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Dinner Impossible

All Episodes 2007 - 2021

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  • 2018-01-12T03:00:00Zs at 2018-01-12T03:00:00Z on Food Network
  • 2007-01-25T03:00:00Z
  • 45 mins
  • 2 days, 17 hours, 15 mins (87 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary
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Robert Irvine is ready for any challenge he is challenged to overcome culinary obstacles and deliver a delicious meal before his time runs out. With new challenges from this exciting, fun-loving chef, viewers will see if Robert can make dinner, possible!
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87 episodes

1x01 Here Comes the Chef: Wedding: Impossible

  • Series Premiere

    2007-01-25T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

A wedding challenge gives chef Robert Irvine 10 hours to plan an entire menu and prepare a gourmet meal for 200 guests.

A fund-raising dinner must be prepared on a remote island off the coast of Maine in 10 hours.

An 18th-century meal is prepared for food historians in Williamsburg, Va., using only colonial ingredients and tools.

Creating a five-course meal for 160 passengers in a tiny kitchen aboard the Sierra Railroad Dinner Train in California.

Preparing a game-day gourmet lunch for 40 Philadelphia Eagles executives, using only food and equipment acquired from tailgaters in the parking lot.

Fourteen authentic cowboy dishes are made on an open fire for 500 hungry people on a cattle drive in central Florida.

Preparing a tropical feast on a deserted island in under four hours.

1x08 Infiltrating the CIA

  • 2007-03-08T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Robert Irvine is given only one tool to face off against internationally renowned master chefs.

Gov. Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania gives 24 hours to prepare hors d'oeuvres for 4000 people attending his inaugural ball.

What Robert thinks is simply an interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show is actually the beginning of his next challenge, which is to prepare a menu for 350 people within eight hours for the premiere party of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

1x11 Boot Camp

  • 2007-05-17T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Preparing a satisfying meal for 850 hungry Marines before they're deployed overseas.

A filthy frat house serves as the venue for a cocktail reception and a five-course meal for 66 distinguished guests.

A hot meal must be prepared without melting the surroundings in a hotel made out of ice.

2x01 Spelling Bee Impossible

  • Season Premiere

    2007-08-02T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

A four-course meal for is made for 1100 attendees of the Scripps National Spelling Bee and it must include ingredients that represent each letter of the alphabet.

2x02 Major League Ballpark Challenge

  • 2007-07-23T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert heads to a White Sox-Yankees game in Chicago, where he must feed 200 fans by the seventh-inning stretch.

2x03 Lunch Lady Land

  • 2007-08-09T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Three Philadelphia School District lunch ladies and one sous chef help cater a graduation celebration for 600 people in six hours.

2x04 Night Shift Impossible

  • 2007-08-16T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert, a fairly inexperienced baker, works the night shift at a New Jersey bakery. He must make 2400 pastries before the store's early-morning opening.

2x05 Dinner Under Construction

  • 2007-09-03T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert must feed 1000 hungry construction workers from two Salvation Army canteen trucks. He has six hours to prepare his version of an upscale brown-bag lunch.

2x06 The Catwalk Chef

  • 2007-08-30T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert has eight hours to create upscale hors d'oeuvres for a New York City fashion show. Two models serve as sous chefs.

2x07 Celebrity Golf Tournament

  • 2007-09-06T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert has six hours to feed 250 people at the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nev.

2x08 Camp Cookoff: Robert vs. Guy

  • 2007-10-15T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert Irvine faces guest chef Guy Fieri in the first annual Camp Cook-off at Camp Chen-a-Wanda in northeastern Pennsylvania. The guys and their sous chefs prepare campers' favorites and compete in classic camp activities, including a relay race and tug-o-war.

2x09 Mall Madness

  • 2007-10-25T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert Irvine caters the Mall of America's 15th-anniversary celebration and has seven hours to find, purchase and prepare a meal for 200 people without exiting the mall.

2x10 Elvis Eats

  • 2007-11-15T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Priscilla Presley greets Robert at the Graceland mansion in Memphis and instructs him to create a family-style dinner for 100 die-hard Elvis fans.

2x11 Magicians Meal

  • 2007-11-01T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Actor Neil Patrick Harris serves as sous-chef as Robert has to feed magicians and guests at the “Magic Live!” convention in Las Vegas.

2x12 Pixar Movie Mission

  • 2007-11-08T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert Irvine creates a lunch menu inspired by the films “Finding Nemo,” “Cars” and “Ratatouille” at the Pixar Animation Studios in San Francisco. He's given six hours to feed 600 animators, artists and staff members.

2x13 Mission: Holiday Hope

  • 2007-12-03T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert Irvine caters a “welcome home” dinner for a resident of Biloxi, Miss., whose home is finally rebuilt after being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. A meal is made for 1000 volunteers and residents who helped transform the house.

3x01 Cruise Against the Clock

  • Season Premiere

    2008-01-17T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert heads to Ketchikan, Ala., where he has less than eight hours to prepare hors d'oeuvres for 2900 cruise-ship passengers.

3x02 Air Force Anniversary

  • 2008-01-24T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

The host caters a party celebrating the U.S. Air Force's 60th anniversary in Wichita Falls, Texas. His gourmet menu must feed 1000 officers and VIPs.

3x03 Medieval Mayhem

  • 2008-01-31T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Preparing a lavish feast fit for a king at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

3x04 Circus Juggling

  • 2008-02-07T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Performers in the Big Apple Circus represent many nationalities, and Robert Irvine must satisfy their diverse palates with a buffet dinner to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the circus.

3x05 Robert & the Chocolate Factory

  • 2008-02-14T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

A five-course gourmet dinner is prepared and chocolate must be incorporated into each dish when the host heads to Hershey, Pa., to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Hershey Kiss.

3x06 Late for the Luau

  • 2008-02-21T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Irvine caters a Hawaiian luau for 150 people after receiving a lesson in luau food from renowned chef Sam Choy.

3x07 Santa Fe Struggle

  • 2008-03-13T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert Irvine prepares a quintessential New Mexican meal in an outdoor 18th-century kitchen for Santa Fe's 400th anniversary.

3x08 Culture Clash Wedding

  • 2008-05-01T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Catering a cross-cultural wedding reception in Kirkland, Wash., with a gourmet menu that fuses Asian and Irish cuisine.

3x09 Groundhog Daze

  • 2008-03-27T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Surprise guest chefs from Robert Irvine's past show up during a Groundhog Day challenge in Punxsutawney, Pa., where he must work through the night to prepare a gourmet breakfast for 250 people.

3x10 Firehouse Fiasco

  • 2008-05-29T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

The host has seven hours to prepare a dinner for 75 firefighters in a tiny firehouse kitchen.

3x11 Operation: Improv

  • 2008-05-22T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Irvine heads to an improv comedy club in Washington, D.C., for a challenge that involves feeding 225 audience members a three-course gourmet meal using 15 specific ingredients.

3x12 Brewhouse Bites

  • 2008-04-24T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Craft beers are used in a five-course gourmet meal for 100 brewers and tasters at the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis.

4x01 Disney Dinner Dash

  • Season Premiere

    2008-07-03T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Irvine goes on a scavenger hunt through the four theme parks at Walt Disney World.

4x02 Puerto Rican Predicament

  • 2008-07-10T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Irvine has nine hours to prepare a traditional Puerto Rican feast plus an elaborate birthday cake for a girl's quinceañera.

4x03 Far East Feast

  • 2008-07-17T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

The host caters a Japanese gala that will kick off the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. The menu includes 1000 sushi hors d'oeurves and a five-course meal for 250 people.

7x04 Feeding Frenzy at the Zoo

  • 2009-09-03T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Irvine gets in touch with his inner beast tonight when he prepares dinner for 900 guests celebrating the Philadelphia Zoo's 150th anniversary. Not only must he produce results in only nine hours, his menu must be based on diets for four of the zoo's biggest attractions: birds, primates, big cats and reptiles

7x05 Food Court Fiasco

  • 2009-09-10T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

All the employees at Philadelphia's Bourse building have taken a vacation day, and Chef Irvine must feed the hundreds of people who come to lunch at the famous food court there by himself. He has all night to prepare, but it may not be enough time because he has to stock and open all seven restaurants with seven very different cuisines.

7x06 Ice Cream Meltdown

  • 2009-09-17T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Robert takes a trip to Vermont where he has nine hours to feed 400 of Ben & Jerry's employees with food inspired by 15 of their wildest flavors.

7x07 Block Party

  • 2009-10-15T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Like nothing before, it's David vs. Robert in the ultimate chef vs. chef battle on Palmer Street.

7x08 Sesame Street Scramble

  • 2009-10-22T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

To help Sesame Street celebrate its 40th birthday in Langhorne, PA, Chef Robert and his sous-chefs Maria, Elmo, and Cookie Monster must cook up a menu for 250 parents and their children in just 8 hours using only the letter B as inspiration.

Chef Robert must create a fabulous dinner for 250 VIPs at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in just nine hours and his dishes must be influenced by six important music varieties: the Blues, Rock and Roll, Rap, Seattle Grunge, the British Invasion, and Woodstock.

7x10 Double Jeopardy

  • 2009-11-05T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

In Twinsburg, Ohio, Chef Robert's mission is to create a spectacular meal for 250 twins at the largest annual gathering of twins. However, for every dish Chef Robert makes, he must duplicate it using the same ingredients, creating a new and different dish.

7x11 WWE: A Mission on the Mat

  • 2009-11-12T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Robert is at the Summer Slam, WWE's biggest summertime event, and he has nine hours to prepare a fantastic meal for 300 WWE VIPs. However, the dishes he creates must be inspired by the superstars' signature moves, such as the Knife Edge Chop, the Clawhold, and the Frog Splash. And yes, the Big Show, the seven-foot-400-pound enforcer will be there, breathing down Chef Robert's neck. Oh my.

7x12 Newseum: Museum Mayhem

  • 2009-11-19T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Robert arrives in Washington DC at the Newseum. It's none other than Mr. David Gregory from NBC news who delivers Chef Robert's mission: in 8 hours he must prepare a menu for 300 people based on four food events that occurred in American history. Chef Robert must cook dishes that represent WWI food rationing, early Thanksgiving, the creation of TV dinners, and the publication of Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".

7x13 Robert and Guy's Holiday Havoc

  • 2009-12-10T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Robert and the incomparable Guy Fieri team up with Share our Strength and are in the spirit of giving. It's a special holiday episode of Dinner: Impossible with the Santa Rosa Boys and Girls Clubs. It's a merry mission indeed!

8x01 Destroyer Disaster

  • Season Premiere

    2010-03-25T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert boards the Navy's newest destroyer, the USS Wayne E. Meyer, to receive a mission unlike any other. For the first time on Dinner Impossible, Robert will receive orders to complete two missions in just one day. The brand new destroyer is celebrating its commission week, and the pressure is on Robert to deliver two missions with flying colors.

8x02 Boxed In: Terminal Trouble

  • 2010-03-04T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

The host visits Philadelphia's Packer Avenue Marine Terminal, where he'll prepare a hearty lunch for 150 longshoremen, using imported goods from around the world.

8x03 Dorm Food Doom

  • 2010-03-11T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert Irvine heads to the University of North Carolina to prepare a gourmet meal for 100 students, but he can only use ingredients that are found in their dorm rooms.

8x04 Ironman Obstacles

  • 2010-03-18T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert arrives at the Ironman Arizona to compete in his own culinary triathlon, featuring three challenges in one mission.

8x05 Pirate Peril

  • 2010-04-01T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Irvine cooks up authentic pirate fare at the annual Pirates in Paradise Festival in Key West, Fla. On the menu: bone soup; hardtack; sea turtle; and pickled preserves.

8x06 Balloon Blowup

  • 2010-04-08T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert cooks for 200 people at the Red Rock Balloon Rally in Gallup, N.M.

8x07 Speed Dating Downfall

  • 2010-06-10T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert prepares dinner for 100 speed daters, and he's set up with some special ingredients that must make their way into the meal.

8x08 Judgment Day

  • 2010-06-17T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Irvine helps celebrate the 2000th episode of "Divorce Court" by separating some tired food marriages, like fish and chips, and rematching them into exciting new pairs. Judge Lynn Toler helps rate the dishes.

8x09 Disney Dilemma

  • 2010-06-03T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert is heading to Disney World to play the role of Prince Charming for this episode of Dinner Impossible. It's Celebrate Family Volunteers Day at Disney World and Robert's mission is to feed 400 volunteers from across the US. He'll have nine hours to prepare a meal that will make the volunteers feel like royalty. Who better to give Robert ingredients fit for royalty than Disney Princesses?

8x10 Robert's Lost Mission

  • 2010-05-20T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Chef Irvine heads to Hawaii to cook for the "Lost" cast and crew. He'll have rely on his improvisational skills when he's left at a deserted beach to prepare the gourmet meal using limited tools and ingredients.

8x11 Caffeine Crash

  • 2010-06-24T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert must use coffee and tea in every dish he makes for a party at the Peet's Coffee & Tea roasting facility in Alameda, Cal.

8x12 Mission in the Mud

  • 2010-07-01T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

The weather doesn't cooperate when Robert has to cook an elaborate gourmet meal outdoors using camping equipment.

8x13 Spring Training Tangle

  • 2010-07-08T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert heads to Clearwater, Fla., home of the Philadelphia Phillies spring training camp, and prepares a meal for 200 baseball players using major and minor league ingredients.

9x01 Mission in Paradise

  • Season Premiere

    2021-03-12T03:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert Irvine arrives on Oahu, Hawaii, with one mission: make a feast without a kitchen for 30 locals, using only produce and proteins he can gather on the legendary Kualoa Ranch. Robert and his team must battle the weather, harvest their ingredients, catch their own seafood and manage an unpredictable underground oven to pull off the impossible.

9x02 Ghost Town Gourmet

  • 2021-03-19T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Robert Irvine's mission brings him to an abandoned mining town in Cerro Gordo, Calif. His challenge is to prepare a meal for Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of "Kindred Spirits," along with 25 paranormal enthusiasts. Using the same ingredients and equipment as miners in the region had in 1865, Robert must cook a dinner good enough to attract the local spirits that haunt the property

9x03 3 Weddings and a Robert

  • 2021-03-26T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

In Las Vegas, Robert Irvine is tasked with catering three distinct wedding receptions in only six hours. Robert must navigate the obstacles of Sin City and find unique ways to make each couple's culinary dreams a reality, creating a picture-perfect wedding meal in his quest to make this the best day of these couples' lives.

9x04 Tropic Lightning

  • 2021-04-02T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Hawaii's historic 25th Infantry Division enlists Robert Irvine in a mission to prepare a 5-star dinner for 60 soldiers to celebrate their 79th anniversary. Using only a mobile army field kitchen and meal rations, Robert must create a high-end dinner in just seven hours. But in order to earn more ingredients, Robert must conquer a series of physically demanding, military-style challenges.

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