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Deceptions 1998

  • Ended
  • Canal de las Estrellas
  • 1998-02-08T18:00:00-06:00
  • 40 mins
  • 2 days, 21 hours, 20 mins
  • Mexico
  • Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Paulina and Paola, two women alike physically but very different emotionally, stumbled on each other and realize how equal they were.

Paola Bracho is a vain, heartless, selfish woman, married with Carlos Daniel, a bankrupt entrepreneur, blindly spellbound by Paola. She betrays him with many other men, but he didnt realize it. In one of her long trips, Paola stumbles on Paulina, and realizes they are alike, but Paulina is very poor, and works in a restaurant restroom.

Soon, Paolas fertile mind, has the idea of sending Paulina to Brachos house for 1 year, so she could take advantage of a long trip with her lovers, while Paulina pretends to be Paola at Brachos house. Paulina surely doesnt accept, but Paola racketeers her with her dirty methods and finally she persuades Paulina to accept her plan. At Brachos house, Paulina pretends to be sick, so being sick, she couldt sleep in the same room as Carlos Daniel. It proves that she has greatness, but she cant hold her feelings and she falls in love with Carlos Daniel, even though, she refuses to slepp with him.

Time goes by, and Paulina had become a strong basis for Brachos family, integrating every member of Brachos family, and making them happy, but not to Carlos Daniel, that denys the new honest and great Paola Bracho. It hearts Paulina, because she loves him more and more. Paulina remakes Brachos Company, and makes it grow again, winning the love and respect of everybody at Brachos house, but not Carlos Daniels. The time limit fixed by Paola was expiring and Paulina decided to run away, so she started to work as a nurse in an old ladys house. Carlitos, Carlos Daniels son runs away either to find Paulina, but h efalls over a hill and looses his memory, but he is found by good people who tries to help him to find his family. Paola comes back home, and everybody realizes that shes the real Paola, but soon she gets fed up Bracho Family, and she runs away with her lover Douglas Maldonado. When Paulina findS out what happened with Carlitos she decides to go back to Brachos house pretending to be Paola, to find Carlitos.

Finally Paulina finds Carlitos, but everybody thinks she was the one who kidnnaped him. Leda tells the Police Paulina kidnnaped Carlitos, and they go to Brachos house to take Paulina to jail, but Carlos Daniel protects her, telling everybody shes Paola. Paulina cant stand more lies, and she goes to the police to tell the truth, and goes to jail for a while. During shes on jail, Carlos Daniel realizes he loves her, and he tries to take her out of that place, but she doesnt believe him. During her judgment , Paola appears and tells that everything was Paulinas fault, and Paulina agrees because she thinks Paola is sick, but an ancient Paolas lover who met Paulina in Cancun (where all this story got started) tells everybody the real story and Paulina is finally absolved. Paola tries to run away but her car crashes and she goes to the hospital, and Paulina stays with her all the time. When Paola is about to die, she asks Paulina and Carlos Daniel to forgive her, and she asks Paulina to be happy with him.

After Paolas death, Paulina accepts to marry her lawyer Edmundo Serrano, but when shes about to get married, she gives up, because she knows she loves Carlos Daniel. When Carlos Daniel finds out what happened, he goes to Paulinas place and asks her to marry him, and she finally accepts, and so they have a lot of children, and theyll surely be happy forever.

1 season

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