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Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild 2020

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Not on Trakt yet
-A Discovery Christmas Story
-A Groundhog Day Story
-Acquired Taste
-Adoption Day
-Alien Artifacts
-Alien Autopsy encore
-Alien Encounters: Roswell
-Alien Global Threat
-All Star Workouts
-All Star Halloween Spectacular
-Amba: The Russian Tiger
_America's Most Desperate Landscape
-American Made Inventors
-Apocalypse '45
-Apocalypse Preppers
-Appraise It!
-Arctic Waters
-Attack of the murder hornets
-B is for Badass
-Back to the Delorean: Time Machine Rescue
-Battle of the Exoplanets
-Behind Closed Doors Shocking Secrets
-Beverly's Full House
-Bible Bowl
-Bigfoot Fear in the woods
-Bigfoor is real
-Billion Dollar Elements: Copper
-Black and Blue
-Bloody Marys
-born schizophrenic: Jani and Bodhi's Journey
-born schizophrenic : January's Story
-Britain's Wildest places
-buddy Valastro: Road to Recovery
-Capturing Bin Laden
-Capturing Oswald
-Castle Secrets and Legends
-Castro: the world's most watched man
-Catching the catfisher
-Cats of claw hill
-Celebrity holiday homes
-Churchill the road to victory
-City pets NYC
-Class fitsugar
-Cody the tiny alpaca
-Collector inspector
-Comeback kids
-Commander in chief
-Conversations with Francesco
-Country Style
-Cracking Addiction
-Creative Juice
-Crikey it's the Irwins: Robert to the Rescue
-Crime obsession
-Cristina Ferrare's Big Bowl of Love
-Crowded House
-Cruise Ship Disaster
-Dance Fitsugar
-Danger by design
-Dark Side Of
-Day after D-Day
-Decorating Cents
-Designer Finals
-Designers' Challenge
-Destination Design
-Diabolical (2013)
-Diagnosis dead or alive
-Dig In
-Discovery+ immersions
-Dolphin days
-Dr. Pimple Popper This is Zit
-Dreaming of Jerusalem
-Earth population overload
-Eaten by an Escalator
-Emergency level 1
-ER Files
- Everest's greatest mystery
-Every breath we take
-Exorcism live
-Expedition unknown hunt for the yeti
-Extraordinary acts of courage
-Extraordinary people: conjoined twins
-Extraordinary people: my pregnant husband
-Extraordinary people: World's Smallest Woman
-Fast N Loud: your guide to gas monkey garage
-Fear not with Iyania Vanzant
-Feasting with the Stars
-Feed The Beast
-Feeding Frenzy
-Finding Bigfoot: the search continues
-First Taste of Freedom
-Five Star Secrets
-Fixerer upper rewatch
-Flipping Moms
-Fllipping the heartland
-focal point
-Food Obsessed
-Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel
-Girl Talk
-Girlfriends check-in
-Give a dog a home Live
-Greta Thunberg: Rebel with a Cause
-Grill Power
-Growing up Evancho
-Guns On Campus
-Guy's Big Game
-Handmade with Crafty Lumberjacks
-harry and Meghan A Windsor Wedding
-Hayley ever after: the Dress
-hidden money makeover
-History of Science
-Hitler's Zombie Army
-Honor flight heroes
-Hostage do or die
-Hotel Showdown
-I Kid You Not
-I Should have Known
-IDCON 2018: Cold Case Confidential
-Impact Of Hate: Charlottesville
-In The Pit
-Inside El Chapo's cartel
-Inspire a difference
-Is OJ Innocent? the Missing Evidence
-Journey to Fire Mountain
-Judgement Day: Prison or Parole
-Kaplan America
-Kidnapped: Three Days in Hell
-Lady Gucci
-League of monkeys
-Life or Death
-Mount Everest: The Peak of Mankind
-Secret Societies: Occult Power


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