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  • 6
  • YouTube
  • 11 mins
  • Comedy

Dayne's World is a YouTube-based comedy/documentary series helmed by comedian Mike Nayna following the life and family of one of the country's most wholly unique (to put it lightly) comedic talents in Dayne Rathbone.

Rathbone, born in South Africa, emigrated to Australia with the rest of his family to follow brother Clyde Rathbone's rugby career. Clyde, for his part, has represented Australia for the Wallabies, and currently plays for the ACT Brumbies in the Super League.

6 episodes

1x01 Meet the 'Bones

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 11 mins

Dayne Rathbone is a rising star in Australian comedy. The shy computer programmer from South Africa exploded onto the scene, winning Australia's biggest comedy competition and selling out tours in Australia and the UK. The Sydney Morning Herald has labeled him an "awkward freak", others are convinced he's a comedy savant, but where does his stage persona end and the real Dayne begin? Filmmaker Mike Nayna is intrigued and embeds himself in the family home to explore his fascination with a gifted but unstable individual.

1x02 The Boy and His Dad

  • no air date — 11 mins

Inspired by a dead cat he finds, Dayne writes a short film. Mike documents the behind the scenes moments as Dayne directs him to shoot a bizarre film that features Alan (Dayne's dad), Glynis (Dayne's mum) and Sam (Dayne's best friend).

1x03 Tinder

  • no air date — 11 mins

Mike and Anna (Clyde's girlfriend) are worried about Dayne's poor social skills and lack of human interaction. Despite Clyde's reservations, Dayne is given a makeover and set up on a blind date to help with his confidence.

1x04 The Trial Show

  • no air date — 11 mins

Dayne starts work on his hotly anticipated live show; a foray into playwriting centered around the life of Nelson Mandela. With less than a week until the trial show, and 100 tickets sold, tensions run high as the ragtag cast prepare for their first performance.

1x05 Brumby Jack

  • no air date — 11 mins

The Mandela trial show was a disaster. Dayne didn't take it well and shut himself away in his room for days. With the show's opening night just a few weeks away, Dayne's family organise a surprise to cheer him up.

1x06 Its Me Mandela

  • no air date — 11 mins

Dayne makes last-minute preparations as the day of the play arrives with the trial show disaster still raw in everyone's mind.