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Coronation Street

Season 6 1965

  • 1965-01-27T11:30:00-08:00 on ITV
  • 30 mins
  • 4 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama, Soap

Coronation Street (colloquially known as Corrie, Corro, or The Street) is an award-winning prime time soap opera set and produced in Manchester created by Tony Warren. It is the longest running and most watched soap opera on British television. It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960, made by Granada Television (now ITV Studios) and broadcast in all regions of ITV almost throughout its existence.

8 episodes

6x08 27 Jan 1965

  • 1965-01-27T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Stan gets up early in the morning to speak with milkman Bert Lodge about the possibility of jobs with his firm. Elsie and Dennis create homemade damp patches and other household problems, hoping to give Ena the impression that No.11 has been falling to pieces for years. Ena sees through it all and tells Minnie she intends to get the Tanners out of the house. The residents anticipate yet another clash between the two. In the Rovers, Ena gives Elsie her notice in writing. Elsie goes for Ena in the snug and the fight spills out into the Street. The residents take sides. Ena tells Elsie she wouldn't be throwing her out if Swindley wasn't throwing her out. Elsie refuses to listen to Ena's protests. Ena attacks her with her handbag and ends up smashing one of No.11's windows. An almost-physical fight ensues and the residents try to separate them. Swindley arrives in time to break the news to Ena that the Glad Tidings Mission is to stay open; the committee has decided to close Bold Street Mission.

6x27 5 Apr 1965

  • 1965-04-05T10:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Len takes Val to hospital in his van. Ken feels completely useless. Jerry worries about his future. Len gets a contract from Arnold Jenkinson to do a conversion job for one of his supermarkets. Ken discovers that if the twins are born before midnight he'll get tax relief on them. Willie Piggott is fined £150 for bribing Ken. Val gives birth to a girl and a boy. The Walkers break open the champagne for the residents to celebrate the birth of the first-ever set of twins on the Street.

6x52 30 Jun 1965

  • 1965-06-30T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Emily leads the trip to the Blue John Mines with Dennis, Sandra, Irma, David, Hilda, Stan, Charlie, Minnie, Albert, Elsie, Len, Jack and Annie in attendance. Arthur Walker looks after the pub. The residents view the mines, 850 feet below ground level. Irma grows frightened of scaring David off. Dennis escorts Sandra. Lucille sees Harry off at Liverpool. On the coach back, David presents Irma with an engagement ring from the cavern. She accepts it.

6x69 30 Aug 1965

  • 1965-08-30T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Ted's daughter writes to Albert asking him not to interfere. Lucille gets four 'O' Levels - Science, English, French and Geography. Ted is hurt by his daughter's indifference to him. The residents are shocked and shaken when No.7 collapses.

6x70 1 Sep 1965

  • 1965-09-01T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

The residents fear the rest of the Street will fall down. The Barlows seek refuge for Peter and Susan in the Rovers as everyone moves out of their homes. The police rope the house off and Mr. Wormold arrives. Annie worries when Lucille doesn't return after a night out with friends. The menfolk start to shift the rubble in case Lucille is under it. She arrives home safe. The Surveyor detects no subsidence. The collapse was caused by a faulty beam over the bay window. Len is given the contract to secure the house. Ted decides to go back to the home and leaves. Lucille cries over No.7. Wormold feels it isn't worth the £300 repairs and tells Len to pull it down.

6x90 10 Nov 1965

  • 1965-11-10T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Emily worked until 2.00am getting the fashion show ready. The residents gather at the Mission Hall to watch the event. Irma, Sandra and Lucille model the garments and get mixed up back stage. Allan drops woodwork when he discovers girls. The show turns into a fiasco. Elsie is horrified to discover Dennis has bought 108 Christmas trees.

6x92 17 Nov 1965

  • 1965-11-17T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

The nappies which Val put out to dry start to smoulder, filling the house with smoke. Val returns home and manages to put out the fire. Val’s furious with Ken but Annie tells her not to be too hard on him. Sandra lets Dennis store boxes of crackers in the Gamma Garments' storeroom after hours. Emily is cross with her when she finds out. Val breaks down at the thought of what could have happened to Peter and Susan. The Christmas trees are delivered, filling No. 11.

6x98 8 Dec 1965

  • 1965-12-08T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Irma and David go to get married. Jack gets Arthur Walker to look after the Rovers, as the residents leave, on mass, for the reception. David and Irma are married at Ridgeway Street Registry Office. Jack, Annie, Stan, Hilda, Len, Elsie, Ena and Minnie hide behind a screen at the reception and surprise the Barlows. Arthur leaves Lucille alone in the Rovers whilst he places a bet. Val is chatted up by a man called Frank Turner in the Street. He steals cigarettes from the shop, and gets Lucille to serve him at the Rovers. He makes her feel uncomfortable. Stan makes a speech at the reception. Turner tells Jack that Lucille shouldn't be serving behind the bar at sixteen and makes him see that he's going to blackmailed.