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Danganronpa: The Animation: Season 2

2x11 (24) All Good Things

  • 2016-09-18T18:30:00+02:00 on MBS
  • 25 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Mystery, Anime, Action, Adventure, Drama, Crime

Kyoko's notes reveal that everyone who was allegedly killed by the attacker actually committed suicide, with all their deaths taking place in rooms with monitors. In order to test this theory, Makoto has the others tie him up in a room with monitors before the next time limit. While the others sleep safely in another room, Makoto is awoken by a recording of Monokuma and shown a subliminal video that drives him crazy with visions of all of his dead classmates. Just as Makoto is brought to the brink of despair and prepares to kill himself, he is stopped by Juzo, who had cut off his own hand along with his bangle in order to observe the attacker. Learning what Makoto had disovered about the attacker, Juzo declines to return to the others with him, feeling guilty for betraying Kyosuke after being blackmailed by Junko. After Makoto reports his findings, Kyosuke tells the others that the game was likely set up by Kazuo, believing he was one of the Remnants of Despair. Using the last of his stength, Juzo brings himself to the power room to shut off power in the vicinity and disable the monitors and bangles, bleeding to death by the time Kyosuke finds him. Meanwhile, as Ryota is confronted by Makoto over the techniques used in Monokuma's video, he receives a message on his phone from Kazuo.