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All Episodes 1976 - 2016

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  • Canceled
  • A&E
  • 2016-03-08T03:00:00Z
  • 43 mins
  • 7 hours, 6 mins (10 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • 20th Century Fox Television
  • Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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After discovering his origins, Damien Thorn must cope with life as the Anti-Christ.
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11 episodes

Special 1 The Omen

  • 1976-06-26T02:00:00Z — 43 mins

It is the greatest mystery of all because no human being will ever solve it. Immediately after their miscarriage, the US diplomat Robert Thorn adopts the newborn Damien without the knowledge of his wife. Yet what he doesn’t know is that their new son is the son of the devil. A classic horror film with Gregory Peck from 1976.

1x01 The Beast Rises

  • Series Premiere

    2016-03-08T03:00:00Z — 43 mins

War photographer Damien Thorn has a traumatic experience while on assignment in Syria and is forced to deal with his past and face the fact that he is the Antichrist.

1x02 Second Death

  • 2016-03-15T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Damien becomes the target of several conspiracies after his secret is revealed; a mysterious benefactor intercedes when Damien is interrogated by Detective Shay.

1x03 The Deliverer

  • 2016-03-22T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Damien consults an old friend about Rutledge's intentions; Simone turns to the Church for answers; Shay gets an unexpected visitor; Rutledge gains Damien's trust.

1x04 The Number of a Man

  • 2016-03-29T02:00:00Z — 43 mins

Damien and Rutledge thwart Shay's investigation; Simone has an intense religious experience; Shay's inquiry takes an unexpected turn.

1x05 Seven Curses

  • 2016-04-05T02:00:00Z — 43 mins

Damien's surprising connection with a war veteran leads him to a very dark place.

1x06 Temptress

  • 2016-04-12T02:00:00Z — 43 mins

Damien encounters a beloved figure from his past and has a confrontation with Rutledge as he works to unravel the conspiracy surrounding him.

1x07 Abattoir

  • 2016-04-19T02:00:00Z — 43 mins

Damien receives unexpected assistance; Shay locates Damien's old friend; a mysterious figure enlists Simone's help; Rutledge offers Damien something he truly desires.

1x08 Here Is Wisdom

  • 2016-04-26T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Damien's efforts to control his fate lead to a bloody confrontation; Greta and Simone meet Veronica; Shay loses a witness.

1x09 The Devil You Know

  • 2016-05-03T02:00:00Z — 42 mins

Damien seeks Greta's help; Simone uses Veronica to get to Rutledge.

1x10 Ave Satani

  • 2016-05-10T02:00:00Z — 43 mins

Rutledge and Lyons target those around Damien; Damien makes the ultimate sacrifice.

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