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Devil of Love 2013

  • Ended
  • 2013-04-04T14:10:00+01:00
  • 66 mins
  • Thailand
  • Thai
  • Drama

Import one or diamond Budd (Mon progenitor light emission perseverance phen ) are delighted to have met with diamonds (i Ratanarak Valley University ) handsome senior engineers . Leading one liked in middle school . Diamond on love and a sincere expression of one so loved the diamond. Diamond is very happy one , ask for a marriage, but Minister Kreangsak (Sura weapon rules do together) and Empress Dara case ( Kotchakorn Nimakorn Ns ), father and mother, and one refused. Because that the social status of water and diamonds too different . But Diamond also told him to prove his love of water until the water is sympathetic to parents . Water is very happy

      But fortune (g I Nannadda Semantics Chinda ) Senior Fellow of the properties of water , one son ( Mr. Surasak semantics ) and Ari ( light Boonyakiat ) owner of a jewelry store . Very sad , because I love the water, one fortune despite Alice ( Aeris as applied gravitational Ta ), the only daughter of her nobility . Sir Sirisakvatana ( Trin Economics luck ) Madame heart of fortune was not interested. Made Alice very angry Because Alice is a competitor of another since time immemorial . Alice tries to do everything to put one of her love life .

      Eventually , one was married to a diamond. Among the approval of the Minister . Kreangsak and Empress Dara case . The diamond wedding took one to the house water mountainside. Water that meets Ruby ( Aphiradee ontology Phu DSpace ) Mother of diamonds and precious stones ( Nat Myria ) sister goes with a diamond . Both appear comatose with cold water clearly . The gemstone is likely hate water, one at first sight. Water is not I tried to ignore the poor, the lame ploy .

      But then one shocked evangelists take Ruby ( Prem Nalin Thamcharoen ) in the House and suggest that the author is the legitimate wife of the diamond. That means , one must fall as his concubine . Storage or wife Because the water is not married to a diamond .


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