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Coronation Street

Season 50 2009

  • 2009-01-02T19:30:00Z on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 5 days, 10 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

260 episodes

50x01 Fri Jan 02 2009 Part 1

  • Season Premiere

    2009-01-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's a bad day for Molly and Tyrone. Aunty Pam is still in hospital following the explosion but it is Tyrone who gets it in the neck from Molly who is convinced he must have known about the bio oil scam all along. By the end of the day it looks like he might finally have convinced Molly he had nothing to do with it and he is about to pop the question when a very unwelcome face from the past turns up. Liz and Lloyd are already fed up with having to meet in secret but neither of them want to break the news of their relationship to Steve so they agree to wait for the right moment to come along - whenever that may be. Peter has overslept after downing half a bottle of whisky last night and Ken's waiting to take Simon out. Ken and Deirdre are suspicious of his reasons for being late but Ken is determined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Michelle is planning a trip to Ireland for her and Steve but he's not too keen. Becky's not too taken with the idea either but has to put a brave face on it when Michelle tells her all about it. Things have gone well between Tara and Dev so Amber is disappointed when Tara reveals she is going to Scotland. When Tara's heating breaks down Amber hatches a plan to try and get her to stay but it backfires spectacularly.

50x02 Fri Jan 02 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Molly and Tyrone are finally united over something - both of them want to get rid of Tyrone's mum Jackie. She insists she is staying put until she is able to sort out a problem with her breast implant which has 'exploded'. Molly is stunned when Tyrone falls for his mum's sob story and says she can stay. Jack and Pam are less than impressed to have her hanging around but Molly is sick of all the bickering and finally gives Tyrone the answer he has been waiting for. Joe is getting more and more agitated by the way that Gary Windass is managing to upset Tina and David. When Gary finally pushes his luck and asks Tina out, Joe takes matters into his own hands and gives him a warning. Amber is mortified that her plan to keep Tara in Weatherfield has had entirely the opposite effect and goes round to confess to tampering with the plumbing. Tara is impressed by her honesty and what she has tried to do for her dad and agrees to stick around - even covering for Amber with Dev. Steve is still intrigued by the identity of Lloyd's new mystery woman but Lloyd is giving nothing away. Steve sees Liz and Lloyd whispering and assumes she is trying to find out details of the new woman too - how would he react if he knew what was really going on? Peter has managed to hide his drinking relapse from everyone until Leanne goes round to the flat for tea and discovers he has fallen off the wagon. Peter is in denial and accuses Leanne of placing too much emphasis on his drinking but when she walks out it looks as if her words may have hit home.

50x03 Mon Jan 05 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-01-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Steve is desperately trying to get out of the trip to Ireland and Michelle is starting to wonder if he is trying to dump her. Liz and Poppy do their best to reassure her but Liz is not convinced and grills Steve about what he is up to. Steve finally confesses about Becky and his furious mum tells him to get it sorted. Meanwhile Liz still has a secret of her own and when Steve calls at Lloyd's for some male advice on what to do about Becky and Michelle he has no idea that his mum is hiding behind the sofa. Amber and Dev are not seeing eye to eye and when Amber pushes him too far he tells her that she can fend for herself and sort out her own 18th birthday. Tara comforts her convinced that Dev's behaviour is down to her. Things are also strained between Leanne and Peter. They avoid heavy conversation and when Peter tries to convince her he hasn't got a drink problem. But when he tries to kiss her she tells him that she would rather keep their relationship professional. Elswhere Molly is still convinced there is nothing wrong with Jackie.

50x04 Mon Jan 05 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Steve has smelled some familiar perfume at Lloyd's flat and is desperately trying to guess the identity of his friend's new woman. As he goes to leave however he spots Liz's keys and it all falls into place. Disgusted he finds Liz hiding behind the sofa and demands to know what is going on. The two men almost come to blows and an incredulous Steve arrives back in the pub and tells Michelle what he has discovered. Michelle tries to make him see the funny side and as they laugh and joke he hasn't the heart to tell her it is over. Meanwhile Becky has confided in Hayley about her relationship with Steve and the fact that he is breaking things off with Michelle this evening but as the night drags on Becky realises she has been let down yet again. Joe is trying to hide the seriousness of his cash flow problems from Gail and is embarrassed when Tyrone twice finds him sitting in the can doing nothing. When Joe and Gail bump into Tyrone later in the pub Joe has to do some quick thinking when Tyrone mentions seeing him – after all, Gail thought he was at a trade fair across town, how long can he keep this pretense up? Molly confronts Jackie about her imaginary illness but Jackie is off the hook when Molly takes an urgent phone call saying her dad has been taken into hospital.

50x05 Wed Jan 07 2009

  • 2009-01-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michelle can't stop herself from smiling after the night she and Steve have just spent together. By contrast Becky is back at the café feeling sad and lonely and waiting to hear from Steve. Hayley tries to tell her that things might be taking a little longer than expected so when Steve arrives at the café she is delighted and doesn't give him chance to explain what has happened before dragging him to the bedroom. Afterwards an exhausted Steve chickens out of coming clean and simply asks her to stay away from the Rovers for a while. Things are getting worse for Joe and when David asks him for his wages he tells him that he's be better going to the job centre. Later Joe talks to Bill about the labouring work on the building project but asks Bill to tell people he is kitchen fitting Molly tells Tyrone that her dad will miss the wedding and asks Pam to give her away – and when Jackie appears with her bags packed they are all glad they are finally going to see the back of her – but then Molly has a change of heart. Tara tells Amber and Molly the plans she is making for their joint 18th birthday party and hen night but Dev feels uneasy when Tara tells Amber that she got a new car for her 18th. Will Amber be disappointed with what Dev has got her?

50x06 Fri Jan 09 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-01-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

A happy and oblivious Becky is waiting for Steve in the street and asks him how Michelle is coping. Covering Steve suggests that Becky stays away from the Rovers so she is surprised when Poppy rings her later to ask her to do a shift. She's even more shocked when she realizes that she is standing in for Michelle who has gone to have her hair done for a night out with Steve. Realising Steve has been lying to her all along a devastated Becky tells him it is over. A hungover Peter wakes late again to find Simon surrounded by milk and broken glass – the poor little lad had been trying to get ready for school without waking his dad. He's determined to make amends and when Liz offers to collect Simon later he insists he will come with her. Molly and Amber are excited about their joint birthday and hen parties whilst Tyrone is driving Kevin mad with his constant talk about the wedding plans.

50x07 Fri Jan 09 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's the night of Molly and Tyrone's Stag and Hen dos and the girls head for Dev's flat whilst the boys hit the less than salubrious surroundings of the Flying Horse. At Dev's the sophisticated tone of the party is spoilt somewhat by the arrival of Jackie Dobbs but Molly insists she can stay as long as she behaves. An excited Graeme is doing the catering but ends up getting dragged into a whole lot more which leads to both Pam and Molly throwing Jackie out of the Flat. Meanwhile Tara can't help noticing that Amber seems a little disappointed by her birthday present from Dev. Over at the Flying Horse the lads are enjoying a few beers and some jokes at Tyrone's expense. The night is ruined for Tyrone however when Aunty Pam calls to ask him to do one last job for him to get the money for a new pigeon coop for Jack. Tyrone agrees to help Jack but then finds himself agreeing to a meeting at 1pm on his wedding day – has Tyrone bitten off more than he can chew this time? A devastasted Becky watches Michelle and Steve head off for their night out before handing in her notice and. Steve tries to talk to her as she leaves the pub but she's had enough and heads back to an empty café where she sits alone in the darkness and ponders being let down by yet another man.

50x08 Mon Jan 12 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-01-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Amber, Tara and Natasha help Molly get ready for her wedding. Molly makes Pam promise not to leave her side as she's nervous. Peter invites Leanne over to watch a DVD with him and Simon. He buys a couple of bottles of wine and some pizzas. Tyrone's in a panic when he gets a call from the dove agency to say the doves have been eaten by a cat. Jack tries to calm him down. Pam phones Tyrone and begs him to meet dodgy Dave and do the deal with him as she can't escape from Molly. Tyrone feels he has no choice. Steve's fed up knowing he's lost Becky. He suggests to Michelle they should go to Ireland for a few days. Liz tells him to sort his love life out once and for all. Tyrone's worried when the Korean harpist phones to say she's stuck on the M6. Peter starts on the wine whilst he's waiting for Leanne. Tyrone hands over the holdall full of "Roybans" to dodgy Dave in The Flying Horse. Suddenly Dave reveals himself as an undercover policeman. Tyrone finds himself arrested for handling stolen goods. Jack and Kirk watch in amazement.

50x09 Mon Jan 12 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tyrone is staring disaster in the face as he finds himself arrested for handling stolen goods. With very little time left to get to the church Jack steps in to help and manages to bribe the policeman to let Tyrone go and get married on the proviso that he will go to the police station after the ceremony. Oblivious to the drama that is unfolding across town Molly is in for a surprise of her own when she discovers a horse drawn carriage waiting to take her to the church. She's thrilled that Tyrone has gone to such lengths to give her a day to remember. And he continues to do just that when she arrives at the church and, overcome by keeping the secret of his arrest from her, he promptly faints at the alter! Leanne talks to Deirdre and discovers that Peter has gone to a great deal of effort to plan a nice evening for the two of them. His thoughtfulness pays off though and it isn't long before he and Leanne are kissing passionately. Anna asks Gary to take down the Christmas lights as she is sick of the earache she is getting off Gail. Tina is not best pleased when Gary arrives at the house and asks if he can get into the bedrooms to dismantle the lights. But it isn't long before he starts to charm her and persuades her to make hi a cup of tea – against her better judgement Tina finds herself warming to him. Liz tells Steve that if he loves Becky he should finish with Michelle as she deserves better – meanwhile Becky tells a persistent Jason that she always finds herself second best and that Sarah will always be his number one.

50x10 Wed Jan 14 2009

  • 2009-01-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Molly and Tyrone prepare for the wedding photographs, Tyrone is building himself up to confess about his arrest, expecting the police to turn up any second. Sensing that Molly smells a rat about the real reason Tyrone was late Jack dives in to divert attention. Pam demands to know what is going on and when Jack and Kirk fill her in on Tyrone's arrest she is immediately suspicious and explains that the copper may not be all that he seemed! A relieved Tyrone heads for the reception with his new bride – delighted that he isn't facing a prison cell on his wedding night. The reception goes without a hitch and they are presented with a honeymoon in Paris by Kevin and Sally. But just when everything starts to go to plan Jackie Dobbs turns up – is she really here to wish the young couple well or does she have something else planned? JD arrives at the Rovers and asks Michelle if she'd like to go on tour with the band again. Michelle says that she can't but is surprised when Steve insists it is fine and she must go. JD is delighted to have his lead singer back but he's stunned when Steve explains that his relationship with Michelle is on the rocks and asks him to do him a big favour. David arrives home to find Gary drinking tea in the kitchen with Tina. He is furious with her for siding with the enemy and it's obvious that Gary enjoys David's discomfort. Elsewhere Fiz confesses to Julie that John has been writing to her from prison and deep down she still loves him.

50x11 Fri Jan 16 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-01-16T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's the day of reckoning for Steve and Becky. JD takes Michelle for lunch and she is surprised when he moves in for a kiss. She pushes him away, shocked, and JD explains how Steve had told him that their relationship is over and actively encouraged him to make a move on her. A furious Michelle heads back to the pub and demands some answers from Steve who finally tells her that he doesn't love her anymore – omitting to tell her that he has fallen in love with Becky. But later during a heated row with Steve over Liz, Lloyd gets sick of Steve's double standards and blurts out the whole sordid story to Michelle – how will she react? Becky, Meanwhile, is stunned to discover that not only has Steve dumped Michelle but Jason has started divorce proceedings from Sarah – from being everyone's second choice she seems to have jumped up the charts to number one finally. Molly and Tyrone are on cloud nine as they unwrap their wedding presents but are concerned when they can't find the tickets for the honeymoon from Kevin and Sally. It doesn't take long for Tyrone to work out that his low-life mother Jackie has stolen the rail tickets and done a runner . Tina is devastated when she discovers that her dad has been living in his lock up – she demands to know the truth about his financial situation.

50x12 Fri Jan 16 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-16T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michelle is stunned as she takes in this latest bombshell from Lloyd. Steve tries to deny everything but Blanche decides the time has come for her to Come clean about what happened at Becky's trial. Michelle listens incredulous as Blanche explains that he confessed to a packed courtroom that he was having an affair with Becky. As Michelle packs her bags Steve tries to explain but realises that nothing he can say or do will make this situation any better for Michelle. Upset at having hurt Michelle but delighted that he can finally be with the woman that he loves Steve heads out to find Becky - but it seems he might have left things a bit late and Becky has already got over him and moved on-and back together with Jason!. Joe admits to Tina that he is in a financial mess and Tina is worried about what her dad is going to do about finding somewhere to live. Joe insists he will sort himself out and manages to manipulate an oblivious Gail into asking him to move into No 8 with her. Tyrone is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that his mum stole his and Molly's honeymoon. Pam is upset for them and comes to the rescue with an alternative holiday. Elsewhere Bill and Joe are playing darts when Eddie approaches them and shows them his darts medals – Bill suggests they form a darts team.

50x13 Mon Jan 19 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-01-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's the day of John's court case and Fiz has decided she wants to support him. Kirk and Julie are horrified that that she wants anything to do with him but Fiz is determined to go. At court John is touched to see that she has turned up and in a heartfelt submission he tells the judge that he deeply regrets abducting Rosie and hurting Fiz. As the judge prepares to pass sentence Fiz waits anxiously to see how long John will go down for. Becky assures Jason that it is him she wants to be with and that she and Steve are history. Meanwhile a bitter and angry Michelle packs her bags and moves out of the Rovers and into Maria's. In the street she bumps into Becky and Jason and can't resist letting rip at the woman she considered a friend. Gary continues to wind David up by flirting with Tina and when Gary makes some comment about a consignment of copper piping that Joe and Bill are unloading Joe sees red and warns him to stay away from Tina. But it seems Gary might be more interested in the copper piping than Joe's daughter. Meanwhile Tina is not sure that Joe's move to number eight is such a good idea. Maria is back from her trip and she is confronted by Tony who wants to know if she is feeling any 'better'. Elsewhere Dev is less than impressed when Tara gives Amber a car as a belated birthday present

50x14 Mon Jan 19 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Audrey discovers that Joe is working as a labourer for Bill and decides that Gail ought to know. Gail is concerned and questions Joe about what has happened to his kitchen fitting business but she is stunned when Joe goes ballistic and accuses her of interfering - this is a side of Joe she has not really seen before. Meanwhile Gary Windass has taken no notice of Joe's warning and continues to try and woo Tina whilst at the same time planning to rob the builders' yard with his Uncle Len. A suspicious David watches them drive away from the yard convinced they have been up to something. Fiz tells Julie and Kirk about John's sentence and a concerned Julie warns Fiz that if she visits John in prison he will expect her to be there waiting for him when he comes out. Meanwhile the Websters are thrilled that John has been sent down and celebrate in the Rovers. With Michelle visiting her parents in Ireland a desperate Steve begs Becky to give him another chance but she insists that she is happy with Jason.

50x15 Wed Jan 21 2009

  • 2009-01-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bill and Jason arrive at the yard to discover that the copper pipe has been nicked. Aware of Joe's money problems Jason immediately wonders if he was responsible for the theft. Gail meanwhile is worried as Joe has not been home since their row, Tina finds him at his lock-up and tells him to sort himself out. Joe heads back for work where he finds out about the burglary and when Gary suggests he might be the thief Joe pins him against the wall and has to be pulled away by a shocked Bill and Jason. At the Windasses, Eddie is convinced that Gary and Len had something to do with the robbery and he urges Gary to do something with his life rather than following a life of crime. Gary wastes no tie in pointing out that he hasn't had the best of role models in his dad. But Eddie still covers for his son when David Platt arrives and accuses him of robbing the pipe. Maria starts back at work at the salon and finds out from Emily about Jed's sudden disappearance. Maria is immediately suspicious and can't help wondering if Tony is behind it. Elsewhere, a concerned Chesney tries to set Fiz up on a date with Graeme – she's touched but her heart just isn't in it.

50x16 Fri Jan 23 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-01-23T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Maria is determined to get to the bottom of Jed Stone's mysterious disappearance and decides to confront Tony. Alone in the factory she accuses him of murdering Jed and is stunned when he confesses that he strangled him with a negligee and put his body in one of the hampers. As Maria stares at him in horror he describes how the Underworld staff partied around the hamper unaware that Jed's body lay inside it. Kevin and Sally are shocked when they open the morning paper to find a salacious article complete with saucy photographs of Rosie detailing her 'ordeal' at the hands of John Stape. Ashamed that Rosie saw fit to cash in on her ordeal, Kevin and Sally are left reeling when they discover a home pregnancy testing kit in the bin. When Rosie insists it isn't hers they are left with only one other explanation – one too awful to contemplate. Ken is another anxious and disappointed parent as he tells Deirdre that he has heard from Adam who told him that Peter is back on the booze in Portsmouth. Gail is worried sick about Joe and confides in Tina who finds him once more at his lock-up. She tells him he is being unfair on Gail and begs him to come home – will Joe listen? Elsewhere Eddie gets some more players to hand over 20 quid to sign up to the darts team.

50x17 Fri Jan 23 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-23T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

A terrified Maria races out of the factory closely followed by Tony. Hysterical she tells Fiz and Emily that Tony has confessed to Jed's murder but it is clear that no one believes her. She implores Fiz to believe her but Fiz is deeply worried about her friend's state of mind. Tony meanwhile continues to play to innocent yet concerned victim and tells Carla that rather than get an injunction out against Maria he thinks she needs medical help. Later after gathering 'evidence' Maria turns up in the pub in her nightie and accuses Tony of killing Liam and Jed – prompting everyone to think she has finally lost her marbles. Sally and Kevin are shocked to the core when Sophie tells them that it was her pregnancy test and what's more it was positive. As they struggle to come to terms with the news Sophie breaks down and confesses the real truth behind her behaviour leaving Kevin and Sally with the feeling that they have failed as parents. Anna Windass is disgusted with her husband when he tells her that he has been mugged and all the darts team money was stolen – she knows it is just another of his scams

50x18 Mon Jan 26 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-01-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Maria is in a terrible state. She can't get anyone to believe her allegations about Tony and when she finally gets to talk to the police they have already been approached by Carla over Maria attacking Tony. They advise Maria that if she continues to harass Tony she's be in serious trouble. Devastated she leaves the police station and heads home but as she rounds the corner into Coronation Street she sees Tony crossing the road and her hatred for the man she believes killed her husband bubbles to the surface. She puts her foot down and drives straight at him. Sally and Kevin assure Sophie that they love her and apologises for the way they have sidelined during all their problems with Rosie. Rosie makes disparaging remarks about her sister but Sophie is having none of it and gives as good as she gets. Ken arrives back from Portsmouth without Peter and explains to Leanne and Blanche that Peter has had to go into rehab. Blanche has no sympathy for Peter and his problems but Leanne is concerned and agrees to look after the bookies and stand by him. Eileen is amused when she spots Gail and Anna rowing in the street. Meanwhile Gary and Len congratulate themselves on the all round success of the copper piping scam. Eddie Windass however is dumbstruck when Kirk tells him that he has managed to arrange for them to join another darts team.

50x19 Mon Jan 26 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's mayhem on the street as Maria sits dazed in the crumpled wreck of her car and Tony lies on the cobbles. Kevin rushes to Maria's aide whilst Carla is relieved to discover that Tony is conscious. The emergency services are called and Tony and Maria are taken to hospital. The enormity of what she has done hits home to Maria and she waits with baited breath to see if she has harmed her unborn child. Meanwhile the police warn her that she could be facing an attempted murder charge if it is proved that she tried to run Tony over on purpose. A cocky Gary Windass suggests to Tina that David tried to frame him for the robbery because he is jealous and worried that Tina fancies him. Later in the pub David is devastated when he hears Tina telling Jason that she isn't sure Gary is guilty. Desperate to escape the problems at home, Ken takes Eccles for a long walk by the canal but when the dog falls in and Ken tries to rescue him he finds a good Samaritan in the form of the charming Martha Fraser, who invites him to dry out in the warmth of her canal boat. Elsewhere Eileen is surprised to discover that Julie is in fact the daughter of one of her old school friends and Sophie comes home from swimming in a bad mood but won't tell Sally why.

50x20 Wed Jan 28 2009

  • 2009-01-28T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

In the 7000th Episode The police question Tony about Maria running him down suggesting that she may have been trying to kill him but, to Carla's fury and dismay, Tony insists that he didn't see a thing and it was an accident. Later Tony has a surprise for everyone when he brings Jed Stone to the pub – after first making sure he covers the ligature marks on his neck. Maria feels foolish when Tony asks her to come to the pub to meet someone and, unaware of the marks on Jed's neck realizes she has falsely accused him of murder. Carla however is not convinced when Tony tells her he set Jed up in a new home in Wigan after feeling bad about buying his old house and when she later sees Tony frogmarching Jed to his car, and apparently threatening him, her suspicions are aroused even more. Is she about to figure out the turth about Liam's death and the events of Christmas eve and that Maria has been right all along? Blanche and Leanne continue to work alongside each other in the betting shop in Peter's absence with Blanche even conceding that she likes Leanne and thinks she is good for Peter. Norris and Mary are delighted when they jointly win a motor home in a competition. Mary suggests that they get some use out of their prize and enjoy a few days away in Southport. Elsewhere David congratulates himself after managing to ruin Gary's date with Rosie Webster But Gary is not happy- Is World War three about to break out between Gary and David over Tina

50x21 Fri Jan 30 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-01-30T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

World war 3 has broken out between David Platt and Gary Windass. Gary speaks to Jason who fills him in on some interesting information about David's history and all the scrapes he's been involved in. Armed with some serious ammo he sets about trying to wind David up and succeeds despite Tina begging David to ignore his childish antics. After suffering a day of antagonism David finally flips and punches Gary – a brawl ensues and Tina tries to stop it but Gary gets the better of David and knocks him to the ground. Maria calls at the factory to apologise to Tony for wrongly accusing him of killing Jed but Carla is intrigued when Maria can't resist a dig about Tony evicting the old man. Later Carla decides to pay Emily a visit to try and find out exactly what went on and she's surprised when Emily reveals that the previous day, she hadn't seen him seen Christmas Eve-the same time Jed disappeared! Ken takes Eccles for another walk along the canal and once more bumps into Martha who invites him for lunch on the barge. He discovers that she is appearing in a local production of A Streetcar Named Desire and asks him if he would mind helping her with her lines. As Ken sits enraptured it is clear that Martha is worlds away from his problems back in Weatherfield. Elsewhere Janice gets the shock of her life when she sneaks out of the hospital for a crafty fag with her new mate Mike.

50x22 Fri Jan 30 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-01-30T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Colin phones for an ambulance whilst Eddie pulls Gary off David. David's in a bad way. Carla pays Jed a visit in Wigan and takes him out for lunch. She plies him with alcohol and quizzes him about Tony. Ken's enjoying Martha's company having found his intellectual equal. Anna and Eddie berate Gary warning him he could be sent to prison this time. The police turn up and arrest Gary and take him in for questioning. David makes Tina promise to lie for him and say that Gary threw the first punch. Norris meets up with Mary for a drink. They tell Rita and Colin their plans to rent the motor home out. Rita's amused. Emily hands a bouquet of flowers from Laura Scott. She'd heard that Janice was with Mike when he died. Janice is very moved. Gail, Joe, Eddie and Anna row about their respective kids. Gail tells Anna her son's a mindless brute whilst Anna calls David a liar. Janice tells Leanne that Mike's death has made her think and she wants to train as a nurse. Jed takes his scarf off and Carla notices the marks on his neck. She asks him how he got them and if Tony had anything to do with it. Jed refuses to answer.

50x23 Mon Feb 02 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-02-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla is dreading Tony's return from his business trip after her visit to see Jed Stone and she is snappy with Rosie when she unwittingly thwarts her attempts to speak to Maria. When Carla eventually visits Maria to try and make amends she is disturbed by Maria's claims that Tony paid a heavy to run Liam over. Secretly wondering if it is true she tells Leanne that she isn't sure she knows who Tony is anymore. When Tony finally does return she admits that she has seen Jed and asks Tony if he knows anything about the marks around his neck. Len is gloating about David's injuries but Anna reprimands him as she is worried about what is going to happen to Gary. David is pleased that Tina agreed to tell the police that Gary threw the first punch but Tina is already feeling uneasy about the lie, especially when Gail makes it clear how comforted she is that Tina witnessed everything. Meanwhile Gary tries to convince Len that Tina is lying about what happened. Len says he will have a 'word' with her. Janice's friends are incredulous when she tells that that she has been thinking about training as a nurse – she insists that she has changed and Vicki tells her that if it what she wants she should go for it. Rosie is enjoying making Sophie feel uncomfortable by teasing her about her crush on the swimming captain Ben. Elsewhere Ken and Martha's friendship blossoms as they share their love of language but he still hasn't told her he is married.

50x24 Mon Feb 02 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-02-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tony puts on a great act with Carla denying any involvement in Jed's injuries. He insists that he found Jed trying to commit suicide and saved him but the guilt at pushing someone to those lengths promoted him to re-house the pensioner. Carla is not sure but with no evidence to the contrary has to believe Tony. Once he's left her though Tony calls Jimmy and asks him to put the frighteners on the old man which Jimmy duly does. Unaware of what has gone on Carla can't help a creeping feeling of unease when she overhears Emily telling Rita that Jed has been rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Anna approaches Gail in the Kabin begging her to ask Tina who really started the fight but Gail is having none of it. When Gail reveals Anna's suspicions to Tina and David they immediately deny everything and Gary does himself no favours by telling Tina he knows she lied to the police, almost starting another fight with David in front of Rita. Sophie has enjoyed a lovely evening with Ben prompting Rosie to complain that she wasn't allowed out on dates at 14. Sally points out that she never brought home charming church-going boyfriends like Ben! Elsewhere Ken opens up to Ted about his friendship with Martha and is asked by Janice to tutor her so she can realise her dreams of becoming a nurse. At the Rovers the Flight Fandangos have arrived for their tournament with Kirk's team. Despite being led by Captain Kirk there is nothing remotely starry about the Rovers team. As they are beaten one by one by their opponents including Disco Dave, played by none other than darts supremo Phil Taylor, one of the visiting team recognizes Eddie and it soon becomes clear that the mugging scam has been used before.

50x25 Wed Feb 04 2009

  • 2009-02-04T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla is a woman on a mission – she needs to know exactly what Tony has done and if he was responsible for Liam's death. She realizes that Jimmy is the man with the answers and, after first speaking to Leanne to sort out somewhere to stay if needs be, she heads out to Jimmy's. Tony is suspicious about where she has gone and when her claim that she has gone for a meeting with a client proves a lie he sets out to try and find her. Meanwhile Jimmy is feeling under pressure as Carla quizzes him about Tony and as she leaves he calls Tony to tell him what has gone on - with Carla on her way back to the factory how will Tony react? The Windasses are on a charm offensive baking cakes for the locals to try and curry favour after Gary and David's fight and Eddie's darts scam. They even call in on David and Tina hoping to encourage David to drop the charges. Eventually Anna has to concede that it'll take something greater than butterfly cakes to make the Platts see sense. Janice is having her first lesson with Ken but she is not best pleased when he suggests that maybe she should set her sights a bit lower than five GCSEs and that she might be better thinking of a career as a care assistant rather than a nurse. Elsewhere Colin and Rita's friendship is blossoming.

50x26 Fri Feb 06 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-02-06T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla and Tony sit in a deserted factory after sending the girls home early. Carla wants answers but Tony wants to know why she has been asking so many questions. Like a dog with a bone Carla won't let it go and she starts to see cracks in Tony's armour as she finally tells him that her affair with Liam was more than just a fling and how exactly Liam meant to her. A devastated and beaten Tony can only listen as Carla tells him how much she loved and still loves Liam – even though he is dead and tells Liam was more of aman than he ever is. With nothing else to lose or fight for will Tony finally confess to Liam's murder? Gail reluctantly agrees to go for a drive with Anna Windass and is intrigued when they arrive outside the prison gates. Anna then issues an impassioned plea to Gail asking her to get Tina to change her story so that Gary can escape a prison sentence. Gail however is unaware that Tina has lied about the fight and insists to Anna that she is doing the right thing giving evidence against Gary. Steve and Lloyd have a heart to heart and realise that they can't let a woman ruin their friendship – even if that woman is Steve's mum. Liz is delighted that they are pals again but less than impressed when she discovers that Steve is taking Lloyd on a lad's night out. Eileen's dad, Colin, is getting on like a house on fire with Rita and also seems to be impressing the other ladies on the street – much to Eileen's annoyance. Elsewhere – Vicki gets a call from Poland to say her mother is ill and she has to return home immediately.

50x27 Fri Feb 06 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-02-06T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The storm raging outside Underworld is nothing compared to the emotions running wild inside the factory. A stunned Carla stares incredulously at Tony as he calmly confesses to the murder of Liam. Although she had started to suspect he was behind Liam's death nothing could have prepared her for hearing the truth and his reasons for what he did. She starts to fear for her own safety and tries to figure out a way to escape. Salvation comes in the form of Vicki who arrives at the factory to tell them she is going back to Poland. Seizing the opportunity Carla opens the locked door despite Tony's protestations. He is keen to get rid of Vicky and resume his conversation with Carla but she makes a last desperate bid for freedom – will she escape the murderer's clutches or has she pushed him too far this time? Steve and Lloyd are preparing for the singles night but Liz is still concerned especially when Norris disapproves of the dive where Lloyd and Steve are going. Steve is also less than impressed – especially when he discovers that Lloyd has duped him into attending a singles night. Mary invites Norris on a cruise with her and her mother but he turns her down and refuses to believe Rita's claims that Mary is falling for him.

50x28 Mon Feb 09 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-02-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

In the aftermath of Carla's departure, their flat has been completly trahsed but Tony has no wish to sort both the flat or himshelf out and when The Factory girls arrive to find Underworld locked, Maria tells them what happened but when Julie heads round to see if Tony alright he find him ina shocking state but slams the door in her face. Tina's problems over the David and Gary situation hit home when Len threatens her in The Kabin.

50x50 Wed Mar 11 2009

  • 2009-03-11T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Peter's hung-over and Simon has to get his own breakfast. Ken and Deirdre continue to snipe at each other over breakfast. Kirk tells Julie how he plans to get a job and save up to buy a house but it's obvious Julie isn't really interested. Peter's late for work, tired and hung-over. Michelle phones from Ireland and Peter lays into her saying if she's not back soon she won't have a job to come back to. Ken gives Peter some Alcoholics Anonymous leaflets but Peter's dismissive. Eileen has Paula round for lunch. Paula's frosty towards Colin which Eileen finds slightly odd. Tara introduces Dev to Justin the artist/photographer and tells him that she's commissioned him to do some more pieces. Dev's inwardly cringing. Natasha boasts to Maria how she's spent another fantastic night with Tony. Maria can't help feeling annoyed. Simon asks Peter to read him a story but Peter's too drunk and sends him off to bed. Deirdre asks Ken if he's seen Peter at all and if he was sober. Ken lies saying Peter was fine. Peter falls into a drunken sleep and drops his lit cigarette.

50x51 Fri Mar 13 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-03-13T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Peter's cigarette sets fire to the carpet and soon the flat is filled with smoke. Dev defends Tara whilst Umed derides her gallery and the amount of money Dev's wasting on her. Minnie arrives with the three framed photos. Dev panics wondering where to hide them but it's too late as Tara arrives and clocks the artwork. Tara demands to know what the photos are doing in Dev's possession and he's forced to tell Tara how he secretly purchased them to cheer her up. Tara's furious. She packs her things and leaves feeling totally humiliated. Kirk lets on to Chesney he knows that he's been bunking off school. Rita tells Eileen she's thinking of planning a surprise party for Colin's 70th birthday. Simon phones Deirdre and tells her the flat is on fire and he can't wake his dad. Ken and Deirdre rush to the Bookies in a state of panic. Tony and Luke break into the flat and rescue Peter, Simon and the rabbit. Ken feels he's to blame. The fire brigade arrive and Peter and Simon are taken to hospital. Fiz confronts Chesney about skiving off school. Chesney tries to play it down. Dev bumps into Prem's accountant Lisa. They share a few drinks and Dev invites Lisa back to his flat. Peter regains consciousness and demands to see his son. Simon's suffering from smoke inhalation and Peter cries at his bedside knowing he so nearly killed him.

50x83 Mon Apr 27 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-04-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Eileen gives Colin his birthday present. When Jason appears bleary eyed and shame faced, Julie trailing behind, Eileen and Sean enjoy his embarrassment. Steve and Becky are on a break. Steve plans to tell Tracy that Amy knows the truth. Sean, Janice, Kelly and Pam debate whether Jason and Julie had sex. Norris hopes to find Rita struggling in The Kabin but she's managing just fine without him. Paula overhears Rita discussing plans for Colin's surprise party. When Pam enters to share the gossip about Jason and Julie, Paula's horrified. On the day that Barlow's Bookies reopens, Ken checks up on Peter. Paula confronts Julie about Jason, her words increasingly hurtful. Julie's devastated when Paula admits she wishes Julie had never drawn breath. Fiz visits John and apologises for forgetting her ID card last time. John's thankful she still wants to see him. Becky anxiously waits by Steve's car. When he appears Becky tells him about her childhood; her father imprisoned and the constant lies. Steve better understands why she told Amy the truth and the rift between them begins to heal. Fiz is grateful when John summarises Jekyll and Hyde for her but when the bell rings for her to leave, John's sorry he spent so long on one subject. Mary, Norris, Sean, Emily, Jason, Eileen, Betty, Pam and Julie await Colin's arrival at the Rovers. Rita and Colin enter to a loud "surprise". Jason avoids all contact with Julie. Peter shows Ken around his redecorated flat. Whilst Peter gives up booze, desperate to be a good father, Ken struggles giving up thoughts of Martha. Colin reveals he has a surprise of his own and proposes to Rita.

50x84 Mon Apr 27 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-04-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Rita accepts Colin's marriage proposal, Julie confronts Jason, and Norris tells Rita that all he wants is her happiness. A row breaks out in the Rovers after Paula spots Julie and Jason together; Paula admits she is not jealous, but scared...

50x88 Mon May 04 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-05-04T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Julie visits her dad in hospital. Peter's furious with Ken for the way he's treating Deirdre, and Ken finds himself torn between the promise of a new life with Martha and the one he has shared so long with Deirdre.

50x90 Wed May 06 2009

  • 2009-05-06T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Peter makes snide digs at Ken about his affair with Martha. Deirdre's oblivious. Jason visits Colin in hospital. Despite all that Colin's done, Jason feels sorry for him. Colin asks Jason to do his best to get Eileen to visit him. Molly wants to get more involved in the garage business. She tells Tyrone they should consider advertising and changing the name to Dobbs & Webster. Ken can no longer live with the guilt. He hands his "farewell letter" to Deirdre and insists she reads it. Deirdre's shocked. Ken tries to explain to Deirdre how he chose her over Martha because he loves her. Deirdre's bitter and asks him if he expects her to be grateful. Deirdre calls to see Eileen and tells her about Ken's affair. Eileen's sympathetic. David involves Graeme in his plan to wind Gary up to make him think David's a burglar. Jason tries to make Eileen see that Colin is just an ill and lonely old man and that it's time to forgive him for the terrible things he's done in the past, but Eileen remains stubborn and Jason gets upset. Blanche picks up the letter from Ken to Deirdre. She's horrified by its contents. Ken's desperate to talk things through but Deirdre's adamant there's nothing to discuss and they should put the whole sorry mess behind them.

50x91 Friday May 08 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-05-08T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Blanche is disgusted with Ken and tells Deirdre to chuck him out. When Deirdre refuses Blanche packs her suitcase and tells them if Ken's staying then she's going instead. Paula calls to see Julie. They have a heart-to-heart and Paula apologises for not telling Julie who her real dad was for so many years. Ken thanks Deirdre for giving him another chance but Deirdre's emotionally exhausted and points out that maybe she's just as spineless as him. Eileen gives in and goes to visit Colin in hospital. She's upset to see him so frail. Colin's moved to tears, he's so grateful to see her. Tara gives Dev a final chance to come clean about Lisa but Dev's oblivious to Tara's fishing and swears he's been faithful. Tara resolves to get her revenge. David and Graeme discuss a fictitious burglary within Gary's earshot. Peter persuades Michelle to come round to his flat for dinner but they're interrupted when Blanche arrives and announces that she's moving in. Dev tells Amber how he plans to propose to Tara at her art installation event as a public declaration of his love for her. Amber thinks it's a great idea. Colin asks Eileen to forgive him for what he did all those years ago. Eileen's apologetic but tells him she can't. Colin's sad as he watches her go.

50x95 Wed May 13 2009

  • 2009-05-13T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Joe is trying to keep a loan shark off his back. Colin threatens to discharge himself from hospital, and Mary plans to seduce Norris after a romantic dinner in the motor home.

50x144 Mon Jul 20 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-07-20T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ashley and Claire agree to never argue again, but she makes an alarming demand when he takes Joshua to see her. Blanche and the Barlows attend the alcoholics' support group meeting, and Helen confronts Maria about her relationship with Tony

50x161 Fri Aug 14 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-08-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lloyd, the best man, helps Steve prepare for his wedding. Slug meets up with DC Hooch and tells him that he's changed his mind and he's willing to help him nail Becky. DC Hooch gives him drugs and cash to plant on Becky. Hayley and Natasha help Becky with her wedding dress, hair and make-up. Liz and Andy turn up at the Rovers and surprise Steve. Liz makes it clear that she and Lloyd are no longer an item. Lloyd's furious at the way she's treated him. Slug sneaks into the pub and plants the drugs and cash in Becky's handbag. Eddie puts the finishing touches to Steve and Becky's wedding cake and he, Anna and Len deliver it to the Rovers for the reception. Becky suffers from last minute nerves but Roy manages to calm her down. Jim arrives at the wedding. Liz and Andy are shocked to see him whilst Steve's delighted. Becky explains she arranged it as a surprise. Steve and Becky exchange vows and are married. Michelle collects her stuff from No.7. She apologises to Maria for over-reacting and wishes she and Tony well. Steve and Becky's wedding reception is in full-swing when the police arrive explaining that it's a drugs raid and they have a warrant to search the pub.

50x162 Fri Aug 14 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-08-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lloyd helps Steve prepare for his wedding, and Michelle collects her things from No. 7. As Hayley and Natasha help Becky with her wedding dress, hair and make up, Slug sneaks into the pub and plants drugs in Becky's handbag...

50x172 Mon Aug 31 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-08-31T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Rita breaks the news of Ramsay's death to Emily, while Ashley and Claire learn that Joshua is going to be fine. Umed and Teresa agree to a curry challenge, and Kevin and Molly have sex in a hotel room.

50x192 Mon Sep 28 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-09-28T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Fiz persuades the prison officer to let her back in explaining the wedding is back on. Rosie turns up at the factory. Luke reminds her she's fired but Rosie threatens to take him to a tribunal saying how he seduced her and then took her money. John and Fiz are married in prison watched by Roy, Hayley and Chesney. Darryl tells Teresa how Dev bribed him to finish with Amber and that he now regrets taking the money. Tyrone sets about decorating No.9. He plans to turn Jack's old room into a games room but Molly reckons they should make it a guest room. Fiz arrives home after her wedding feeling deflated at having to leave John in prison. But she's delighted to find Anna, Eddie, Kirk, Julie, Sean, Kelly and Janice have organised a surprise wedding reception at No.5 for her. Amber sets off to find Darryl intent on asking him to reconsider his move to Spain when Teresa stops her and tells her how Dev bribed Darryl with £500 to dump her. Amber packs her things for uni and rows with Dev, furious with him for interfering in her relationship. Dev tries to explain how he thought it was for the best but Amber leaves distraught. Fiz sits in the back yard reflecting on the day. She fights back the tears knowing this was never how she envisaged her wedding night would be.

50x209 Thur Oct 22 2009

  • 2009-10-22T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla tells Tony he must finish with Maria and leave Weatherfield otherwise she'll go to the police and tell them how he murdered Liam. Tony's scared. Maria, Michelle, Ryan, Barry and Helen have lunch together before the christening. It's Molly's birthday and Tyrone suggests they meet Jack, Connie, Kevin and Sally for drinks in the Rovers. Joe arrives home with the boat. He parks it on the drive at No.8 and explains to Gail how he bought it off Bill for a song. Gail's furious. Rosie discovers that Luke's done a runner with her money and the shares were never his to sell. Rosie sobs as she tells Sally how Luke has stolen her £90,000. Emily's concerned to receive a call from Freda saying she's lost her job and therefore her home. Tony begs Carla to reconsider explaining how he loves Maria but Carla tells him he's sick in the head. Rosie barricades herself in the Underworld office and frantically searches Luke's computer for his personal details but to her frustration she discovers he's deleted them. Carla tells Tony she wants his shares in Underworld. She insists he meets her later to sign them over and then clears off out of Weatherfield.

50x214 Wed Oct 28 2009

  • 2009-10-28T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's the morning after the night before and Molly's on edge. Still non the wiser about her affair, Tyrone thinks she's upset about his test drive with Minnie. Molly's not in the clear though and when Pam confronts Kevin, revealing she knows all about his fling, she warns him to leave Molly alone. Kevin's furious with Molly for confessing to Pam, knowing they're now in real danger of being exposed. Molly points out that if they're ever going to be together then they'll have to tell everyone but Kevin tells her to grow up. Is he about to call time on their affair? As Ben moves into the flat with Michelle and Ryan his eyes are out on stalks when he catches his mate's mum wearing a skimpy bathrobe. But he's not the only one who likes what he sees. Michelle's wearing nothing but a towel when she spots a pair of legs dangling outside her window. It's Jake the builder and as she rescues him to stop him from falling a flirty Jake kisses her on the mouth. How will Michelle react? Tony suggests Maria flies out to Cyprus ahead of him as he's got some business to attend to at the factory. Wanting to check he's tied up all loose ends he promises to join her in a few days. Maria agrees and the happy couple celebrate their engagement in the Rovers. And as Norris tries in vain to engage Joan in any conversation will he keep his cool?

50x215 Thur Oct 29 2009

  • 2009-10-29T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Maria sets off for Cyprus Tony promises to fly out and join her in a couple of days. Making sure everything's in order before he leaves he offers Sally Rosie's old job at the factory, which she's quick to accept much to her daughter's fury. He then sets up a web cam and chats to Maria. But as Tony leaves Underworld, confident he's now back on track, he suddenly suffers chest pains and collapses. Michelle's furious to find Jake the builder on her roof again and calls the police. After a good talking to Michelle's about to let him off but when Jake attempts another cheeky kiss the police haul him down to the station. Pam puts pressure on Molly to come clean to Tyrone about her affair. Molly's in turmoil and when Kevin tells her they need to talk she worries he's going to dump her. And Ashley heads off for his vasectomy again. Will he finally go through with it?

50x216 Fri Oct 30 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-10-30T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Tony struggles to breath outside the factory it becomes clear he's fighting for his life. Roy finds him lying in the darkness and phones for an ambulance. At the hospital the doctor tells Roy that Tony has suffered a massive heart attack and is unlikely to survive the night. As Roy tries in vain to contact Maria he's forced to keep a vigil at Tony's bedside, listening patiently to Tony talk about his family history of heart disease. Thanking Roy for getting him to hospital Tony makes it clear he knows he's only got a few hours left and asks Roy to stay with him. Roy silently prepares for a long night. Molly's relieved when Kevin says he doesn't want to end their affair but suggests they lie to Pam, by telling her their relationship is over and then resuming once the dust has settled. But will Molly be able to convince Pam that she and Kevin have seen the error of their ways and ended their fling? Michelle's stunned when Jake calls in the pub wrapped only in a towel. Asking her out for dinner he says if she refuses he'll drop the towel. Will Michelle accept or will Jake be forced to reveal all in the Rovers? And Simon's put out when Peter won't let him go trick or treating.

50x217 Fri Oct 30 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-10-30T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Roy keeps a vigil at Tony's bedside he slips in and out of consciousness. Convinced Roy's the last man he'll ever speak to Tony suddenly grabs his hand claiming he has a confession to make. Roy's stunned as he rambles about how he killed Liam. But before Roy can ask any questions Tony suffers another massive heart attack and Roy is ushered from the room while they try to resuscitate him. As Roy stands outside the hospital, the enormity of Tony's confession starts to sink in. Elsewhere Michelle's impressed when Jake takes her to a posh restaurant. Despite her initial reservations she enjoys herself and letting her guard down she tells him all about Paul, Liam and Dean. As he takes her home Jake tries his luck again. But has he read the signals right this time? When Peter nips out, Leanne dresses Simon up as a ghost and makes him hide behind the door ready to scare his dad. But when Peter arrives home with his hands full he kicks the door open which hits Simon in the face. Leanne feels terrible as they take Simon to casualty. And when Pam tells Kevin she's glad his affair with Molly is over, warning him to stay away from her in future, Kevin plays along with the lie. Are they out of danger?

50x218 Mon Nov 02 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-11-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Word of Tony's heart attack spreads through the street the factory girls gossip unaware of his fate. Roy meanwhile is in turmoil as he tells Hayley about Tony's shock confession. Hayley puts it down to the drugs Tony was on but Roy's sure there was more to it. Determined to get the truth Roy returns to the hospital. But when he's met by Maria, who's arrived back from Cyprus in a terrible state, she has some shocking news of her own. Has Tony taken the truth to his grave? Ryan's appalled to discover Michelle has spent the night with Jake. Embarrassed Michelle ushers Jake out of the flat. Dev meanwhile refuses to pay Jake's bill for the roof repairs, claiming it's too steep. In retaliation Jake removes a section of roof tiles from the cornershop. As a stand off ensues which man will back down? Simon's got a black eye and a cold so feeling sorry for him Peter keeps him off school. But when they're approached by a man called George, who claims to be Simon's granddad, he's quick to comment on both his bruise and his absence from class. And when Julie and Jesse arrange to meet in secret for another children's party Eileen wonders what they're up to.

50x219 Mon Nov 02 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-11-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Sally takes control at the factory, enjoying bossing the girls around in Tony's absence, Maria turns to Roy for support. But Roy struggles to offer the words she needs in the knowledge of Tony's deathbed confession. Will he keep his silence or is Roy about to shatter Maria's fragile world with the news that her fiance killed her son's father? George shows Peter some paperwork proving he's Lucy's father and Simon's grandfather. Over a drink he explains how he was a useless father to Lucy and just wants a chance to be a better grandfather to Simon. Peter won't promise anything but agrees to think about it. David brings his new girlfriend Zoe home to meet Gail and Joe. Keen to show her off he then takes Zoe to the Rovers. Tina's surprised to see they're an item but hopes he'll now move on from her. When Jake calls to see Michelle, revealing he's got a contract in Penrith, she's stunned when he asks her to go with him. Although they've only just met it's clear there's a spark and Michelle's tempted. Will she follow her heart?

50x220 Thur Nov 05 2009

  • 2009-11-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Having thought about nothing else since Tony's confession Roy tells Hayley he's now convinced Tony did murder Liam and thinks the police should be told. But Hayley's less sure and warns Roy that people will think he's mad – just like they did with Maria. Has Tony got away with murder? Joe's on a high when he finishes work on the boat. But his happiness is shortlived when he's made redundant from the hardware shop. Gail however tells him not to worry, claiming she'll support him until he gets another job. Peter allows George and his wife Eve to visit Simon. They get on well and Peter makes it clear that they're welcome to visit Simon as often as they like. Freda moves back into no.3, explaining to Emily that her new job didn't work out.

50x223 Mon Nov 09 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-11-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Hayley takes over the relief manager's job at the factory the gossip about Tony continues. The pressure starting to get to Hayley, she wonders if she's up to the job. Roy's also feeling the heat and unable to stop thinking about Tony's hospital confession he decides it's time he got some answers. Arriving home Maria finds Roy waiting for her, she demands to know what's going on. When David overhears Gail and Joe discussing their engagement he's distinctly unimpressed. But it seems nothing can dampen their spirits, that is until Joe gets a knock on the door from a debt-collector. He tells Joe that he's bought his debt from the kitchen supplies firm and they need to work out a repayment plan. Joe's shocked, aware he's now in way too deep. Fiz skives off work to clean the house in readiness for John's home-coming. But when she looks at the state of no.7 she despairs at the enormity of the task she's set herself. As Jack hides out at no.9. Connie calls round demanding to know why he's avoiding her.

50x224 Mon Nov 09 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-11-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Maria demands answers from Roy you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Roy looks like he's about to reveal all about Tony's confession but at the last minute he decides he needs more evidence before he throws Maria's world into further chaos. Bewildered by his behaviour Maria tells Roy to leave her alone. Joe's stunned as the debt collector tells him he owes him £5k and he's not leaving without it. In desperation Joe is forced to give him his van, but as he celebrates his engagement to Gail in the Rovers Joe lies, explaining he sold his van so he can buy an engagement ring. Gail's touched while Joe, inwardly panicking, suggests a quick Christmas wedding. Kirk, David and Zoe redecorate no.5 as a surprise for Fiz. She's delighted as she nervously anticipates bringing John home. Jack confronts Connie about the fact he keeps hearing her at his bedroom door. Connie's mortified and explains that she must be sleepwalking. But will Jack buy it?

50x225 Wed Nov 11 2009

  • 2009-11-11T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's John's release day from prison and as an emotional Fiz collects him they decide to go for a picnic to savour his new found freedom. But the day soon turns sour when they arrive back on the street. Sally's furious when she spots John going to carry his new wife across the threshold and storms over branding John a paedophile. Kevin tries to calm the situation but as Fiz and John settle down for their first married night together Sally sets off to no.5, a woman on a mission. When Roy admits to Hayley that he went for a walk in the middle of the night she urges him to stop obsessing over Tony. Roy assures her he will but will this really be the end of the matter?. When Joe buys Gail a cheap engagement ring she's thrilled, pointing out they'll now have more money to spend on the wedding. Joe quietly panics, knowing he's in it up to his neck. Molly tells Kevin she's fed up of pretending there's nothing between them and that if he really cares about her he'll leave Sally. Kevin's stunned.

50x226 Thur Nov 12 2009

  • 2009-11-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Roy's still refusing to drop his suspicions about Tony. But when he's then issued with a shocking ultimatum that's too close to home Roy is forced to reconsider his position. Roy's visibly shaken as he confides in Hayley. Fiz and John wake up to discover that someone has painted all their windows black. Kevin's furious realising Sally must be the culprit. But while Fiz is spoiling for a fight John sets to work and scrapes off the paint, determined not to let Sally get to him. However when Sally proudly admits to Fiz that she's responsible for vandalising her house John becomes all too aware that life back on the street isn't going to be easy. Jesse and Julie meet in secret for another kids' party. But when they spot Simon in the audience they panic that their cover is about to be blown. Will Eileen discover their lies? When Gary talks to Ted about his time in the forces he's intrigued to hear it described as the making of him and what turned him into a man.

50x227 Fri Nov 13 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-11-13T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Hayley hasn't slept since Roy's shocking revelation about Tony. Sorry she ever doubted him, Hayley claims it's time they went to the police. But Roy reckons the police will never believe them. Unsure of what to do next the Croppers spend the day hiding in their flat. But when their disappearance becomes a talking point Roy realises he could be putting them both in danger and concedes they'll have to go to the police. Kevin's had enough of Sally ranting about John Stape and promises to go and see a solicitor to find out where they stand. Molly meanwhile is in a foul mood and when she snaps at Kirk, Tyrone presumes it's him being in the house that's bothering her and tells Kirk it's time he found somewhere else to live. But Molly's mood is only lifted when Kevin arranges to meet her at the motel later. Eileen's growing increasingly suspicious of Jesse's strange behaviour so pays Eddie to watch his movements and report back. But when Eddie clocks Julie climbing into Jesse's van it looks like Eileen may be about to receive the news she didn't want to hear. And Steve arrives back from his honeymoon.

50x228 Fri Nov 13 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-11-13T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Roy and Hayley have told the police everything they know about Tony, so when detectives tell them they'll take it from here, they return to the street and hurriedly pack their bags. Now aware of the full extent of Tony's crimes they're intent on getting away from Weatherfield, fearing those involved in Liam's death could come after them. But as the police arrive on the street someone is intent on silencing the Croppers, have they left it too late to get away? Elsewhere John's thrilled when Roy asks him to help out in the café while they're away. Sally meanwhile is less than happy to discover John in Roys Rolls and her hackles rise once more. When Kevin's solicitor tells him there's little chance of getting an injunction against John, he takes the opportunity to use the meeting to find out how where he would stand financially if he divorced Sally. But Kevin doesn't like what he hears and when he meets Molly at the motel it looks like the meeting has forced him into making a big decision about their future. And Eileen's gutted when Eddie tells her that Jesse has been secretly meeting up with Julie. Jesse assures her it's a work arrangement only and not an affair but Eileen refuses to accept it and insists Jesse sacks Julie immediately. Will Jesse do as he's told or has he had enough of being bossed around by Eileen.

50x229 Mon Nov 16 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-11-16T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tony's a desperate man and as he frantically tries to cling on to the new life he's created he packs Maria off to a health spa for the day, knowing the police are about to come calling. Keeping up the façade Tony goes to work but when the police arrive and arrest him on suspicion of Liam's murder he can feel his world falling apart. Down at the station Tony's interviewed about the Croppers allegations. As the police pile on the pressure, saying they'll speak to Maria, will Tony crumble and confess to murder? Meanwhile Roy and Hayley return to the café and are relieved to hear that Tony has been arrested and taken to the police station. But as gossip about Tony's arrest spreads Maria arrives back on the street. Is she about to discover the awful truth about Tony? Elsewhere Julie is furious with Eileen for making Jesse sack her, insisting she has no designs on her man. But when Eileen makes another discovery while nosing through Jesse's wallet she wonders what else he's hiding from her. Anna worries when Gary reveals he has decided to go on an army taster weekend and Ted is delighted when Gail asks if he will give her away at her wedding.

50x230 Mon Nov 16 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-11-16T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Knowing he's lost Maria, Tony grabs the set of café keys he's stolen and heads off into the night. Letting himself in Tony lurks in the shadows as Hayley sees Roy off on a bat watch. Picking up a kitchen knife Tony follows Hayley towards the flat but he's stopped in his tracks when he hears Maria banging on the door. Hiding again Tony listens as Maria sobs her heart out, while Hayley informs her of his confession and threats to kill Roy. Realising he has nothing to lose anymore Tony goes after Roy. Finding him at the canal Tony makes it clear he has come seeking revenge. As Roy demands to know what he's done to Hayley, he's horrified to see the blood-stained knife. Believing Tony has killed Hayley, Roy lunges at him. They fight but a younger, fitter Tony easily overpowers Roy then throws him semi-soncsious into the canal. As Roy struggles to stay afloat Tony watches him slip beneath the water. Has Tony killed again? Elsewhere Eileen's annoyed that Jesse didn't tell her about his fortieth birthday on Friday. She tries to force him to come clean but when he still won't confess Lloyd suggests she should throw him a surprise party. And as David discusses Gail's impending wedding with his new girlfriend Zoe, she correctly deduces that David would never approve of Gail's choice of man.

50x231 Thur Nov 19 2009

  • 2009-11-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Tony stands on the canal towpath he watches Roy fight for his life in the water. Will Tony's conscience catch up with him or is this the end for Roy? Eventually Tony makes his choice before walking away into the night. Meanwhile at the café flat Hayley tells a distraught Maria they must call the police and report Roy as missing. A frantic Hayley and Becky then head to the canal to search for Roy as Maria tells an incredulous Michelle about her suspicions of Tony. Realising her own life could be in danger Maria starts to panic that Tony could come back to hurt her and baby Liam. But in the dark of night Tony calmly walks into a police station and confesses to murder. As Tony is then interviewed he confesses to paying Jimmy to run over Liam out of jealousy, and admits to trying to kill Roy at the canal. Maria's shocked to hear Tony's handed himself in and needing some answers she heads to the station. As the police confirm her worst fears Maria's horrified. In the interview room Tony pleads with her to believe that his feelings for her were genuine and that he's tried to make amends for his evil deeds. Will Maria be able to forgive him?

50x232 Fri Nov 20 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-11-20T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michelle's had a long night tending to a restless Maria and when Ryan arrives she has the tough job of breaking the news to him that Tony had Liam killed. As he swears revenge on Tony, Michelle tries to calm him, but Ryan breaks down claiming he's going to live with his grandparents as he can't bear to stay in Weatherfield any longer. Devastated Michelle advises he call them first. But after speaking to Barry, Ryan decides to stay. Michelle's relieved until Ryan explains that Barry and Helen have flown in from Ireland and are at the airport. Over at no.7 a hysterical Maria sets about removing all traces of Tony from her life. Still in a state of shock it's clear Maria is a broken woman. Elsewhere Gail and Joe are about to go shopping for their wedding but when Joe gets a phone call from his debt collector he's forced to send Gail without him. Joe's horrified as Rick tells him his debt has now doubled and threatens to take the boat as payment. Will Joe finally confess the extent of his debts to Gail? As the Barlows welcome George and Eve to tea they're stunned as Blanche walks in dressed to the nines. She openly flirts with George, who is charm personified, that is until she lets a few family skeletons out of the closet. And Lloyd provides a limousine as Eileen's surprise present for Jesse's birthday.

50x233 Fri Nov 20 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-11-20T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Helen and Barry arrive on the street Michelle explains to her parents that Liam had an affair with Carla and Tony had him killed out of revenge. Maria's mortified when Helen then accuses her of sleeping with Tony to get revenge on Carla and Liam. Deeply hurt Maria takes baby Liam out for a walk but when she doesn't come home the Connors start to worry. Eventually they track her down to Liam's grave where Maria, on the verge of a breakdown, makes a shock decision. Fearing there's no way out a desperate Joe is forced to admit his massive debts to Gail, although he doesn't go as far as revealing a loan shark is involved. In a state of shock Gail walks out. Will she stand by her man again or has Joe lost Gail for good this time? As George and Eve leave the Barlows' tea party George is short with Peter and Leanne after learning about their dodgy pasts. Peter's hardly surprised but when George then calls at the betting shop apologising with flowers and gifts he's bemused. Steve and Dev are gutted to learn that their guest memberships at the golf club have expired. When the secretary then tells them that there's one full membership available they agree to play a deciding round to determine who gets it. And when Eileen reveals the surprise limo ride she's organised for Jesse's birthday she's less than impressed to hear he always spends his big day with his parents.

50x234 Mon Nov 23 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-11-23T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Having handed baby Liam over to Helen, Maria's convinced herself she's not fit to be a mother. She's a broken woman who can't forgive herself for inviting a murderer into her home. Desperate to help the Connors suggest she move to Ireland with them. At first Maria refuses but when Audrey urges her to pull herself together for Liam's sake she agrees. Helen's relieved as Maria takes baby Liam back in her arms but their relief is short-lived when a visitor arrives at the door - it's Carla! Audrey's shocked to see a for sale board outside No.8 and even further shocked when Gail reveals she and Joe are engaged. Audrey warns her she's making a mistake but Gail's adamant she knows what she's doing. But Gail has no idea what she's got herself into and when Rick turns up masquerading as a potential buyer Joe panics. When Sally tells Kevin that she wants to go over the garage account books he panics, worried she'll spot his motel expenses and the lack of breakdown call-outs. How is he going to talk his way out of this one? And after a successful golf lesson with club pro Bernie, Dev tries his luck with asking her out for a drink.

50x235 Mon Nov 23 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-11-23T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Maria tells Carla how Tony has confessed to Liam's murder Carla feigns ignorance. Desperate to cover her own back, and still believing she murdered Jimmy, Carla tells Maria the reason she left Weatherfield was because she was still in love with Liam and couldn't live a lie with Tony. Maria buys it but the police aren't so sure and as they question Carla about the last time she saw Tony she's forced to lie. Can Carla extricate herself or is Tony taking her down with him? Sally's furious as the garage books seem to show profits are down and list all sorts of miscellaneous expense claims. Tyrone can't make sense of it either, and as Kevin and Molly meet in the motel for sex, Kevin receives a message on his phone saying he has a lot of explaining to do. Heading back to the street Kevin and Molly fear the worst. Has their affair been rumbled? Dev's smug as he takes Bernie for a drink in the Rovers. But when Steve realises that like him, Dev is also having secret golf lessons, he makes Bernie promise not to say anything. But where do her loyalties lie? When Audrey receives an invitation to the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party she wonders who she can ask to accompany her.

50x236 Thur Nov 26 2009

  • 2009-11-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The factory girls are stunned to see Carla back at the helm at Underworld. Both Sally and Rosie are quick to come crawling for the job of number two but Carla gives the position to Hayley, her contempt for the pair evident. Meanwhile Tony has been charged with Liam's murder and will appear in court tomorrow. Admitting she can't face him Maria leaves with the Connors for Ireland. But while Maria's accepted Carla's story the police haven't and they're back on the street. Carla attempts to play dumb as they quiz her about Tony's accomplice but is she off the hook? Sally's gutted when Carla calls her to the factory only to tell her she won't be supervisor anymore. Returning home in tears she's desperate for some support from Kevin. But unable to resist the danger Kevin and Molly have taken advantage of her absence. Raising the stakes on their affair they've taken it to the Websters' bed! Is Sally about to make a shocking discovery? When Claire accuses Amy of teaching Joshua swear words she and Becky fall out. Steve's not on hand to help having disappeared for another expensive golf lesson. He covers though, lying to Becky that he's been Christmas shopping.

50x237 Fri Nov 27 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-11-27T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's Tony's first court appearance. As Michelle and Ryan ready themselves they're dreading facing Liam's killer but are determined to see him taken down. Carla also needs closure and as she slides into the back of the courtroom she locks eyes with Tony. Her face registers nothing but as Tony's charged with murder she's clearly shaken. Michelle is too and as Tony's led away she jumps to her feet and launches a blistering attack. Back at Underworld as Hayley starts her new job as manager, Janice enjoys rubbing Sally's nose in the fact that she's been demoted back to machinist. But as the girls bicker Carla takes control, announcing that from now on she'll be in charge. After weeks of gossip about Underworld's future the girls are left in doubt that the bitch is back. Elsewhere Pam urges Molly to work on her marriage but it soon becomes clear that she has no such intention as she heads over to see Kevin for a touch of afternoon delight. Getting off on the risk the pair get steamy in the Websters' bed but when they hear noises downstairs they freeze in a state of panic. As Sophie heads upstairs it looks like they're about to be caught in the act. Gail and Audrey finally sit down for a heart to heart. As Audrey details Gail's terrible track record with men she hopes she can make her change her mind about Joe. But Gail's adamant she loves Joe and intends to marry him. Is there anything Audrey can do to open Gail's eyes about Joe?

50x238 Fri Nov 27 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-11-27T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Sophie comes up the stairs Kevin and Molly are frozen to the spot. Kevin's petrified at the thought of his daughter catching him with his best mate's wife but at the last minute Sian calls up to Sophie that she's found the book downstairs. As the girls go Kevin and Molly breath a sigh of relief. But with time to reflect Molly admits that at least it would have forced them to come clean about their affair. Is Kevin really prepared to leave his wife though? As Carla leaves court Michelle corners her demanding to know if she knew that Tony was Liam's killer. Carla denies it but back at the factory she's clearly shaken. How long can Carla keep spinning her web of lies? At the Rovers Becky's stunned when Claire calls a truce before suggesting they should go to drama classes together. Lloyd begs Teresa to try and get on with Liz for his sake. But it's not long before the two women are trading insults again. And John's pleased when Rosie tells him that thanks to him she's thinking of going back to college. But has Rosie got an ulterior motive?

50x239 Mon Nov 30 2009

  • 2009-11-30T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sally is getting frustrated with Rosie and tells her to sell her car and stop sponging off her and Kevin. Rosie has other plans though and stuns John in the café by announcing she wants to be a doctor. He's diplomatic until he realises she wants money from him for her 'funding' and politely declines. Scheming madam Rosie threatens to accuse John of assault if he does not give her £50,000 and when John firmly refuses Rosie opens the door and starts screaming for help. Molly's worried that Kevin has changed his mind about leaving their spouses so she is relieved and delighted when he meets her at the motel and confirms that he is ready to leave Sally. Feeling pushed out by George, Ken promises to buy Simon a bike for Christmas. He soon realises though that he will have to find a job if he is going to keep his extravagant promise and he scans the local paper for work. Teresa persuades Lloyd to throw a party at the flat. Unbeknownst to him she invites Graeme, Sean and the factory girls, telling them the party has a theme: Vicars and Liz! Oblivious Liz is puzzled when Graeme keeps staring at her in the Rovers. The factory girls meet in the pub, with Janice, Kelly and Fiz dressed in Liz-inspired outfits and Sean dressed as a vicar in stockings and suspenders. Liz obliviously compliments Fiz's outfit but eventually twigs what's going on when Graeme turns up looking uncannily like her. Teresa arrives with Lloyd who is mortified and embarrassed for Liz. Elsewhere Becky and Clare agree to go on a night out and Eddie spots a money making opportunity and tells Deirdre her gutters are blocked.

50x240 Tues Dec 01 2009

  • 2009-12-01T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bill comes to Rosie's aid as she continues to scream for help. She tells Bill that John tried to grab her. Bill takes Rosie home, leaving John feeling helpless but Roy is sympathetic and advises John to tell Fiz about what happened. John is anxious that she fears she might not believe his version of events but Fiz is fully supportive and knows what Rosie is up to. Meanwhile at the Websters all hell has broken loose and Rosie desperately tries to stop her mum from reporting John to the police but Sally's insistent. In the motel, Kevin and Molly's post-coital bliss is interrupted when Sally calls to tell Kevin about Rosie and Kevin dashes off. The police arrive at Number 5 and arrest John on suspicion of assault. Janice comforts Fiz as he is taken away and a guilty Rosie watches, knowing this time she has gone too far. Liz puts on a brave face and agrees to see the funny side of Teresa's joke but inside she is fuming. Deciding to take revenge she uses her key to Lloyd's flat and puts one of his beloved vinyl records in the oven! Lloyd's mortified to find a note saying she's kidnapped the rest of his collection and to his horror starts throwing them out of the window. Lloyd begs Teresa to apologise and Teresa agrees, on condition that Lloyd proposes to her in front of Liz. As Teresa apologises to Liz Lloyd drops to his knees and proposes but he is stunned be her response! Emily pays Eddie £10 for clearing her guttering. Norris is cynical. Steve's perturbed when Dev brings his golf coach Bernie into the Rovers. As she is also his golf coach Steve asks her to keep quiet about his secret lessons. Amused Bernie tells Dev about Steve's tuition and competitive Dev asks her to hinder Steve's progress. Becky and Claire return home early from their night out - both a little worse for wear. Queasy Claire sets off home but is angry to notice that Becky has torn the skirt she loaned her. Has their unlikely friendship got off to a bad start?

50x241 Wed Dec 02 2009

  • 2009-12-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sally's confident and happy that John will soon be back in prison. Meanwhile an increasingly uneasy Rosie masks her discomfort when Kevin tells her to be prepared to go to court. At the police station John denies everything but is stumped when the police officer questions why his wife has not called to enquire after him. John is released and comes home to ask Fiz why she did not ring the station. She assures him she does believe his story. And the couple had for the Rovers. The regulars treat him with disdain and, reaching the end of his tether, John challenges Rosie on her story and forces her to come clean - to Sally and Kevin's horror. As they drag their daughter home John and Fiz are relieved to be publically vindicated. Lloyd panics as Teresa acts like they are really engaged. Enjoying making him uncomfortable she even shows him engagement ring brochures. Becky is alarmed when Michelle tells her that Steve's had a call from Bernie. Becky confronts him and Steve admits the truth about the golf bet with Dev. Becky vetoes the game when she learns the cost of club membership and Steve tries to back out of the golf game, but when Dev accuses him of being a chicken, Steve vows to beat him. Eileen rumbles Eddie's guttering scam and decides to play him at his own game. George and Eve visit Simon, who tells them about the fire at the flat. George is disturbed. Peter admits he was to blame but insists it was a turning point and he's determined to be a good father. George is mollified but for how long?

50x242 Thur Dec 03 2009

  • 2009-12-03T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

A furious Kevin insists Rosie retracts her statement and apologises to Fiz and John. John's magnanimous and accepts Rosie's apology. The Websters and Stapes agree to suspend hostilities and steer clear of each other in the future. Steve lies to Becky and tells her that he called off the golfing bet with Dev but Eileen lets slip to Becky that Steve has gone to the golf course. Becky decides to show Steve who is boss and turns up at the golf club – much to Steve's dismay. Determined to distract him she misbehaves and Steve loses his concentration letting a triumphant and gloating Dev win. Leanne accepts an invitation to dinner at George and Eve's house. Peter worries that they are getting too friendly but both he and Leanne are stunned when they arrive at the Wilson's house and discover that the elderly couple are loaded! The surprises continue when George and Eve offer to lend Peter and Leanne the money to open their bar. Leanne's furious when Peter refuses the offer outright and insists they leave. Peter refuses to be bought but is he making the right decision? Elsewhere Peter and Deirdre find they have different stories about where Ken has gone for the day and suspicious that he is cheating again Deirdre confronts him. He admits that he was embarrassed to tell her that he's working as a Father Christmas in a shop to earn money to buy Simon's Christmas present. Elsewhere Freda seeks Norris's help to win a cash prize in a competition and Eileen recruits Jason and Jesse to help her get her own back on Eddie.

50x243 Fri Dec 04 2009

  • 2009-12-04T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Leanne's still tetchy with Peter following their row last night Simon picks up on the tension and tells Ken about George's offer to help Peter. Ken congratulates Peter on rejecting George's attempt to buy his way into Simon's life but awkward Peter corrects him, saying that it was a genuine, kind offer and when George calls round to apologise Peter says that he will accept his money. How will Ken react to this latest development? Dev challenges Steve to another golf game. Steve accepts the chance to redeem himself and they bump into Bernie at the golf club with another client. Dev recognises Matt as a business acquaintance and is interested to hear he is newly engaged. Matt however seems reluctant to stay and chat. Sophie tells Kevin about her forthcoming baptism and her mock GCSEs. Kevin's ashamed that he wasn't already aware of the dates and he realises just how much his affair has taken over his life. Molly's stunned when Kevin tells her he must postpone leaving his family until Sophie's exams are over – next July! Elsewhere Anna tries to talk Gary out of going on his army taster weekend, while Eddie's more concerned with a ransom note threatening his Santa. Becky and Claire return from their drama class with the news that it's disbanding and the pantomime is cancelled.

50x244 Mon Dec 07 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-12-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

George was moving things along quickly with the bar therefore tensions were still high in the Barlow family. Ken asked Deirdre to have a word with her colleagues in the planning department at the Council to try to negatively influence the planning application, but she refused. Later she was shocked to receive a phone call from her former boss telling her that Ken had gone behind her back and spoken to them! Needless to say she was livid and boy did he know it. At the Rovers, after hearing Betty talk about old times, Becky and Claire decided to put on a panto.

50x245 Mon Dec 07 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-12-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

George picked Simon up from school and on the way home they popped into the shopping precinct to see Santa aka Ken. With tensions as they were between Ken and George, this was the worst thing they could possibly have done. A war of words broke out between the two grandparents about the meaning of Christmas and Ken tugged at his beard in fury. Simon was shocked to see his grandad’s face beneath all the white hair. “Why is grandad pretending to be Father Christmas?” he asked, upset. Fuming George grabbed Simon by the hand and led him home. Elsewhere, after much persuasion, Liz agreed to let Becky and Claire stage their panto in the Rovers. Then with John’s offer of a script they were rearing to go. At least some people were getting into the Christmas. spirit in Coronation Street. Meanwhile, back at the Grotto, the store manager had overheard Ken and George’s heated exchange and Ken was out on his ear. He could only apologise as he was sacked and told never to return.

50x246 Thur Dec 10 2009

  • 2009-12-10T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ken decided to call a public meeting in the Rovers about Peter’s bar. He rallied the troops but then Peter walked in. He was far from pleased to see what his dad had been up to and told him in no uncertain terms that the Barlow family Christmas plans were cancelled. Elsewhere, Dev was surprised to see Matt roll up at the golf club with Dev and Sunita’s kids in the car. He wanted to know why his children were with Matt and was shocked to discover that Matt and Sunita were engaged! Of course Dev rushed around to Sunita’s house to confront his ex wife about her secret marriage plans. Meanwhile, Carla received a letter from Tony. At first she couldn’t bring herself to read it, but then relented. What did it say?

50x247 Fri Dec 11 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-12-11T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla was in a funny mood as she mulled things over and then finally decided to visit Tony in prison. Gone was the polished suit and neatly brushed hair. He looked a shadow of his former self. Why was she there? Elsewhere, Ken and Peter were still at each other’s throats and Ken fearing he had nothing more to lose decided to speak to a reporter from the Weatherfield Gazette about Peter’s bar plans. That was obviously going to go down really well with his son! Meanwhile, Dev couldn’t put Sunita’s engagement behind him and began pestering her. He even turned up at her home with a bunch of flowers – but she wasn’t impressed and they had a row.

50x248 Fri Dec 11 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-12-11T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tony had something important to tell Carla. The visit was difficult for the pair of them. “Because of you I killed a man. I have to carry that with me for the rest of my life,” Carla told her ex. “But you didn’t. Jimmy’s not dead,” Tony informed her. Carla was stunned but Tony was too preoccupied with his own thoughts to notice. “Do you think Maria will ever forgive me?” he asked. “Not a chance darling,” replied Carla. “Not even God will forgive you for what you’ve done.” She left Tony a broken man. Meanwhile, Matt had words with Dev about his angry visits. But that didn’t stop Dev popping around to Sunita’s again. He apologised to the pair but things soon got heated once again. This resulted in Sunita throwing Dev out of her house. Elsewhere, Peter was accosted by a reporter in the street who began grilling him about the bar. The journalist knew far too much. Peter knew what his dad had been up to and stormed straight around to his parents’ place. “This is out and out war,” he declared.

50x249 Mon Dec 14 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-12-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Carla tries to charm an important client, the police pay her a visit at the factory. They're keen to discuss Jimmy's role in Liam's murder, but what do they know about her involvement? Deirdre is horrified when she reads the article in the Weatherfield Gazette and Ken refuses to apologise.

50x250 Mon Dec 14 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-12-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michelle's suspicions about Carla grow and she wants answers. Meanwhile, Carla realises there is no way out and makes a confession to the police. Will they believe her story? Elsewhere, Ken and Deirdre agree to put the newspaper article behind them but can they build bridges with Peter? Finally Dev admits how much he still misses Sunita.

50x251 Thur Dec 17 2009

  • 2009-12-17T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michelle and Carla come to blows in the street when Michelle discovers Carla knew the truth about Tony months ago. Elsewhere, Sunita threatens to stop Dev seeing the twins. Meanwhile, Kevin and Molly both manage to upset their partners as the guilt of their affair continues.

50x252 Fri Dec 18 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-12-18T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kevin gives in to Sally's plans for a trip to Paris - but how will he break the news to Molly? Meanwhile, Carla is having a hard time of it at Underworld now her secret has been exposed. Elsewhere, Michelle is upset and gets a shock when Ben comforts her and misreads the situation!

50x253 Fri Dec 18 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-12-18T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Audrey gets a shock when she bumps into an old friend (played by Rula Lenska) at a Christmas function and discovers she has paid an escort (played by Nigel Havers) to accompany her for the evening. Back on the Street, Hayley tries to persuade the factory girls to forgive Carla and cut her some slack. Will they listen? Elsewhere, Molly is stunned to see Kevin and Sally preparing to set off on their trip.

50x254 Mon Dec 21 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-12-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

ina overheard Eileen and Jason talking about Sarah and the plans for Gail's wedding. She was furious when she found out that Jason is still married to Sarah. "You flaming liar." Tina yelled as she walked out. Eileen tried to patch things up between the couple but things went from bad to worse when Tina found that Jason had disappeared into town. Will Tina and Jason make up? Meanwhile, Deirdre tried to persuade Peter to let them all spend Christmas together. Peter agreed on the condition that George and Eve were invited too. It wasn’t exactly Ken’s idea of a merry Christmas. Elsewhere, Sally and Kevin returned from their romantic break to Paris. Needless to say, Molly was hot on Kev’s heels demanding an explanation about his weekend away.

50x255 Mon Dec 21 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-12-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

A drunken Tina tried to drive the van into town but spotting she was in a state David tried to stop her. Tina was much to angry at Jason to pay heed to David and almost knocked him over as she drove off. In town Tina met a handsome stranger in a bar and one or two drinks later they shared a guilty kiss. Tina refused to give him her number as she dropped her shoe and ran away. Will the handsome stranger ever see this Cinderella again? Back on the street, Sophie was baptised but Molly was not happy to find Kevin had failed to invite her. Things didn't improve when Sally accidentally showed everyone a photo of Paris at the baptism party. Molly gave Kevin a look that could kill as Sally told tales of their romantic exploits. Elsewhere, Steve stepped into the breach as Prince Charming for the panto but Becky wasn't too happy with the change in cast.

50x256 Thur Dec 24 2009

  • 2009-12-24T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It was Christmas Eve on the Street and Sally headed into town but from her distracted looks and wish for a Christmas miracle it looked as though it wasn't just shopping she had on her mind. What could she be worried about? Elsewhere, Gail received the best Christmas present she could have asked for when her oldest son Nick returned. Tina however was still oblivious to the fact that he was her mystery stranger from the bar. Jason apologised to Tina and they made up. But will the return of Nick bring back her guilty conscience? It's behind you! Backstage preparations for the panto heated up as the residents prepared to stage their Christmas production. On stage however there were some unexpected surprises! Finally, Molly told Kevin their relationship was over after discovering he went to Paris with Sally. Kevin insisted that she couldn’t end it. "Not everything has to have a happy ending." Retorted an angry Molly.

50x257 Fri Dec 25 2009

  • 2009-12-25T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ken ruins Christmas Day for Deirdre. As Kevin is on the verge of telling Sally that he is leaving her for Molly, she shocks him with the news that she has cancer. Molly is heartbroken when Kevin tells her it's over.

50x258 Mon Dec 28 2009 Part 1

  • 2009-12-28T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

As Sally and Kevin prepared themselves for Sally's appointment at the hospital a miserable Molly told Tyrone that Christmas was over and to get real. Meanwhile, Sophie was shocked when Rosie told her she was going to become a glamour model and showed her a portfolio half-naked pictures she'd had created! Elsewhere, Ken told Deirdre that he was going to draw up a petition against Peter's bar and his poor wife was completely exasperated. Will Ken ever give his campaign up? At the hospital, Kevin and Sally were shocked to hear that they would have to wait five weeks until Sally's operation was complete and they knew what the next step would be. Kevin couldn't believe the mess his life was in and met his dad in the pub for a pint. "What is it son? Whatever it is we can sort it?" Pleaded Bill to his miserable son. It was clear from the look on Kev's face that this was one time that his dad couldn't help.

50x259 Mon Dec 28 2009 Part 2

  • 2009-12-28T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kevin broke the news to Bill that Sally had cancer but kept quiet about the fact that he'd been having an affair with Molly. Meanwhile, Ken apologied to George for being rude to him on Christmas day but then stunned George and Peter by telling them he was going to start a petition against the bar. Has Peter had enough of his dad's meddling? Elsewhere, David announced to Gail that Audrey had asked Nick to come back in order to suss Joe out before the wedding. What will Gail make of this news? Finally, Kevin confessed to Bill that he'd been sleeping with Molly. Bill was livid and was enraged further when Kevin reminded him that both he and Sally had previously had affairs. "It's not about timing. It's not about who did what to who. It's about life and death!" Raged Bill.

50x260 Thur Dec 31 2009

  • 2009-12-31T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's New Year's Eve and Rosie's in her hot pants and roller skates as she gets ready for work. Sally looks a million dollars. When Molly finds out Kevin and Sally are spending New Year's Eve in the Rovers she also dresses up to the nines secretly hoping Kevin won't be able to resist her. Ryan and Sian lie to Sophie telling her they're spending the evening at Sian's dad's. Steve finds out from Claire that Becky doesn't want to have kids. He's gutted. Liz is disappointed with the turn out for the Rovers New Year's Eve party but she puts on a brave face. Michelle's delighted when Jake turns up in the Rovers out of the blue. Rosie on skates squirts the punters with cherry vodka from a water pistol. Graeme loves it. Sally stands on a chair in the Rovers and sings Total Eclipse of the Heart. Kevin watches her proudly. Molly has a face like thunder. Michelle, Jake and Sophie arrive back at Michelle's flat to find Ryan and Sian have been in bed together. Michelle's embarrassed and Sophie leaves very upset. Molly grabs a private word with Kevin. She accuses him of inventing Sally's cancer as an excuse to dump her. Kevin's furious with her and tells her to stay away from him in future. Molly's devastated. Steve asks Becky why she doesn't want children. She's evasive saying she just wouldn't make a good mother. Steve's upset. Sally and Kevin leave the pub all loved up. Molly watches quietly seething.