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Coronation Street

Season 54 2013

  • 2013-01-02T20:30:00+01:00 on ITV
  • 25 mins
  • 4 days, 9 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

260 episodes

54x01 Wed Jan 02 2013

  • Season Premiere

    2013-01-02T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Chesney, Katy, Anna and Owen return from holiday and rush to Fiz’s bedside. The doctor explains how Fiz may have brain damage. Chesney’s beside himself. Mary prepares for Mexican Night at the bistro.

54x02 Fri Jan 04 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-01-04T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail sings as she cleans in the bistro. Nick, recognizing the signs, asks her if she’s got a new man. Gail remains coy. Leanne tells Stella she’s determined to win Nick back as she knows now, he’s the man she loves, not Peter.

54x03 Fri Jan 04 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-01-04T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail pulls away from Lewis telling him that although their kiss was magical, they could never be together as Audrey would be so hurt. Lewis feigns disappointment, and assuring Gail he understands, leaves. Gail’s immediately regretful.

54x04 Mon Jan 07 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-01-07T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sunita orders Karl to clean out the gutters at No.7. Eva overhears Leanne telling Stella how she’s rebooked the wedding and just waiting for an answer from Nick.

54x05 Mon Jan 07 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-01-07T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kevin is furious with Jenna for abusing Sophie’s trust. Sophie tries to explain that she instigated the kiss but Kevin refuses to listen.

54x06 Wed Jan 09 2013

  • 2013-01-09T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Simon’s upset at the thought of Leanne moving to Leeds. Leanne explains that she hopes he’ll go with her. Jason agrees to clear out the gutters at No.7 for Sunita.

54x07 Fri Jan 11 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-01-11T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Karl wakes up with a hangover on Stella’s sofa. She refuses to make him any breakfast and sends him packing. Karl drags himself home.

54x08 Fri Jan 11 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-01-11T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Nick’s shell-shocked at Kylie’s news. He promises they’ll discuss it later after the wedding. Kylie feels sick with worry. While Carla and Michelle are out seeing a client, Rob rifles through their office drawers.

54x09 Mon Jan 14 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-01-14T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Miserable Karl’s spent an uncomfortable night in his car. Dev calls to see Aadi and Asha on their birthday. Sensing Sunita’s upset, he presses her to admit she had a row with Karl and he stormed off.

54x10 Mon Jan 14 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-01-14T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

At the abortion clinic, Kylie ignores David’s calls on her mobile. Roy sits by the counter in the café, criticizing Mary’s method of frying eggs. Mary’s offended until Fiz steps in and makes Roy apologize.

54x11 Wed Jan 16 2013

  • 2013-01-16T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Aadi and Asha’s party comes to a premature end due to Karl sullying the atmosphere.Dev denounces Sunita for letting sponger Karl make a mug of her. Sunita bursts into tears.

54x12 Fri Jan 18 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-01-18T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kirsty has the day off work for some pampering before the wedding. Guilt-ridden Tyrone finds her declarations of love hard to bear.

54x13 Fri Jan 18 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-01-18T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kirsty finds the photos of Tyrone’s bruised body on his phone. Fetching a hammer, she’s about to smash the phone to smithereens when an idea strikes her.

54x14 Mon Jan 21 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-01-21T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kirsty retrieves Tyrone’s secret phone from its hiding place. Kirk takes Tyrone for breakfast at the café before his wedding. Tyrone’s on pins but Kirk puts it down to wedding day nerves.

54x15 Mon Jan 21 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-01-21T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Everyone’s shocked to learn of Tyrone and Fiz’s affair. Kirsty swears he’ll never see Ruby again. Fiz forces her way to the front of the church and tells the congregation that Kirsty’s a vicious bully and regularly beats up Tyrone.

54x16 Wed Jan 23 2013

  • 2013-01-23T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kirsty cries tears of rage as she tells Tyrone she now realises he was only marrying her to get custody of Ruby and he’s actually in love with Fiz.

54x17 Fri Jan 25 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-01-25T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Locked in a police cell, Tyrone’s beside himself and desperate to see Ruby.Chesney chides Fiz for her involvement with Tyrone. Fiz defends their relationship explaining how Kirsty was beating him up for months.

54x18 Fri Jan 25 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-01-25T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Locked in a police cell, Tyrone is beside himself and desperate to see Ruby. Chesney chides Fiz for her involvement with Tyrone. Fiz defends their relationship, explaining how Kirsty was beating him up for months.

54x19 Mon Jan 28 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-01-28T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail's frosty towards Nick, sulking because he sacked her. Nick's unsympathetic, pointing out she boycotted his wedding. David's fed up with their bickering. Jenna psyches herself up and explains to Mandy that she's gay and she did kiss Sophie.

54x20 Mon Jan 28 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-01-28T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Audrey’s devastated as Lewis explains how he and Gail are in love. Jenna returns from the tribunal in tears having been sacked from her job. Lloyd tries to comfort her.

54x21 Wed Jan 30 2013

  • 2013-01-30T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sophie sees Jenna moving her stuff into Lloyd’s flat. Jenna’s cold towards her pointing out that thanks to Sophie she’s not only lost her job but her home too. Over breakfast in Roy’s Rolls, Deirdre wonders why Tracy’s so chipper.

54x22 Fri Feb 01 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-02-01T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Lewis blackmails Kylie. He promises her sordid secret is safe if in return she gets him Gail’s bank account log-in and password. Kylie’s sickened but has to agree.Syliva arrives back from America unannounced. Roy and Hayley are surprised to see her.

54x23 Fri Feb 01 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-02-01T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

The DVD continues to play and Gail’s devastated as Lewis reveals how much he hates her and how he’s stolen £40k from her bank account as compensation for ruining his relationship with Audrey, the love of his life.

54x24 Mon Feb 4 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-02-04T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail flops around the house in her dressing gown, the picture of misery. Guilty Kylie feels sorry for her whilst David’s less tolerant. When Darryl the rat goes missing, Kirk and Craig search the flat.

54x25 Mon Feb 4 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-02-04T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Fiz and Tina are horrified at Tyrone’s plan to plead guilty and point out that he’ll be labeled a wife beater for ever and Ruby won’t want to know him. Tracy has a drink with the factory girls and enjoys winding Michelle up.

54x26 Wed Feb 6 2013

  • 2013-02-06T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sally suggests to Kirsty they have an evening out and offers to get Sophie to babysit for Ruby. Kirsty’s delighted. Beth fusses round Marcus and Maria insisting on cooking them a full English breakfast in an attempt to win them round.

54x27 Fri Feb 8 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-02-08T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Fiz and Tyrone stock up with supplies and then head off for the ferry port. Sally accompanies Kirsty back to No.4 to collect Ruby. Kevin pretends to have been asleep. Sally goes upstairs to fetch Ruby but finds to her horror that Ruby has gone.

54x28 Fri Feb 8 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-02-08T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kirsty’s fraught with worry over Ruby. The police assure her that all the airports and ferry ports have been put on alert. Eileen and Julie try to comfort her.

54x29 Mon Feb 11 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-02-11T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Tyrone reckons their only hope is to leave the country by boat. He begs Fiz to phone Chesney and ask him to get them some cash. Kirsty’s beside herself with worry over Ruby.

54x30 Mon Feb 11 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-02-11T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Despite his misgivings, Chesney’s adamant he’s got to help Fiz. Katy starts to phone the police but can’t go through with it and bursts into tears. Roy asks Lloyd to drive him into town and show him where he dropped Sylvia off earlier.

54x31 Wed Feb 13 2013

  • 2013-02-13T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Faye sulks at the breakfast table. Anna and Owen try to make conversation but Faye picks up her school bag and slams out of the house.

54x32 Fri Feb 15 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-02-15T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Owen tries to apologize for smashing Faye’s computer but Faye refuses to speak to him and Anna remains angry towards him.

54x33 Fri Feb 15 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-02-15T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Owen does his best to control his temper but it’s clear he’d like to thump Tim. Anna steps in and shocks Owen, demanding he leaves, not Tim. Tyrone insists Fiz is better off without him. Tina’s concerned at the depth of his depression.

54x34 Mon Feb 18 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-02-18T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Owen promises to try and keep a lid on his temper in future. Anna squeeze his hand. Faye’s disappointed to see they’ve made up.

54x35 Mon Feb 18 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-02-18T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Kylie tries to deny it’s her handwriting but Gail can see through her lies and threatens to call the police. Jason offers Tim a job as a laborer. Faye’s ecstatic whilst Owen and Anna are annoyed that he’ll still be around.

54x36 Wed Feb 20 2013

  • 2013-02-20T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Tim starts working for Jason. He promises Faye he’ll pop in the café later so they can have their tea together. Faye’s delighted whilst Anna’s uneasy. Eric fawns over Eva telling her how beautiful he looks. Eva basks in the flattery.

54x37 Fri Feb 22 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-02-22T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

David arrives at Kylie’s bedside in a panic, distraught that she may lose the baby.Gail tells David how Kylie went on a bender despite her being pregnant.

54x38 Fri Feb 22 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-02-22T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail realises with horror that Nick could be the father of Kylie’s baby. Nick begs her not to tell David as it would crucify him. Gloria flicks through some holiday brochures trying to decide which 5 star resort she fancies for her honeymoon.

54x39 Mon Feb 25 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-02-25T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Gail struggles to keep a lid on her anguish as David excitedly anticipates Kylie’s return from hospital. Gloria plans a world cruise for her honeymoon. Eric presses Eva for an answer to his proposition, but she’s undecided.

54x40 Mon Feb 25 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-02-25T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

David demands Gail explain her outburst. With Nick’s eyes burning into her, Gail loses her bottle and blusters that Kylie doesn’t want the baby.

54x41 Wed Feb 27 2013

  • 2013-02-27T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Sophie’s surprised to find Gail staying at No.4. Sally will only reveal that she’s had a row with David and keeps quiet about the real reason. Fiz is pleased that Tyrone’s changed his mind and wants her to visit him in prison.

54x42 Fri Mar 01 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-03-01T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Eileen and Sean are puzzled when Paul takes up running in a bid to get into shape.Eva’s sick of hypocritical Gloria playing the grief-stricken fiancée. Gloria’s excited when Eric’s solicitor arranges to call round to discuss his will.

54x43 Fri Mar 01 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-03-01T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Katy and Ryan continue kissing but spring apart when Dev walks in. Flustered, Katy promptly tells him she’s quitting her job because Chesney objects. Dev’s annoyed.

54x44 Mon Mar 04 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-03-04T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Stella’s still rattled following her encounter with Karl, but Eva and Gloria fail to notice as they bustle about getting ready for Eric’s funeral. Ryan and Katy are awkward when Chesney insists on getting together with Steph and Megan in the pub tonight.

54x45 Mon Mar 04 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-03-04T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Stella’s still rattled following her encounter with Karl, but Eva and Gloria fail to notice as they bustle about getting ready for Eric’s funeral. Ryan and Katy are awkward when Chesney insists on getting together with Steph and Megan in the pub tonight.

54x46 Wed Mar 06 2013

  • 2013-03-06T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Stella's tetchy when Gloria criticises her for standing up Jason last night. Brian asks Faye how many tickets she wants for the school play. She requests two. Kirsty's solemn as she prepares to visit the police and confess her dishonesty.

54x47 Fri Mar 08 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-03-08T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Stella’s still moody with Gloria and Jason for getting Karl the sack. Owen wonders if Faye’s pulled a fast one and lied about the limited play tickets to make sure he doesn’t attend the performance. Anna thinks he’s being daft.

54x48 Fri Mar 08 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-03-08T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

The police question Jason about his van. Jason’s shocked when they claim to have received a tip-off that someone matching his description was seen fleeing from a burning van earlier. Fuming, Jason realizes he’s been set up by Karl.

54x49 Mon Mar 11 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-03-11T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Katy’s miffed when Ryan asks her to cover his shift so that he can take Steph out to lunch. With Chesney’s encouragement, Katy reluctantly agrees. Jason moves into the Rovers. He’s gutted when he loses the Council building job, due to having no van.

54x50 Mon Mar 11 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-03-11T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Having considered Fiz’s advice, Chesney heads out to buy Katy a special gift. Dev’s suspicious when Sophie suggests he and Sunita spend time together. Karl’s furious to find his wing mirror has been broken off.

54x51 Wed Mar 13 2013

  • 2013-03-13T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Fiz and Chesney are excited about his plan to propose to Katy at Faye’s party. Ryan borrows Chesney’s van to transport his DJ equipment. He invites Katy to come with him so they can spend some time alone together. Katy’s persuaded.

54x52 Fri Mar 15 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-03-15T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Katy’s uncomfortable as Chesney suggests a summer wedding. Stella and Eva go to Leanne’s to use her bathroom. Downcast Jason gets started on repairing the pub’s electrics.

54x53 Fri Mar 15 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-03-15T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Chesney’s devastated. Katy desperately tries to defend herself, telling him she only ever kissed Ryan and nothing more. Katy assures Chesney that she loves him and that Ryan was just a bit of excitement in her boring life. Chesney’s deeply hurt.

54x54 Mon Mar 18 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-03-18T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Stella moans to Jason about the amount of money she’s losing with the Rovers shut. Jason promises to fix the electrics as soon as he can. Karl overhears. With Stella’s warning ringing in his ears, Dev asks Sunita if she really loves him.

54x55 Mon Mar 18 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-03-18T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Ruby won’t stop crying. Julie and Brian are at their wit’s end. The fire at the Rovers takes hold and sets off the alarms. The Full Monty performance continues at the bistro and the women heckle as Matt takes the stage..

54x56 Wed Mar 20 2013

  • 2013-03-20T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

As the Rovers burns, the onlookers are shocked to see Karl’s face at the window with Stella. Rita’s overcome with shock and emotion. Dr Carter tries to calm her down.

54x57 Sun Mar 24 2013

  • 2013-03-24T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Wracked with guilt over Toni’s death, Paul insists on returning to work. Eileen’s concerned for him. Depressed Chesney tells Fiz he’s not up to going to work. Katy calls round and tentatively asks Chesney if he’d like to have Joseph for a few hours.

54x58 Mon Mar 25 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-03-25T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Julie arrives to babysit for Ruby whilst Kirsty gets ready to attend court. Jason continues to profess his innocence, certain he did a good job on the Rovers electrics. Paul’s scathing whilst Eileen feels caught in the crossfire.

54x59 Mon Mar 25 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-03-25T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

When Julie is called away on an emergency, Sally stands in and babysits for Ruby.Angry Dev confronts Stella, Karl, Gloria and Jason, furious with them for pointing the finger at Sunita.

54x60 Wed Mar 27 2013

  • 2013-03-27T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

As Paul and Eileen get ready to leave for Toni’s funeral, Paul apologizes to Jason for wrongly accusing him of killing his friend. Karl enjoys himself at No.13. Gloria fusses round him treating him as the hero who saved her daughter’s life.

54x61 Fri Mar 29 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-03-29T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

Through the wall, Julie and Sean hear the sound of smashing glass from No.9 and then silence from Ruby as she abruptly stops crying. They rush round, concerned for Ruby.

54x62 Fri Mar 29 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-03-29T20:30:00+01:00 — 25 mins

There’s pandemonium in the court as Kirsty tries to hand Ruby to Tyrone. The Judge calls order and insists that the Usher takes care of Ruby. Kirsty tells the packed court that it was all lies and Tyrone’s innocent.

54x63 Mon Apr 01 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-01T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Tyrone cradles Ruby, glad to be home but emotional and depressed after his ordeal. Fiz is concerned for him.Paul is quiet and withdrawn and Eileen is worried, wishing she could do something to help.

54x64 Mon Apr 01 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-01T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Stella and Karl continue to kiss but they quickly leap apart when Jason arrives. Eileen mentions her concerns about Paul’s state of mind to Dr Carter who promises to have a chat with him.

54x65 Wed Apr 03 2013

  • 2013-04-03T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Dev keeps a vigil by Sunita’s bed. The consultant explains that they’ve had to sedate her but she has definitely shown some signs of progress. Sylvia works in the café, but she’s clearly spaced out on hash brownies.

54x66 Fri Apr 05 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-05T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Sophie calls to see Dev and offers her condolences. It’s clear Dev hasn’t slept.Sylvia hands Dennis some hash cakes explaining she made them herself as Stan didn’t have time. Dennis is grateful.

54x67 Fri Apr 05 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-05T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Izzy and Gary excitedly show Owen and Anna their scan photo and tell them that it’s a boy. Gary pops out to get a bottle of fizz to celebrate.

54x68 Mon Apr 08 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-08T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Paul tells Eileen that he’s returning to work tomorrow. Eileen hides her concern, but deep down she’s worried about his doing such a dangerous job. Stella hires Owen to rebuild the burnt out Rovers.

54x69 Mon Apr 08 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-08T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Paul’s furious that Eileen’s gone behind his back and told his boss that he’s not ready to return to work. At the anniversary dinner party, Rob flirts with Deirdre who’s in her element.

54x70 Wed Apr 10 2013

  • 2013-04-10T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Putting on a brave face, Eileen apologizes for her wobble and promises Paul her full support. Fiz returns to work at the factory. The girls are pleased to have her back. Julie apologizes again to Fiz, desperately sorry for siding with Kirsty over her.

54x71 Fri Apr 12 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-12T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Sophie helps Dev get the kids ready for Sunita’s funeral and offers them some comforting words. Dev’s grateful. Paul returns to work and Eileen does her best to hide her worries.

54x72 Fri Apr 12 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-12T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Stella misconstrues Karl’s confession and thinks he blames himself because his affair with Sunita led to her death. Stella assures him it’s not his fault and promises him she’s there for him.

54x73 Mon Apr 15 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-15T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Jason’s shocked when he spots Karl and Stella in an affectionate exchange. Dev informs Steve that his official period of mourning is over, but he still doesn’t feel ready to move on with his life. Steve’s sympathetic.

54x74 Mon Apr 15 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-15T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Anna does her best to remain calm and explains to Faye she can’t live with Tim as her home is over the road. Mary suggests another bistro theme night but on Leanne’s instructions, Nick tells Mary there won’t be any more theme nights.

54x75 Wed Apr 17 2013

  • 2013-04-17T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Owen puts the broken telly in a box for the tip. Faye sulks and refuses to eat her breakfast despite Anna’s pleas. Eileen tries to give Paul their holiday tickets but he insists she keeps them and suggests she takes Julie instead. Julie’s thrilled.

54x76 Fri Apr 19 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-19T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Anna’s beside herself, worried she could lose Faye altogether. Owen assures her that won’t happen. Having seen Dev’s advert for a nanny, Mary applies for the job. Dev agrees to interview her and Sophie’s amused.

54x77 Fri Apr 19 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-19T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Owen’s incredulous as Anna explains how she doesn’t want Faye to grow up hating her and if that means going to live with her dad then so be it.

54x78 Mon Apr 22 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-22T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Katy and Chesney arrange to meet up later. Both pleased that their relationship seems to be getting back on track. Faye apologizes to Tim for her lies about Anna and worries that he’ll think she’s a horrible person.

54x79 Mon Apr 22 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-22T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Leanne tells Peter she wants him to buy her share of the bookies, but Peter tells her he can’t afford to. Ryan gets ready to go clubbing.

54x80 Wed Apr 24 2013

  • 2013-04-24T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Katy’s hungover. Ryan offers to make her some breakfast. Michelle advises Katy to forget Ryan and try and sort things out with Chesney. Tim calls at No.11 with Faye.

54x81 Fri Apr 26 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-26T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Carla suggests to Peter that he buys Leanne’s half of the bookies but he insists he does not have the money, and tetchily asks her to mind her own business. Mary continues to fuss around Dev.

54x82 Fri Apr 26 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-26T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Peter’s furious to realize Carla’s gone behind his back and bought Leanne’s share of the bookies. Carla insists she’s done him a massive favor. Tommy suggests to Izzy she needs to keep an eye on Gary. Izzy’s bemused.

54x83 Mon Apr 29 2013 Part 1

  • 2013-04-29T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Izzy makes excuses to swerve antenatal class. She tells Tina that Gary will attend and he can fill her in later. Anna’s concerned. Carla does her best to make Peter see that Rob could be good for his business. She assures him that he’s still in charge.

54x84 Mon Apr 29 2013 Part 2

  • 2013-04-29T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Eileen runs along side the train. Paul spots her through the window but it’s too late, the train pulls out. Eileen breaks down in anguish and Jason tries to comfort her.

54x85 Wed May 01 2013

  • 2013-05-01T20:30:00+02:00 — 25 mins

Karl continues to put pressure on Stella to marry him as soon as possible. Stella’s unnerved by his manner and refuses to commit. When Stella notices Gloria’s snazzy new earrings, Gloria becomes shifty and Stella’s immediately suspicious.


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