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All Episodes 2011 - 2014

  • Ended
  • Teletoon
  • 2012-01-05T00:00:00Z
  • 30 mins
  • 1 day, 9 hours, 0 mins
  • Canada
  • English
  • Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Lee was looking forward to his first year of high school at A. Nigma High. That is, until he was falsely accused of pulling off the biggest prank in high school history and sentenced to one full year of detention. You know what they say - do the crime, do the time. The only problem is Lee is actually innocent. Now, every day, he must escape the heavily fortified detention room, infiltrate a new social clique, and unravel yet another piece of the gigantic, mysterious prank puzzle – all to discover who really pulled off the totally epic stunt he got blamed for.

66 episodes

1x01 Blitzkrieg Bop'd

  • Series Premiere

    2011-09-12T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

On the first day of Tenth Grade, Lee Ping is framed for a mind blowing prank and thus is sentenced to one full year of detention and one full year of grounding. Lee's fellow inmate Biff convinces him to sneak out of detention to collect evidence from the auditorium which can prove his innocence. The only thing Lee can salvage is a camera phone which contains a picture of someone messing with Lee's bag during the Prank, and when Lee finds a match for the hand in the photo he will clear his name.

1x02 Jock and Roll High School

  • 2011-09-13T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Having collected a photo of the hand of suspect number one Lee enhances it and discovers that the suspect is wearing a A. Nigma High championship football ring and has a scab on his mid knuckle. Realizing that the scab could be gone by tomorrow Lee sneaks out of detention again and tries out for the football team so that he may check the players for scabs. Lee soon discovers that their water boy is a kleptomaniac who stole the ring and a can of paint from Lee's bag.

1x03 Skate or Die

  • 2011-09-14T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Having failed to find the prankster on the previous day Lee is at a dead end. Luckily Lee encounters a group of students known as the Skaters who state they were responsible for the paint portion of the Prank and request instructions on more pranks from Lee. Misunderstanding Lee's intentions they plot to rig the Student of the Week vote to come up as Principal General Barrage and dump the remaining paint on him on live TV. Lee is narrowly able to avert the disaster and in the process learns the email address of the prankster, [email protected]

1x04 Math Math Revolution

  • 2011-09-15T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

A Chance encounter with his old rival, Irwin of the Mathletes, leads Lee to the conclusion that he is Radcircles. Lee sends Holger in during detention to spy on the Mathletes but he is captured and tortured forcing Lee to sneak out to rescue him. Lee confronts Irwin and the latter reveals that while he did send a email to the Skaters, and then some, it was a photoshopped image of himself and Lee to make it look like the latter was picking his nose. In a subplot Cam is attempting to learn the identity of the one who sent the photoshopped image and in the process learns the identity of Radcircles, former principal of A. Nigma High, Principal Wurst.

1x05 Friday Nights Bites

  • 2011-09-16T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee is blackmailed by his self proclaimed girlfriend Brandy who forces him to attend a party of hers or else the fact that he's been sneaking out of detention will be revealed. In order to avoid the wrath of his overbearing mother Lee attends the party. There he learns the identity of those that composed the music for the Prank, the Dudes of Darkness, which has a hypnotic effect on the other party goers. Unfortunately Lee's mother learns from watching the news that Lee was at the party against her strict demands of grounding, getting him into even more trouble.

1x06 Dudes of Darkness

  • 2012-02-09T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

Following the events of last Friday Lee is going to see the Dudes of Darkness to Question them about the Prank. He learns that Cyrus recorded the music during the prank has become consumed by the hypnotic effects of the music becoming obssessed about it. Under the hypnotic effects of the music Cyrus quits the Dudes of Darkness. Biff, easily their biggest fan, is furious with Lee and promises retribution if he fails to reunite the band. Lee uses Barrages voice to snap Cyrus out of the trance in time for him and Lee to blow the crowd away at the battle of the Bands. Once home Lee contemplates listening to the Music to learn any information about the Prank, fearing that he might become consumed by it like Cyrus was.

1x07 28 Sneezes Later

  • 2012-02-16T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

A Nigma High is consumed by a Flu Epidemic, Lee included. Lee's cell phone containing the Prank Song is stolen by the Tazelwurm. Lee chases the Tazelwurm to a underground laboratory, where he learns the Prank Song was developed there. The Tazelwurm gives Lee a folder containing all the information about the Prank. Unfortunately Lee is captured by the Cleaners, is knocked unconcious, and dragged back to detention where he wakes up and writes the experience off as a bad dream. In a Sub plot Holger, Camilio, Brandy, and Chaz are attempting to escape the school before the flu turn them into "Zombies" too, and Principal Barrage does battle with his old enemy "Colonel Von Virus."

1x08 Disco History Times

  • 2012-02-23T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee receives a email from Radcircles telling him to meet him at the auditions for the annual school play. Disguised as the lead character "Alexander Nigma" Lee arrives on scene and is in-advertantly indocturned into the play as the lead character. Facing off against Radcircles in a bizzare game of Cat and Mouse Lee attempts to use the email to contact Radcircles during the play to make him reveal himself unsuccessfully. Brandy, Lee's leading lady, becoming frustrated with Lee, rips his fake beard off, nearly revealing to the crowd his identity. Luckily Biff and Camilio manage to cover for him, and in the process Lee gets back to detention before Barrage dismisses him. While Lee has failed to find Radcircles, he vowes to him in a email that he will find him.

1x09 15th Graders

  • 2012-03-01T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee is given one day of amnesty from detention as per the rules of the Students charter of rights. But he can't enjoy the day off as he's accidentally incured the wrath of the fearsome 15th graders when he enters their territory chasing a lead. During the brief period of time in which the Tazelwurm had Lee's phone someone programed in a series of numbers, a locker number and combination. Inside said locker Lee finds his original bag from the day one prank. However Lee has more pressing matters to attend to, he must deal with the 15th Graders or else they will daunt him for the rest of his high school life. Lee is saved from the 15th graders by the Tazelwurm just in time to avoid further grounding from his mother.

1x10 Welcome to Factory Island

  • 2012-03-08T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

Due to a outbreak of Frogs at the school Barrage and Victoria schedule a emergency field trip to the recently reopened Green Apple Splat company for the entire 10th grade. There a melt down is triggered by some of the students, in-advertantly locking the students inside the factory. Barrage and Lee are able to work together to not only save the class from the melt-down but also the fearsome cyborg tazelwurms living inside the factory. In a side plot Lee discovers that the Tazelwurm planted a key like device inside his bag which proves vital in the group's survival, and it's discovered that not only did a trio of environmentalists release the frogs at the school and trigger the melt down but they also released them during the Prank, though they aren't connected to the others in the conspiracy.

1x11 The Tag Along

  • 2012-03-22T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

On a particularly rainy day Lee is surprised to find Holger arriving at school dry as a bone. He explains that during the events of "Friday Nights Bites" Holger discovered a series of underground tunnels connecting the school and Brandy's apartment. Lee makes his way to the library where the tunnel entrance is suppose to be, though he locates the entrance the fire alarm is pulled forcing Lee to evacuate. The Alarm was pulled by a fan of Lee's work Lynch who ends up in detention with Lee and Biffy. Vice Principal Victoria is planning on renovating the library thus preventing Lee from investigating the tunnels for 2-3 weeks, forcing Lee to allow Lynch to tag along to the tunnels. Once inside Lee finds his father's office and collects a photo of his family in Korea shortly after he was born, though when Lee and Lynch bring Tina back everything is gone. In a subplot, Lee's friends are acting suspicious and are avoiding him, which is revealed to be because they're organizing a surprise party for him, which is ultimately held in the rain.

1x12 The Down with Lee Club

  • 2012-03-29T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee discovers that a "Down with Lee Club" has formed at A. Nigma High as a result of the pranks he pulled in "15th Graders". Worse yet, this Club is now being helped out by Radcircles! Radcircles has a plan to get Lee expelled, to this end Lee is forced to send Camilio in undercover. Camillio discovers that the group is planning a trio of pranks against the staff of A. Nigma high that will unquestionably frame Lee, but it's discovered too late that this is a distraction for the group to steal Barrage's leg and plant it in Lee's locker. Lee and Holger are able to work together to leave the leg somewhere Barrage can find it but away from suspicion.

1x13 The Hair Incident

  • 2012-04-05T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tina runs a embarrassing story on the news in which it's revealed that the Glamazon's are actually bald and wear hair extensions, prompting Lee to suspect that they will be seeking revenge. Lee sneaks out of detention and goes to the mall to protect Tina in the process discovering that a bag exactly like his was purchased at the mall. Lee is able to call in Zed to distract the clerk while Holger sneaks in and steals the store's security footage. Lee is able to prevent what appears to have been a attempt by Brandy to poison Tina but in reality is a elaborate scheme to break up her and Brad Von Chillschene. Lee is able to hitch-hike his way back to school in time to be dismissed by Barrage. While at home and after watching incredibly large amounts of footage Holger discovers that the only person to have bought a bag like Lee's was none other than Camillio! In a subplot Biffy reconciles with his childhood friend, Kimmie McAdams, while in Detention.

1x14 Chaz's Corner

  • 2012-04-12T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Following last episode's cliff hanger Holger has yet to tell Lee about Camillio for fear of breaking up their friendship, instead coming to believe Camillio has been replaced by a robot and setting out to expose him. Lee has more pressing matters to deal with, having discovered that Chaz stole the Prank footage from Day one and is planning on airing it on his upcoming "Chaz's Corner" segment, which contains evidence of his innocence. Barrage begins hunting down the footage promising rewards for anyone who can bring him the Prank Footage. Lee is able to convince Chaz to air the footage early so that he can watch it, discovering that it was Camillio who switched his bag! At home Lee tries to confront Camillio with the information but is interrupted. He does, however, tell Radcircles that he knows that he's Camillio, who only begins laughing maniacally.

2x01 If The Shoe Fits

  • Season Premiere

    2012-08-21T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

His popularity has slipped and Cam is now in the cool crowd. Chaz get suspended from the news desk. However, Vice Principal Victoria is attending the party to talk with the grown-up. Lee manages to steal one of Cam's shoes but couldn't make it back to detention, since Barrage knows that he sneaks out of detention, unaware of the air vents. Unexpectedly, Vice Principal Victoria picks him up, spares him for sneaking out of detention and drives him back to detention, she tells Barrage that she let him out so he can help her carry books and tells Lee not to let it happen again. Lee finds out that Cam's shoes fit the shoe print from the rafters, unfortunately for him, Holger and Cam aren't speaking to him again, since they think he cares more about the prank and the mysterious Radcircles rather than them. Cam clams that in the prank Lees bag fell and he put back up on the chair. He also told Lee that he brought a bag like Lees because it looked cool, and when Lee had the same one he gave it to his sister. Lee is still unsure whether Cam was hypnotised during the prank as he acts like a monkey when someone says 'butterscotch' so he might have been hypnotised.

2x02 The Cam-didate

  • 2012-09-03T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Holger forces Lee to run for president because he thinks it will get even with Lee and Cam. When Lee hears that if he wins he can get out of detention for good, he takes the vote seriously. Biffy helps Lee humiliate Cam as Kimmie helps Cam humiliate Lee, Holger makes everything worse by accidentally making Cam think about tell everyone about Lee's crush on Tina Kwee during the vote. Unaware of his plan, Lee plans to use the word "butterscotch" to hypnotise Cam in front of the school, but will use it if his plan is worse. At the election, Cam tells the school about Lee's crush on Tina (who thinks it's a lie), Lee retaliates and hypnotise Cam. Cam acts like a monkey and climbs onto the rafters as Lee follows, Lee finds out he was hypnotised during the prank. Lee apologizes to Cam about the prank and Cam is eventually elected as class president.

2x03 Outcast Times At A.Nigma High

  • 2012-09-04T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

The outcasts were at Lee's 10th birthday party, and it may be the know about Cam being hypnotized. Lee tries to get close to them and learn that they are trying to get a whisker from the red tazelwurm to cure their "curse" (being unpopular to the other students). They discover a pyramid under the cafeteria, which is protected by a large group of blue tazulwurms and are saved by the tazulwurm. Lee discovers the Outcasts were not responsible for the hypnosis of Cam. At home, Lee discovers a photo of his 10th birthday and finds out that Biffy was at the party.

2x04 Double Date

  • 2012-09-05T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

While trying to talk to Biffy about his birthday party, Lee ends up following him with Brandy, Holgar, and Greta, who are having a date, in tow. Lee and Brandy find Biffy at a building whose logo resembles the symbols on the materials used in the prank. Biffy turns out to be visiting his parents, who own the building. Lee has no other choice than to find out what happened to the Amazing Finnwich.

2x05 Mastermind

  • 2012-09-06T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tina's younger (and for some reason, smarter) sister Ruby turns herself in because she was behind the prank. Lee tries to find out if she is involved in the prank and Tina investigates whether she is involved in the prank or used by Lee (in her words). Cam helps Lee track down the real Radcircle and eventually bumps into the figure, dropping Radcircle's phone in the process. Ruby confesses to Tina and Lee that she wasn't involved in the prank and wanted detention so she can't go to university. Lee is then given Radcircle's phone and detention from Barrage back. Lee charges Radcircle's phone, he can't wait to use it to find out who he is. The episode ends with Lee leaving his room for dinner and Radcircle's phone being fully charged and is locked.

2x06 Finding Finnwich

  • 2012-09-07T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee and Cam try to find the Amazing Finnwich at an amusement park. Meanwhile, Holger and Greta witness Biffy and Kimmie on a ride together. Finnwich tells them that he was only fleeing because of a prophecy involving Lee, the "manifestum" who cannot be hypnotized. He eventually deprograms Cam, but when Lee and Cam ask Finnwich why he was talking to Barrage earlier, he disappears. When he gets home, Lee ignores Radcircle's conversation and wants to know if Barrage is working for Radcircles or is Radcircles.

2x07 School Hard

  • 2012-09-10T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

To prepare for the school inspection, Barrage summons the Hazmats to sanitize the school, however, they run loose and sanitize the staff and students as well.Brad, who thinks it's all being filmed for a movie, leads the school witnesses to the library, following Lee's idea. Tina, Cam, Lee and Biffy find out that the Hazmats are robots. They eventually stop the Hazmats and Vice Principal Victoria forces Barrage to deactivate, fix and make the Hazmats 'desanitze' the early victims. Lee feels jealous of Brad kissing Tina and tells Biffy to try harder at cracking Radcircle's phone.

2x08 A.Nigma Prison Blues

  • 2012-09-11T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

After giving detention to people who have seen the robot Hazmats, including Cam, Tina and Brad, he finds his opportunity to get Brandy to help him school inspector to inspect the school. Their phones are taken custody, including Radcircle's phone, which are taken to be burnt. The schools fails to pass but is given a second chance. Lee eventually retrieves Radcircle's phone and replaces the burnt phones with new ones, given by Vice Principal Victoria from the School Sponsor.

2x09 Tales From Decrypt

  • 2012-09-12T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee finds out that Barrage is reprogramming the Hazmats, he needs to get a head, fast. He is eventually assisted by the red tazulwurm to find a Hazmat head, sneak in and out to get back to the group. He finds a "Save the Rainforests Dance" poster and a strange machine that plugs into pictures of all the school students. The group find that Barrage doesn't own the Hazmats and the key to hacking Radcircle's phone. The episode ends with Lee preparing to discover the secrets of Radcircles.

2x10 The Theme Team

  • 2012-09-13T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee leads Victoria to the underground tunnels, to tell her that she is going to be kidnapped by someone. Victoria tells Lee that she used to be a government officer, whose group was eliminated by Barrage, also a government officer. Victoria tells Lee to frame Barrage so that people think he's evil. Meanwhile, the school tries to propose a theme for the school dance, Tina and Brad suggest a "Save the Rainforests" dance, to make the dance a bit romantic, for Tina (whose secretly planning to dance with Lee). Their idea is ultimately chosen by the school due to the prank song, which hypnotises the students. At home, Lee is told by Cam that Holger is going to the dance with Kimmie.

2x11 Knock Knock

  • 2012-09-14T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee finds that Lynch can track down who's Radcircle and they both go to confront him. While there, Lee gets trapped in a room and Lynch disappears. Radcircles contacts him from a TV in the trap room. Lee escapes and finds lynch's wallet with the address to his home.Lee then starts a search for Lynch. When arriving at Lynch's house, he spots Principle Barrage going into the house using Stealth Mode. Lee sneaks in as well and goes to Lynch's room and hides under the bed. Barrage almost caught him with his eye scanner, but it just missed coming into contact with Lee's skin. Barrage leaves, and Lee crawls out from under the bed. He then notices Lynch's computer, and he finds a video with Radcircles in it. In front of the computer, there was a voice modifier and his billboard is covered by sticky notes which have Knock Knock Jokes written all over it. This indicates that Lynch is Radcircles.

2x12 The Dance Part 1

  • 2012-09-17T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Cam and Brandy are called to Room 113B, which has never been used as a classroom but as the janitor's closet. It turns out that the room has a secret elevator and a Hypnosis system which leads to the underground room where Lee found the strange plug machine which turns out to be the reason the school (except Lee and Biffy) gets hypnotised. They destroy the machine and escape the room, but Biffy is left behind as he confronts a few Hazmats. The school inspector arrives at the room Cam, Brandy and Lee are in for the school inspection. Lee tries to tell the inspector that Barrage is evil but is rejected and is declared the reason for why the school isn't perfect, so he is expelled. Meanwhile, Lynch who has brainwashed everything about him from every person's memory, plans the school dance to set up a trap. But an unsuspecting Tina feels curious.

2x13 The Dance Part 2

  • 2012-09-18T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lynch who plans the school dance, tries to get Lee back from being expelled, since it wasn't part of his plan. Tina, who reveals that she has fallen in love with Lee, comes to rescue Lee and tells her everything that has happened. They go underground to try stop Barrage but Vice Principal Victoria reveals that she is responsible for the hypnotizing of the school so she can use the strategy to take over the world and even captures Barrage, with the help of the Hazmats. Lee is only chosen as the target because he's immune to the hypnosis, unaware that Biffy is too. Lee and Tina escape, Barrage is beaten by Victoria's soldiers as she starts the dance. Lynch reveals to Lee that he only wanted to prank him so he can play with him, since he's a loner. Lee and Tina go to the dance and stop Victoria, with the help of Biffy, Cam, Brandy and Holger, by getting everyone to throw their phones and break them as they dance. Victoria is taken by a council whom Victoria fails to impress, using the strategy. A member of the council hypnotizes everyone, including Tina, into forgetting everything that happened, except the dance, and congratulates Lee for being helpful to the council before she leaves. The dance continues and Lee manages ask Tina to the dance. The episode ends with a mysterious figure pulling off the prank again.

4x01 Follow that Finnwinch

  • Season Premiere

    2013-11-08T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

The episode picks up where the previous left off, the pyramid opens revealing symbols. With a device composed of eye-pieces by Earl Nigma, Finnwich is able to see the invisible projections on the symbols, seeing "where it all began". When Lee escapes after being attacked by Hazmats, the Pyramid once again triggering his martial prowess as his tattoo glows, the Council arrives to take Finnwich after he blows up the pyramid, so they can never know its secrets, killing Cassandra's brother, who refused to run, in the process and hides his book and device for Lee to retrieve. Meanwhile, Biffy escapes the falling aircraft, Holger believes he has superpowers (in this case, enhanced stealth abilities and X-ray vision) after waking up from unconsciousness in the detention room with Jenny, Cam and his group attempt to find out whose fingerprint was on the letter and later Tina is freed by Lee. After they all meet up, Tina and Jenny study the book with the device, and Lee, Biffy and Holger proceed to find Finnwich. The boys find a hideout where they see Finnwich, Lynch and the female council member are carried to a submarine to be taken to Coral Grove, where the Council sends people who "know too much". Elsewhere, when the book mentions Coral Grove, Tina proceeds to tell Jenny everything she knows about it (information she gathered during the short webisodes). Grayson tells Cam he cannot find a fingerprint match and all but Cam and Cyrus had quit what they love.

4x02 Enter the Serpent

  • 2013-11-15T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

After witnessing the submarine exit the hideout, Lee, Biffy and Holger decide to leave. Meanwhile, after discussing Coral Grove, Tina and Jenny decide to find Brandy's mother's brochure to find her new username and password to Coral Grove's website as Tina did months before in the webisodes. Cam is still interested in how Chaz got hold of an embarrassing music video that includes him, he claims that he found it on his doorstep. At the school assembly, Mr Wurst, the former principal, returns. Cyrus quits his band in compliance with the blackmail. After discovering Barrage being carried into a tunnel, Lee finds himself separated from Biffy and Holger and trapped by The Serpent, who challenges him to a game: find the single remaining exit before the Serpent finds and captures him. Cam proceeds to go see Mr Wurst and quit the presidency but before he can do so Wurst leaves the school premises. Biffy and Holger escape the hideout and help Lee escape by re-entering via The Serpent's casino. Tina and Jenny go to Brandy's and find the brochure. Lee manages to defeat The Serpent by exposing him to his allergy: fish. Cam shows up to help Biffy and Holger only to find that Lee, Biffy and Holger had just escaped. Cam suspects that Grayson, the student who gave Cam the cheat paper, is the blackmailer when Chaz mentioned squeaks, referring to his wheelchair. The episode ends with The Serpent printing photos of Lee's family, seemingly oblivious to Biffy's phone camera set up in the room.

4x03 Big Chicken

  • 2013-11-22T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

The episode begins with the Serpent gathering things used by the Ping family as they sleep. In Tina's room, while respectively trying to access the files of the Coral Grove website and decipher the book, Tina and Jenny admit to each other their feelings for Lee, worrying them about its possible effects on their new, close friendship and resulting in them competing to impress Lee with their findings throughout the day. In the early morning, Lee has a nightmare about choosing between Tina or Jenny. Holger calls Lee about a dream in which Lee is crushed by a giant chicken at 9:30am. At school, Cam finds Grayson running away from him, but he is called into the Mr Wurst's office as he pursues. Barrage arrives and gives Lee, Biffy, Tina and Jenny detention for being seconds late to class. When Cam tells Mr Wurst about him cheating, Barrage arrives and expels but Wurst insists he is principal and Cam will only be suspended. Wurst and Barrage literally fighting over who is principal and the appropriate punishment. Cam gets Lee and Brandy to find Grayson and turn him in, causing Tina and Jenny to think they're back together, but Grayson escapes. During this, Brandy confronts Lee about his love triangle with Tina and Jenny. Meanwhile, a man supplying chicken for the staff arrives in a chicken costume, causing Holger to attack him. After Wurst and Barrage call a truce and compromise, they suspend Cam and strip him of his presidency. Brandy chastises Lee for not confessing his feelings to Tina, calling him a 'big chicken', and he enthusiastically runs to tell her. Meanwhile, Tina deduces a way to identify which files on the Coral Grove site are about which inmate. Tired and afraid of their love rivalry, Jenny suggests a pact that neither of them ever date Lee for the sake of their friendship and themselves, as Lee is seemingly with Brandi again. Tina agrees right before Lee arrives and privately confesses to her. A horrified and crying Tina turns him down as he's too late and runs away in tears, leaving Lee both heartbroken and confused. While walking to detention, Biffy suggests that Holger's dream referred to Lee's heart getting crushed, with no idea where the chicken came from. The episode ends with Biffy, Lee, Tina and Jenny seated at detention. Tina and Lee sadly look at each other and away, Jenny looks back and forth between the two, confused, and Biffy awkwardly observes the situation as they all remain silent.

4x04 Splitting Hairs

  • 2013-11-29T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tina shows Jenny a photo she found of Barrage, Mr Wurst, Vice Principal Victoria, Jenny's mother, and other school teachers together in the Coral Grove files dressed in lab coats. Jenny's bike gets stolen on her way to school and she accepts a ride from the Serpent. The Serpent sets up a lice outbreak at the school by putting a infected helmet lice on Jenny. At school, Biffy tests Holger's claims to superpowers for his own amusement until Kimmie points out his hypocrisy, while Lee struggles to cope with Tina's rejection by obsessively monitoring the feed of the Serpent's office. The phone's charger is dislodged by the Serpent's snake but Lee finds photos of his family in the office when the camera is moved before the battery runs out. Meanwhile, Cam spends his time watching cable TV during suspension but starts to miss school. Beth, a mathlete, is the new school president as she was the only other candidate (other than Lee) in season 1 but starts to annoy students because of her selfish policies, abuse of power and obsession with wizards. The Serpent appears at the school to get a sample of Lee's hair during the outbreak's screening process. Lee, Biffy and Holger pursue him throughout the school but he escapes, giving Jenny, who is now smitten with him, another ride. During their webcam conversation, Cam suggests the Serpent's gathering of things from Lee's family is related to cloning, or perhaps the Serpent is simply a fan. The episode ends with the Serpent scanning Lee's hair, getting a positive DNA test and discarding Biffy's dead phone. As he looks out towards the city, he declares "I finally found you".

4x05 Revenge of the Cycle Killers

  • 2013-12-06T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

The episode begins with the Serpent's exposition to the audience instead of Lee's, during which he states he is one of the greatest warriors, has his own mission apart from working with Cassandra and now has all the facts. Lee and Biffy are told by Barrage to burn all the lice-infested furniture in a fire on the field. Lee and Biffy notice that two teachers look a lot like Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, making them revisit Cam's clone theory. They ask some jocks to dispose of the furniture and proceed to investigate. Meanwhile, Jenny and Tina meet the Serpent again and they hang out as Tina gracefully leaves them alone, thoughs he is alrmed when Jenny leaves on his motorbike again. He takes her to the woods and leaves her as a storm hits to investigate something in the bushes. Cam is dealing with suspension/being grounded as his little sister bugs him. During the day, Cam has flashbacks of himself being bullied in the past. After being forced by his sister to watch a horror movie with her, Holger arrives to take care of them. Lee and Biffy find files stating that the teachers were born on the same date, February 29th, a leap year, just like Lee's mum. As Biffy finds that the teachers all live in the same condo as Brandy, Lee finds his mum's file but the Tazelwurm arrives, steals it and throws it in the fire. As a surprise, the Serpent arrives and gives Jenny her bike back after it was lost and they go on a ride together to make up for him leaving her afraid. Grayson arrives at Cam's place to apologize for blackmailing him and the others for bullying him when they were younger. Though Cam never actively partook, he seemed to accidentally contribute as every prank on Cam was reflected onto Grayson even worse. At home, Lee video chats with Tina about what happened that day, neither realising it was the Serpent who met Jenny. The episode ends with Tina, upset that she can't further her relationship with Lee due to the pact.

4x06 The Common Denominator

  • 2013-12-13T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

Brandy tells Cam the "Glamazon Vote", where they vote for a leader, is today and turns down his offer of help due to his reputation declining after losing his presidency. Biffy figures out a way he and Lee can figure out if cloning teachers is taking place: talking to the the 15th Graders. The 15th Graders build Beth a trebuchet for her, due to Chopper being attracted to her. Biffy pretends to set up a date after school for Chopper in exchange for some information, some photos of a teacher's weight fluctuations further convincing them of the cloning. Lee and Biffy decide to go to Brandy's apartment building to find the teachers. Brandy has trouble with the vote as the other two Glamazons are too dim and afraid of Kimmie to be persuaded to vote against her. Kimmie subtly tells Brandy she's onto her and Cam eventually goes out to Brandy's place to help. When Lee and Biffy get to the building, they are invited into Mr. Langhorne's room but are knocked out by gas when Langhorne goes to lie down. After waking up to find Langhorne gone, they cover their mouths, lie on the bed and find themselves in a chamber with sleeping teachers in pods. After touching one of them and turning him to dust, activating an alarm, they climb back out. Kimmie is voted the leader again, Cam arriving right after voting ends and Brandy is kicked out of the Glamazons for voting for herself and insulting Kimmie afterwards. The episode ends with Biffy hypothesizing all the teachers may be clones. Lee realises what he is implying and denies his mother is a clone. Biffy points out the recent evidence: they saw teachers in the pods, Langhorne's room smelled like the staff room and the Taz stole the file on Sue Ping. Lee jumps on his parents bed to prove that his mother is not a clone, with nothing happening.

4x07 Serpent Strike

  • 2013-12-20T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

The episode begins with Mr Ping looking at a Lee's childhood drawing that inspired the Eye-robots at the school, he then reveals that he met Sue in Korea and he worked for the Mann, Wurst and Finnwich company, but doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore. Later, the Serpent spies on Mr Ping at the household and declares "reunion time" until Holger shows up. The Serpent receives a call to go after Jenny, which he does. Jenny finds that in the book, she finds an image of a person who looks like Lee. She asks Tina to come and bring Lee, who is helping the family with the house. Mr Ping is taken to the hospital after a fish allergy accident caused by Holger, who plans to make up for it. Biffy is at Kimmie's home, only to be confronted by Cassandra who invites him in for brunch. Brandy is upset about getting kicked out of the Glamazons and Cam tries to cheer her up until he finds Hazmats at her apartment building. Lee and Tina find the Serpent taking Jenny out and go after them. They arrive at The Hyrda, while Cam finds that the Hazmats are clearing out the teachers' apartments. The Serpent actually took Jenny to a picnic prepared and steals the book, leaving Jenny shocked. Lee tells Tina to pick up Jenny while he goes after the Serpent. The Serpent invades the Ping household and interrogates Holger for Mr Ping's location. Lee arrives on the scene and attacks the Serpent, who tells him that Lee's just a "copy" of him, flees and Holger is safe.

4x08 Mummy Ping and the Snake Man of Evil

  • 2013-12-27T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

Holger plans to give Mr Ping a gift basket for the allergy incident at the hospital. Cam is finally back at high school but becomes judged for cheating. He calls Brandy for help who's still stressed after getting kicked out of the Glamazons. When she leaves her apartment, the Hazmats get in and scan fingerprints from Tina and Jenny's visit to be sent to the Serpent, who proceeds to go after Mr Ping. At the hospital, Mr Ping forgives Holger. Meanwhile, Biffy and Lee try to get in the teachers' lounge, Mr Wurst asks Tina for a conversation about Coral Grove and the Serpent arrives at the hospital for Mr Ping, causing Lee to order Holger to hide Mr Ping. Tina is asked by Mr Wurst to show and tell him everything she knows about Coral Grove. Holger's plan to disguise a sleeping Mr Ping works and The Serpent talks a patient he mistakes to be Ping about his past with the Ping parents, until the patient tells he's got the wrong guy. Lee arrives at the hospital and helps Holger, and Biffy finally breaks the code to the lounge. The Serpent takes away Mr Ping after revealing he was also his son. Lee wonders if he's a clone of the Serpent or if the Serpent is his older brother. The episode ends with Mr Wurst sending Tina to Coral Grove for knowing too much.

4x09 Game of Clones

  • 2014-01-03T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

The episode begins with Tina trapped in a Mann, Wurst and Finnwich truck on its way to Coral Grove by Mr Wurst, fearing Jenny is next. Meanwhile, Lee gives Holger one of the keys for protection, and Cam is forced to be in Chaz's talk show. Lee and Holger is caught by Barrage, he gives Holger detention and Lee "something new". Jenny is trying to find Tina, and is tricked into talking with Mr Wurst. Biffy shows Lee the teachers' lounge and try to investigate. Mr Wurst and his clone asks Jenny where the book is otherwise she's taken to Coral Grove with Tina. The teachers act strangely to Barrage's surprise and decides to teach them a lesson. Holger is put in charge of his class, which happens to be where Chaz's Corner is being held. After seeing this, Biffy and Lee decide to get a teacher to trigger the machines in the lounge. Holger takes over the Chaz's show because of Cam's humiliation. Jenny is taken with Tina to Coral Grove. Biffy and Lee trigger the door to the clone room, however Barrage arrives at the lounge with the captured teachers. Barrage knows that the teachers were clones and keeps them in their recharge pods until they're normal, while Biffy and Lee sneak in to the clone room. There they find the teachers' statistics, and that Sue, Lee's mother, is a clone. The episode ends with Tina and Jeeny breaking out of their crate, only to find that they're in a submarine.

4x10 Band of Heroes

  • 2014-01-10T23:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lee and Biffy go to Lee's place, only to find that the Serpent has arrived before they are knocked unconscious and wake up at Biffy's place. Meanwhile, the teacher clones wake up in the broken clone room , now realizing they're clones of other famous people (with Sue, Lee's mother, wonders who she exactly is a clone of), while Barrage tries to get them out with the help of the Mr Wurst clones. Due to this, all the students are given an exam to do until the teachers are back. Biffy, Cam and Holger fight over who gets to have the second key. Biffy is called by Kimmie to go to her house, only to find that Cassandra going out on a "vacation" with Kimmie, and Biffy is kidnapped by her soldiers. Lee goes to investigate where Tina and Jenny are when he sees The Council's soldiers (including one with Finnwich's book) and follows them, while Cam and Holger are knocked unconscious and taken away. Lee finds the Tazelwurm, whose actions are now unexplainable, and sees Cam and Holger getting taken away. With the Taz's help, Lee sneaks to follow where they are taken. Lee sees Cam, Holger and Biffy getting taken away by Cassandra's soldiers, while Cassandra takes an oblivious Kimmie into the a submarine. The Serpent arrives to reveal that he is on Lee's side now and releases the three friends. Lee and the three flee to the Serpent's hideout, while the Serpent takes out Cassandra' soldiers. However, Cassandra arrives in a high-tech fighting suit and the two engage in a fight, while the four friends watch from the hideout. During the fight, they reveal that the Serpent is in fact a Ping relative, and Cassandra raised and trained him on her side, before she and her men take him into the submarine to Coral Grove. The episode ends with Cassandra revealing that Tina and Jenny are already at Coral Grove, much to Lee's shock.