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Coronation Street

Season 57 2016

  • 2016-01-01T19:30:00Z on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 4 days, 11 hours, 2 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

262 episodes

57x01 Fri Jan 01 2016 Part 1

  • Season Premiere

    2016-01-01T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla and Robert's worlds collide. Roy finds Nessa's love letter to Alan. And Norris refuses to wave Emily goodbye.

57x02 Fri Jan 01 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-01T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla risks it all on Robert. Roy wrestles with his love letter dilemma. And Emily embarks on her great adventure.

57x03 Mon Jan 04 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-01-04T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Rob reveals his threat to Carla. Cathy discovers Nessa's dirty little secret. And Anna masks her jealousy.

57x04 Mon Jan 04 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-04T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kate and Aidan discover the shocking truth. Ken's appalled by Nessa's selfishness. And are things looking up for Anna?

57x05 Wed Jan 06 2016

  • 2016-01-06T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

A furious Aidan lashes out at Johnny. Nessa tries to fix things. And what has Anna got up her sleeve?

57x06 Fri Jan 08 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-01-08T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla encourages Roy not to give up. Kevin's clean up backfires. And Mary falls for Brendan's charms.

57x07 Fri Jan 08 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-08T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Can Roy rescue Cathy in time? Kevin has a suggestion for Anna. And Mary invites Brendan back to No.7.

57x08 Mon Jan 11 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-01-11T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla drops a bombshell on Nick. Tyrone loses his cool. And Kevin arranges a date with Anna.

57x09 Mon Jan 11 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-11T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla does a volte face. Tyrone and Fiz have a glimmer of hope. And Tim sees Kevin and Anna kissing!

57x10 Wed Jan 13 2016

  • 2016-01-13T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Fiz discovers Tyrone's secret. Tracy leaves Robert stunned. And Cathy wonders if she really knows Roy at all.

57x11 Fri Jan 15 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-01-15T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will furious Robert reveal all to Nick? Nosy Sally tries to rumble Anna. And Luke and Andy take the law into their own hands.

57x12 Fri Jan 15 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-15T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy's scheming gets Robert what he wants. Anna and Kevin have a close call. And what does Jamie have in store for Steph?

57x13 Mon Jan 18 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-01-18T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy gets more than she bargained for. Sally makes a shocking discovery. And Audrey leaves Ken bemused.

57x14 Mon Jan 18 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-18T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla does a volte face. Tyrone and Fiz have a glimmer of hope. And Tim sees Kevin and Anna kissing!

57x15 Wed Jan 20 2016 (19:00)

  • 2016-01-20T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will Tracy smash Nick's dreams? Phelan wants to strike a deal with Anna. And David and Kylie try to hide what lies beneath.

57x16 Fri Jan 22 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-01-22T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy faces some difficult questions. Roy's quietly concerned. And Kevin takes Phelan's advice.

57x17 Fri Jan 22 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-22T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy finally cracks. Roy says farewell for now. And has Phelan beaten Anna to the punch?

57x18 Mon Jan 25 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-01-25T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will Anna be forced to admit the truth? Carla is questioned about the robbery. And Rita receives an unexpected message.

57x19 Mon Jan 25 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-25T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kevin falls for Phelan's clever act. Steph's furious with Luke and Andy. And Brendan comes between Mary and Norris.

57x20 Wed Jan 27 2016

  • 2016-01-27T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will Audrey confess her feelings to Ken? Mary's caught in the act. And Rita has a secret rendezvous.

57x21 Fri Jan 29 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-01-29T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kevin opens his door to a shock. Mary's bang to rights. And will Fiz and Tyrone get the news they've been waiting to hear?

57x22 Fri Jan 29 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-01-29T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jenny's return causes ructions. Erica has a woman to woman chat with heartbroken Mary. And Fiz and Tyrone face up to reality

57x23 Mon Feb 01 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-01T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla has a turbulent homecoming. Sophie is furious with Kate. And Fiz is at her wits end with Tyrone.

57x24 Mon Feb 01 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-01T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will Robert be fazed by Johnny's threats? Sally lays into Rita, Jenny and Kate. And Fiz turns down the heat at No.9

57x25 Wed Feb 03 2016

  • 2016-02-03T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla tells Johnny to back off! Sally gives Aidan an ultimatum. And Fiz and Tyrone are touched by Luke's support.

57x26 Fri Feb 05 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jenny finds herself in an awkward position. Aidan needs a real woman. And Leanne agrees to let her hair down.

57x27 Fri Feb 05 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-05T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Can Jenny prove her innocence? Eva makes an unusual discovery. And Leanne is flattered by a handsome stranger.

57x28 Mon Feb 08 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-08T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Simon kicks off at his football match. Will Kevin buy into Anna's suspicions? And Marta gives Underworld a freight.

57x29 Mon Feb 08 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-08T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will Leanne decide to take drastic action? Gary warns Anna not to push Kevin away. And Eva tells Aidan about her discovery.

57x30 Wed Feb 10 2016

  • 2016-02-10T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Leanne's decision weighs heavy. Anna's on a short fuse. And Erica and Izzy make a deal.

57x31 Fri Feb 12 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Leanne stands by her decision. Beth's itching for a fight. And Izzy finds a friend in Erica.

57x32 Fri Feb 12 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-12T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will the truth about Simon be revealed? Beth and Kylie become enemies. And Izzy decides to take Erica up on her offer.

57x33 Mon Feb 15 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-15T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy has suspicions about Robert's surprise. Phelan makes his presence felt at the Grimshaw's. Is it too little too late for Simon?

57x34 Mon Feb 15 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-15T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla's terrified as Tracy vows vengeance. Phelan sets his sights on the Grimshaws. Leanne pays the price for her betrayal.

57x35 Wed Feb 17 2016

  • 2016-02-17T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy's determined to get rid of Carla. Phelan's sticking around. Sinead has model ambitions.

57x36 Fri Feb 19 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Anna vents her frustration. Carla propositions Nick. Sally's got a surprise for Tim.

57x37 Fri Feb 19 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-19T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Anna pays the price for her anger. Nick takes a leap of faith. Sally loses Norris and Tim's vote.

57x38 Mon Feb 22 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-22T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla reveals her plans to leave the street. Phelan shows his true colours. Tim promises to give Streetcars his best shot.

57x39 Mon Feb 22 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-22T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Is it too little too late for Anna? Tracy turns the tables on Carla. Sally and Norris' political fight gets personal.

57x40 Wed Feb 24 2016

  • 2016-02-24T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Izzy resorts to drastic measures. Carla feels the pressure of Tracy's plans. Sally tries to please everyone.

57x41 Fri Feb 26 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy's plans are thwarted. Izzy's out of her depth. The future of Underworld is in Aidan's hands.

57x42 Fri Feb 26 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-26T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla feels the heat from Tracy. The truth about Izzy becomes apparent. Eva's surprised by an unexpected visitor.

57x43 Mon Feb 29 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-02-29T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla's caught in the act. Eva's house guest makes a run for it. Bethany's a cause for concern.

57x44 Mon Feb 29 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-02-29T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will Tracy's dream come true? It's a girl's night out for Erica. Sarah tries to reach out to Bethany.

57x45 Wed Mar 02 2016

  • 2016-03-02T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will Eva and Aidan be caught red handed? Erica makes her intentions clear. Michael feels left out.

57x46 Fri Mar 04 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-03-04T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Bethany's day goes from bad to worse. Will Eva be sent packing at the factory? Andy has something to tell Michael.

57x47 Fri Mar 04 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-03-04T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sarah finds an ally in Kylie. There's no going back for Aidan and Eva. Dev and Erica remain friends – with benefits.

57x48 Mon Mar 07 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-03-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michael's dislike for Phelan reaches new heights. Aidan's roped into another of Eva's plans. Sally and Norris come under fire.

57x49 Mon Mar 07 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-03-07T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michael falls from grace. Tim's past derails Sally's campaign. And it's back to reality for Marta.

57x50 Wed Mar 09 2016

  • 2016-03-09T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

The truth comes out about Bethany. Michael's worried about his relationship. And Rana cooks up a storm.

57x51 Fri Mar 11 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-03-11T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michael's plans go awry. Kylie finds herself in a dead end job. And Zeedan loses his cool over Rana.

57x52 Fri Mar 11 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-03-11T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Michael shoots himself in the foot. Gemma's not welcome at the salon. And Rana encourages the rebel in Zeedan.

57x53 Mon Mar 14 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-03-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Anna's horrified to see Eileen with Phelan. Gemma's not cut out for hairdressing. And romance is on the menu for Zeedan.

57x54 Mon Mar 14 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-03-14T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will Eileen fall for Pat's lies? Gemma comes to Chesney's rescue. And Zeedan defends Rana's honour.

57x55 Wed Mar 16 2016

  • 2016-03-16T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sarah is rocked by a pregnancy scare. Eileen falls for Phelan. And it's crunch time for Sally and Norris.

57x56 Fri Mar 18 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-03-18T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Billy and Eva go on a stake-out. Kevin demands the truth. And Kylie gets a shock at Freddie's house.

57x57 Fri Mar 18 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-03-18T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Aidan squares up to the O'Driscolls. Kevin proves his mettle to Anna. And Kylie's heart goes out to grieving Freddie.

57x58 Mon Mar 21 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-03-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sarah and Todd are reminded of their past. Anna endures the chattering masses. And Aidan faces the music at the factory.

57x59 Mon Mar 21 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-03-21T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Todd and David help as Sarah struggles in labour. Kevin gets under Phelan's skin. And money's too tight to mention for Tyrone.

57x60 Wed Mar 23 2016

  • 2016-03-23T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sarah's enraged by an unwelcome visitor. Aidan's impressed by Eva's powers of persuasion. Gail hopes to change Michael's mind.

57x61 Fri Mar 25 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-03-25T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Carla refuses to dance to Tracy's tune. Will Gail give Michael the cold shoulder? And Max is eager to meet his baby brother.

57x62 Fri Mar 25 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-03-25T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Will an irritated Tracy burst Nick's bubble? Gail and Michael's reunion is left on ice. Dev and Erica cook up a storm.

57x63 Mon Mar 28 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-03-28T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tracy's excitement quickly turns to anger. David threatens a furious Gemma. Gary and Yasmeen rush to Izzy's aid.

57x64 Mon Mar 28 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-03-28T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Tracy's insecurities bubble to the surface. David tries to hide Sarah's turmoil. And Michelle gets a blast from her past.

57x65 Wed Mar 30 2016

  • 2016-03-30T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick and Carla relax into their new life. Michelle and Will reconnect. And Gemma sets her sights on Jason.

57x66 Fri Apr 01 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-01T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

An emotional Michelle confides in Will. Sarah becomes overprotective of Harry. And disheartened Izzy clutches at straws.

57x67 Fri Apr 01 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-01T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sparks fly with Michelle's old flame. Sarah struggles to keep it together. And Kate wonders if she's doing the right thing?

57x68 Mon Apr 04 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-04T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Kate comes to Sophie's rescue. Tracy and Robert hit a bump. Michelle steps away from Will.

57x69 Mon Apr 04 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-04T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Michelle's backed into a corner. Tracy comes clean to Robert. Sophie confides in Tim about Kate.

57x70 Wed Apr 06 2016

  • 2016-04-06T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

The ends justify the means for Carla. Caz gives Sophie her marching orders. Liz has an admirer.

57x71 Fri Apr 08 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-08T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Caz is left shocked by Kate's betrayal. Tim grows tired of coming second. Tracy swallows her pride for Robert.

57x72 Fri Apr 08 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-08T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sophie's left heartbroken by Kate's decision. Sally struggles with her priorities. Love is in the air for Liz.

57x73 Mon Apr 11 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-11T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sarah sees some salvation in Billy Maria returns to the cobbles Gary gets an unexpected visitor

57x74 Mon Apr 11 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-11T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Nick is haunted by his past Maria meets up with a handsome stranger Sharif suspects Gary may be dealing drugs

57x75 Wed Apr 13 2016

  • 2016-04-13T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Matia reveals her marriage of inconvenience Sharif's masterplan backfires David tries to make Nick face reality

57x76 Fri Apr 15 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-15T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Gary takes the fall for Izzy Maria and Luke are in high spirits The Coronation Street sign goes missing

57x77 Fri Apr 15 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-15T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Izzy takes responsibility for her actions Sarah tries to reach out to Kylie Tyrone hits his taxi target

57x78 Mon Apr 18 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-18T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Baptism of fire for baby Harry Izzy and Gary face a backlash Gail has an unhappy birthday

57x79 Mon Apr 18 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-18T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Michelle and Will visit the reception venue Billy puts Sarah's mind at ease Jenny speaks up for Izzy

57x80 Wed Apr 20 2016

  • 2016-04-20T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

Michelle's torn between two men There's a worrying phone call for Kate Gary and Alya grow closer

57x81 Fri Apr 22 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-22T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Michelle's birthday takes an unexpected turn Phelan plays politics with Sally Sophie's disappointed at Caz's return

57x82 Fri Apr 22 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-22T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Michelle caves in to her passion Phelan trashes the community centre Alex relishes his new-found independence

57x83 Mon Apr 25 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-25T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Michelle is stunned by Will's announcement. Jason lands on his feet. And Eileen gets a visit from the police.

57x84 Mon Apr 25 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-25T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jason receives some shocking news. Michelle puts Will to bed. And what is Billy hiding?

57x85 Wed Apr 27 2016

  • 2016-04-27T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jason's grief bubbles to the surface. Billy shoulders a burden alone. And Cathy comes to Alex's rescue.

57x86 Fri Apr 29 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-04-29T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Grieving Jason lashes out at everyone. Nick has a terrible setback. And there's something troubling Billy.

57x87 Fri Apr 29 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-04-29T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Emotions run high in the Rovers. Nick's future marriage hangs in the balance. Zeedan gives Rana a taste of her own medicine.

57x88 Mon May 02 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-05-02T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Liz confronts an evasive Michelle. Nick is forced to hide his anxiety. And Sophie is suspicious of Caz.

57x89 Mon May 02 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-05-02T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Michelle's guilt grows. Will Nick confide in David? And Yasmeen fumes at a smug Sally.

57x90 Wed May 04 2016

  • 2016-05-04T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick realises he's out of his depth. Kate confronts a secretive Caz. And Jason wonders what's wrong with Sarah?

57x91 Fri May 06 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-05-06T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Has Todd caught Phelan out? Steve plans to give Michelle a night to remember. And Sarah's paranoia takes hold.

57x92 Fri May 06 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-05-06T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Steve and Michelle reignite their passion. Jason finds comfort in Gemma's arms. And Kylie is alarmed by jittery Sarah.

57x93 Mon May 09 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-05-09T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jason faces his hardest day. Roy gets an unexpected surprise. And Craig's set for a difficult date.

57x94 Mon May 09 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-05-09T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Jason is furious with Eileen. Can Roy mend the cracks in his new family? And Sarah confides in Kylie.

57x95 Wed May 11 2016

  • 2016-05-11T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sarah takes extreme measures. Phelan cements his place in Jason and Eileen's lives. And Jenny gets the cold shoulder.

57x96 Fri May 13 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-05-13T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick makes a huge decision. The hens hit the town. And Jenny's forced to face painful memories.

57x97 Fri May 13 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-05-13T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick tells Carla he can't marry her. Johnny has advice for Jenny. And Kylie desperately tries to get through to Sarah.

57x98 Mon May 16 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-05-16T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Can Jenny finally put her demons to rest? A worried Carla demands the truth. And Todd lends an ear to shocked Sean.

57x99 Mon May 16 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-05-16T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jenny has a reversal of fortune. Carla's thrown a curveball. And Billy has a troubling encounter.

57x100 Wed May 18 2016

  • 2016-05-18T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Izzy's plans go bust. Johnny jumps to Jenny's defense. And Billy makes a shocking revelation to Todd.

57x101 Thu May 19 2016

  • 2016-05-19T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Izzy falls on the wrong side of the law. Johnny's part of Jenny's plan. And Todd and Billy are bound by a secret.

57x102 Fri May 20 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-05-20T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Carla fears for her future with Nick. Kevin arranges a summit for Izzy and Anna. Johnny tries to fight his feelings for Jenny.

57x103 Fri May 20 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-05-20T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Nick's torn about moving. Kevin's dinner goes off the boil. Jenny and Johnny get closer.

57x104 Sun May 22 2016 (21:00)

  • 2016-05-22T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

As everyone prepares for the wedding Johnny goes to extreme lengths to stop Tracy ruining Carla's big day.

57x105 Mon May 23 2016 (21:00)

  • 2016-05-23T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

With Johnny nowhere to be found Roy offers to walk Carla down the aisle. But will the ceremony go ahead?

57x106 Tue May 24 2016 (21:00)

  • 2016-05-24T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

With Tracy be able to escape and stop the wedding before it has even begun? How will Nick react to what Carla has to tell him?

57x107 Wed May 25 2016 (21:00)

  • 2016-05-25T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

An oblivious Cathy stuns Roy with a surprise proposal. And a shock incident changes the Platts' future forever.

57x108 Thu May 26 2016 (21:00)

  • 2016-05-26T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David, Kylie and Sarah get a visit from the police. And Carla prepares to bid farewell to Weatherfield.

57x109 Mon May 30 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-05-30T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

David points the finger. Sinead gets the wrong end of the stick.

57x110 Mon May 30 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-05-30T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Platts and Grimshaws go head to head. Sinead misreads the signals.

57x111 Wed Jun 01 2016

  • 2016-06-01T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sarah looks like she's seen a ghost. Chesney's rocked by Sinead's indiscretion. And Norris has a plan.

57x112 Fri Jun 03 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-06-03T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

It's a party and Sarah will cry if she wants to. Norris hits the roof.

57x113 Fri Jun 03 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-06-03T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Todd has a huge dilemma on his hands. Michelle buys Amy's silence. And Zeedan tells Rana that he's still not ready.

57x114 Mon Jun 06 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-06-06T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Steve is rocked by a bombshell. Todd has some information for the police. And Leanne is worried about Nick.

57x115 Mon Jun 06 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-06-06T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Steve's world is shaken to the core. Tensions erupt between the brothers Grimshaw. And Leanne lays it on the line.

57x116 Wed Jun 08 2016

  • 2016-06-08T18:30:00Z — 46 mins

Todd's in the frame. Sean plays second fiddle. And Steve can't accept Michelle's infidelity.

57x117 Sun Jun 12 2016 (19:30)

  • 2016-06-12T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Amy cries for help. Sean wants the truth from Billy. And Leanne and Nick grow closer.

57x118 Mon Jun 13 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-06-13T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jason's determined to get to the truth. Izzy has her day in court. Is there hope for Steve and Michelle?

57x119 Mon Jun 13 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-06-13T18:30:00Z — 46 mins

Jason draws some painful conclusions. It's judgement day for Izzy. Michelle and Steve have a long way to go.

57x120 Tue Jun 14 2016 (20:00)

  • 2016-06-14T18:30:00Z — 46 mins

Sarah's behaviour is of grave concern. Jason and Phelan don't see eye to eye. And Alex drives Cathy to distraction.

57x121 Sun Jun 19 2016 (19:30)

  • 2016-06-19T18:30:00Z — 44 mins

1 hour Sarah's tipped over the edge. Alex does Gemma a favour. And Luke's suspicions about Caz grow.

57x122 Thu Jun 23 2016 (21:00)

  • 2016-06-23T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

1 hour Sarah spirals out of control. Gemma has sage advice for Alex. And Leanne returns to the Bistro.

57x123 Fri Jun 24 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-06-24T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jason has something he needs to do. Leanne's caught between a rock and a hard place. Sarah faces the long road to recovery.

57x124 Fri Jun 24 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-06-24T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Jason saves David from a heart breaking choice. Nick catches Leanne red handed. And Bethany confesses to Gail.

Tony's “guilt” ignites Jason's despair. Passions boil over in the Bistro. And Steve faces a ticking clock.

Jason's momentous decision devastates Eileen. Leanne has a gentleman caller. Steve's ticking clock blows up in his face.

Jason's departure leaves Phelan smiling. Amy sets up Steve and Michelle. It's the morning after the night before for Leanne.

57x128 Fri Jul 01 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-01T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Tracy steals the show. Izzy faces her final moments of freedom. Luke's suspicious of Caz.

57x129 Fri Jul 01 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-01T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Tracy's hit by a double whammy. Izzy accepts her punishment. And Sophie finds an ally in Luke.

57x130 Mon Jul 04 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-04T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David and Kylie brace themselves. Phelan’s price isn’t right for Steph and Andy. Tracy laments her lost daughter.

57x131 Mon Jul 04 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-04T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sarah makes a breakthrough. Phelan fumes as Michael thwarts his plans. Sparks fly for Billy and Todd.

57x132 Thu Jul 07 2016

  • 2016-07-07T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Todd makes a shocking declaration to Billy. Bethany takes back control. Tracy can’t do right for doing wrong.

57x133 Fri Jul 08 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-08T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Airing to be confirmed due to Euro 2016. Billy refuses to live a lie. Tracy hits rock bottom. And Nick steps into the breach for Leanne.

57x134 Fri Jul 08 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-08T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Airing to be confirmed due to Euro 2016. Billy makes a risky decision in the name of love. Tracy finally gets her happy ending. And is there hope for Nick and Leanne?

57x135 Mon Jul 11 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-11T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne's delivered a baby bombshell. Three's a crowd on Todd and Billy's date night. And troubled Kylie plays cupid.

57x136 Mon Jul 11 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-11T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne reels from her shocking news. It's game on for Billy and Todd. And love is in the air at No. 8.

57x137 Wed Jul 13 2016

  • 2016-07-13T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Bethany's caught red-handed. Caz turns to Johnny for help. And Leanne's in denial about the baby.

57x138 Thu Jul 14 2016 (20:30)

  • 2016-07-14T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Kylie needs an escape route. Kate learns the truth about Caz's injury. And Chesney takes the rap.

57x139 Fri Jul 15 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-15T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

David and Kylie look to the future. Gemma makes a stand. And Kate gives Caz the boot.

57x140 Fri Jul 15 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-15T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David and Kylie say a final goodbye. Freddie takes a step back. Chesney, Gemma and Craig each blame themselves.

57x141 Mon Jul 18 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-18T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

David struggles to come to terms with Kylie's death. Steph is onto Leanne's secret. And Caz moves in with Maria.

57x142 Mon Jul 18 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-18T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

An unhinged David reacts to losing Kylie. Steph is a shoulder to cry on for Leanne. There's trouble ahead for Sophie and Kate.

57x143 Wed Jul 20 2016

  • 2016-07-20T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David faces an uncomfortable truth. Simon grows fearful about Leanne. And Tim acts as peacemaker.

57x144 Thu Jul 21 2016 (20:30)

  • 2016-07-21T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sarah is determined to leave hospital. Leanne has something to tell Simon. Sally and Yasmeen's truce is short lived.

57x145 Fri Jul 22 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-22T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne resolves to tell the baby's father. Yasmeen's in the dog house with Sally. And Johnny has a date.

57x146 Fri Jul 22 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-22T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne delivers her baby news. Peace comes to the street. And Jenny's left out in the cold.

57x147 Mon Jul 25 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-25T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

Leanne has a scare. Jenny grows impatient with Johnny. Luke tells Sophie about Maria's houseguest.

57x148 Mon Jul 25 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-25T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Steve is floored by Michelle's announcement. Jenny demands respect from Johnny. Kate turns on Maria.

57x149 Wed Jul 27 2016

  • 2016-07-27T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Steve wrestles with his doubts. Todd and Billy have a close shave. The police return Kylie's belongings.

57x150 Fri Jul 29 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-07-29T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Platts worry for David's sanity. Eileen hears trouble on the grapevine. Michelle is excited by her big decision.

57x151 Fri Jul 29 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-07-29T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Eileen lays down the law. David vows to get revenge. Michelle has plans for Steve.

57x152 Mon Aug 01 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-01T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David says goodbye to the love of his life. Eileen receives bad news. Phelan ensures it's a black day for Sean.

57x153 Mon Aug 01 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-01T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Todd finds out the truth about Callum's killer. Billy faces the music. Craig comes to the rescue.

57x154 Wed Aug 03 2016

  • 2016-08-03T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sarah and David are forced to confess. Phelan urges Eileen to cut the apron strings. The Bistro descends into chaos.

57x155 Fri Aug 05 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-05T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sean gives Eileen a difficult choice. Gary hides from the truth. Leanne admits she still has feelings for Nick.

57x156 Fri Aug 05 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-05T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Sean makes Eileen's decision for her. Gary puts his head before his heart. Battlelines are drawn between Nick and Robert.

57x157 Mon Aug 08 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-08T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick thinks that revenge is a dish best served cold. Phelan tries to win Sally's favor. Beth tries to support Craig's decision.

57x158 Mon Aug 08 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-08T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick gets his just desserts. Phelan underestimates Sally. Beth tries to hide the skeletons in her closet.

57x159 Wed Aug 10 2016

  • 2016-08-10T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Three heads are better than one at the Bistro. Eva gets the wrong end of the stick. Will Beth crack under Craig's questioning?

57x160 Fri Aug 12 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-12T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Luke's good deed backfires. Nick's jealousy rears it's head at the Bistro. And Izzy gets her hopes up.

57x161 Fri Aug 12 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-12T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria finds solace in an unexpected place. Will Leanne follow her heart or her head? Gary hides his true feelings from Izzy.

57x162 Mon Aug 15 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-15T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Aidan and Maria keep mum. Leanne pays a heavy price to protect her secret. And Izzy is put out.

57x163 Mon Aug 15 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-15T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

It's a double whammy for Maria. Nick resolves that it's time to move on. And actions speak louder than words for Izzy.

57x164 Wed Aug 17 2016

  • 2016-08-17T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne takes control. Izzy's devastated by Gary's admission. And Maria sticks to her guns.

57x165 Fri Aug 19 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-19T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Mum's the word for Michelle. Simon hatches a plan. Aidan and Eva's flat hunting hits a bump.

57x166 Fri Aug 19 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-19T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

There's more than one bump in the road for Steve. Leanne and Simon commit to a new future. And Aidan get some news.

57x167 Mon Aug 22 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-22T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne says goodbye to Weatherfield. Bethany helps the Platts smile again. An angry Sharif demands answers.

57x168 Mon Aug 22 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-22T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick comes to his senses. Troubled Bethany finds a secret solace. Sharif reveals a clandestine affair.

57x169 Wed Aug 24 2016

  • 2016-08-24T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Bethany pushes herself to the extreme. Leanne and Nick are reunited. And Gail's touched too see Michael comfort Max.

57x170 Fri Aug 26 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-26T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick lets the cat out of the bag. Bethany wilts under cross examination. Maria's had a belly full of Aidan and Maria.

57x171 Fri Aug 26 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-26T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne has a decision to make. Gary fights Bethany's corner. And Eva resolves to find Maria a new man.

57x172 Mon Aug 29 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-08-29T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

It's a dark day for Maria. Things go from bad to worse for Caz. And Sally and Phelan go head to head.

57x173 Mon Aug 29 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-08-29T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria comes face to face with fear. Sally has a change of heart. Nick and Leanne put the past behind them.

57x174 Wed Aug 31 2016

  • 2016-08-31T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria's fear plays into Caz's hands. Sally leads a factory walkout. And Steve has a word with Liz.

57x175 Fri Sep 02 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-02T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne comes clean. Craig's birthday dreams are shattered. And Jenny's exposed in Underworld

57x176 Fri Sep 02 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-02T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

Nick faces a nightmare. Beth's world falls apart. And Gary helps Bethany to face her fear.

57x177 Mon Sep 05 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-05T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick takes Steve for a man to man chat. Sean's jealousy threatens Todd's plans. Beth finds herself an enemy in Sally.

57x178 Mon Sep 05 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-05T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Nick lays down the law with Steve. Is it the end of the line for Billy and Todd? Craig and Beth agree to mediation.

57x179 Wed Sep 07 2016

  • 2016-09-07T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Phelan pushes Todd into Billy's arms. Gary learns the Platt family values. And Beth's gutted by Craig's rejection.

57x180 Fri Sep 09 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-09T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

Concerns for David deepen. Maria has a proposition for Luke. And Billy's fears grow as news spreads.

57x181 Fri Sep 09 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-09T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Lauren's reign of fear is cut short by David. Maria lets Luke down for Caz. And Billy's got nowhere left to hide.

57x182 Mon Sep 12 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-12T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Caz makes a move on Maria. Craig gets a bolt from the blue. And Billy's dealt a bombshell from the Bishop.

57x183 Mon Sep 12 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-12T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria innocently fuels Caz's deranged fantasy. Craig outstays Sally's welcome. And Sean is in Billy's firing line.

57x184 Wed Sep 14 2016

  • 2016-09-14T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Kirk's stunned to discover Beth's big secret. Billy questions his calling. And Roy tackles Alex's sleeping arrangements.

57x185 Fri Sep 16 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-16T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Phelan's plan bears fruit. Beth's gutted by Kirk's reaction. And Roy fails to take Cathy's hints.

57x186 Fri Sep 16 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-16T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Phelan makes Todd an offer. Kirk's life is turned upside down. Cathy and Roy move into the master bedroom

57x187 Mon Sep 19 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-19T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Phelan lures Todd into a dangerous trap. Alex sets his sites on a new home. And Sonia's touchy around Sharif.

57x188 Mon Sep 19 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-19T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Todd dances with the Devil. Cathy resolves to get Alex what's rightfully his. And Alya spots that something's amiss.

57x189 Wed Sep 21 2016

  • 2016-09-21T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Cathy gets more than she bargained for. Todd takes the plunge. And Zeedan keeps his faith in Sharif.

57x190 Fri Sep 23 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-23T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Cathy puts Alex in harm's way. Alya puts Sharif on the spot. And Aidan has designs on expanding Underworld.

57x191 Fri Sep 23 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-23T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Cathy struggles to come to terms with the truth. Alya puts two and two together. And Aidan basks in Alya's glory.

57x192 Mon Sep 26 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-26T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Alya's silence is going to cost. Beth needs Kirk's support as she faces court. Andy taps into his creative side.

57x193 Mon Sep 26 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-26T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

Sharif feels the squeeze. Roy urges Cathy to stop Alex from leaving. Can Craig forgive and forget?

57x194 Wed Sep 28 2016

  • 2016-09-28T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Cathy gets her boys back. Will Eileen listen to Billy's warning? Erica tricks the twins into a confession.

57x195 Thu Sep 29 2016 (20:30)

  • 2016-09-29T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Todd's conscience is pricked. Maria and Kirk are devastated by a death in the family. Roy and Cathy set a date.

57x196 Fri Sep 30 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-09-30T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Todd discovers what Vinny is capable of. Kirk tries to warn Maria of Caz's feelings. David receives more bad news.

57x197 Fri Sep 30 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-09-30T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria is brutally honest with Caz. There is victory for Bethany. David reluctantly agrees to grief counselling.

57x198 Mon Oct 03 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-03T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David plans on spoiling the party. Eileen makes an executive decision. Steve is excited to meet Michelle's new client.

57x199 Mon Oct 03 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-03T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David is viciously attacked. Eileen becomes a problem for Vinny. Audrey is jealous when Freddie takes Rita out.

57x200 Wed Oct 05 2016

  • 2016-10-05T18:30:00Z — 21 mins

David falls under suspicion. Eileen smells a rat and goes after Vinny. Freddie does a spot of breakdancing.

57x201 Fri Oct 07 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-07T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

David has Macca's life in his hands. Eileen won't be taken for a fool. Sarah is concerned for Bethany.

57x202 Fri Oct 07 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-07T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Can Nick talk some sense into David? Sarah and Gary grow closer. Tim and Steve cause havoc playing football.

57x203 Mon Oct 10 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-10T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Steve has devastating news for Michelle. David is consumed with revenge. Sarah makes a shocking discovery.

57x204 Mon Oct 10 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-10T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Leanne puts the pressure on Steve. Sarah fumes at Gary's betrayal. Gail is bemused by David's behaviour

57x205 Wed Oct 12 2016

  • 2016-10-12T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David fine tunes his plan. Steve buries his head in the sand. Sophie gets an exciting phone call from Rosie

57x206 Fri Oct 14 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-14T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

David feels he is failing as a parent. Leanne takes matters into her own hands. Kevin refuses to take his own advice.

57x207 Fri Oct 14 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-14T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Gail discovers David's chilling message. Steve faces his fears. Ken is torn between his dream and his demanding family.

57x208 Mon Oct 17 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-17T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

The Platts try to save David from himself. The return of a familiar face surprises Ken. The boys give Gary some advice.

57x209 Mon Oct 17 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-17T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

David desperately looks for a way out. Peter never fails to disappoint Ken. Will Sarah take up Gary's offer?

57x210 Wed Oct 19 2016

  • 2016-10-19T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

The Platts come clean to Robert. Peter blames himself. Michelle is shocked that Leanne has broken her trust.

57x211 Fri Oct 21 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-21T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

David reaches the end of the road. Mary tinkers with the truth. Audrey confronts Caz.

57x212 Fri Oct 21 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-21T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Can anyone pull David back from the brink? Tracy sends Peter packing. And Beth and Craig reunite.

57x213 Mon Oct 24 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-24T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Peter finds a friend in Steve. The Platts await news on Clayton. Alya plots out her future in business.

57x214 Mon Oct 24 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-24T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Ken finds solace in Peter's presence. Can David finally lay Kylie's ghost to rest? Alya's plans go awry.

57x215 Wed Oct 26 2016

  • 2016-10-26T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Can Sarah resist the temptation of Gary? Michelle's fears start to grow. Peter feels judged from every side.

57x216 Fri Oct 28 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-28T18:30:00Z — 23 mins

Michelle faces her turmoil. Caz begins to plot after rejection from Kate. Will Beth do enough to win Kirk over?

57x217 Fri Oct 28 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-28T18:30:00Z — 22 mins

Steve comes face to face with fate. Caz shocks with a terrible confession. Alya takes a step towards success.

57x218 Mon Oct 31 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-10-31T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria makes a shocking discovery whilst Nick and Leanne get some exciting news. Zeedan wants answers.

57x219 Mon Oct 31 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-10-31T19:30:00Z — 21 mins

Maria faces a nightmare. Zeedan stuns Rana with an announcement. Erica's bewitched by Dev's offer.

57x220 Wed Nov 02 2016

  • 2016-11-02T19:30:00Z — 23 mins

Yasmeen is dealt a sickening blow. Maria's calm facade begins to slip away. Alex discovers Gemma's secret.

57x221 Fri Nov 04 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-11-04T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Yasmeen's party goes out with a bang. The rug's pulled from Maria's feet. Cathy faces a wedding dilemma.

57x222 Fri Nov 04 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-11-04T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Alya can't contain her guilt anymore. Maria feels the pressure. Roy compromises his beliefs for Cathy.

57x223 Mon Nov 07 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-11-07T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria confides in Eva. Have Sarah and Gary been rumbled? Yasmeen turns on Alya.

57x224 Mon Nov 07 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-11-07T19:30:00Z — 21 mins

Maria's got nowhere to hide. Is blood thicker than water for Sarah? All hope for Alya is lost.

57x225 Wed Nov 09 2016

  • 2016-11-09T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria makes a terrifying discovery. Sarah is pulled in different directions. Eileen will not hear a bad word about Phelan.

57x226 Thu Nov 10 2016 (20:30)

  • 2016-11-10T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Eva pushes Maria and Aidan closer. Bethany is dealt a crushing blow. Phelan holds all the aces.

57x227 Mon Nov 14 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-11-14T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

The screw tightens on Maria. Gary forces Sarah to face the music. Michael makes an alarming discovery.

57x228 Mon Nov 14 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-11-14T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria falls on her own sword. Michael rattles Phelan's cage. Gary rages at David.

57x229 Wed Nov 16 2016

  • 2016-11-16T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Eileen stumbles upon Phelan's secret. Adam and Daniel make an impression. Maria's freedom slips away.

57x230 Thu Nov 17 2016 (20:30)

  • 2016-11-17T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Michael plans to topple Phelan. The Barlows get to know each other. Maria feels more alone than ever.

57x231 Fri Nov 18 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-11-18T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Michael cracks the chase. Adam makes him mark on the Street. A familiar face returns to find Roy a changed man.

57x232 Fri Nov 18 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-11-18T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Michael's in grave danger. Tracy has mixed feelings about Adam. Cathy sprints a surprise on stressed Roy.

57x233 Mon Nov 21 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-11-21T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Phelan gets a nasty surprise. Brian gets to the heart of Roy's problem. Peter tries to solve Tracy's mystery.

57x234 Mon Nov 21 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-11-21T19:30:00Z — 21 mins

Roy's silence speaks volumes. Tracy's suspicions turn on Daniel. Is Phelan's plan dead in the water?

57x235 Wed Nov 23 2016

  • 2016-11-23T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

A devastated Eileen demands answers. Daniel shows his true colours. Chesney puts the smile back on Gemma's face.

57x236 Thu Nov 24 2016 (20:30)

  • 2016-11-24T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Curiosity gets the better of Tracy. Can Brian continue to bite his tongue? Daniel turns out not to be who he appears.

57x237 Fri Nov 25 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-11-25T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Daniel faces interrogation from his family. Gail makes a heartfelt gesture. Will Zeedan try to forgive Alya on his birthday?

57x238 Fri Nov 25 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-11-25T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Peter lays down the law to the Barlows. Will anyone fight Phelan's corner? Norris finds himself in the midst of a bidding war.

57x239 Mon Nov 28 2016

  • 2016-11-28T19:30:00Z — 46 mins

Zeedan drops a bombshell on Rana. Aidan puts everything on the line for Maria. Erica catches the twins red handed.

57x240 Wed Nov 30 2016

  • 2016-11-30T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Aidan chases the proof of Maria's innocence. Zeedan makes a grand gesture. Tim digs himself out of a hole.

57x241 Fri Dec 02 2016

  • 2016-12-02T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Kate is the key to Maria's freedom. Mary wants a second opinion. Has Rana had enough of Zeedan blowing hot and cold?

57x242 Mon Dec 05 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-12-05T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Maria's dealt a double whammy. Daniel closes the door on his past. Mary makes a bucket list.

57x243 Mon Dec 05 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-12-05T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Will Aidan be able to contain his jealousy? Erica grows curious of Mary's defensive behaviour. Peter smells a rat.

57x244 Wed Dec 07 2016

  • 2016-12-07T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Peter can't do right for doing wrong. Aidan plots against Maria's love life. Roy's anxieties are spiralling.

57x245 Thu Dec 08 2016 (20:30)

  • 2016-12-08T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

Has Roy found the answer to his prayers? Nick's suspicions grow, meanwhile Billy throws in the towel.

57x246 Fri Dec 09 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-12-09T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Roy's conscience is pricked. Nick warns Peter to keep his distance. Phelan rolls his sleeves up.

57x247 Fri Dec 09 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-12-09T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Roy's hit with some unwelcome home truths. Peter makes plans to prove Nick wrong. Eileen's stung by a poison pen.

57x248 Mon Dec 12 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-12-12T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Will Cathy's big day bring joy and happiness? Pain gets the better of Anna. Andy confides in Gail.

57x249 Mon Dec 12 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-12-12T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Roy and Cathy face the truth. Anna's day ends on a sour note. Nick continues to make childish jibes at Peter.

57x250 Wed Dec 14 2016

  • 2016-12-14T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Phelan delivers a crippling blow to Anna. Robert's increasingly drawn to Michelle. Amy gives Tracy her approval.

57x251 Thu Dec 15 2016 (20:30)

  • 2016-12-15T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Phelan suffers poetic justice. Robert struggles to hide his feelings. Concern grows at Roy's rash decision.

57x252 Fri Dec 16 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-12-16T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Rumours spread about Phelan's attack. Mary delves back into her past. David's a reluctant third wheel.

57x253 Fri Dec 16 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-12-16T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Andy sweats over his attack. Mary's hopes are dashed. Bethany's plans to escape Gary backfire.

57x254 Mon Dec 19 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-12-19T19:30:00Z — 21 mins

Bethany prepares to make her move. Will Andy pay for what he's done? Norris makes a heartfelt appeal.

57x255 Mon Dec 19 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-12-19T19:30:00Z — 21 mins

Bethany attempts to buy Faye's silence. Andy sinks to new lows. Maria presses self-destruct.

57x256 Wed Dec 21 2016

  • 2016-12-21T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Aidan gives in to his feelings. Nick's no match for Peter. Will Bethany sacrifice her own happiness?

57x257 Fri Dec 23 2016

  • 2016-12-23T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Aidan has a choice to make. Gary gets his wires crossed. And who is Peter's mysterious woman?

57x258 Sat Dec 24 2016 (19:30)

  • 2016-12-24T19:30:00Z — 46 mins

Nick and Peter want the same thing. Bethany hits rock bottom. Will Maria be spending Christmas behind bars?

57x259 Sun Dec 25 2016 (20:00)

  • 2016-12-25T19:30:00Z — 23 mins

Nick and Peter's ding dong is far from merry. Bethany's secret is out. And Billy brings home a waif and stray.

57x260 Mon Dec 26 2016 Part 1

  • 2016-12-26T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Peter prepares to break some news. Bethany moves from the frying pan to the fire. Mary gets an offer.

57x261 Mon Dec 26 2016 Part 2

  • 2016-12-26T19:30:00Z — 22 mins

Peter's secret is outed by a spy in the sky. Kevin gets an unexpected bill. Sarah puts Bethany first.

57x262 Fri Dec 30 2016

  • 2016-12-30T19:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's a new year from hell for Anna. Mary needs to decide. And is Peter busted?