa in Spain to look for the original of Mike's most recent will. Leanne's only too happy to have a holiday. Craig and Rosie go to visit Katy's grave as it's a year since her death. Sally thaws a little toward Craig and gives them some money for lunch. Deirdre pays Charlie a visit and accuses him of forcing Tracy into an abortion but Charlie's adamant that it was Tracy's decision. Jack, Vera, Fred and Eileen gossip about Gail and the cards from Hillman. Gail walks in just as Eileen's being particularly vicious. Gail leaves upset. Norris admits his date was doomed from the off as she had a squint. Gail's upset and convinces herself that it's Eileen sending the Hillman cards. Audrey and Sarah try to calm her down. Deirdre's distraught. She breaks down and cries blaming herself for being a hopeless mother. Tracy feels guilty and confesses to Deirdre there was no abortion as she was never pregnant. Deirdre's stunned as Tracy explains it was just a scam to get Charlie to allow Amy to live with them. Deirdre's appalled at her daughter and shouts at her to get out of the house.

47x81 Sun 23 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-23T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Blanche, Deirdre and Ken argue about who's fault it is that Tracy's turned out to be such a manipulative bitch. Blanche overhears Audrey gossiping to Norris about Tracy's abortion. Blanche is quick to tell them there was no abortion and they've got their facts wrong. Ronnie winds Tracy up by asking her where she got her expensive shoes in front of Charlie. Audrey tells Sarah she was wrong about Tracy's abortion. Sarah in turn berates Jason for lying to her. Jason tells Charlie who immediately becomes suspicious. Rosie tells Craig how much she loves him. Craig gives her a bracelet as a symbol of his commitment to her. Rosie's touched. Sarah tells Jason how Gail suspects Eileen of sending the Hillman cards. Danny and Leanne arrive back from Spain having found another copy of the will in the villa. But Danny's still worried there are further copies. Adam tells Danny he's spoken to his solicitor. Danny pretends he's not bothered. Eileen denies sending the Hillman cards. She reckons Gail's lost the plot and is sending them to herself. Charlie accuses Tracy of lying about her abortion. Tracy has to admit there was no baby and no abortion. Charlie thinks she did it just to get £300 for some new shoes. He tells her if she pays back the money she can stay but never to take him for a mug again.

47x82 Mon 24 Apr, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-04-24T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sally, Rosie, Sophie and Kevin are getting ready for the school run. Keith and Craig are running late and Craig is rushing for the bus. Charlie and Tracy are bickering after the 'new shoe' incident and Charlie takes one of the shoes with him to work to teach Tracy a lesson. Its Kelly's birthday and she is opening her presents and cards in underworld. She opens a huge card which is from Lloyd. In the Cab office Eileen and Steve are making fun of the Richard Hilman problem when Claire overhears. Eileen suggests that Gail has been writing the letters to herself. Fred persuades Claire to tell Audrey that Eileen has being saying Gail sent those letters to herself Audrey is obviously upset by the accusation. Tracy is in a mood with Ken for putting Adam first and going to the Solicitors with him instead of offering to help her with Amy. Sarah is practising her hair cutting skills on David in the Salon. Sarah goes onto tell David the rumour Eileen is spreading about their Mum. David then suggests Sarah has been feeding Eileen with the relevant information such as birthdays and anniversaries so Eileen can send the cards herself! Sarah is very hurt and upset at this idea. Sally receives a call at the Factory from the Hospital. Rosie has been involved in a car accident outside School. Ashley and Gail discuss going to the police about the Hillman letters. Lloyd gives Kelly a key to his flat for her birthday. Nathan tells Craig Rosie has been involved in a car accident and he rushes off to get a taxi to the Hospital. Gail rushes over to the Rovers to find Eileen to confront her.

47x83 Mon 24 Apr, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-04-24T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kelly is angry at Lloyd for giving her a key to his flat for her birthday - she thinks he is being cheap. Gail confronts Eileen in the Rovers about the rumours she has been spreading. Gail suspects that Eileen was doing this to break up her and Phil. Gail lays into Vera suggesting that it could have been her sending the letters because she is bitter about him taking her money. Blanche is excited at the fact that Archie is back and hopes that something will happen between them. Blanche confides her feelings about Archie to Deirdre. Craig joins Sally and Kevin at the Hospital waiting for news on Rosie. Gail decides to call the Police about the letters. Blanche, Archie, Emily, Rita and Betty are all drinking in the rovers - Blanche is obviously dressed up for the occasion because Archie is there. Joanne tells Kelly not to be upset with Lloyd about the key because it was a romantic idea however Becky is purposely making Lloyd out to be a bad guy. Kelly takes Joanne' advice and finds Lloyd to tell him she wants to move in. Becky is not impressed. Gail is frustrated with the Police as they don't seem to understand just how serious the situation is. Rosie is told she is going to be ok despite some broken bones. Sally starts to warm towards Craig. Deirdre is left looking after Amy again without even a second thought from Tracy. Adam sees his Solicitor about Mike's will he is not happy with the out come. Becky gives Kelly a very expensive looking watch for her birthday. Blanche decides to ask Archie about their relationship however he doesn't seem to think they have one. Eileen sees the Police at Gail's and immediately storms round there. Gail is obviously distressed about the whole situation.

47x84 Wed 26 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-26T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Archie asks Rita to the Theatre with him tonight and she accepts. Gail is still very distressed about the Hillman events and decides to take the day off work. Kelly and Lloyd discuss the watch Becky bought Kelly for her birthday. Lloyd thinks the watch is genuine. Sarah is seriously worried for Gail as she is becoming paranoid. Sally and Kevin take Rosie home and Craig joins them. Sally is just grateful that everything is ok. Rita has her hair done in the Salon before her Theatre visit with Archie. Gail lashes out at Rita, Norris, Emily and Blanche for interfering in her business. Gail sees someone on the street who looks like Richard this scares her. Les is discussing with Eileen about adopting Chesney. Keith suggests taking Audrey on an O.A.P day out however she is not too impressed and doesn't want to go. Kelly tells Becky she is not impressed with the fact that she stole the watch and Becky storms off. Les and Chesney are really keen on the idea of the adoption however Cilla doesn't seem to share their enthusiasm. Becky produces a receipt for the watch Kelly thought she had stolen. Kelly feels guilty. Sally invites Craig to stay for tea. Gail confides in Audrey about thinking she saw Richard. Gail is clearly losing it.

47x85 Fri 28 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-28T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Frankie tells Danny she has received her divorce papers through the post. Les and Chesney are waiting for a letter to come through from the adoption agency. Kelly and Lloyd continue to discuss the watch Becky bought her for her birthday - Kelly is still not happy about the situation. Audrey tries to cheer up Gail but fails as Gail just snaps at her. Rita tells Emily and Norris about her date with Archie - Norris is clearly put out now that Archie is on the scene. Danny continues to wind up Adam about Mikes will. Les tells Cilla he's invited the social worker around to help his chances of adopting Chesney. Becky tells Sean she has been evicted. Gail's been prescribed some sleeping tablets. Audrey is clearly very worried about her daughter. Cilla gives a genuine and heart warming speech to the social worker about why Les is such a good Dad to Chesney.

47x86 Sun 30 Apr, 2006

  • 2006-04-30T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny goes to speak to Frankie about settling their divorce. Becky is becoming friendlier with the Factory girls and Sean. Archie asks Rita to go to Chatsworth House on a day out with him. Rosie seems to be enjoying what happened to her in the accident and is gossiping to her school friends about it - both Craig and Sally are unimpressed. Danny offers Frankie £50,000 in her divorce settlement but she says she will have to think about it. Fiz asks Danny if Becky can have an advance on her wages as she is homeless. Becky spends the advance on drink. Kelly begs Lloyd to let Becky stay for a while until she finds somewhere to go - he reluctantly says yes. Leanne is angry with Danny for speaking to Frankie about the divorce. Cilla gets a call from Geena, the social worker saying that Les has been recommended for adoption. Audrey is jealous of all the places Archie is taking Rita out to. Craig decides he wants to ditch the Goth image and become more Grunge, Rosie is not happy with his decision. The Battersbys throw a party due to their good news. Cilla launches at Yana as she thinks that she fancies Les. Becky moves her stuff into Lloyd and Kelly's. She has spent the last of the advance on her wages on a bottle of Champagne for Lloyd and Kelly but they're unimpressed.

47x87 Mon 1 May, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-05-01T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail is still extremely depressed about the 'Hillman' card situation and is clearly not coping, Sarah and David are concerned. Jamie and Violet discuss Danny's offer to Frankie of £50k. Danny approaches Frankie to see if she has made a decision about the money or not - she keeps him waiting for her answer. Ken is angry with Keith as he didn't deliver his paper. Jamie doesn't want Frankie to accept Danny's offer as he thinks she deserves more. Steve winds Lloyd up about having Becky and Kelly living with him. Danny offers Leanne the job of his PA, she quickly accepts. The factory girls are unimpressed. Gail gets upset when she walks into the Kabin and Norris is making fun of the situation to Kelly, Violet, Sean and Fiz. Danny continues to belittle Adam at every opportunity. Danny discusses with Frankie about wanting an amicable divorce however she decides she wants half of everything. Danny confesses he still loves her, wants to share everything with her and wants her back for good.

47x88 Mon 1 May, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-05-01T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Frankie turns Danny and his offer of half of everything down. Ken is trying to persuade Adam to have an eighteenth party but he is not keen on the idea. Kelly is getting annoyed that Becky is always in the way and has invited herself everywhere with them. Frankie is angry at Danny's offer and confides in Nathan about it. Audrey is jealous of Archie and Rita's relationship and is feeling fed up with Keith. David is very worried about Gail. She is now drinking in the day time alone! Jason and Sarah discuss wedding plans - Gail is not in the mood to be excited. Danny continues to wind up Adam. Frankie tells Nathan that she likes being with a bloke like him and she's no longer interested in Danny's life. Jamie, Sean and Violet try to convince Adam to have a party. He agrees to have one at Jamie's house. After having a drink with Archie, Audrey tells Keith he is boring and she doesn't want to see him anymore. Keith thinks it's down to Archie and tries to confront him about it. Frankie tells Leanne that Danny offered everything back to her but that she said no and would be a fool to take it. Leanne is not impressed and Danny is left shattered by Frankie's words.

47x89 Wed 3 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-03T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Jamie and Adam are buying booze for his party. Leanne starts at the factory. Sally is wary of her intentions. Tracy tries to get Blanche to baby-sit however she is going to the party too. Vera is rushed off her feet at the Café as Frankie has the day off for the party. Blanche tries to get the gossip out of Keith about him and Audrey. Craig and Sophie get invited to Adam's party. Lloyd ways up the pro's and con's of living with two women. Danny goes to see his solicitor about the divorce and Frankie wanting half. He lies about Nathan living with Frankie. Kelly is complaining to Lloyd about never having a minute alone together. Rosie and Sally are distraught to find out that they are both at Adam's party. Adam swings a punch at Danny and they end up fighting on the street. Kirk and Sean break it up. Gail goes to the Rovers with Audrey but is clearly very uncomfortable. Audrey tries to tell Keith why she broke up with him but he is still very hurt. Adam has a heart to heart with Sean telling him how Mike must have loved him less because he left everything to Danny.

47x90 Fri 5 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-05T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sean is telling the factory girls about Adam's fight. Ken overhears and rushes off worried. Kelly is getting thoroughly fed up with Becky being in her space all the time. Adam brought a girl home last night but Blanche and Ken are less than thrilled to see her at breakfast. Frankie receives a phone call when she is working telling her Danny has told his Solicitor that Nathan and she are living together - she runs out to have it out with him. Frankie makes it clear to Danny that she is disgusted by his behaviour. Norris, Blanche and Emily gossip in the Kabin about Rita and Archie. Rita overhears. Kelly is getting concerned about Becky's overly nice behaviour. Vera is not well and Jack is left to fend for himself. He cooks Vera a meal she is made up. Ken likens Adam and Danny to himself and Mike all those years ago. Danny continues to wind up Frankie about Nathan however she plays him at his own game and asks Nathan to move in - he accepts.

47x91 Sun 7 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-07T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Frankie tells Jamie that Nathan is moving in and he is more than happy. Norris makes it clear to Archie he doesn't approve of him taking Rita out. Becky is becoming overly friendly with Lloyd. Its beginning to make him uncomfortable. Rita and Audrey are jealous of each others friendship with Archie. Vera ropes Jack into helping her in the Café, and everyone notices a funny smell. Danny is devastated to see Nathan moving in with Frankie. When Nathan moves in Frankie is not sure if they have made the right choice. Norris slips on a pile of rubbish in the middle of the café left there by Jack he falls and hits his head. Kevin rings an ambulance. Keith goes to tell Rita who is having a drink with Audrey that Norris has been in an accident. Norris regains consciousness before going to the hospital and begs Rita to go with him.

47x92 Mon 8 May, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-05-08T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Tyrone tells Frankie she will have to cope on her own at the Café as Vera is having the day off. Jamie and Frankie discuss Norris's accident. Lloyd finds Becky in his room trying on Kelly's clothes - she is acting strangely. Rosie tries to persuade Kevin and Sally to let Craig come over but they are just not ready for that yet. Kelly is cross at Becky for wearing her clothes without asking. Adam is very hung over from the night before Kan and Deirdre are not happy. Ken wants Adam to get a job. Lloyd confides in Steve about Becky's behaviour - Steve just laughs it off. Frankie is not coping well on her own in the Café and is also worried what Norris will do when he gets home from Hospital. Norris arrives home and Frankie thinks it is a good idea to buy him flowers to butter him up. When she sees Norris is in genuine pain and needing the aid of a wheelchair she doesn't speak to him and takes the flowers back with her. Jamie tells Frankie the Café has got mice - she is more bothered about Norris. Kelly tells Lloyd it is time for Becky to move out. The Health Inspector calls at the café because of the accident yesterday. He sees the mice and tells Frankie she has to shut the place down until he gives it the all clear in a few days.

47x93 Mon 8 May, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-05-08T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail is still clearly not coping with the 'Hillman' card situation. Frankie is frantically trying to clean the Café with Jamie's help - Frankie is very worried about Norris and what Roy will say. Hayley and Roy are on their way home. Deirdre and Ken are still on Adam's case about getting a job. Jamie finds a mouldy egg mayo sandwich in the café behind a radiator - that was the cause if the smell in the Café. Vera goes to help Frankie and speaks to Roy on the phone - he gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Vera has 'mental health issues' not 'environmental health issues' and sends her home for the day! Norris has got Rita as his nurse maid and is taking liberties. Audrey is concerned about Gail and goes to see her - Gail is clearly not well and is still taking the sleeping tablets. Rosie wants Craig to bond with Kevin so she thinks it's a good idea for him to help at the garage - Craig actually enjoys it. Frankie finds out Norris has only sprained his wrist and ankle and is angry because she thought she thought it was much more serious. Kelly asks Becky to move out - Becky pretends not to be bothered but clearly is. Roy goes to visit Vera but soon realises she is not mentally ill - Roy says he will fire Vera but she resigns first!

47x94 Fri 12 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-12T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Lloyd and Kelly are finding it difficult whilst Becky is still there. Rosie asks Kevin if he will seriously think about taking on Craig when he finishes school. Sally is not keen on the idea. Hayley and Roy have been up all night cleaning the Café and it is now spotless. Vera is spring cleaning her house to keep her self busy seeing as she resigned. Jack is worried for Vera. The factory girls and Sean are gossiping about Norris and the Café. Fiz announces her purse is missing. Hayley is introduced to Becky. Norris continues to spread malicious rumours about Gail and the cards Audrey walks in and is very upset. She leaves angry with both Norris and Rita. Kelly gives Becky £200 after Kelly sold the watch Becky bought for her. Blanche's purse goes missing - Becky has stolen it. Claire and Ashley discuss living arrangements for when the baby comes. Hayley suggests that she and Roy should give all the left over food they can't use in the Café to the homeless. Becky has clearly got an evil side and she has stolen both Fiz and Blanche's purses along with other miscellaneous things.

47x95 Sun 14 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-14T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

In Underworld the day starts as normal, but it’s not long before Sally exclaims that she has lost her engagement ring. Danny doesn’t take the girls too seriously until Leanne realises her purse is missing too. It’s obvious that there is a thief at work, so Danny orders the girls to open their lockers. It comes to Kelly's turn and everyone is stunned to see all the loot sitting there. Kelly is utterly bewildered as Danny calls the police on her. Kelly is arrested and as she is frogmarched from the factory Lloyd catches sight of the commotion. She swears she is innocent but he is completely confused by his girlfriend’s arrest. Later that night he naively confides in Becky, who tries to kiss him. Will Lloyd reciprocate whilst Kelly is locked up in a cell for the night? Over in the Platts’, David comes home to find Sarah standing in the living room searching through the mail. There is a suspicious looking card addressed to Gail so Sarah opens it. The siblings share their shock as they read yet another card signed by ‘Richard’. Gail comes home after a drink in the pub with Sally, so Sarah tries to hide it from her mum as she doesn’t want her upsetting any more. But will poor Gail find it? And it’s delight all round as Roy’s Rolls gets the green light from the Health Inspector. Frankie and Roy are relieved but then realise that they will have to win back all the customers they have lost. Jack comes in to plead for Vera’s job back but will Roy relent? Also, Norris is out his wheelchair but he insists on going back to work even though Rita offers to give him time off until he recovers. Becky has been brought in for questioning and denies framing Kelly. As there is no other evidence to back up Kelly’s claims, the detective has no choice but to charge innocent Kelly with theft. Eventually she is released and Steve brings her back to Weatherfield where she wastes no time in confronting Becky. But Becky has the brass neck of denying everything, and even tells Kelly that she and Lloyd have been having an affair. Poor Kelly is at her wits end, but kind Joanne puts her up at her flat as Kelly feels she can’t go back to Lloyds. Later on Lloyd goes back to his flat to confront manipulative Becky over setting up Kelly. How will Becky react to Lloyd’s claims? Over in the salon, Sarah tells Grandmother Audrey about the latest card her mother has received. Sarah is really concerned about her mother, and is convinced she is just putting up a brave front for the family. Later that evening, Gail and David are relaxing at home when the phone rings; it’s Phil asking how she is. Although she is shocked to hear his voice, she tries to be polite. But David is furious that his mum is talking to the prime suspect, and pulls the phone cord out of the socket in disgust. And in Roy’s Rolls, Jack begs Roy to give Vera her job back although he will need to apologise to her first. Will Roy relent and give Vera another chance?

47x96 Mon 15 May, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-05-15T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kelly's grateful for Joanne's support but still upset and confused as to why Becky would frame her for stealing. Claire covers the switch in the taxi office. She introduces a no smoking rule much to Les's disgust. Vera starts back at the café. She cheekily asks Roy if he'll pay her for the week the café was closed but he refuses. Becky disappears and fails to show up for work. Craig's pleasantly surprised when Kevin invites him round for his tea. Norris goes on a second date with a lady called Helen. While he's out Rita lets herself into her flat to have a look what changes Norris has made. David's ill and stays off school. When Gail arrives home she's shocked to find a Get Well card to David on the table. It's signed from Richard. Audrey studies the card from Richard. She notices a bit of blood on it. Lloyd tries to talk to Kelly but she's frosty towards him. Rita panics when Norris and Helen arrive back at the flat early. She hides in the broom cupboard. Gail phones the police hoping they can DNA test the blood on the card.

47x97 Mon 15 May, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-05-15T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Norris and Helen chat over a coffee. They discuss Rita's lack of skill when it comes to interior design. Rita seethes in the cupboard. Sally tells Kevin he can do the cooking since he's invited Craig for tea. The police call at the Platts. Gail's relieved they're taking her seriously and they take the card away for tests. Gail suggests Phil is behind the whole thing. Kelly's upset with Lloyd for thinking she was the thief but starts to thaw towards him. Helen suggests to Norris they could listen to her Andrew Lloyd Webber CD but Norris suddenly gets cold feet and suggests she leaves. As he ushers her out the broom cupboard door swings open and they're horrified to see Rita standing there. Craig arrives at the Websters armed with flowers and a bottle of wine. Sally can't help feeling touched. Rita apologises to Norris for spying on him. Norris admits that dating isn't for him as he's not after a physical relationship and really he just misses Emily. Jason changes the locks at the Platts and Gail buy them all a fish and chip supper. Bev and Fred agree to set a wedding date. Claire and Ashley plan to turn Fred's bedroom into a nursery for the new baby. David complains he's got salt into the paper cut on his finger. Gail freezes in horror wondering if David is behind the Richard Hillman cards.

47x98 Fri 19 May, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-05-19T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail acts calmly in front of David hiding her inner turmoil. Ashley's upset to receive a letter from Matt's solicitor saying he wants contact with Joshua. Claire feels the baby kick for the first time. Dev gets Keith to run the shop while he baby sits for the twins. Keith's horrified at how expensive the shop is and so sells everything at a knock-down price. Gail tells Audrey that she suspects David's behind the . Audrey thinks she's being ridiculous. Rita cleverly tells Norris that Emily's missing him and Emily that Norris is missing her. Secretly she wants her own flat back. Gail rifles through David's bedroom and finds a blank birthday card. She lies to David telling him that it's Richard's birthday on Friday. Dev tells Steve he's going to offer his house to Sunita and suggest that he moves into the flat above the shop. Ashley makes an appointment with his solicitor. Claire's disappointed that it clashes with her ante-natal class. Gail follows David hoping to catch him posting the birthday card. Audrey stops her telling her she's taken leave of her senses but Gail's determined to prove it's him.

47x99 Fri 19 May, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-05-19T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Bev insists on accompanying Claire to her antenatal class. Ashley's pleased she won't be on her own. Rita moves back into her flat and Norris moves back into Emily's. Emily's secretly pleased to see the back of Rita and glad to have Norris back. Gail keeps popping home to check if any cards from Richard have arrived but there's nothing. Audrey's concerned at Gail's state of mind. Ashley tells his solicitor he doesn't want Matt Ramsden to have any contact with Joshua. The solicitor tries to persuade him otherwise but Ashley's resolute. Dev's pleased that Sunita's agreed to move into the house which he owns with the twins. He plans to move into the flat above the shop. Kelly pleads not guilty at her hearing but she's dreading the trial. Amber turns up at the shop upset. She explains to Dev how Ravinder is moving to Finland with her new boyfriend and wants Amber to move with her. The factory girls finally believe Kelly's telling the truth. They promise to stand by her and Kelly's delighted. Amber persuades Dev to let her stay the night at his house. The police call and tell Gail that Phil Nail is back in the area. Gail's confused not sure whether to suspect David or Phil.

47x100 Sun 21 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-21T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

The post arrives at the Platt's and there's still no birthday card for Richard. Gail's relieved thinking that David must be innocent. Kelly asks Danny for her job back but he refuses her saying she's a thief. Keith gives Gail a letter which was delivered to him by accident. Gail's horrified to discover it's a birthday card from Richard. Gail feels sick knowing David's the culprit. Gail confronts David with the card. At first he denies it but Gail reveals how she lied to him about Richard's birthday which is in December. David admits he sent the cards. Sarah's disgusted when she finds out it was David. Hayley leads the factory girls in pleading with Danny to give Kelly her job back. He eventually relents. Kelly's delighted. Amber and Craig work together in the shop. Amber tells Craig what a useless father Dev is. Ashley plans to blacken Matt's name to strengthen his case against him. Amber asks Dev if she can live with him rather than go to Finland but Dev tells her Sunita's moving into the house and he's moving out. Amber leaves in tears. Gail blames herself for David's behaviour saying that if he's such a bad lad then she must be an even worse mother. David overhears.

47x101 Mon 22 May, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-05-22T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail is still in turmoil over how to deal with the culprit behind the poison pen letter campaign. Determined to keep the identity of the card sender from the other street residents, Gail asks Sarah to keep quiet but Sarah quickly spills the beans to a stunned Audrey. The shocked salon owner disagrees with her daughter over what action to take next. Over at Underworld, tensions are also running high as Leanne is unhappy at Danny’s decision to give Kelly her job back. However, staffing issues are the least of Danny’s concerns as Frankie pays him a visit and the pair agree to settle their divorce as quickly and amicably as possible as the current stalemate situation is not helpful to all concerned. Will Frankie and Danny be able to settle their differences and allow each other to move on with their lives?Elsewhere, Lloyd is trying to be as supportive as possible as Kelly frets about her upcoming court appearance.

47x102 Mon 22 May, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-05-22T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

When the police arrive at Gail’s she is stunned to hear that they have arrested an individual in connection with the Hillman hate mail campaign. A flustered Gail hides the true identity of the hoaxer from the police and informs the officers that she is no longer willing to pursue her complaint and would like to put the whole affair behind her. She later confides in Audrey who urges Gail to come clean to the police and let the authorities give the card sender the wake up call they so sorely deserve. Will Gail do the right thing and if so how will the police deal with the real hoaxer?Meanwhile, Danny and Frankie finally reach an agreement over their divorce settlement. Danny has relented and signed over his Spanish villa to his ex- wife. Not everybody is happy at the final outcome as Leanne fumes but a delighted Frankie looks forward to the future and heads off for a night out on the tiles with some of the other Weatherfield women. Elsewhere, Kelly faces a dilemma. After a visit to her lawyer she is down beat as her brief has advised her she stands little chance of winning the case against her. Lloyd attempts to persuade his innocent girlfriend to plead guilty as that way she stands less chance of being sent to prison. Kelly is upset and confused, pleading guilty may well keep her out of jail but she worries how the other street residents will interpret her guilty plea. What will Kelly decide to do? Also, Dev downsizes as he moves into the flat above the cornershop.

47x103 Wed 24 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-24T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

It’s the day of Kelly’s court appearance, facing theft charges for a crime that old friend Becky committed. Lloyd maintains that she should enter a guilty plea but Kelly is still unsure, fearing what her friends will think of her. Her mood lifts when Sean and Joanne turn up at court to show their support. Will Kelly take boyfriend Lloyd’s advice and if so will it be enough to stop the magistrates handing out a prison sentence? Meanwhile, Amber is still desperate to impress her father Dev in attempt to get him to change his mind and let her move in with him. She kindly offers to look after the shop whilst Dev goes to visit Sunita and the twins. However, Amber has other plans and once Dev has left, she offers Craig double pay if he takes over in the shop whilst she heads off to tidy her fathers new flat. How will Dev react to Amber’s double dealing? Elsewhere, Gail faces down the gossips. Having spotted the police car outside the Platts’ earlier in the week, a nosy Blanche and Norris quiz Gail about the nature of the police’s visit. Gail gives the pair short shrift and remains tight lipped about the identity of the Hillman hoaxer. However, when Audrey later overhears Blanche gossiping about Gail in the Rovers, she advises her daughter to reveal the true identity of the person behind the hurtful cards. Will Gail remain resolute in her belief that keeping the truth hidden is the best option? Also, Claire attempts to reassure Ashley that the courts will not give Matt Ramsden custody of Joshua.

47x104 Fri 26 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-26T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Amber is still putting pressure on Dev to let her live with him. She insists that she does not get on with her step dad Dave and is unwilling to move to Finland with her mum Ravinder and her new husband. Dev remains resolute telling his daughter she should be with her mother but Amber is adamant, informing Dev that Dave is an ogre and she is not willing to live so far way with someone who is not her real father. Dev’s parenting troubles worsen when Amber’s mother calls round at the shop to inform Dev that Amber has bunked off school. Ravinder chastises Dev for not taking responsibility for his daughter. Is it time Dev took on a more active role in his troubled daughters life? Elsewhere, Kelly is struggling coming to terms with her recent court case. Pleading guilty may well have kept her out of prison but in the eyes of most of the residents of Weatherfield she has admitted she is a thief. A frustrated Kelly berates herself for having listened to boyfriend Lloyd’s advice to enter a guilty plea and later when he is unsympathetic to her predicament an emotional Kelly makes a dramatic decision. Is it the end for Lloyd and Kelly’s relationship? Meanwhile, after the turmoil of recent weeks, Gail sets about apologising to the people she wrongly accused of sending the Hillman cards. However, a careful Gail manages to keep the identity of the real sender a secret. Also, Sean has some bad news when he is informed that his Aunt Betty has passed away.

47x105 Sun 28 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-28T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Whilst out shopping with her mother, Amber goes missing and it’s not long before a frantic Ravinder phones Dev to enlist his helping tracking down their troubled daughter. When news of Amber’s disappearing act spreads, Dev is taken to task by several street residents over his recent treatment of his teenage daughter. Meanwhile, Amber reappears at the café and despite Roy’s concerns, a friendly Hayley offers Amber a solution to her woes: she could move into Roy and Hayley’s spare room. Will the confused teen take up the offer or with the residents stinging criticisms still ringing in his ears, will Dev finally reach a decision that will see him reconciled with his daughter? Elsewhere, love is very definitely not in the air over at Streetcars. Lloyd is down in the dumps as he informs a concerned Steve that Kelly has walked out on him. Steve turns relationship councillor and advises his depressed driver to attempt to talk to the leggy machinist. However, it’s not all domestic bliss for Steve as he is rattled when his girlfriend Ronnie reneges on a night out at the cinema and offers out his babysitting services to a relieved Tracy. Meanwhile, Charlie has plans and asks Tracy to organise a babysitter for Amy that evening. He informs his thrilled girlfriend that they are going to let their hair down and go out for the night. Deirdre disappoints her daughter when she declines to look after Amy whilst Tracy parties yet again. When Steve is later railroaded into babysitting duties, Tracy attempts to track down Charlie so they can head off but has the delay led the devious builder to reconsider his party plans? Did he intend to go out with the lads from the outset?

47x106 Mon 29 May, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-05-29T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Charlie and Jason are loading up their van when an anxious Keith finds them. He explains that he has got a leaky roof and asks builder Charlie to fix it as an emergency. With the job done, a relieved Keith praises Charlie and Jason’s efforts for helping him out at such short notice but the mood quickly turns sour when Charlie hands the staggered pensioner the bill. Keith thinks Charlie’s bill is extortionate and refuses to pay. An angry Charlie refuses to let Keith make a fool of him and quickly hatches a plan that will see his non paying customer once again open to the elements. How will Keith react to the builder’s strong arm tactics? Elsewhere, it’s the day of the preliminary hearing in the family court and Ashley steels himself to face Dr Matt Ramsden. A concerned Fred pleads with his son to settle the matter with Matt personally rather than let the court decide Josh’s future, but a determined Ashley decides to go through the official channels. Once in court a smug Matt quickly claims the upper hand when he makes his plea and establishes he is happy to submit to DNA testing. Can Ashley counter the eloquent GP’s claims and put his side of the case to the judge? Meanwhile, Lloyd is still keen to patch things up with Kelly and asks Steve and Ronnie to put in a good word for him. Ronnie agrees but later on makes it clear to her boyfriend that she really does not like Kelly and that Lloyd is better off without her. Steve is left exasperated by Ronnie’s character assassination of Kelly. Also, Tracy has a bad day when, firstly, she cannot find one of her expensive designer shoes and, secondly, Charlie once again stands her up when he dashes off from a lunchtime date. Amber is delighted to be staying in Weatherfield with Dev.

47x107 Mon 29 May, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-05-29T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Keith is aghast to witness Charlie and Jason removing the repaired roof tiles from his house. The triumphant builder informs a stunned Craig and his granddad that he will replace the tiles when his bill is paid. A stubborn Keith refuses and calls the police to report Charlie’s antics. The police arrive but are powerless to help the frustrated pensioner and Keith is left shaken when a physically aggressive Charlie later demands that Keith enlists his landlord’s help in paying the bill in full. How will Keith find the money to settle his bill with the disgruntled builder? Tracy also falls foul of Charlie’s tricks when he reveals the whereabouts of her missing shoe. More mind games from Charlie. Elsewhere, Ashley and Claire come to terms with the courts decision to adjourn the case in order to appoint a welfare officer to assess Joshua’s home life. An angry Ashley hates the intrusion into their private lives. Meanwhile, Steve attempts to help out a desperate Lloyd when he tries to speak to Kelly about her their break up. But will his efforts have any effect? Ronnie, however, does not appreciate Steve playing cupid for Kelly and Lloyd, and wastes no time in letting Steve know her feelings. As the pair row and Ronnie roars off in her cab, Steve is left bewildered. Are Ronnie’s mood swings becoming too much to take? Also, at the Rovers, having to share her space with Fred and Bev, Shelley is feeling increasingly ignored and isolated and Sean wonders why his dad has never got in touch with him. Eileen encourages her lodger to make contact with his father. Will Sean be brave enough to make the call?

47x108 Wed 31 May, 2006

  • 2006-05-31T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Having spent the night apart, Steve and Ronnie fail to reconcile their differences when they once again clash. This latest spat ends with the warring couple deciding to call an end to their tempestuous relationship. Feeling they may have been too hasty, Steve repeatedly attempts in vain to contact Ronnie, who is ignoring his calls. The frustrated minicab boss seeks solace in the Rovers, where he bemoans his plight to a sympathetic Kelly. Finding comfort in each other’s current domestic doom, Kelly and Steve head back to his flat to continue pouring over the ruins of their relationships. The booze flows as the pair begin to flirt with one another. Are Steve and Kelly about to give in to temptation? Meanwhile, Eileen talks to Ronnie and persuades her to give Steve another chance. Later on, whilst driving her cab, Ronnie is distracted while using her mobile phone to leave Steve a message. Her attention is so focused on the phone call she fails to avoid an object in the road and a heavy collision follows. What has Ronnie run into and how will she react to the accident? Elsewhere, having still not been paid for his work to Keith’s roof, Charlie makes plans to talk to Keith’s landlord in order to settle the debt. The bully boy builder returns later and smugly informs girlfriend Tracy that his meeting went well and he has sealed a new business deal, but he is going to keep the exact details of the contract a secret. Tracy’s intrigued, just what has mischievous Charlie been up to this time? Meanwhile, Frankie and Danny’s divorce is finalised when they both receive their Decree Absolutes. Leanne is pleased that Danny is finally free from his now ex-wife, whilst Frankie is in a more reflective mood and decides to head to her villa in Spain alone, leaving Nathan behind.

47x109 Fri 2 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-02T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Having slept together the previous evening, Steve and Kelly guiltily regret their indiscretion and it’s with only a slightly bruised ego that Steve agrees with the flighty machinist that it was a mistake and they should keep their night of passion to themselves. The pair vow never to mention it again. Meanwhile, having left the scene of her accident last night, a worried Ronnie keeps the hit and run collision to herself and manages to put a brave face on the situation when she later patches up her differences with Steve. However, Ronnie is stunned when she sees a newspaper report asking for help in tracking down a hit and run driver who fled the scene of a fatal accident. Is Ronnie responsible for someone’s death and if so, how will she react? Meanwhile, Keith is still seething about his roof. He has nailed a tarpaulin down to keep the rain out but knows this is not a long term solution. However, his mood is lifted when he observes Charlie and Jason replacing the missing tiles. Feeling he has won, he heads off to the Rovers for a celebratory drink. His joviality is soon ended when Charlie enters the bar and makes a shock announcement that leaves Keith not only needing a new roof but also a whole new house to go with it. A thrilled Tracy suddenly realises the truth behind Charlie’s new business deal. Elsewhere, in the wake of his divorce, Danny throws himself into his work at Underworld and after not hearing from his father, Sean wonders if his dad will attend his Aunt Betty’s funeral.

47x110 Sun 4 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-04T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Despite it being Sunday, there is no rest for the wicked as Danny and Leanne head into work at Underworld. Whilst alone at the factory, Leanne takes the opportunity to take stock of her relationship with Danny. She questions whether Danny is completely over his ex-wife Frankie. Eager to reassure his younger girlfriend, Danny makes it clear that with his divorce finalised, he is building his future plans around Leanne. With Leanne placated and their work completed the pair head over to the Rovers where Jamie once again takes the opportunity to have a go at his father over his relationship with Leanne. Tired of his son’s constant criticism, Danny fervently outlines his true feelings and intentions towards Leanne. However, an eager Leanne overhears his romantic pledge. Has the recently divorced Danny inadvertently popped the question? Elsewhere, Steve feels guilty as an excited Lloyd informs him that Kelly seems to be warming to him again and might possibly be willing to give their relationship another try. Meanwhile, Ronnie is beginning to feel the pressure of hiding her hit and run shame. She begins to panic when she hears cab driver Les discussing a dent in one of the Streetcar’s cabs. How long can she keep quiet about her accident? Also, Sean confesses he’s scared at the prospect of meeting his dad again, and Dev anticipates Amber moving in with him at his flat above the cornershop.

47x111 Mon 5 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-06-05T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sean is anxious on the day of his Aunt Betty’s funeral. Not only does he have the funeral to get through but also he is anxious about meeting up with his dad Brian again after nearly twenty years apart. Lending their moral support, Violet and Jamie attend the funeral with Sean and are there to witness his disappointment when his father fails to show up at the church. With the funeral over, the group head off to Roy’s Rolls and Sean cannot understand his dad’s no–show. Determined to make contact again, Sean decides to confront his father at home. Will Sean be plucky enough to ring the door bell once he arrives at Brian’s house? Over at Underworld, the girls are gossiping about Leanne and Danny’s shock engagement. The news of their union is not the only shock in store for the factory girls when Danny leaves his fiancée in charge of hiring a new machinist and Leanne wastes no time in putting family first and promptly gives Janice her job back. How will Danny and the Underworld employees react to Janice’s reinstatement? Meanwhile, the net is beginning to close in on Ronnie. Streetcars are sent a speeding ticket for the cab that Ronnie was driving when she killed the pedestrian. Fearing the police are closing in on her the, Steve’s scared girlfriend initially keeps quiet but later admits it was her driving the cab at the time. Wanting to distance herself from the accident, a cunning Ronnie asks Steve to say he was driving, saying that she already has six points on her licence and does not want to risk a driving ban. Will Steve take the rap for Ronnie and therefore implicate himself in the hit and run incident? Also, Shelley gets chatted up in the bar and Amber finally gets her wish when she moves in with Dev.

47x112 Mon 5 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-06-05T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Taking a deep breath, Sean walks up the drive way to his father’s house. The door is opened by Brian, who initially does not recognise his son and is further shocked to discover Sean standing on his doorstep. The atmosphere is awkward between the estranged pair, especially when they are joined by Brian’s wife, Maggie. The meeting does not go well and Sean leaves disappointed that his father has not made any arrangements for them to meet up again. However, when Brian later arrives in the Street looking for Sean, it appears the pair have much more to discuss. After his earlier disappointment, will Sean once again allow his father time to explain why they have been apart for the last twenty years. Meanwhile, over at Streetcars, under intense and calculated pressure from Ronnie, Steve eventually agrees to take the rap for Ronnie’s speeding ticket, and Kelly and Lloyd agree to give their relationship another chance. Elsewhere, the reality of living together hits home for Amber and Dev. The street’s newest resident locks herself out and she is too scared to go and bother her father. It is left to Roy and Hayley to go and find Dev who is holed up The Rovers. It is clear Dev is finding it difficult living with his teenage daughter. Also, Shelley agrees to go a date with Simon, a customer who chatted her up at work and Danny is forced to accept Janice back into the fold.

47x113 Wed 7 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-07T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Steve is enjoying a quiet drink in the Rovers when he receives a call telling him the police have arrived at the Streetcar’s office. He dashes round to work to discover the police are investigating the fatal hit and run. Steve is stunned to learn that the police would like to examine the cabs being used on the evening of the accident. When the officer finds damage on one of Streetcar’s vehicles he immediately impounds it for forensic testing. Steve begins to worry that Ronnie’s request for him to take the blame for the speeding ticket may not have been as innocent as she first explained. Will Steve challenge his girlfriend and if so will the guilty Ronnie come clean? Meanwhile, Sean is thrilled when he receives a call from Brian. His father would like to meet up again to explain his side of the story. The brief meeting goes well and Sean outlines to Brian his wish to get to know his father again. The pair part without making plans for another meeting. Has this initial contact been enough to persuade Brian to be a part of his son’s life? Is Sean about to be let down all over again? Elsewhere, Craig and Keith worry about Charlie’s looming eviction. Keith pays the Citizens Advice Bureau a visit to check his legal rights while Craig worries that the move will force him away from Weatherfield. Will Charlie’s eviction notice spell the end for Rosie and Craig? Also, Amber and David share their thoughts on their respective fathers’ faults.

47x114 Fri 9 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-09T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Following their investigations, the police once again arrive in Weatherfield. To Steve’s horror the police inform him they have found clothing fibres on the Streetcar vehicle that match the dead man’s clothes and he is promptly arrested. A guilty Ronnie watches as the innocent Steve is led away for questioning. Down at the station, realising how serious the situation is, the worried cab firm owner comes clean to the police that it was Ronnie driving the car that evening and not him. The police quickly track Steve’s girlfriend down but she vehemently denies asking Steve to claim he was the driver of the speeding cab. Will the police believe Ronnie’s lies or will Steve have to reveal he was in bed with Kelly at the time of the accident? Meanwhile, Sean gets a second chance with his father. Brian and Sean meet up again and share a drink in the Rovers. The camp machinist takes the opportunity to tell Brian about his sexuality. Brian is not surprised and tells a relieved Sean that he knew his son was gay from a very early age. Delighted they are getting on so well, Sean introduces his father to his pals. Have the father and son pair finally put aside their differences? Elsewhere, after her disastrous relationship with Charlie, a tentative Shelley puts her toe back in the romantic water when she goes out on a date with Rovers customer, Simon.

47x115 Sun 11 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-11T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

A despondent Steve awakes after spending the night in a police cell. The investigating officers have gone to speak with Kelly to establish if she can corroborate Steve’s alibi that he was in bed with her at the time of the accident. The police find Kelly at the Streetcars office with boyfriend Lloyd. As the officers begin their questioning, Kelly is forced to reveal that she had indeed spent the night at Steve’s flat. The leggy machinist’s confession gets Steve off the hook but Lloyd is stunned to hear that is business partner has slept with his girlfriend. The police meanwhile release Steve from custody and he promptly wastes no time in racing back to Weatherfield to confront the scheming Ronnie. Will Steve’s guilty girlfriend come clean and admit to her crime and how will Lloyd react to Kelly and Steve’s betrayal? Meanwhile, Sean is looking forward to once again meeting up with his estranged father, Brian. The pair seem to be getting on well and have arranged to meet up at a pizzeria to continue getting to know one another. Sean sits awaiting his father’s arrival but with the minutes ticking by and no sign of Brian, has Sean’s dad had second thoughts? Will Brian make an appearance and if not how will Sean deal with this latest disappointment? Elsewhere, Keith is annoyed when Charlie and Tracy arrive at number six with a surveyor in tow to have a look around the bully boy builder’s latest project. Also, Craig is unhappy when Rosie informs him she is going away on a school trip to France.

47x116 Mon 12 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-06-12T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

It’s the day after the night before and Steve’s a mess as he tries to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend was prepared to let him take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s the ultimate betrayal but Steve’s mood is compounded by the knowledge that his night of passion with Kelly is also now out in the open. Steve can’t face the office but Liz convinces him he can’t avoid Lloyd forever - how will Lloyd react when the men come face to face?Meanwhile Lloyd wants nothing to do with Kelly, despite her protestations that they were on a break when the fling happened. Kelly is gutted, knowing she has made a mistake, but will she be able to talk Lloyd round? Elsewhere, Sean’s in a bad way, convinced his dad wants nothing to do with him. Eileen does her best to console him but nothing she says helps and in the end Sean asks Jamie to drive him to Brian’s. Jamie waits in the car as Sean goes to the door, only to be told that Brian is out. But when Jamie sees Brian at the bedroom window he starts to wonder if Sean could be right. And Leanne mounts a charm offensive on the factory girls. What has she got up her sleeve?

47x117 Mon 12 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-06-12T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sean is pleased when his dad turns up in the Rovers and tells him how much he missed him when he first left. He gives Sean his watch but bottles it when he comes to tell Sean something important and the pair end up hugging instead. Sean’s thrilled at what he sees as a big step but Jamie can’t force himself to be so enthusiastic knowing that Brian lied to Sean earlier. Meanwhile Sean has witnessed Danny watching his father and son liaisons so decides to help his boss and his friend patch up their relationship. But Jamie doesn’t want to make up with his dad and as the conversation becomes heated it looks like he may be about to burst Sean’s bubble too? Lloyd’s still not in a forgiving mood. First Kelly tries to explain herself but he refuses to accept her apologies. Later Steve attempts a different tack and tries to talk to him about his life. He tells Lloyd he wants them to be mates and partners again. How will Lloyd react? Meanwhile Leanne tries her best to join in with the factory girls. Will they welcome her into their pack? And Amber makes a cautious step towards friendship with Rosie.

47x118 Tue 13 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-13T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

An excited Sean tells Jamie and Violet of his plans to book a restaurant for a meal with his dad on Fathers’ day, but Jamie is not convinced about Brian and admits to him that he saw Brian peering out of the bedroom window when they visited the other day. He warns his friend to be careful because he doesn’t want to see him get hurt, but Sean is angry at Jamie’s apparent concern and accuses him of being jealous of his relationship, seeing as Jamie doesn’t have one with his own father. Meanwhile, in Underworld, Danny is getting increasingly irritated by Sean’s constant posing with the flashy watch his father has bought him, so threatens to sack him if he continues to slack off in the workplace. He eventually orders Sean into the office for a ticking off, but thanks to Leanne’s intervention, he lets him keep his job. But later on Leanne tries to persuade Sean to make Jamie reconcile with his father. Will Sean agree to help? In the corner shop, Dev tells Amber off for pinching fizzy pop from the store but is completely unaware that she has also been stealing vodka as well! After school she meets Craig and Rosie outside the chippy, and produces her home made Alcopops. The trio tuck into the booze, but Dev spots his cheeky daughter and heads over for a chat. Does he catch the wayward teens’ red handed?

47x119 Wed 14 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-14T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Leanne decides to take matters into her own hands regarding Danny and Jamie and seeks out Jamie to try and reconcile the pair. She tells him that Danny still loves him and reaches out to him but Danny wanders past and witnesses this. He misreads the scene and thinks that Leanne could be trying it on with his estranged son. But having had no luck with Jamie Leanne eventually persuades Violet to help. Violet asks Jamie to meet her at the pizzeria but Leanne goes instead and begs Jamie to see sense and reconcile with Danny. But Danny, suspicious after what he saw earlier, has followed Leanne to the restaurant and accuses them of having an affair. Any chance of the Baldwin boys making up is ruined immediately, as Jamie ridicules his father at such a ludicrous suggestion and marches out. Danny is left devastated as he realises any hope of making up with his son is ruined for good. Also, Jamie and Sean are still at loggerheads over Jamie’s concerns about Brian. Sean ignores his pal in the street and it’s clear that it will take a lot for these friends to be reunited. And over in the cab office, business is still quiet, and a sullen Steve gets a summons to a formal hearing of the local mini cab licensing committee, in order to review his suitability of operating a cab firm. Could this spell the end for Streetcars?

47x120 Sun 18 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-18T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sean can hardly believe that he is finally spending Fathers’ Day with his dad after 20 years! He meets him in the Rovers and can’t help but show him off – much to Brian’s dismay. They head off for the pizza restaurant and Brian can hardly get a word in edgeways as an excited Sean tries to make up for all the Fathers’ Day meals he has missed out on. But the wind is taken out of Sean’s sails when Brian drops a bombshell that sends him reeling and wishing that he had never dug up the past. Amber is also looking forward to spending Fathers’ Day with her dad but she is also disappointed when it becomes clear that Dev is only interested in the twins. Even a card from Amber can’t lighten his mood and she can’t help but feel second best. More problems of the paternal kind for Danny and Jamie, after Leanne’s failed attempts to get them to reconcile. Danny tries to make amends but Jamie makes it clear that he can never forgive his father – whatever day it is! Amber decides to try and make Dev feel better and sends him a card from the twins. Her plan works initially and Dev’s mood brightens considerably until he calls Sunita and discovers she didn’t send the card. As usual Amber bears the brunt of his bad temper and it does her bid to stay with Dev over the summer no good at all. Meanwhile the other teenagers on the Street are giving their parents the run around. David has skived off school and thinks he has kept his truancy a secret from his mum by deleting the headmaster’s phone message but his plan backfires when the headmaster turns up at the house to speak to Gail. Sophie confides in Craig that she knows where Rosie keeps all her secret stuff, so Rosie is concerned later when she discovers that her stash of booze from Amber has gone missing. Sally is stunned when she finds a drunken Sophie throwing up in the back yard and smells alcohol on her breath. Elsewhere, Sean is putting a brave face on things as he struggles to come to terms with Brian’s devastating news.

47x121 Mon 19 Jun, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-06-19T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

After Sally has put a drunken Sophie to bed, she sets about trying to find out where she got the alcohol. When Rosie confesses it was hers, and that she got it from Amber, Sally heads off to confront Dev. Dev tries to apologise to Sally but when it comes to dealing with Amber he seems unsure what to do. Desperate to offload the problem to her mother, Amber is stung when he implies he thinks she would be better off in Finland. Sean is still trying to out on a brave face but decides he wants some answers from his mother. She is the only person who can tell him what really went on all those years ago. He leaves a message for her to return his call. David is still AWOL and Gail is determined to get to the bottom of his absence from school. He arrives home full of lies about football practice and when Gail confronts him about the truancy he insists he has never done it before and won’t do it again. But can Gail believe him this time? Maria is almost knocked down by a good looking stranger in a fast car. He tries to make amends later but Maria is playing hard to get. Elsewhere – Keith and Craig are devastated when Charlie gets his mortgage for the house.

47x122 Mon 19 Jun, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-06-19T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

David is mortified when Gail insists on seeing him to the bus stop and putting him on the bus herself. Despite promising her that he wouldn’t bunk off school again David waits till the coast is clear and lets himself back into the house at lunchtime. He spends the afternoon at the cinema before coming home and pulling the wool completely over Gail’s eyes. How long can he keep deceiving her without getting caught out? Amber surprises everyone by behaving in a mature way and apologising to Sally about the incident with the alcohol. She is saddened however when Dev seems quite happy for her to spend the entire summer with her mum. Craig now realises that Charlie’s purchase of the house is going through and he is going to have to accept the move is inevitable. He takes Rosie for a pizza and confesses that he is going to miss her whilst she is away on her exchange trip but that he will be waiting for her to return. Fiz is winding Maria up about Chris’s relentless pursuit of her and shames the hairdresser into agreeing to go out on a date with him. Meanwhile, Shelley is getting tired of Bev and Fred’s attempts at matchmaking for her.

47x123 Wed 21 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-21T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail is tipped off by Sarah that David is playing truant again. Gail hurries home and tells David that she is taking him straight to see the headmaster. Mr Griffin pulls no punches until David reveals that the reason he has been bunking off is because bullies have been making his life hell. When the head refuses to accept David’s claims, Gail plays right into her son’s hands and decides she is going to keep him at home. Keith is despondent after going house hunting, he catches up with Craig in the street and tells him that he will have too accept the fact that the move is happening and help him find somewhere for them. Craig is still in denial but everything is brought into sharp focus when Keith collapses with chest pains. Elsewhere – Dev starts to think that being a father might not be such a difficult job after all when Amber comes home from school with a glowing report. Shelley is starting to feel that the Rovers is not big enough for her, Fred and Bev. She tells Betty that she has come to decision and plans to leave Weatherfield for good.

47x124 Thu 22 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-22T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Keith is recovering in hospital after his angina attack. The worries over his health have brought everything into sharp focus and he realises that he and Craig are going to have to sort out their living arrangements. Craig knows he is right but he is stunned when Keith reveals that they are going to live in Bournemouth. With Rosie about to leave for her foreign exchange trip Craig has to break the news – how will she react? David is secretly thrilled to be staying at home and as far as he is concerned his summer holidays have started early. Gail has other ideas however and is determined to teach him herself from home – much to David’s dismay and Sarah’s anger. Amber and Dev part company on better terms. As she heads off for the airport the pair clear the air, she leaves a few things behind for him to remember her by and the pair joke about what they won’t miss about each other. After finally agreeing to go on a date with Chris, Maria is less than impressed when he doesn’t even bother to turn up!

47x125 Fri 23 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-23T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

It’s Steve’s birthday but he doesn’t want to celebrate until he knows whether his licence will be renewed. Meanwhile Lloyd is still giving both Kelly and Steve the cold shoulder. Eileen and the drivers are worried about their jobs and things look grim when Steve returns from the meeting with bad news. Sean has got a lot of questions to ask his mother when she returns from holiday and he is frustrated when he receives a postcard from her on the day she is due to return home. He leaves another message on her answer machine. Gail’s home study plans for David falter at the first hurdle when she struggles to help him with his maths problems. David suggests asking Craig for help but instead of discussing school work the youngsters end up mulling over their family problems. Maria is still seething about Chris standing her up and is less than impressed when he turns up a day late. He insists he was working and couldn’t let her know – will he manage to win her round? Elsewhere - Diggory is concerned about the future of the bakery as business continues to fall. Steve is confident that the business can keep going if Lloyd takes over the licence but Lloyd has no intention of doing that unless Steve quits. Les and Eileen become increasingly worried as it seems Steve and Lloyd aren’t going to agree. Steve insists they will soon be back in business but with the main partners at loggerheads it seems increasingly unlikely. Meanwhile Liz wants to celebrate Steve’s birthday but it is the last thing he feels like doing. Sean finally gets hold of his mum and arranges to meet her tomorrow but keeps the reason for his visit a secret – hoping to catch her on the hop. Chris finally manages to convince everyone he is genuine when he drops hints about a famous client who prevented him from keeping his date with Maria and when he serenades her with a song it seems she is finally won over. Elsewhere Molly’s concerns about Diggory grow when he admits that he has had to get a bank loan to keep the business afloat.

47x126 Mon 26 Jun 2006

  • 2006-06-26T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sean's mum returns from hols oblivious to the bombshell awaiting her and is keen to tell all about her holiday. When Sean confronts her about Brian, Maureen first tries to lie her way out of it then confesses but doesn't see why it is a big deal. Sean is incredulous as she reveals the truth about his real dad - he is a plumber called Paul Jones. Sean is numb and asks her to leave. Steve starts to look to the future and asks Eileen if she would consider being the licensee if he were to open a new mini-cab firm away from Lloyd. Eileen says she would but can't see how splitting up Streetcars can be that straightforward. Steve is so buoyed up with the idea of a new firm that he can't see Lloyd being too much of a problem but Lloyd has told Kelly that he has plans too. Gail is still struggling to teach David at home and is concerned about what will happen when she goes back to work. Audrey comes up with the ideal solution - Ken Barlow tutoring David. Gail gets Ken's agreement but David is shocked at the proposal. Shelley confides in Betty that a vacancy has arisen for a manager at another pub and she is seriously considering it. Molly and Tyrone are keen to help out Diggory as the bakery business continues to struggle and they offer themselves as volunteer staff. Sean confesses to Eileen, Jamie and Violet that he thinks he is better off without any family after discovering the truth about his parentage.

47x127 Wed 28 Jun, 2006

  • 2006-06-28T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Lloyd agrees to meet with Steve to divide up Streetcars. Steve doesn't know that Lloyd has the same plans to set up a rival firm and has offered jobs to Les and Eileen - topping Steve's offers to them both. When the meeting to divide Streetcars starts, Lloyd and Steve’s irritations grow. Lloyd wants fair return for his £50,000 investment - Steve offers him the cars but throws him out of the flat. Janice suggests Leanne invites the factory girls on a drinks night out in order to get on with them better. The offer is accepted but with little enthusiasm. Sean's mum calls round to see him but he is in no mood to talk to her. Maureen gives Eileen an envelope for Sean. He is stunned to find an old photo of his dad inside. He is confused about his feelings for this total stranger and tries desperately to find some likeness between himself and the man in the picture. Bev is intrigued when the brewery rep comes to see Shelley, Bev is convinced that romance is in the air and is stunned when Shelley comes clean about her job offer. Bev understands why Shelley wants to leave but it doesn’t make the news any easier to take. Maria is less than impressed when Chris keeps her waiting an hour at the pub. Tracy and Charlie don't see eye to eye over a Hunt family party which Blanche invites them to.

47x128 Fri 30 Jun,2006

  • 2006-06-30T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Janice persuades Kelly to join the girls on Leanne's night out. Eileen agrees to put Lloyd up as he vacates the flat. Charlie doesn't return from his night out until the morning and Tracy is seething. He is convinced he is in for an earful but she is surprisingly calm and insists that she has no problem with him staying out. Steve struggles to get his business back off the ground. Lloyd is determined to do the same and interrupts a car deal that Steve is doing in the street but Eileen is sick and tired of the pair fighting each other and bangs their heads together before heading off to London to leave them to sort it out. Charlie thinks he has got away with his night out whilst he is in the bath, Tracy writes him a note with instructions on how to cook his tea and Amy’s bedtime routine. With a smile on her face she slips out of the flat leaving the unsuspecting Charlie holding the baby. Bev is feeling guilty for muscling in on Shelley’s territory, but Fred insists she is worrying unnecessarily and a change of scene won’t do Shelley any harm. Meanwhile, Shelley is starting to look forward to leaving Weatherfield and her memories behind. Ashley, Claire and Josh return refreshed from their holiday but the cheery mood dissipates when Ashley opens a letter from the court about arranging a home visit with Matt. Sean is playing Cupid with Adam and Joanne. Charlie congratulates Tracy on getting one over him and next day Tracy is trying to butter Charlie up to persuade him to babysit so she can attend the family party. Charlie is having none of it and gets his own back by slipping out to the pub whilst she is in the bathroom. Furious Tracy heads to the Rovers and asks him to look after Amy - Shelley has overheard the entire thing and when Charlie refuses she can’t help but worry that Amy has been left home alone. Adam gives Sean internet site details and a laptop to start his family search. The factory girls are a bit wary about Leanne’s plans to take them all out for the night but with free drink on offer they aren’t about to complain. Leanne is determined to show that she is one of the girls but things don’t go quite as she had hoped when she overhears the girls talking about her morals and dubious past. In Eileen’s absence, Liz takes up the challenge of getting Lloyd and Steve to see sense over the cab firm. Steve reluctantly apologises for sleeping with Kelly and the two men are forced to accept that there is no room for two cab firms on the street. They agree to a partnership but on more equal terms this time. Sean starts his internet search. Shelley, worried about Amy, calls at the flat. Getting no reply to her calls, she spots Steve and tells him that his daughter is home alone.

47x129 Sun 2 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-02T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

As they rush to the flat to find out if Amy is safe, Shelley updates Steve with what has gone on between Charlie and Tracy. Leanne is furious with the factory girls and throws them out of the restaurant. Steve and Shelley call at Emily's to see if she is babysitting Amy but the answer is no. Steve decides to kick down the door to the flat down but they feel foolish when they discover a note that Tracy has left for Charlie telling him on his return that Sarah is baby-sitting. Tracy returns to the street and is scared to find that the flat has been broken into. She calls Charlie who returns from his night out and they explore the empty flat and find a note the Steve has left explaining things. Adam takes Joanne out since her night with Leanne has come to an abrupt end. Kelly sees that Steve and Lloyd are partners again and tries to interest Lloyd once more but he rebuffs her. Alone with Janice in the restaurant, Leanne tells her that she just wanted the girls to like her, but Janice explains that as the boss's fiance that is never going to happen. Ashley has tried to avoid the issue of the welfare visit and is not happy when Claire insists on discussing it. She tells him that the only way to win is to be nice to the people working on the case and pleads with him to call them and arrange the visit so that they can see what a wonderful dad he is. Tracy heads for the pub all guns blazing. Despite being angry with each other, both she and Charlie join forces to have a go at an embarrassed Shelley. When Shelley points out that no one in the pub would be surprised if Tracy did leave Amy alone, Tracy goes for her over the bar and has to be dragged out by Charlie.

47x130 Mon 3 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-07-03T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Claire is concerned that the baby hasn't kicked for a couple of days she calls the midwife who asks them to come in for some checks. Asking Fred to cancel the welfare officer's visit, Ashley and Claire head for the hospital. They are relieved when everything is fine and head home, but Ashley is angry that Fred didn't manage to cancel the welfare visit and discovers her playing with Josh. Growing increasingly angry with her questions, Ashley makes it clear that he doesn't want Dr Matt Ramsden anywhere near his son. Charlie and Tracy call at the Rovers shouting the odds once more and Bev decides to bar them. Shelley plays right into Charlie's hands however by overturning his ban. He starts to play mind games once more and insists that there will always be something between them. This is the final push that Shelley needs to make her mind up about leaving. She tells Bev that she has decided to take the new job. Bev is concerned that Charlie is once more behind her decision - but Shelley has made her decision and is not for budging. Meanwhile, Charlie has discovered that Angela is the tenant of number 6, not Keith, so he doesn't have to give him notice. He tells Keith he wants him out in 48 hours. Much to Craig's dismay, Keith tells him they are moving to Bournemouth immediately. Elsewhere, David is surprised about how well he gets on with Ken teaching him. Tyrone and Molly offer to help Diggory by setting up an offshoot pizza delivery service.

47x131 Mon 3 Jul, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-07-03T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but Nathan finds this is not the case with Frankie during a long distance phone call. To make matters worse Tyrone keeps butting in on the conversation, oblivious to Nathan’s frustrations. Nathan is further infuriated to discover Frankie can make the time for a long girlie chat with Liz, but can only manage a two minute conversation with him. Maria is put out by Tyrone who seems to have clearly moved on since their relationship failed. He’s pleasantly content with his new girlfriend Molly and is in no way phased by Maria having a new boyfriend. At first Maria is uncomfortable discussing her new boyfriend with her ex but Tyrone is quite upbeat about the whole situation which takes the shine out of it a little for Maria. Molly and Tyrone come up with an idea to save Diggory’s business - “Pizza delivery”. Both Molly and Tyrone are full of energy to get this new venture off the ground and are both enthusiastic about promoting it. Diggory on the other hand reluctantly goes along with it although he would rather the ground swallowed him up than tout for business. He finds the idea of handing out fliers degrading and keeps coming up with excuses not to pound the streets. Claire can no longer hide her feelings and makes it clear to Ashley he has been putting both her and the baby second and increasingly focussing on Joshua. Fred and Bev also point out to Ashley he has been neglecting his pregnant wife. Ashley realises he needs to make it up to Claire and arranges for them to go out to dinner. Keith has managed to organise a removal firm at very short notice, to move both his and Craig’s belongings. Meanwhile lovesick Craig is furiously trying to contact Rosie in France. Having promised to wait for her and say goodbye in person he needs to break the news that this is not going to happen now. Tracy dumps Amy on Ken so she can start measuring up for her new home, leaving Ken no choice but to tutor David at number 1. David isn’t at all happy at the prospect of spending his day in what he considers an old folks’ home. The lesson doesn’t quite go as smoothly as Ken would like and when Blanche finally makes an appearance, she’s not at all impressed with Ken’s teaching. To David’s amusement she constantly interrupts Ken’s lesson and makes fun of his chosen poem. Meanwhile, Liz and Bev try their hands at a spot of matchmaking between Steve and Shelley. The plan totally backfires, but Steve and Shelley eventually see the funny side of being set up by their mothers. However all’s not lost, Betty seizes the opportunity to rub Charlie up the wrong way when she notices Charlie watching Shelley and Steve having what looks like a very cosy chat over a drink at The Rovers. Even Bev and Liz are convinced their little plan is working when they see Shelley and Steve at the bar.

47x132 Fri 7 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-07T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Finally it’s moving day for Keith and Craig. The removal men are loading up the van but Keith is worried as Craig is nowhere to be seen. Sally suggests to a shocked Keith that Craig could have gone to look for Rosie in France. The removal men’s protests fall on deaf ears as Keith starts dragging boxes out of the partially loaded van in a frantic attempt to find Craig’s passport. David comes up with the crafty idea of talking Gail into letting Craig crash on their sofa until Rosie returns. David is surprised to find his plans are met with some opposition and Craig ends up barricading himself inside number 6. Will Charlie and Keith be able to get him out? Shelley decides to have a talk with Bev about the match-making incident with Steve. Meanwhile, Liz is quizzing Steve about Shelley. The next time Steve comes into the Rovers for a drink, he and Shelley are so at ease with each other that Bev thinks her plan has worked. She sees with satisfaction that Charlie has clocked it too, and she can’t help rubbing it in. Despite still being barred, Tracy comes into the Rovers to find Charlie and she is caught by Shelley. She pretends she came in to apologise to Shelley but Charlie insinuates Shelley won’t let Tracy back in the pub because Shelley wants him all to herself. The instant this comment is made, Shelley un-bars Tracy and walks away, determined not to be drawn any further into Charlie’s mind-games.

47x133 Mon 10 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-10T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Charlie’s unhappy when he overhears Shelley and Steve planning a night out and quickly arranges a meal with Tracy – at the same restaurant. The two couples spend the evening bitching about one another but an opportunity falls into Charlie’s lap when Tracy gets a phone call to say Amy has been taken to hospital with a rash. Steve offers to drive her and Shelley is left alone with Charlie who can’t believe his luck. When Shelley’s taxi arrives Charlie challenges her to stay and have a drink with him. She agrees and the pair embark on a dangerous game, but where will it end? Elsewhere as Jason and Sarah kick off their wedding plans they decide their mums should be spending more time together as they’re going to be family soon. But how will old enemies Eileen and Gail react when their children conspire to force them together in the Rovers? Now Sean knows his dad is from Sheffield he sets about the task of finding him again. When Adam hands him a list of 164 Paul Jones’ from the area Sean decides to start calling them all. And there’s tension in the air at the Peacocks as Claire plans to go to her ante natal class without Ashley. Shelley decides it’s time for Charlie to go home but he’s got other ideas and when she let him behind the bar the inevitable happens and he moves in for a kiss. Shelley responds and it’s not long before they’re in the throes of passion. But when the fun’s over, Shelley’s brought back down to earth with a bump – revenge is best served cold for Charlie. Sean’s growing increasingly despondent as he slowly makes his way through his list of Paul Jones’ and when Eileen finds him sitting alone in the dark she knows he needs to talk. Is Sean about to give up on the idea of finding his real dad? Tyrone and Molly are eager to kick off the pizza delivery service at the bakery, but Diggory’s not so keen, sure they’re fighting a losing battle. Tyrone and Molly do their best to drum up business but by the end of the night Diggory’s serving his very last customer. And Jason and Sarah decide they want to get married asap, but how will their battling mothers react?

47x134 Wed 12 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-12T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

It’s the morning after the night before and Shelley’s disgusted with herself as mum Bev presses her for all the gossip on her evening. Meanwhile, Charlie is enjoying bragging to Jason about having two women in one night and it’s not long before the pair are in the Rovers winding up Shelley. When she snaps Violet realises what’s gone on and she consoles Shelley as her boss breaks down. But this is a different Shelley to the one Charlie manipulated before and this time she’s not prepared to be the victim as she issues Charlie with a shocking ultimatum? There’s more tension in the Peacock household when Joshua cuts himself in the garden while Claire’s looking after him. Claire’s mortified and although it was Charlie who left his tools lying around Ashley’s quick to point the finger of blame at Claire. Steve is forced to grit his teeth at the grand re-opening of Streetcars as Lloyd hangs up the firm’s new licence with his name as licensee. And three’s a crowd when Blanche tags along on Adam and Joanne’s date.

47x135 Fri 14 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-14T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

As Ashley and Claire arrive at court they’re told if there’s any chance of coming to an arrangement with Matt they should do it now. It’s the hardest thing Ashley’s ever had to do as he tells the judge Matt can see Joshua once a month for an hour. Initially Matt’s not happy with this but when Ashley tells him his final offer is two hours a month he accepts. An uneasy truce is brokered but how will Ashley tell Josh he’s got another daddy? Charlie tries to apologise properly to Shelley in a bid to stop her spilling the beans to Tracy, but Shelley wants to leave Weatherfield with a clear conscience and tells Tracy she should know the truth. How will Tracy react to the news of her boyfriend’s indiscretion? Fred and Bev realise they’re going to need another pair of hands at the pub with Shelley leaving and decided they could do a lot worse than Liz McDonald. Liz is thrilled thinking she’s being offered the job of manager, will Fred have the heart to put her right? Elsewhere Danny tells Janice she’s overstayed her welcome at the flat and Nathan worries that Frankie isn’t as pleased to see him as he is he.

47x136 Sun 16 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-16T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

After days of rows following Shelley’s revelation to Tracy, the relationship between Tracy and Charlie looks rocky to say the least. Tracy decides, however, that she isn’t going to let Shelley think she has won and decides to put in an appearance at her leaving do with Charlie. Draping herself all over Charlie, she is determined to put on a show of unity. Meanwhile, Bev is suspicious about Shelley’s behaviour around Charlie and confronts her daughter in the toilets. Shelley denies sleeping with him and insists she made the whole thing up to let Tracy know what sort of man he is. Unbeknownst to Bev and Shelley, Tracy is in the toilets and overhears the whole thing. The regulars can only watch in amazement as she unleashes the full Tracy Barlow fury on a stunned Shelley. Over at the Peacocks’, Claire is concerned when she starts to get what feels like contractions but is reluctant to ask for help after her earlier false alarm. As the pain begins to become unbearable will she speak up or try and mask her agony? With the relationship between Adam and Joanne looking ever stronger after a night of passion, will it be able to blossom under the watchful eye of the disapproving Blanche?

47x137 Mon 17 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-07-17T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Ashley’s anxious as the arrival of Matt grows closer. With every minute that passes Ashley nervously checks his watch hoping he won’t show. As the clock ticks and Matt hasn’t yet appeared Ashley’s anxiety is at an all time high. How will Ashley cope with the ever-prominent figure of Matt becoming a more influential part of Baby Joshua’s life? Distracted by Matt’s arrival, Ashley hasn’t noticed that Claire’s contractions have become more frequent and her pain more agonising. It looks as if baby Peacock will be making an early entry into the world. Will Ashley put his relationship with Matt behind him and allow the doctor to come to the rescue and deliver the baby? Ken and Deirdre become increasingly worried about Charlie’s motives and whether Tracy will open her eyes to what they see as Charlie’s hidden agendas. However Tracy feels she has won a minor confrontation over the flat and the house. But will Charlie agree to the move? Frankie is unhappy after Nathan declines her offer of lunch and chooses instead to go for a pint in the Rovers with Tyrone. Elsewhere, after a heavy night of drinking, Liz goes in search of Vernon’s van which was left on a street nearby the night before. After a frantic search Liz returns to tell Vernon the bad news, the van, and its contents, have been stolen.

47x138 Mon 17 Jul, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-07-17T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

As Charlie finally agrees to the trial move with Tracy, Ken and Deirdre’s suspicions over Charlie’s true motives grow? Meanwhile, Tracy shows her parents around her new house totally oblivious to Charlie’s plans. Will she find out that he sees her as little more than a tax dodge? After the dramatic birth of their new baby, Claire and Ashley race to hospital with the premature tot. They are torn when Matt suggests looking after Joshua while they go to the hospital. How will Ashley react to this suggestion? While Nathan regrets his decision to turn down Frankie’s offer of lunch, Danny makes his move on his ex-wife. Nathan realises some serious grovelling is called for and walks over to Frankie’s house to apologize, only to find Danny with her. How will he react? Elsewhere, Diggory collects the last of his possessions from his shop as it finally closes and Liz asks Steve for a driving job for Vernon in a further attempt to make amends for the theft of his van. But will Vernon welcome her interference.

47x139 Wed 19 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-19T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

After a heated argument between Frankie and Nathan, the relationship has turned as sour as the milk they were rowing over. As a jealous Nathan storms out of the house, a smug Danny looks on. Nathan returns with the milk only to find it was a wasted trip as Frankie now doesn’t want it. With the relationship on the rocks will Frankie’s chat with Eileen be the final straw? Danny can’t help but feel triumphant as Frankie and Nathan’s relationship comes to an end but Nathan isn’t about to take the rejection lying down and has one final parting gift for Danny. After losing Vernon’s entire collection of music, Liz is feeling guilty. In a desperate attempt to replace the records she asks Lloyd to locate some. Will she be prepared to pay to make Vernon happy? After a night out with Adam, Joanne gets to work late to face a disapproving Danny. It looks as though dating the boss’s half-brother is going to do her no favours at all. Elsewhere, a nervous Maria prepares herself for an interview at a new hair salon after boyfriend Chris put in a good word. Will she finally be able to escape the cobbled street and Audrey’s blue rinse brigade?

47x140 Fri 21 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-21T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

After triumphantly obtaining a new copy of the stolen record for Vernon, Liz sets about hiding it amongst his possessions. Whilst searching for a good place to put the record she stumbles upon a bag of his old belongings. Instantly intrigued she looks in the bag, only to find the record he had claimed had been stolen. What has Vernon been up to? After breaking up with Chris, Maria is upset and looks for someone to comfort her. Tyrone obliges and takes her for a drink in the Rovers. After a teary discussion Maria comes clean to Tyrone about her true feelings. How will Tyrone react and could there be a chance of their love being re-kindled? Danny becomes progressively more confident as he feels he can now win back Frankie after the split with Nathan. After sending Leanne on a shopping spree, could this be an opportunity to try and win Frankie’s heart? Elsewhere Nathan resigns from the garage after his split from Frankie, leaving Kevin and Tyrone in the lurch.

47x141 Sun 23 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-23T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny can’t get Frankie out of his head and even though she refuses to talk to him, with Nathan out of the way, Danny’s confident he can win her back round. Blinded by love he tells Leanne he wants her out. Stunned Leanne tries to put their relationship to rights but Danny is brutal as he tells her he never loved her. She tries to keep a brave face but Leanne is devastated that her dream is over. Will she be able to talk Danny back round or will the chancer walk straight into Frankie’s arms? Back on the street, Maria is still waiting for Tyrone’s response to her revelation that she’s still in love with him. Fiz is sure he’ll take her back again but Tyrone’s a changed man and despite knowing he’ll always love her he’s realised he’s better off without her. He lets Maria down gently, explaining he can be himself with Molly, but Maria’s heart is broken. Later as she surveys her life in tatters yet again she tells Fiz it’s time to make some changes. It’s an emotional day as Ashley and Claire finally bring baby Peacock back to the street. The proud parents are keen to show him his new home but he still doesn’t have a name. Will the gang at Streetcars come up with any useful suggestions? Meanwhile, Sarah and Jason have very different ideas about the specifics of their wedding, and Vernon works hard to get himself back into Liz’s good books.

47x142 Mon 24 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-07-24T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Leanne is devastated as she tries to come to terms with the sudden way in which Danny dropped her. Despite being forced together at first, Leanne tells Janice she loved Danny and she won’t walk away with her tail between her legs. She summons up all her determination to face him down but when he offers her five thousand pounds compensation, Leanne’s hurt turns to anger. With Mike’s original will still tucked away she tells Janice if she’s going to be a gold digger she won’t be a cut price one. Sarah’s starting to realise she’ll be waiting forever if she wants the wedding of her dreams and sets about persuading Jason to get married sooner without the frills. She’s sure he’ll agree but when she overhears him telling Charlie the wedding’s a long way off, Sarah’s gutted and another major row between the two young lovebirds ensues. But where will it end this time? Claire seems to have taken to motherhood like a duck to water as she busies herself around the house. The midwife tells her not to over tax herself but Claire is soon inviting guests over to see baby Peacock. Elsewhere, rumours are rife at Underworld that Leanne’s off sick because she’s pregnant, and three’s a crowd when Chesney invites his friend Cameron to spend time with him and Sophie.

47x143 Mon 24 Jul, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-07-24T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny’s reeling following Leanne’s shocking revelation that she has Mike’s original will and starts a fruitless search of the flat. Back at Underworld he offers Janice four thousand pounds to sell Leanne out but she tells him she won’t for any price. Furious Danny breaks into Janice’s flat and starts tearing the place apart as his desperate search goes on. But Leanne’s wise to his game and soon realises she’s in an even better bartering position than she thought. A furious Sarah is ignoring Jason’s pleading messages and it looks like it’s all over for the fiery couple again. Jason tells Charlie he does want to marry Sarah, just not yet, but Sarah’s clearly not prepared to wait and tells a not-so-secretly pleased Gail that their relationship is finished. Claire is the perfect host as the Peacocks entertain Roy and Hayley but Ashley worries she should be putting her feet up. Tracy and Charlie are confused by some strange goings on at number 6. Could there be an intruder? And Chesney is fed up as he realises Sophie’s impressed by Cameron’s bad boy behaviour.

47x144 Wed 26 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-26T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny has done a deal with Leanne but she refuses to leave Weatherfield until his cheque has cleared. She struggles to hide her broken heart but Danny’s as ruthless as ever as he turns his attentions to Frankie. When she discovers he’s dumped Leanne, Frankie agrees to have a drink with him that evening, which Danny takes as his green light to ask her back. He’s straight to the point as he tells Frankie he split with Leanne for her because he still loves her. How will Frankie react? The Battersby-Browns have gone all out for Chesney’s birthday with a BBQ, fireworks and presents. Even Cilla’s trying to be a decent mum but Chesney can’t enjoy himself as Sophie continues to chase Cameron. Charlie and Tracy move into number 6 but when she hears more noises, Charlie thinks they could have squatters and proposes a stake out with Jason. As the pair lie in wait with baseball bats, it’s not long before their intruder appears. Charlie throws himself at the hooded figure but once the struggle is over he’s stunned by who he finds. Elsewhere, Sarah’s still ignoring Jason and supermum Claire tells Streetcars she’ll be back to work as soon as she’s got the baby into a routine.

47x145 Fri 28 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-28T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kevin and Sally call a frantic Keith to tell him Craig has been sleeping rough at number 6 and he’s soon back on the street searching for his grandson. Craig appears but he’s defiant and says he won’t go back to Bournemouth as he belongs in Weatherfield with Rosie. Keith tries to reason with him but Craig won’t listen and when he says he’s going to stay at a mate’s, all Keith can do is watch him go. But is that really what Craig’s got planned for the night? Danny makes it clear to Frankie that he won’t give up on her. Frankie wants to believe him but it’s going to be hard. Later, as she contemplates her future, Leanne pays her a visit to tell her she’s leaving. It’s a terse exchange of words but it leaves Frankie thinking. Will she take Danny back? Elsewhere Bev’s impressed when Claire offers to help her with the wedding preparations, it seems there’s nothing she can’t do. And Sarah tells Jason to stop texting her, they’re over for good.

47x146 Sun 30 Jul, 2006

  • 2006-07-30T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

There is a poisonous atmosphere at the flat as Leanne packs her suitcase. Danny tries to help but she is still devastated and can’t bear to be near him. Keen to end on a more amicable note, he invites her out for a meal. Leanne agrees to accept the olive branch offered and as the wine flows the pair relax and discuss the good times. Emboldened by his warmth Leanne tries to convince Danny to give them another try but it seems he is still set on winning back Frankie. Claire is still intent on proving she is supermum and has now decided that she wants to decorate the house! Ashley is impressed with his wife but Fred wishes that the pair of them would spend a bit more time trying to decide on a name for the new baby. Keith is still desperately searching for Craig and when the youngster finally turns up he insists that he wants to stay in Weatherfield for Rosie. He convinces Keith that he has got somewhere to stay and the pair bid an emotional farewell as Keith heads back down south. Tracy is on the scrounge from Charlie for money for new jeans but with two mortgages to pay he isn’t ready to splash the cash. He hits upon an idea though when he overhears Maria looking for a new flat. She likes the idea of renting his and Tracy’s flat but can she afford it?

47x147 Mon 31 Jul, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-07-31T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny is annoyed that Janice knows all about the twisted deal he has with Leanne and warns her to keep her mouth shut. Later, Leanne finds out that the money has cleared in her account and calls Danny who orders her to bring the will to the factory. She arrives and despite her pleas to reconcile, Danny is furious at the way she has double crossed him and tells her she is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. But Leanne hasn’t finished her plan and produces mystery envelope to Blanche and tells her to give it to Adam. Curious Blanche doesn’t know what is in it and is forced to wait for Adam to come home. What will Adam find in the envelope? Could it be another copy of Mike’s will? Over in the salon, Sarah is stunned when Jason arrives declaring his love for her and explains that he has booked the registry office for a fortnight’s time. He goes down on one knee and begs Sarah to marry him. Does Sarah say yes to Jason’s proposal? Elsewhere Kevin is worried about Craig dossing on his mate’s floor, but Sally is less sympathetic and says he can always go back to his granddad. But little do they know that Craig is sleeping rough.

47x148 Mon 31 Jul, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-07-31T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

In the Barlows’, Blanche is convinced that Danny has deliberately kept the new will hidden, and demands that they phone the police immediately. They check the dates of both wills and the one that Leanne gave him is the more recent. Ken worries that it could be too late to go to the authorities, but Adam decide to face Danny man to man. Adam finds Danny, who acts nonchalantly about the second will and declares that Mike may have made many when he got ill with Alzheimer’s. Danny is enraged that Leanne has double crossed him and leaves a message on Leanne’s answer phone that he will kill her if he ever sees her again. And old foes Gail and Eileen are united in their dismay that Sarah and Jason are back on and getting married in just a fortnight. The lovebirds are hurt by their mothers’ attitude but vow that nothing will split them up. And over in the corner shop, Craig lies to Dev and tells him he is living with a friend so Dev eventually agrees to give him a job. Later on, it’s clear that Craig isn’t anyone’s houseguest as he starts stealing cutlery and chairs for his secret living arrangements. Just what is Craig up to?

47x149 Wed 2 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-02T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Jason is determined to marry Sarah and won’t listen to Eileen. Meanwhile David is enjoying winding Sarah up and Gail is no help at all. In fact, for once Gail and Eileen are united over something – they both disapprove of the wedding and insist they will have to find a place of their own to live. Fortunately for Weatherfield’s answer to Romeo and Juliet the rest of the street are more willing to help out and make the day special. Ken is the voice of reason over the will but he is fighting a losing battle with Blanche and Adam who’s loving winding Danny up. Meanwhile, Adam and Danny both have visit from their solicitors, Adam’s confirms that the latest will has a good chance of being accepted and Danny’s isn’t optimistic about his chances of fighting the new will and suggests an out of court settlement would be his best bet. Bev envies Deirdre who has been left holding the baby again and doesn’t realise Audrey is about to do the same. When she finds out she has been snubbed again she can’t help wondering if Claire doesn’t trust her.

47x150 Fri 4 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-04T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny is still reeling from the will bombshell. Jamie is enjoying every minute of it and can’t help but taunt Danny who feigns indifference and also keeps up the pretence of knowing nothing about the new will. Frankie believes that Danny was genuinely surprised about the new will but Deirdre doesn’t care what went on as long as he does right by Adam. Adam is delighted with the turn of events and is ready to make Danny suffer. Danny realises that he will have to rethink his tactics and decides to make Adam an offer – will he accept? Over at the Peacocks’, Ashley is tired after a broken night’s sleep with the baby, but ‘supermum’ Claire is determined to crack on with the decorating and can’t wait to foist the baby off on Audrey. Meanwhile, Bev is a bit put out that she isn’t Claire’s first choice for babysitter. Sarah’s excitement about marrying Jason is marred by Gail and Eileen’s disapproval and now she is worried where they are going to live. Jason has missed the boat on Charlie’s flat now that Maria has put down a deposit and both their mums are determined to make the wedding and their future life as difficult as possible.

47x151 Sun 6 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-06T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sally and Kevin go to pick up Rosie who is back from her exchange trip, but are slightly put out when she runs off to see Craig. It’s no contest between Craig and Sally and she realises that Rosie should have time on her own to see her beloved boyfriend. Craig then takes Rosie to his squat inside Diggory's boarded up bakery and she is at first horrified at the way Craig is living but then starts to realises that he is doing it out of his love for her. Later Craig mentions the possibility of them moving in there together. Does Rosie agree to slum it with Craig? Over at the Barlows’ Adam decides that he won’t accept Danny’s poor offer and Ken stands firm with him on this as he knows there are principles and serious money at stake. Blanche agrees with this but Deirdre isn’t so sure and thinks that Adam could loose everything with legal costs. What will Adam's next move be? And elsewhere in Weatherfield, Fred tells fiancée Bev that he is thinking of retiring to the country, and although she thinks he won’t adjust to it after having such a busy life, she keeps her opinion to herself. Later Fred announces to Ashley and Claire that he intends to retire and is upset when they immediately agree he is doing the right thing.

47x152 Mon 7 Aug, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-08-07T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

The tension in Underworld is starting to affect the whole workforce. All the girls march into the office and ask Dannyif their jobs are safe and he coolly tells them he will make them aware of any developments. Later in the Rovers, Danny sees Ken and Adam at a table with documents spread out before them, and cracks a joke saying they will never get a better offer then the one he has already made. This riles Adam no end and he decides to take action against Devious Danny by calling the police straight away to report him for conspiracy to commit theft. Danny is shocked when two CID officers arrive at the factory to arrest him and take him to the station for questioning! Rosie seems reluctant to spend time with Craig in the squat, and instead of taking up Craig’s offer to take her shopping she demands he go and use the shower at her house while her mum and dad are out. Will Sally catch him lurking in the house? And over in the Platts’, Sarah and Jason are off to view a flat. They are happy with what they see and start visualising their little love nest. Later, in the Rovers, they tell Audrey all about it and she gives them the deposit. What will Gail’s reaction be when she finds out that Audrey has gone behind her back?

47x153 Mon 7 Aug, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-08-07T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

In the police station, Danny is being grilled by two coppers about the second will, and they also inform him they are trying to trace Leanne. They lay it on the line that he could face up to seven years in jail if he is convicted, but Danny puts on a convincing argument and swears he knows nothing about the allegations Adam has made. He is eventually set free but warned not to disappear anywhere. Once back on the Street, a worried Danny heads to the Barlows’ and the battle ensues again between him and Adam. Danny makes him an offer of 25% share of the factory. Will Adam accept or will he hold out for more?Rita lends Sarah a beautiful sapphire costume brooch as her ‘something borrowed’, and Fiz and Hayley offer to help her with hers and Bethany’s dresses. Other friends chip in with their contributions and Sarah is truly touched by everyone’s kindness, but defiant Gail won’t budge and still refuses to get involved. Will Gail ever relent? And Craig is starting to get annoyed by Rosie’s constant texting to her new friends and feels that she is starting to drift away form him. In Roy’s Rolls he gently asks her if any guys were chasing her in France and she tries to reassure Craig that she only has eyes for him. Does Craig believe her?

47x154 Wed 9 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-09T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kevin and Sally plan an evening in for the girls and Craig, but Rosie and Craig go off for some time on their own beforehand. They go to the squat, and although she is constantly texting her new best friend Laura, the two lovebirds enjoy each others company and have a pleasant evening. But it’s getting late and they innocently fall asleep, leaving Sally and Kevin at a loss as to their daughter’s whereabouts. Time passes and there is no sign of Rosie coming home, so the worried Websters take to the streets to search for their missing daughter, who is fast asleep and unaware of the chaos she is causing for her family. It’s another subdued day in the factory and Adam comes in to talk to Joanne. Danny takes him to one side and Adam demands to see a contract which proves he now owns 40% of the factory. Danny tells him it’s on his way and Adam leaves elated. And Sarah has enlisted many of the Weatherfield women to help alter her wedding dress. They all enjoy an evening at Underworld with Sarah being the centre of attention in her customised charity shop wedding dress! Later on, Sarah goes to the pub and Charlie tells her that he has booked her and Jason into a luxury hotel for their wedding night. Both Sarah and Jason are thrilled and the Rovers residents toast the happy couple.

47x155 Fri 11 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-11T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Charlie suggests to future groom Jason that he have a joint party with Sarah instead of having a stag night as there is little time to prepare for a men-only bash. He offers to organise everything, but asks Maria is she will give him a hand to decorate the Rovers. The party starts in full swing and everyone is enjoying a drink or two in typical Rovers style. But when the residents leave at the end of the night a tipsy Maria gives Charlie a kiss. Does cheeky Charlie reciprocate? Over in the Websters’, Sally and Kevin are still worried sick about Rosie staying out all night. Rosie wakes up in the squat and realises straight away that she has slept through the night. She immediately runs home and tells her frantic parents that she never meant to fall asleep, but Sally is furious with her and accuses poor Rosie of throwing their trust back in their faces. Rosie then is forced to tell them about the Craig’s living conditions and they demand to see the squat. Kevin and Sally are shocked when they see how the poor teen has been living, and orders Rosie not to set foot in there again. What will happen to Weatherfield’s Romeo and Juliet? And in Underworld it’s Adam’s first day as joint boss of Underworld and it starts with Danny giving Adam a legally binding contract giving him his deserved 40% share. Danny offers free drinks to all the workers by means of a celebration, and they all go to the Rovers later for a boozy night out.

47x156 Sun 13 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-13T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

It is only a day to go until the wedding and over in the Platts’, Hayley is doing some last minute alterations to Sarah’s wedding dress. Sarah tries to persuade her mother again to come to the wedding but Gail is defiant and tells her daughter that she doesn’t like Jason, and thinks that they are too young to get wed. Over at Eileen’s, she shares the same sentiment as her arch rival and tells Jason what a mistake he is making. Todd phones and the brothers share an emotional conversation where Todd wishes him well with the wedding. Later on, the two lovebirds take Bethany out and Jason tells Sarah he wants to make a commitment to Bethany during the ceremony. Sarah is touched by this gesture, but back in the Rovers the mood takes a turn for the worse when Sarah begs her mother again to come to the wedding. Stubborn Gail won’t budge and leaves her daughter in floods of tears. Charlie goes to collect some mail from his old flat, and whilst he is there he can’t resist looking through Maria’s belongings. Then he opens a cupboard, removes two fuses from the fusebox and pockets them. Later, when Maria comes home she is puzzled because her electricity isn’t working. She innocently phones Charlie to come and fix it and he hot foots it over to her flat. What is cunning Charlie up to? And in the Rovers, Michelle arrives for her interview as a barmaid. Liz is thrown when she sees Michelle walk behind the bar but Fred tells Liz she is on trial. Liz is less than impressed by this but Michelle is a hit with the regulars.

47x157 Mon 14 Aug, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-08-14T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Today is the big day and over in the Platts’ everyone is helping beautiful bride Sarah get ready – apart from Gail. She tries yet again to dissuade her daughter for marrying Jason and despite a heart to heart, Sarah refuses to budge. It’s the same over in the Grimshaws’ with Eileen sticking the boot in with Jason and although the tension mounts, Jason is defiant and leaves his mum to go for a pre-wedding drink with best man Charlie. Everyone is in high spirits as the wedding procession heads off to the church, leaving Gail and Eileen looking miserably on from the Street. Will the stubborn mums change their minds last minute? Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Ken is anxious that Adam should be in work for his fist day as joint boss of the factory, but Adam is clearly in no hurry and goes to the pub instead of Underworld. Danny goes to the pub for his lunch and is taken aback to see Adam stood brazenly at the bar. Adam informs his half brother that all he is bothered about is getting his 40% profits from the factory and won’t be pulling his weight whatsoever! And Roy and Hayley are astonished at the state of Craig’s squat at the bakery. They realise that they must help the poor boy in some way as he seems to be so desperate to stay in Manchester and be close to his girlfriend. Will the Croppers let Craig move in with them?

47x158 Mon 14 Aug, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-08-14T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail and Eileen stand in the Street after the wedding party have gone and both insist to each other that they have done the right thing and walk off to their respective houses. However, once home the women have a dramatic change of heart, and rush to try and get a cab to the wedding. Steve races to get them to the church on time. The service is about to begin and when they rush through the door of the registry office, both Jason and Sarah are thrilled their mums have finally seen sense and come to support them during their special day. Everyone is geared up for a wonderful Weatherfield wedding. But does everything run according to plan? Elsewhere, The Croppers tell the Websters that if Craig does need a play to stay then he could stay with them. Rosie agrees to talk to Craig about this. After some persuasion he eventually agrees to give it a go, if only to make Rosie happy. Both Hayley and Roy are overjoyed when Craig tells them he would like to live with them for a while. And with the wedding underway, Sarah can’t help herself and cheekily asks Maria is she fancies Charlie. Maria denies it but it’s clear that they cannot stop giving each other the eye. Throughout the romantic fuelled day, the chemistry continues to build between them, but will Maria fall for Charlie’s charms?

47x159 Wed 16 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-16T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Charlie asks Maria is she fancies a quick drink in the Rovers over lunch but she has already promised to spend it with David in the café so declines his offer. But manipulative Charlie takes fate into his own hands and when the coast is clear, he lets himself into Maria flat and takes the washer off the cold tap and pockets it! Later, when an unsuspecting Maria comes home and pours herself a glass of water, a stream of water erupts from the tap. She panics and calls Charlie to come over and fix the problem so he rushes over, playing the dutiful landlord, and fixes it. It’s not long before some major flirting ensues and the two are kissing passionately on the couch. Does Maria ask Charlie to stay the night? Claire goes into the cab office and can’t help herself by getting stuck in as Eileen has not come into work. As the baby sleeps quietly in his buggy in the corner, Claire happily works the switch but Ashley is shocked when he comes in by chance and finds her. Back at the Peacocks’, Claire rows with Ashley and angrily tells him that plenty of women go back to work - so why can’t she?And in the Rovers, Sean spies Steve giving Michelle the eye, but Vernon tries to put Steve off by warning him that him that her scary older brothers put the Sopranos to shame!

47x160 Fri 18 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-18T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Maria wakes up and sees Charlie sleeping next to her. She realises the enormity of what she has done and starts to feel sick at the thought of seducing another woman’s bloke. David calls by to collect the keys for the salon and nearly catches them together but Maria manages to shoo him away. After David has gone, she and Charlie discuss last night and agree that it was a moment of madness that won’t be repeated. But Charlie gets a shock later, with Tracy surprising him by coming back from Peter’s early. Charlie is genuinely pleased to see her and tells her how lonely he has been without her by his side, and the two have a romantic reunion. Tracy then goes to the salon to get her hair done and gushes innocently to Maria about how she and Charlie are the perfect couple. Will jealous Maria spill the beans to Tracy? In the Rovers, Vernon cannot help himself but chat up Michelle whenever Liz is out of earshot. Michelle isn’t interested whatsoever but is able to handle his sleaziness as capably as before. She later goes up to Steve and strikes up a friendly conversation with him, but Liz has had enough of her flirting and breaks up the conversation, much to Steve’s annoyance!And over at the Barlows’, Adam has the hangover from hell and Ken asks him if he has given any more thought to working at Underworld. Adam isn’t bothered at all which forces Ken to give him a piece of his mind.

47x161 Sun 20 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-20T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Still reeling from the events of last week, Sarah at piecing her life back together again. The devastated young mother sets about cancelling all the plans she had made for her married life with Jason. Just when she thought things could not be worse, she is dismayed to learn that she has lost her £500 deposit that grandmother Audrey had given to the her and Jason for them to set up home together. A heartbroken Sarah feels that her ex-fiancé has a lot to answer for and it looks like she‘s going to get the chance ask the questions when a dishevelled Jason, still wearing his wedding suit, arrives back in Weatherfield and heads straight to the Platts’ house. How will Sarah react to the sight of an apologetic Jason on the doorstep? Elsewhere, Joanne is keen to move into the spare room at Maria’s flat. The young hairdresser agrees to talk to Charlie about it, but after recent events, Maria is thinking of moving out of the flat in order to distance herself Charlie. When the two-timing builder later pays Maria a visit she breaks down and reveals her plans to move out. Keen to keep his illicit affair on the boil, Charlie comforts her. Will his unusually kind words be enough for to keep Maria in the flat and more importantly will she remain his mistress? Meanwhile, Underworld boss Danny hands over the managerial reigns to Adam as he prepares for a trip to Spain in order to visit footballer son Warren and Ashley is concerned when wife Claire begins to look into the possibility of hiring a childminder. Also, Craig is once again left behind in Weatherfield when Rosie goes to stay at school friend Laura’s holiday cottage in Devon.

47x162 Mon 21 Aug, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-08-21T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Things are tense in the Peacock household. Ashley is annoyed when it becomes apparent Claire has forgotten that Josh has an access visit with Dr Matt Ramsden. Claire reacts angrily to her husband’s criticism. Once Ashley is out of the house, Claire herself heads out, taking the baby with her. The troubled young mum pays Eileen a visit and asks to borrow one of Streetcars cabs, explaining to Eileen that driving seems to help the baby to sleep. Eileen agrees and hands over a set of keys, but Claire’s behaviour turns odd when she drives to a nearby park and leaves the baby alone in the back of the car. A passer-by notices the abandoned child sleeping in the car and calls Streetcars to raise the alarm. A worried Eileen informs Ashley and he frantically heads off in search of his wife and newborn child. Will Ashley be able to find his missing wife? Meanwhile, Sarah is not finding it easy with Jason back in Weatherfield. She has made it clear that she is not going to forgive him for what he did at the wedding. Jason, meanwhile, is not finding it easy either, as the other street residents also give him a hard time. He wants Sarah back and will stop at nothing in order to win her round. When Charlie asks him to do some painting on the house next door to the Platts’, Jason can’t resist the opportunity to loudly proclaim his love for Sarah. Will his shouted declarations sway his heartbroken ex? Elsewhere, Maria’s plans to arrange another date with Charlie are thwarted, Tyrone and Molly make arrangements to live together at the Duckworths’, and Dev’s daughter Amber returns from her trip to Finland.

47x163 Mon 21 Aug, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-08-21T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

A panicked Ashley rushes to the park, he quickly discovers his son abandoned in the locked Streetcars cab. With Claire nowhere to be seen an angry Ashley smashes the window and rescues his son. Claire arrives and explains to Ashley that she left the baby in the car as he was sleeping and she did not want to wake him. She reassures her frustrated husband that she was watching from nearby, but Ashley is not convinced and voices his concerns about Claire’s recent odd behaviour. Claire is very defensive but when Ashley pushes her, his wife informs the stunned butcher that her mother is dying from cancer. Ashley is stunned. Why has Claire kept such important news from him? Is Claire being entirely truthful?Meanwhile, a desperate Jason thinks that a big gesture might help move things along between Sarah and himself. He attaches a huge banner to the front of his house once again apologising for his actions and proclaiming his love for her. Will Sarah begin to soften? Elsewhere, Tyrone helps Molly move her belongings into the Duckworths’, Maria’s liaison with Charlie is stopped when Tracy joins him at his builders yard and unwittingly stops him from visiting his lover, and Amber asks Kevin for a part time job at the garage.

47x164 Wed 23 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-23T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

When Maria spots Charlie and Tracy indulging in some of their usual fiery banter she takes this as a sign that their relationship is in trouble like Charlie has said. But when she speaks to Tracy she makes it clear that - far from being over - it’s what keeps their relationship passionate. It’s not what Maria wants to hear and she decides it’s time to turn the tables on cheating Charlie. Jason’s convinced that he can still win Sarah back round after the wedding debacle – by plastering posters all over the street with a picture of them both declaring they’ll be together forever. Will his grand gesture melt Sarah’s heart or cause her anger to boil over? Elsewhere, Ashley realises that the deadline for registering the baby’s birth is on Friday. Still having not decided on names he makes a suggestion to Claire and is surprised by how easily pleased she is with his choices after weeks of disagreement. And Kirk tries to cheer Fiz up by booking a holiday. Having bemoaned her boring life she’s thrilled to discover it’s a cottage in the Peak District but her excitement soon dissolves when he informs her that Tyrone and Molly are coming along too!

47x165 Fri 25 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-25T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Ashley’s disappointed when Claire’s insistent that he should register the birth without her while she visits her mum, but when Eileen calls round hoping to take Claire out for lunch, she hides in the house. Later, as Ashley jokes about giving the baby a strange array of names, Claire becomes snappy. Her increasingly erratic behaviour is starting to worry Ashley. Charlie’s not happy after Maria ended their fling and decides to step up his pursuit of her. He installs some CCTV cameras at the builders yard then sneakily trains a camera onto Maria’s front door. It’s clear he’s not prepared to let her go, yet he ignores her in the street. What is Charlie up to? Elsewhere Kirk asks Maria to join in his holiday plans, Les and Cilla worry about paying the bills and Craig struggles to adjust to life at the Croppers’.

47x166 Sun 27 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-27T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Charlie’s thrilled to discover Maria’s no longer going on holiday, after Molly finally comes clean about not wanting her there. But when she rebuffs his offer of a date Charlie steps up his game. Using his Maria-cam he waits till she’s gone out then lets himself into her flat and tampers with the washing machine. He then returns to his viewing monitor to watch his damsel in distress and await her call for help. Claire’s snappy as she leaves to visit her mum. Ashley does his best to offer his support but when she breezes back in late for dinner tensions rise. It seems family life is taking its toll on the once perfect couple. Elsewhere, after another successful visit to see Sunita and the twins, Amber worries that Dev could be moving back with his family. And the Croppers struggle to adjust to life living with a teenager.

47x167 Mon 28 Aug, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-08-28T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Annoyed that his plan backfired Charlie knows he’s going to have to work harder to get Maria’s attention. As he watches her go out, he makes his excuses to Tracy and heads over to the flat. Charlie’s calm and calculated as he stages a burglary; taking bank cards and jewellery, emptying drawers and smashing up electricals. As he leaves bags a bottle of wine and smiles at his work before using a crow bar to damage the locks. How will Maria react when confronted by the devastation? Away from the street, Fiz is full of the joys as she wakes up in the holiday cottage but her enthusiasm is dampened when the others veto her idea of a day trip in favour of a drinking session at the pub. Fiz is doubly annoyed when Kirk won’t back her up, but feeling sorry for Fiz, Molly decides to join her on her walk with Monica the dog. It’s a prickly atmosphere as the not so best of friends set out. At the Rovers, Michelle’s presence is continuing to ruffle feathers. Liz is intent on making life difficult for her as she observes her flirtatious ways. But Steve’s already under her spell and Liz’s boyfriend Vernon makes it clear he’d like a bit of extra curricular activity as he gives her hands on tips at pulling a pint. And Dev rushes off to Sunita’s in high spirits when he gets a call saying she wants to tell him something. Has Dev won his wife back?

47x168 Mon 28 Aug, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-08-28T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Charlie is watching from afar as the police arrive at Maria’s. He’s over there like a shot playing the concerned landlord offering to help her clean up. As he miraculously finds her grandma’s ring, offers to get her a new TV and to train his CCTV on her door Maria becomes more re-assured. She tells him she doesn’t know what she would have done without him and moves in for a kiss but Charlie pulls away leaving her wanting more. Has his sinister plan to win her back round worked? Michelle still can’t do right for doing wrong in Liz’s eyes as she continues to make her mark at the Rovers. But when Vernon makes it clear that if she stays in his good books there’ll always be work for her Michelle is left increasingly troubled. How can she put a stop to his sleazy ways? Fiz and Molly discuss the state of her relationship with Kirk as the pair walk in the countryside. Fiz starts to think they might both be happier if she dumped him and when she arrives back at the cottage to be greeted by an oblivious Kirk she’s left increasingly exasperated by his hapless attitude. And Dev returns to the street in a foul mood after his meeting with Sunita, has he not received the news he was so hoping for?

47x169 Wed 30 Aug, 2006

  • 2006-08-30T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

When Fiz wakes up to see Monica on the pillow next to her she knows it’s time to have a heart to heart with Kirk. She starts to explain that she was hoping for some time alone but Tyrone soon interrupts and Fiz is left frustrated again. Later as the foursome make their way back to the street Fiz forces a smile. But when Vera asks her if she enjoyed her holiday, Fiz blows up leaving Kirk dumbstruck. Could this be the end of Fiz and Kirk? Back on the street it’s the morning after the night before and Maria’s feeling guilty about Tracy. She tells Charlie she’s not cut out to be the other woman but he says she’s the one she loves. It’s what Maria wants to hear and she’s quick to believe him. Meanwhile, back at the yard, Charlie needs Jason to cover for him with Tracy by saying he stayed in the office. It looks like Charlie’s going to have his work cut out to keep the two women in his life happy. Michelle’s had enough of Vernon’s sleazy ways and this time when he tries it on with her she decides to have some fun and tells him to go and get ready then meet her in the living room where she’ll be waiting. Vernon thinks it’s his lucky night but there’s a surprise in store for the randy drummer. And Steve has a panic when he goes to pick Michelle’s son Ryan up from school and he’s not there. But the search party is called off when he turns up with Uncle Liam – Michelle’s older brother.

47x170 Fri 1 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-01T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

When Liz quizzes Vernon about why Michelle’s left the band, he’s quick to help her come to the conclusion that Michelle tried it on with him. Liz is furious and instantly sacks Michelle but when the Rovers staff stick up for Michelle and then Eileen confirms her worst fears, Liz starts to question her decision. Will Vernon be able to talk his way out of this one? Meanwhile, as Fiz leaves for work she finds Kirk on her doorstep with a bunch of flowers pleading for forgiveness. Fiz is adamant that their relationship is over but Kirk isn’t prepared to give up as he plans his next grand romantic gesture. Will it be enough to win Fiz over? Liam likes what he sees when he spots Frankie playing darts in the pub. She’s quite taken too and when Violet challenges her to either hit the dartboard or go and chat him up she’s quiet pleased to accept her forfeit. Will Liam indulge in a bit of game playing himself? Elsewhere, Steve attempts to ask Michelle out on a date and Vera’s chuffed when Jack remembers her birthday – with a little help from Tyrone!

47x171 Sun 3 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-03T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Michelle’s grateful to Steve when he persuades Liz to give her back her job at the pub. It’s clear he fancies her and after a chat with Sean Michelle admits she likes him too. She plucks up her courage and goes to ask Steve out on a date but Michelle’s stopped in her tracks when she hears him talking about her to his mum. She’s shocked as his derogatory comments are not what she expected to hear and deeply hurt Michelle rushes away before she can hear him say what he really thinks of her. Has Steve blown his chances with Michelle? Fiz and Kirk are in love again after he wooed her with his romantic love poem, but Fiz’s bubble is burst when Rita tells her his lyrics have been pinched form a well known song. Fiz is furious and their relationship is back on the rocks. What will Kirk come up with this time to win his love back round? It’s the morning after the night before for Frankie and as she wakes up on the sofa, fully clothed, Jamie and Violet tease her about her date with handsome stranger Liam. Frankie’s sure nothing will come of it but Liam’s back on the street keen to take her on a second date. Elsewhere, Ashley is growing increasingly concerned about how Claire is coping with her mother’s illness. He does his best to encourage her to open up but it’s clear he’s struggling to get through to his wife. And as David and Craig discuss the impending start of the new school year, David makes it clear he has no intention of playing the ideal pupil.

47x172 Mon 4 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-09-04T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Claire tells Ashley she is going to visit her mum, he suggests she takes the baby to cheer her up and although she agrees as soon as he’s out of the way she asks Hayley to babysit. Claire then heads to an unknown café where she starts manically feeding coins into a slot machine. Meanwhile Ashley’s shocked to discover she’s left their baby behind and alarm bells start ringing. What is she up to? Back on the street, Danny has left another trap for Adam – he hasn’t paid the suppliers and they won’t deliver any more material. Fed up, he tells the girls to take the day off and heads to the pub. He’s bemoaning his situation when Liam overhears. Liam tells him he’s in the business and can get him whatever he needs. Adam’s pleased he’s managed to overcome another one of Danny’s setbacks but what’s in it for Liam? Elsewhere, Les and Cilla are struggling to pay the bills but when Chesney hands them some of his own cash, revealing he got it by selling his old toys online, Cilla has an idea. And David heads back to school – but will he go?

47x173 Mon 4 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-09-04T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Ashley can’t get hold of Claire but when he returns home she’s there waiting. She tells Ashley she had to stay with her mum and Ashley accepts this. But Claire’s calm then suddenly erupts when she spots a mark on the baby’s arm and thinks Hayley has harmed him. She flies round to the cafe and accuses Hayley of hurting the child. Ashley tries to reason with her and apologises to Hayley but this only serves to upset Claire more as she thinks Ashley is accusing her of doing it. Adam is pleased that Liam was able to help him out and buys him a drink in the pub. Michelle is intrigued with how much time Liam is spending around the Rovers until he confesses that he’s taken a fancy to the woman who runs the café. Liam is then gobsmacked when Michelle tells him that the café owner is a transsexual and when Frankie turns up at the pub he’s distinctly cool with her, leaving Frankie confused. Elsewhere, Chesney shows Cilla how to use the online auctions. Les is bemused to find her photographing their old junk but Cilla is convinced they’re sitting on a gold mine. And Violet suggests that she and Jamie move in together but will he be prepared to leave Frankie?

47x174 Wed 6 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-06T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Liam’s ears prick up when Adam lets slip that he’d happily sell his share of the factory for the right price. Liam speaks to his brother Paul and convinces him that it isn’t a bad idea as they know the business and have wanted to get away from the market stall for a while. The brothers realise that Adam is green and if they can take advantage of that they could make a killing here. Meanwhile, Liam realises he was misled about Frankie and he’s forced to grovel for another date. At the Platts’, Gail discovers that David hasn’t been at school again and is about to let rip until he arrives home explaining he’s being bullied again. He claims he wanted to make a fresh start but doesn’t see how he can. Will Gail fall for her son’s lies yet again?Michelle is still not letting up on Steve. He tries to apologies for the comments she overheard between him and Liz but Michelle is determined to keep him at arms length. And when Ashley offers to take care of Josh and the baby so Claire can devote her time to her mother, her relief is evident. But instead of going to visit her mother she sits in the park idling away her time.

47x175 Fri 8 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-08T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Liam and Paul visit Adam and tell him that they’ve been thinking about the factory and although Adam wants £150,000 they think it’s only worth £80,000 as a 40% share doesn’t guarantee any say in the running of Underworld. Adam is gutted when Paul tells him that he has inherited a pup. Will Adam fall for their slightly underhand tactics? Violet has packed her bags and is keen to move in with Jamie as soon as possible. Jamie, meanwhile, does not seem so enamoured with his new living arrangements and spends what should be their first night together going out with Sean. Gail phones David’s headmaster to explain she’s keeping him at home until the bullying has stopped. But when she then puts pressure on David to name his bullies he attempts to shift the blame onto Gail saying that all the taunts are about Richard Hillman. Will Gail continue to support her son? And Claire apologises to Hayley but both she and Eileen are becoming worried by Claire’s increasingly erratic behaviour.

47x176 Sun 10 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-10T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Following the previous days discussions an upbeat Adam heads over to Underworld. Once at the factory he meets up with Liam and Paul Connor and signs over his share of the factory to the two crafty brothers for the knockdown price of £80,000. With the deal done, the newly rich Adam heads to the Rovers for a celebratory drink where he informs the stunned locals that he has sold his birthright. How will Adam’s friends and family react to the news? Meanwhile, Frankie is amused by the deal and tells Liam that he has just gone into partnership with her ex- husband. Will Liam be able to mix business with pleasure? Elsewhere, a moody David continues to give mum Gail a hard time, the mother and son pair argue and David leaves the house in a huff. She confides in Audrey that David is suffering at the hands of the bullies again. Frustrated by the whole situation Gail is determined to get to the bottom of David’s moody behaviour and when he returns to the house she informs her petulant son that they are both going to visit the headmaster tomorrow and David must name his tormentors. Will the troubled teenager accept Gail’s solution? Meanwhile, Claire continues to behave erratically. She tells Ashley to have a rest from looking after baby Thomas and sends him to the pub to have a drink with pal Kevin. But with her husband out of the house, a clearly troubled Claire starts rifling through the drawers at home. The young mum finds a picture of her newborn son, she compares the picture to her baby and it’s clear she is troubled by what she sees. Also, Violet is concerned about how distracted Jamie seems to be at the moment and when an estate agent calls to see Fred at the Rovers, Liz is stunned to learn that the Rovers is going to be put up for sale.

47x177 Mon 11 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-09-11T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Ashley is pleased when Claire announces she is going to take baby Thomas with her when she goes to visit her sick mother Yvonne. He confides in Audrey that looking after a new baby and helping her mother through her illness is taking its toll on his wife. He thinks Claire has had a rough time of it lately but is happy she finally seems to be coping better. However, his world crumbles when a fit and healthy looking Yvonne enters the butchers fresh from a holiday abroad. Realising that Claire has been lying for weeks about her mother being terminally ill a panic stricken Ashley realises that he has no idea where his wife and newborn son are and sets about trying to track them down. Will Ashley be able to find locate the missing pair? Meanwhile, a reluctant David is taken to school by Gail in order to meet with the headmaster. The moody teen again refuses to name the culprits behind the bullying but when Mr Griffin informs a stunned Gail that she is breaking the law in keeping her son out of school the pressure is on for David to come clean. Backed into a corner will David reveal the identity of his tormentors and is he telling the truth? Elsewhere, over at Underworld Adam hands over the reigns to Liam who wastes no time in stamping his authority when he sends Kelly home to change her risqué outfit to something more suitable for the workplace. Also, Cilla is pleased when her items start to sell on the internet auction site and Steve attempts to persuade Liz to think about buying the Rovers herself.

47x178 Mon 11 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-09-11T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

A clearly distressed Claire arrives at the maternity ward and stuns the receptionist when she announces that there has been some mistake and she believes that the baby she has been caring for is not hers and demands to know where her real baby is. Concerned for her well being the receptionist asks Claire to wait while she contacts a colleague. Seizing the opportunity the troubled new mother abandons baby Thomas in the toilets and heads off. Claire arrives back home with Joshua but Ashley realises baby Thomas is missing and he fears the worst. Claire tearfully reveals that she believes Thomas is not her child as she has no feelings towards the young tot. A panic-stricken Ashley dashes to the hospital to retrieve his son. Once at the hospital he is relieved to be re-united with Thomas but his relief is short lived when the hospital staff informs him that Claire may be suffering from postnatal depression and that social services have been informed of Claire’s actions. How will the young butcher come to terms with this latest bombshell? Elsewhere, months after his indiscretion, Cilla continues to make Les pay for his one-night stand with Janice when she announces she is using the money raised from her internet auctions to go an a holiday to Ayia Napa with friend Yana. Meanwhile, Liam presents Frankie with some flowers and she agrees to go out on another date with him but with Danny due back off holiday soon will Liam’s relationship with Frankie cause problems in his business dealings with Danny? Also, Gail is proud that David has finally named his bullies? Is this the end of David’s problems?

47x179 Wed 13 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-13T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

A worried Ashley frets over his wife’s mental state. Claire is refusing to see a doctor and won’t accept that she is ill. She continues to insist everything will be fine when she gets her own baby back. The social worker pays the Peacocks a visit, as does the GP who warns Ashley that in his opinion Claire is suffering from post-natal depression and needs treatment. He prescribes some medication for Claire and the troubled family take a walk to pharmacy to pick up the prescription. As they walk, Ashley raises the subject of getting Claire some professional help but Claire becomes very agitated and pushes her pram away from her. Ashley looks on in horror as the pram races onto the road and into on coming traffic. Will baby Thomas escape injury and how will Ashley deal with Claire’s latest out of character behaviour? Elsewhere, Liam continues to make his mark at the factory. He calls Hayley into his office for a chat and she is thrilled when he proposes that she take on more responsibility in her role as factory supervisor. However, having charmed Hayley, the crafty business man begins to quiz her for information about his new business partner Danny. Liam’s brother Paul later arrives at the factory to check up on his younger sibling and is pleased when Liam informs him that he has ditched Frankie. But this is a lie; Liam later chats to Frankie and the pair arrange another date. Is Liam playing with fire going against his brother’s advice to end his relationship with Frankie? Meanwhile, Fiz is unimpressed with boyfriend Kirk’s attempts to give her a driving lesson and Sean celebrates his 30th birthday.

47x180 Fri 15 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-15T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

After Claire’s dangerous actions the previous day, Ashley is at a loss as to what he should do to help his distressed wife. Realising that Claire is ill and in need of professional help, he hatches a plan to get his wife to the hospital. Ashley lies to Claire and tells her they should go back to the maternity ward in order to find her real baby. Relieved that Ashley believes there has been a mix up, Claire gladly agrees. Once at the hospital Claire quickly realises that she has been deceived and struggles with her husband as Ashley is forced to take her to the psychiatric ward. Claire is interviewed by the hospital staff and from her answers they are forced to section her believing her to be a risk to both herself and her baby. As a screaming Claire is led away will Ashley allow his wife to be detained at the hospital and how will he live with himself having duped Claire into attending the hospital in the first place? Meanwhile, the Rovers holds a karaoke night to mark Sean’s birthday and Violet feels increasingly distant from boyfriend Jamie as he agrees to sing a song with Sean but declines an invitation to sing a duet with her. Elsewhere, Liam faces older brother Paul’s wrath when he stuns him by telling him he has no intention of ditching Frankie ahead of Danny’s imminent return from holiday. And Cilla heads off for her holiday in Cyprus with Yana leaving a deflated Les at home.

47x181 Sun 17 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-17T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Ashley’s misery worsens as he visits Claire in hospital. She refuses to forgive him, blaming him for putting her there. Struggling to care for his children alone, Ashley breaks down in tears. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse the doctor has shocking news in store for him. Danny returns from Spain and immediately has a run in with the Connors after they nearly bump cars. Danny snipes if they sell more drugs they might be able to afford an even bigger car. Blissfully unaware of the news that a smug Adam has in store for him! Jamie is becoming increasingly annoyed as Liam and Frankie become closer. Liam finds a post card from Danny stating “with all my love” but seems undeterred. Paul, however, has different ideas and warns Liam his fling with Frankie could jeopardise their business. Violet confides in Eileen over her concerns for her relationship with Jamie. Eileen becomes suspicious after catching Sean and Jamie acting very chummy. Elsewhere, Fiz convinces Les to give her driving lessons. Kirk’s pleas for her to learn the Highway Code first fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Fred and Bev return acting sheepishly after mysteriously cutting short their holiday.

47x182 Mon 18 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-09-18T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny’s first day back at the factory and he sets the alarms off as his code no longer works. Liam arrives with the new code and introduces himself as Danny’s new partner. Danny is furious and marches off to see his solicitor. How far will Danny go to get rid of the Connor brothers? Liz visits the mortgage broker with high hopes of getting a loan to buy the Rovers. Steve warns her not to get her hopes up, but she doesn’t listen and returns devastated having been refused. Steve overhears Liz telling Violet her plans are over and thinks of how he can help. He might just have a plan! Meanwhile, it’s Craig’s 16th birthday, he is feeling down with only the Croppers to celebrate with. Until Rosie arrives back from Devon in time to wish him many happy returns. Elsewhere, Ashley and Fred are still struggling to cope as Joshua falls ill. Fred considers delaying the wedding but how will Bev react?

47x183 Mon 18 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-09-18T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Liam tries to win Danny round by saying he wants to be partners and learn about the business. Danny is having none of it as he thinks Liam is out of his league and throws him out the factory. Later, Liam tries to convince Frankie she should tell Danny about them seeing each other. Frankie agrees but when Danny comes round she throws Liam out the back door saying she needs to do it at the right time. Will Frankie tell Danny the truth?Elsewhere, Eileen is sceptical about Steve’s decision to buy the Rovers. Steve is caught up in all the excitement, seeing it as a money spinner and puts in an offer. Fred declares if Steve and Liz match his asking price the Rovers is theirs. Meanwhile, Claire is still angry with Ashley for putting her in hospital. Fred sides with Ashley telling her that is was for her own good. Ashley is at breaking point as he just wants his wife back. Also, Maria and Charlie’s affair continues as Maria becomes more infatuated with the cheating builder.

47x184 Wed 20 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-20T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Liam’s persistence with Danny pays off, as Danny gives in to allowing him a trial run. Liam joins Danny in the Rovers and decides it’s a good time to tell Danny about him and Frankie. Danny storms out. Has Liam blown his chances? Jamie continues to be cold towards Violet. She bumps into him going to the café for his lunch and questions why he won’t go to the Rovers. Sean persuades him to go, but when Violet tells Jamie they have the house to themselves tonight, he makes an excuse that he has to work. Elsewhere, Fred tells Audrey he is selling the pub to Liz and Steve. Both Audrey and Fred know this is not what he really wants with everything that is going on at home. Meanwhile, Maria is offered a two-day spray tanning course in Birmingham and tries to persuade Charlie to go with her. Also, Rita wins a weekend for two in Budapest, much to Norris’s annoyance.

47x185 Fri 22 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-22T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sean and Jamie plan a boys’ night out much to Violet’s disappointment. Sean promises Violet that he will quiz Jamie to find out why he has been acting strangely. Sean succeeds in getting Jamie very drunk but will he spill the beans? Frankie tries to cheer Violet up by arranging a girls’ night out. Violet opens up to Frankie about her worries over Jamie’s cold behaviour. Frankie, meanwhile, shares her true feelings about Danny and Liam. Danny and Liam finally begin their partnership at the factory. Danny introduces Liam to the workers as his Junior Partner and the two continue to wind each other up with practical jokes. Will this unlikely partnership actually work? Elsewhere, Rita and Norris continue to argue over who should have the competition prize. They decide to solve the dispute by offering the holiday to the next person to walk into the cabin, who will the lucky person be?Meanwhile, Kirk takes Fiz out for a driving lesson, but all goes horribly wrong as she mounts the curb nearly knocking over Blanche. Liz is enjoying her new role as landlady but she realises that she will have to curb her enthusiasm until Bev and Fred actually leave.

47x186 Sun 24 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-24T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Violet is concerned that Jamie did not come home after his night out with Sean. She has spent half the night texting him with no response. Meanwhile, Jamie is sleeping off his bad head on Eileen’s sofa, oblivious to Violet's worry. Sean however is starting to think that Violet's concerns about her relationship with Jamie may have some foundation - especially after Jamie opened up to him the night before. Violet decides not to give Jamie a hard time about staying out and decides instead to enlist Sean's help in some detective work. Could Jamie be gay? Fred and Audrey are in reflective moods. Fred is counting how many more Sundays he will be spending on one side of the Rovers' bar or another, and Audrey tells Gail that her neighbours are moving away and that she is starting to feel that everyone she knows is disappearing. Is Fred's departure having more impact on her than she thought it would? Anxious to escape her growing feelings she makes her excuses and leaves the pub heading for home. But she's in for a nasty shock when an intruder gets into the house - leaving her no option but to call upon Fred for assistance. Maria feels a pang of jealousy when she spots Charlie playing happy families with Amy but her spirits are lifted when Charlie tells her he might just be able to manage both nights at the hotel with her. Rita and Norris are still squabbling over the trip to Hungary and Emily for one is heartily sick of their bickering. She comes up with the ideal solution - why don't they both go? How will Rita react to the idea of spending her holiday with Norris?

47x187 Mon 25 Sep, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-09-25T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Bev is excited that Shelley is coming to stay for a few days to help her with the wedding plans and try on her bridesmaid dress. She's concerned however when Shelley can't seem to share her enthusiasm for the big day. Suspicious that the dress has got too tight, and the fact that Shelley won't share a celebratory drink with her, Bev quizzes her daughter about what is going on. Faced with Bev's interrogation Shelley is left with no choice but to come clean - she's pregnant! It's Fiz's birthday and yet again she is under whelmed by Kirk's gift of a bank note in a card! He insists that he has got her something else but that it is too big to wrap. When Chesney then presents her with a splendid pair of furry dice, and tells her Kirk suggested them, Fiz can't help but be excited. Could Fiz be right - has Kirk done something properly for once and actually got her a car for her birthday? Liam is made up when he realises just how much him seeing Frankie is getting on Danny's nerves. He suggests a night out at the cinema but Frankie is starting to wonder whether Liam is actually worth all the hassle; and before the date even got going Liam finds himself getting dumped. What will Danny make of it? Fred calls round with flowers for Audrey following the break-in and she can't help but feel more than a little disappointed that they were Bev's idea not his. But, with Fred having to make himself scarce at the pub, Audrey takes the opportunity to share some quality time with him.

47x188 Mon 25 Sep, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-09-25T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Bev and Fred are reeling from the shock of Shelley’s pregnancy but she has more surprises in store for them. Bev wants to know who the father is and is stunned when Shelley cracks under pressure and confirms her mum’s worst fears – the baby is Charlie’s. Bev can’t believe she is even considering keeping it and tells Shelley as much. Shelley is furious at her mother’s attitude and storms out of the pub. Bev chases after her and is discovered sobbing in the alleyway by Deirdre. Desperate for someone to talk to Bev tells Deirdre everything – remembering too late that Deirdre’s own daughter is shacked up with the bully boy builder! Will she be able to persuade Deirdre to keep quiet? Sean is a man on a mission. Spurred on by Violet and also his own desire to find out the truth he arranges a night out with Jamie. Jamie is totally oblivious to the pair’s plotting and is a little confused by Sean’s strange behaviour but agrees to the offer of another night on the town. Liam finally gets Frankie on his own but not for the right reasons. She tells him that the relationship won’t work and dumps him. Liam is philosophical about it and decides to play the situation to his own advantage. Knowing Danny was never entirely happy with the fact that he was dating Frankie, Liam tells him he ended the relationship for the sake of the business. Can he really kid a kidder? Elsewhere, wedding talk is really starting to get Audrey down and Rosie and Craig discuss the future.

47x189 Wed 27 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-27T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Bev comes clean to Fred and confesses that she has told Deirdre about the baby. She hasn’t the heart to own up to Shelley yet - a decision she will come to regret. Deirdre and Ken realise they have no choice but to tell Tracy the news. Tracy is stunned and wastes no time in heading straight for the Rovers where she demands to see Shelley. Having lit the blue touchpaper Bev and Deirdre can only stand well back and watch as the fireworks start! With Liam and Frankie no longer an item Danny seems more prepared to give the business partnership a go and the girls can’t help but be pleased that Liam is sticking around. Danny is highly amused though when he discovers what really happened between Frankie and Liam. Violet’s suspicions continue to grow and when Jamie seems overly keen to let Sean join the pair of them a pre-holiday shopping trip she sees this as yet more evidence that he has feelings for his mate. Steve is enjoying making plans for the future and lets Michelle know that he would love her to stay on at the pub when he and Liz take over. Liam can’t help but wonder if it is just Michelle’s barmaid skills that are interesting Steve.

47x190 Fri 29 Sep, 2006

  • 2006-09-29T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Charlie Stubbs is the only topic of conversation at the Barlow household. Tracy tells Ken and Deirdre that he won’t know what has hit him. Meanwhile, oblivious to the welcome awaiting him, Charlie is saying his farewells to Maria after their night of passion in Birmingham. Once back on the street he goes straight home to see Tracy and walks straight into a barrage of accusations and body blows. Over at the Rovers, Shelley has decided to leave a day early to avoid Charlie – but she doesn’t manage to give him the slip and he finds her leaving via the back door of the pub. Will he succeed where Bev failed in her bid to get her to have an abortion? Eileen jokes with Violet and Sean about the number of text messages Jamie sends Sean – oblivious to the can of worms she is opening for both Sean and Violet. When Sean is in the loo Violet takes the opportunity to have a look at his phone and is horrified at the number of texts with Jamie’s name on them. She decides the time has come to take the bull by the horns and asks Sean to find out once and for all if Jamie is really gay. Kevin’s dad calls to offer the Webster’s a surprise anniversary holiday; and Audrey can’t help but wonder what might have been if she and Fred had got together all those years ago.

47x191 Sun 1 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-01T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

With Jamie and Sean’s big night out planned Violet and Frankie tease Jamie about going out with a gay bloke. When he doesn’t rise to their mickey-taking Violet takes this a further proof that she is right about his feelings for Sean. Meanwhile, Sean has mixed feelings about the whole plan but after a few drinks takes the bull by the horns and tells Jamie how he feels about him. Jamie is initially horrified and makes it clear that he is not into blokes! Sean’s embarrassment turns to shock however when Jamie confesses that he knows how Sean feels as he too is in love with the wrong person! Tracy is still not willing to talk to Charlie and refuses to let him back into the house. Deirdre is worried about her daughter and asks her if she and Amy would like to move in with them for a bit. Tracy realises that she needs space away from Charlie and agrees. Charlie meanwhile copes with the situation in his own inimitable style – by spending some time with Maria! Bev and Fred are entertaining Audrey, Emily and Rita in the pub a situation which Audrey finds increasingly uncomfortable. When Rita starts talking about how much she will miss Fred and Bev when they have gone it all becomes too much for Audrey who heads to the ladies for a little weep. On her return she is put in an even more awkward position when Fred asks her to accompany him on a shopping trip to buy a special present for Bev.

47x192 Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-10-02T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

It is the morning after the night before and Jamie is regretting his drunken confession to Sean. Sean is struggling to cope with the secret and knows that Violet is going to want a full report about what happened. He manages to avoid her for most of the day but with Jamie and Violet’s holiday just hours away she needs to know the truth. Sean manages to convince her that Jamie is not gay, but can he keep the real truth from her? Gail has made an appointment with the deputy headmistress for her and David to discuss the bullying accusations. David is convinced that she won’t believe them but Gail vows that she will stand by him. Once in the teacher’s office it becomes clear that there is no proof of any bullying and Gail is left to interrogate David further – will he tell her the truth? It is a difficult day for Audrey as she accompanies Fred on the trip to the jewellers. She helps him pick out a beautiful watch for Bev but refuses when he offers to buy her a present by way of thanks. She accepts his invitation to take her for lunch however but he can’t help but notice there is something on her mind. Meanwhile, Tracy is still avoiding Charlie and over at the Barlow’s Blanche is still fishing for information about what exactly is going on. Charlie calls round to see Tracy and she realises that she won’t get any rest until she has heard what he has to say.

47x193 Mon 2 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-10-02T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Charlie is determined to try and win Tracy round and once more apologies for sleeping with Shelley. But it seems Tracy will take much more persuading and Charlie has got his work cut out. She finally agrees to go for a drink with him and as the old Stubbs charm goes into overdrive it seems she might be softening towards him. Will she really fall for his lies again? Fred is still troubled by Audrey’s behaviour the previous afternoon and decides to pay her a visit. She tells him that she has never felt so alone in her life and can’t believe that she will never be able to call on him again once he is married. He points out that she has the chance of marrying him and turned him down and is stunned when she confesses that she wishes she had accepted. Sally and Kevin are thrilled to discover that Kevin’s dad’s anniversary present is a trip to Paris for the whole family. They decide to invite Craig along too and are more than a little put out when the kids seem less than impressed with the idea. Meanwhile, Claire is well on the road to recovery and tells a delighted Ashley that she is determined to be well enough to attend Fred and Bev’s wedding.

47x194 Wed 4 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-04T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Following his confession to Gail, David has decided that there is no point in pretending he is going to school. Gail is devastated when he refuses point-blank to put on his uniform and instead walks out of the house leaving her frustrated and clueless about what to do with her wayward son. Audrey comes up with a suggestion that might just make David change his mind. Tracy is trying her best to make a go of things with Charlie but can’t get the image of him kissing Shelley out of her head. Charlie knows he has got work to do trying to make amends but he is determined to put on a united front and Deirdre and Ken are forced to ‘enjoy’ a drink with them at the Rovers. Sally is frustrated that Rosie does not want to go to Paris with the family but her mind is put at rest when Rita says that Rosie can stay with her. However, Rosie and Craig had been planning a romantic weekend on their own and are not too impressed by the idea of Rita babysitting. Fred can’t think straight after Audrey’s declaration of love and uses the excuse of needing a bit of pre-wedding grooming to nip across to the salon. Audrey manages to get rid of Maria and once she is on her own with Fred she tells him that she would marry him if he asked her. Fred is thrown into turmoil.

47x195 Fri 6 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-06T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Fred is still brooding over Audrey’s confession. Bev is totally unaware of what is going on and is convinced he is worried about Ashley and Claire. Audrey feels uncomfortable when Bev calls into the salon to discuss hair styles and when Bev tells her how stressed Fred is she can’t help but ask if she thinks he will cancel the wedding. Who will Fred choose? Rosie and Craig are feeling increasingly suffocated by Rosie’s family interfering in their lives and start to discuss a life away from Weatherfield. As they talk about all the amazing places to visit in the world an idea starts to form in their minds and they come up with the hair brained scheme to travel to Paris after all – but then to run away to Berlin!Ashley is emotional that Claire is returning home and wants everything to be just right for her homecoming. Claire is nervous about seeing baby Thomas but after an initial awkwardness she takes him in her arms and Ashley heaves as sigh of relief as it looks as though everything is going to be okay. Elsewhere, Fiz is growing increasingly fed up with Kirk’s attempts to teach her to drive and, after spending her lunch hour driving round and round in circles, she storms off leaving Kirk bemused and confused.

47x196 Sun 8 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-08T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Fred is still in turmoil after Audrey’s confession and his mind is not on plans for the joint stag and hen do later tonight. Bev meanwhile can’t wait and has all the Rovers staff working their socks off getting the place ready. Gail is worried about Audrey’s behaviour but whilst Audrey confesses she has had a row with Fred she keeps the details to herself. Later, as the party is about to start, Fred almost confesses to Bev but they are interrupted and he has to unburden himself on a disbelieving Ashley. Sally is delighted that Rosie and Craig have decided to join them in Paris and Rita is actually quite relieved that she won’t be having a house guest. Meanwhile the youngsters continue to plan their great escape. Ashley is trying his hardest with Claire but the extra effort is making her tetchy. Fred advises Ashley to concentrate more on being a husband than a psychiatrist. His advice works wonders and Claire even decides she feels up to going to the party. Norris is driving Rita mad as he prepares for the trip to Budapest but his efforts to learn Hungarian are at least keeping everyone amused.

47x197 Mon 9 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-10-09T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

It is the day of Fred and Bev’s wedding and Bev can’t wait to become Mrs Elliott. Ashley meanwhile is concerned for his dad – is he marrying the right woman?Across town Audrey is feeling as desolate as Fred and decides that she can’t face coming to the wedding. She calls the Rovers and asks Ashley to pass a message on to Fred telling him she is poorly. Ashley is relieved when Fred gets ready and seems committed to marrying Bev. But how will he react when he discovers that Audrey is not coming? Meanwhile, the rest of the residents are oblivious to what is going on and are excitedly heading for the church.

47x198 Mon 9 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-10-09T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Tragedy strikes in Weatherfield as Fred dies on his wedding day. Will Bev get Fred down the aisle before he dies or will he choose Audrey and spend his last moments in her arms? Either way Fred’s death will leave the community, his family and both women devastated.

47x199 Wed 11 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-11T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Fred’s death and the events surrounding it are the talk of the street. A devastated Bev is back in the Rovers still in her wedding dress, while Audrey is looking for support at the Platts’. The two women are mourning the loss of a loved one but how will they react when they come face to face? Meanwhile, Ashley struggles to hold it together as his family is torn apart again. Elsewhere, Danny makes a new play for Frankie saying he’s booked a romantic meal at an expensive restaurant for that evening. Frankie turns him down but it’s clear his playful optimism is starting to wear her down. And as Rosie and Sally share a laugh as they pack for their trip to Paris, for Rosie it’s tinged with sadness for what she and Craig are about to do.

47x200 Fri 13 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-13T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Danny’s pursuit of Frankie continues and when he presents her with flowers she agrees to go for a drink with him. After what Frankie confesses has been a lovely evening Danny offers to walk her home. As they reach her doorstep Danny moves in for a kiss. Will Frankie give in to passion? As those close to Fred struggle to cope with his shocking death there are funeral arrangements to discuss. Ashley wants Fred to be cremated but when Bev tells Archie she wants a family burial plot tensions rise. It seems Fred will not be resting in peace just yet. As Craig and Rosie finish their last day at school the young lovers burn their ties in preparation for their flit. This time tomorrow it will be Auf Wiedersehen Weatherfield. And Maria feels let down by Charlie again when he tells her he has to take a rain-check on their plans for the weekend.

47x201 Sun 15 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-15T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

As Frankie wakes up next to Danny she’s full of doubts about the previous night. But before she can do anything, Jamie arrives home to find his dad back in the house. He launches himself at Danny, throwing him into the street where a fight ensues. Back in the house things are far from calm as Jamie then demands to know how drunk Frankie was last night. She slaps him across the face and demands to know what’s going on. Will Jamie open his heart to Frankie and tell her he’s in love with her? The Websters are in high spirits as they set off for Paris but as they say au revoir to the street the goodbyes are a bit more poignant for Rosie and Craig. However, as the young lovers arrive in the city they’re caught up in its romance as they plan their escape. Kevin, meanwhile, is thrilled to meet up with dad Bill again. Back on the street, Liam makes a play for Maria in the Rovers. She’s flattered by his attention and when he offers to walk her home she accepts. Unbeknownst to Maria, Charlie is watching the pair as they arrive outside her flat. Is he about to witness his mistress falling for another man? And the gossip about the events surrounding Fred’s death is starting to get to those who were closest to him.

47x202 Mon 16 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-10-16T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Rosie and Craig are anxious to make their bid for freedom. Rosie’s feeling the pressure but after one last family snap they make their way back to the hotel to pack. Elsewhere, Sally and Kevin are celebrating their anniversary with champagne and gifts, unaware of what their daughter is about to do. But as they arrive back at the hotel they’re flung back down to earth with the news that Rosie’s nowhere to be seen. A search of her room reveals a note to her parents and a train timetable to Berlin. Beside themselves they set off for the station, but will they get there in time? It’s still tense at the Baldwins’ as Jamie continues to act strangely around step mum Frankie. Violet’s puzzled by his behaviour and when he stomps off with their holiday photos the minute Frankie enters the room, Violet can’t understand what has got into him. Danny, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to work his way back into Frankie’s affections. Maria’s suitably riled when Charlie asks her what’s going on with Liam. She snaps back about him spending the weekend playing happy families with Tracy, so how will she respond when Liam follows up on their recent flirtations and asks her on a date? Bev tells Liz that she can’t go thorough with pub sale following Fred’s death.

47x203 Mon 16 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-10-16T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

As Sally and Kevin rush to the station, Rosie and Craig buy their tickets for Berlin. But as they’re about to get on the train, Rosie freezes. She tries to persuade Craig to stay whilst he tries to persuade her to go. It’s stalemate and as the train finally pulls away, the Websters race onto an empty platform. Have they arrived too late? Maria arrives for her date with Liam but is immediately uncomfortable when Charlie comes in with Tracy and shoots daggers at her from the bar. Charlie then steps up his game by engineering a foursome. The pressure’s too much for Maria and she tells Liam she wants to go home. But as they leave, Charlie follows and gets rough with Liam. How will the two women in his life react? And has Charlie met his match this time with new boy Liam? Elsewhere, Danny gets the door slammed in his face again when he tries to convince Jamie that he’s the man for Frankie. Sean, meanwhile, tells Jamie he can’t keep up the pretence with Frankie and Violet forever, and he’s going to have to choose. And, desperate to know where she stands with the pub sale, Liz is forced to confront Ashley.

47x204 Wed 18 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-18T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Jamie apologises to Violet for his strange behaviour but she’s had enough and tells Jamie their relationship is over. When Frankie asks what’s gone on between them, Jamie blusters that he doesn’t know. But as the pair spend their first night in the house alone both suddenly know exactly what’s going on. With the eye contact and the long charged looks will they take the plunge? Maria’s had time to think following last night’s bust-up and tells Charlie she’s not prepared to wait for him forever. Charlie’s charm personified as he tells her he’ll be worth the wait. But Liam, meanwhile, has been suitably scared off and tells Maria he’ll be steering clear of her in the future. It’s the day of Fred’s will reading and tensions are running high. It’s also Bev’s birthday but she’s in no mood to celebrate, especially when she discovers she’s been left nothing in the will whereas Ashley has been left everything. Elsewhere, the shell-shocked Websters arrive back in Weatherfield. But is daughter Rosie with them? And Kirk has a surprise for girlfriend Fiz – a scooter!

47x205 Fri 20 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-10-20T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

It’s the day of Fred’s funeral and Ashley and Bev are winding each other up. Liz and Claire try to keep the peace but it’s clear everyone’s on tenterhooks, and as the funeral cortege arrives Bev is shooting daggers at Audrey. It’s clear things are going to get nasty, and when Bev decides to make a speech the proceedings turn emotional. Meanwhile, Danny’s getting to Jamie as he urges him to patch things up with Violet and leave him and Frankie to it. When he then sees Danny slip an arm round Frankie in the church it’s too much to bear and Jamie storms out. It has the desired effect and Frankie follows him demanding to know why he’s in such a state. Jamie’s forced to spell it out - he’s in love with Frankie and he moves in for a kiss. How will she respond? Elsewhere, Kirk’s in the good books when he presents Fiz with her scooter and Molly celebrates her birthday.

47x206 Fri 20 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-10-20T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Frankie has ended the kiss and runs away from Jamie. He follows her back to the street insisting that she feels the same way about him as he does her. But Frankie isn’t prepared to listen and with her head in a mess she makes her way to Danny’s flat where she tells him she wants to give their relationship another go. Danny can’t believe his luck, although he’s a little surprised when she then moves into the spare room. Frankie knows she needs to make this work if she’s to stop thoughts of Jamie. But as the pair cosy up on the sofa Jamie arrives at the flat determined to plead his case. The funeral is now over but as the party make their way back to the pub there’s a strange and unpleasant atmosphere. Bev and Ashley are now ignoring one another but Rita tries to cheer up proceedings by starting a sing song. The atmosphere lightens but when Audrey enters keen to say her piece there’s a deadly silence. As she declares how much she loved Fred how will Bev react? Maria pays Charlie a surprise visit but when he tells her he can’t see her now as he’s meeting Tracy Maria’s back is up again. It’s clear the novelty of playing mistress is starting to wear thin. And Fiz gets her first scooter lesson.

47x207 Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 1]

  • 2006-10-23T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Frankie is trying her best with Danny, by refusing to sleep in the same bed but trying to get back to normal otherwise as a couple. He makes a special breakfast for her, delighted that Frankie is back in his home. She is touched by this but wants Danny to promise he’ll give Jamie time to get used to the new situation so Danny seeks him out to try and appease things, but Jamie slams the door in his face. Later on, Frankie goes to see Jamie who accuses her of lying to herself, and that their kiss really meant something. But Frankie is in turmoil and refuses to take in Jamie’s words. When he moves in for a kiss, will confused Frankie succumb? Unsuspecting Tracy wants to play matchmaker to Maria and Steve, but Charlie secretly hopes her daft idea will disappear as quickly as it arrived and warns Maria of her plans. She thinks that Charlie is coming over for a pizza but Charlie lets her down again, so she resorts to spending her evening with a rather smitten David.And over in the Peacocks', Ashley asks Archie for Fred’s ashes, but Bev has already collected them. Ashley is absolutely mad at Bev and vows to get them back. He confronts her in the Rovers but Bev refuses to hand them over and tells poor Ashley she pans to scatter them where Fred proposed to her. What is Ashley’s reaction to this? Sarah is asked to go to the wholesalers by Audrey but she hasn’t got her mobile so Audrey demands that Maria lend her hers. Maria hastily deletes any outstanding texts from secret lover Charlie and asks David to take Charlie a note for her, telling him she hasn’t got her phone. She tells David she is telling him this because of a rent problem. He begrudgingly does this, but can’t help and sneak a glance on the way back to the salon. Has David rumbled their illicit affair?Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Frankie’s return is the talk of the factory floor and Danny delights in telling Liam that Frankie has moved back in. But it’s a different story for Frankie, who has moved back in to get out of the mess she is in with Jamie Danny wants to show Frankie off in the Rovers later, but his ex wife is not so sure.And Ashley is having a wobbly day, grieving for the loss of Fred. Claire visits the butchers to see him and offers to rename Thomas to ‘Freddy’ as a tribute to his father. Ashley is touched by Claire thoughtfulness but this is ruined by Bev barging in the shop and handing over half of Fred’s ashes in a heartless and cruel fashion.

47x208 Mon 23 Oct, 2006 [Episode 2]

  • 2006-10-23T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

David gives Maria Charlie's note, without saying a word. Charlie goes to Maria's and tells her that he will finish with Tracy when the time comes. Just after he leaves, the doorbell goes and it is David telling her he wants to talk to her about her secret relationship with Charlie! Maria is stunned and lets him in. A hurt David doesn’t hold back and forces her to tell the truth about her and the wayward builder. She gushes to him that she loves Charlie. David is angered by this and threatens to tell Tracy, but can Maria manipulate him into keeping quiet for the sake of their ‘special friendship?’ Over in the Rovers, Jamie is consumed with jealousy when Frankie arrives with Danny so he storms out in a huff. Sean follows his friend and Jamie pours his heart out and says he is convinced that Frankie loves him. Sean tries to reason with him by saying that you can’t wish someone to love you, but Jamie is resolute and vows to win her heart. And the Platts talk about David’s behaviour and how many of the Street residents are shunning Audrey over her alleged ‘affair’ with Fred, with some even cancelling their hair appointments in a bid to spite her.

47x209 Wed 25 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-25T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

David is supposed to be having a meeting with the Education Welfare Officer and Gail, but skives it to seek out Maria instead after her revelations from yesterday. He finds her, and in a bid to keep him quiet she invites him to her flat for a beer. Maria then starts to turn on the charm and tells David that although he is too young for her she sees him as her best friend and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Once smitten David has gone, an intrigued Charlie goes round to find out why he has been at the flat for so long. Maria tells him that David knows everything about their affair and Charlie orders her to keep David sweet, but unbeknownst to either of them, David goes crazy with jealousy and slashes Charlie’s tyres and smashes the windscreen on the van. What will Charlie do when he discovers the mess his van has been left in? Over at Danny’s flat, Frankie still feels awkward around him and they have slept in separate rooms again. Frankie goes to Deidre’s with the girls after work for a drink or two and it’s not long before the subject of Danny is brought up. She later goes back to the flat a bit tipsy, and decides to finally give in to Danny’s charms and they spend the night in his bedroom! And it's Norris and Rita's trip to Budapest today with Norris waking a reluctant Ken up at 5.30am, to remind him that he starts temping at the shop whilst they are on their travels. Rita tries to outdo Norris with her Hungarian phrases, and this riles him no end as Les drives them to the airport.

47x210 Fri 27 Oct, 2006

  • 2006-10-27T19:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

David turns up in Charlie’s garden and pretends to Tracy that he has lost his football but refuses to budge until Charlie appears. He tries to stare Charlie out but Charlie is not riled by the teen and heads off to work. However, it’s not long before he finds his van vandalised and then discovers a card saying ‘tut-tut what will Charlie say’ when he goes into the office. Later, Charlie is with Tracy, and David whistles at her. It is obvious that David is intent on causing trouble so, later on, Charlie marches up to him, and warns him to stay away from Tracy. But David is unconcerned by Charlie's threats and challenges Charlie to the consequences of David leaking his secret. Will Charlie lose his rag and hit the devious lad? Gail tells the Platts that the whole family needs to go in for counselling and both Audrey and Sarah refuse point blank to have anything to do with it. Will Gail manage to stop Sarah from hankering after Jason and talk her family round? Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Danny is on top of the world but knows there is a still a way to go with winning back Frankie even though they slept together. Frankie is growing more comfortable with living the lie, and goes round to collect her clothes from Jamie's house. She tells a distraught Jamie that she is in love with Danny and that he should get back with Violet. Jamie is floored.

47x214 30 October 2006

  • 2006-10-30T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Maria's furious with Charlie and storms round to No.6 determined to tell Tracy everything. Charlie tries his best to stop her. Norris arrives back from Budapest but Rita's still there in a hospital bed. Norris asks Ken to stay on at The Kabin until she returns. Maria tells Tracy all about her affair with Charlie. Charlie tries to make Maria out to be a liar and a fantasist. Tracy pushes Maria out on to the Street where a crowd forms to watch. Tracy calls Maria a liar until Maria tells Tracy she knows where Charlie's tattoo is. Bill Webster arrives back in Weatherfield. He takes Kevin to the Rovers for a drink. Chesney pretends he's thirteen and blags a job as a paper boy at The Kabin. Charlie tries to convince Tracy that Maria meant nothing but Tracy's incandescent with rage. Deirdre's worried sick about Tracy but Tracy tells her to keep her nose out. Hayley tells Emily she'd like to do some voluntary work for the church. Maria pours her heart out to Fiz saying how stupid she's been. Tracy tries to throw Charlie out but he breaks down crying and refuses to go.

47x230 22 November 2006

  • 2006-11-22T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

David's on his Playstation but Gail's concerned at the level of violence in the games. Delighted Claire tells Eileen she's arranged for her to be baptised before the christening so she can be Freddie's godmother. Frankie says an emotional goodbye to Warren as he leaves for Spain. Les tells Fiz he suspects Cilla's having an affair. Slug, a down and out friend of Becky's turns up in the café. Becky serves him and then pockets the money. Vera again warns Hayley about Becky's stealing. Jason takes Sarah to the cinema. They enjoy themselves but Jason's disappointed when Sarah refuses a goodnight kiss. The darts match takes place between Paul, Liam, Danny and Michelle versus the factory girls. The girls win meaning the management has to take them out for Christmas dinner. Jamie calls at Danny's flat and begs Frankie to reconsider. She tries to deny her love for him but can't and they kiss passionately. Danny heads home with some chips for him and Frankie. He pushes open the bedroom door and is horrified to find Frankie and Jamie in bed together. In a rage, Danny throws Jamie out of the flat.

47x254 25 December 2006

  • 2006-12-25T19:30:00+00:00 — 25 mins

Steve's looking after Amy in the Rovers. Ken, Deirdre and Blanche pop in with a present for her. Liz is outraged when Blanche insists on using their private loo on the grounds they're all family. Eileen, Sean, Violet and Jason spend Christmas at home. They realise that nobody remembered to take the chicken out of the freezer and they've nothing to eat. Gail, Sarah, David, Audrey, Bill, Sally, Kevin, Rosie and Sophie all have Christmas dinner at No.8. David presents Gail with Ivy's diary and reads out loud the bit about Gail wanting to have an abortion. Upset Gail tries to convince David she loves him but he's sceptical. Everyone's embarrassed. Vera's impressed when Molly gets Jack to sit down to Christmas dinner with the family instead of sloping off to the pub. Molly explains to Tyrone how she's training Jack rather like you'd train a dog. Unable to bear the tension in the house Sarah calls for Jason and they go to the Rovers. Bill's horrified when Maureen suddenly arrives from Germany to surprise him. Everyone's shocked, particularly Audrey, to realise that he and Maureen are still very much a couple. To Bill's horror, David tells Maureen how Bill's been having an affair with Audrey. A girl called Emma calls at No.11 with her baby. She hands Eileen the baby explaining that Jason is the father and he can look after her. Eileen's stunned. Jason tries to deny the baby's his. Sarah's furious. Gail and David row. David points out he's sixteen today and threatens to move out.