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Ctvrtá hvezda

Season 1 2014

  • 2014-01-05T23:00:00Z on Česká televize
  • 30 mins
  • 6 hours, 0 mins (12 episodes)
  • Czechia

Štěpán (Václav Neuzil) got a job as a second night receptionist in a three star Hotel Meteor on the periphery of Prague. He'd like to get along with the colleagues and not attract the attention of his superiors. But how is he supposed to do that, when he desperately falls in love with Pavlínka (Martha Issová), who works as a day receptionist? The see each other only in the moment when the shifts change! On top of that, Pavlínka is not interested in Stepán but in the aggressive hotel maintenance man David (David Novotný). He is in turn interested in two things only: how has his beloved Sparta played and how to avoid the exhausting erotic interest of his superior, the ambitious hotel manager Tereza (Lenka Krobotová). Tereza does her best to improve the quality of the hotel and get the long-wished-for fourth star. This concern clashes with the selfishness, indolence, laziness, acquisitiveness and cunning of the subordinates. Of all the hotel employees, the fourth star is of the least interest to her ex-husband Theodor (Martin Mysicka), the director of the hotel. His only interest is to perfect his skills in playing the Chinese game of mahjong. Tereza's efforts are being thwarted by the personal interests of other subordinates, too: the ambitious and treacherous cook Smutný (Jaroslav Plesl) craves the position of the chef, the melancholic chef Tichý (Miroslav Krobot) struggles with losing his taste as a result of work accident, the day receptionist Frantisek (Ivan Trojan) deals with the underworld and consorts with the dangerous criminal Major ('Pavel Simcik'), the hotel prostitute Libuska (Klára Melísková) trains a junior lacrosse team, the hotel taxi driver Jindra (Marek Taclík) is a gay with a strong maternal instinct and Jirina the barmaid (Simona Babcáková) has a deficit. In the course of series' season we watch in suspense whether the hotel manages - despite the clash of the employees' personal interests - to get the fourth star in the end, and the more refined and solvent clientèle with it. And is something like that even in the interest of the mysterious Chinese hotel owner?

12 episodes