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Devilman Crybaby 2018


Shout by YANDHI
2018-01-09T21:52:21-05:00— updated 2018-11-07T21:53:41-05:00

erotic, unique, and masterful art direction. truly a "beautiful dark twisted fantasy"

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I didn't know what to expect when I started watching this as I'd never seen any of the older stuff, but I was hooked from the first episode. I actually watched the entire show in one sitting. It was completely insane and I loved it.

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A true adaptation of the manga, Devilman is a series following two boys (Ryo and Akira) and their lives after Ryo takes Akira to a Sabbath party and encourages him to be possessed by a demon in the ensuing bloodshed.

The story is quite simple and previous iterations have not been as good, but this series is dark and touching. The animation style is unusual but attractive and suits the themes very well. It's spooky seeing how people act after they have become part demon and the turning points in the series were truly gripping and made me cry out in response.

Definitely worth a watch but be warned there is a lot of violence and sex.

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Absolutely disgusting! Where can I get more of this material?

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Wow, this is great. I was unprepared for this, I guess. It's really disturbing, provoking, emotional, erotic. And what an original direction from Masaaki Yuasa!

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I'd really like to know what people have seen in these series. Absolutely bad.

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