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Discovery Channel (formerly The Discovery Channel from 1985 to 1995, and often referred to as simply "Discovery") is an American basic cable and satellite television channel (which is also delivered via IPTV, terrestrial television and internet television in other parts of the world).

5 episodes

1996x02 Atlantis

  • no air date — 45 mins

Is "Atlantis: The Evidence" a thinly disguised example of Eurocentrism in the media? Watch Discovery: Atlantis for a more comprehensive view on an age-old debate.

1996x03 Invisible Enemies

  • no air date — 45 mins

A nuclear holocaust was our worst fear for decades during the Cold War, but prophets of doom have now raised the specter of a different kind of holocaust, a swift and lethal plague that no vaccine or drug can stop. Is such a nightmare possible? While no scientist believes that entire cities could be wiped out, a menacing threat to human life could infect and wipe out millions around the world. Deadly viruses, bacteria and parasites are returning to haunt us. Every corner of the world is now within reach. Exotic microbes can travel from the heart of Africa to New York City in a single day. In a world of changing climate and surging populations, microbes are finding new openings to infect us and spread, and, we discover, there are many more diseases out there than we have names for.

From the liner notes: Extreme Machines is dedicated to finding out how machines work. This program examines the earliest Russian rockets to today's latest American hardware. We take a detailed look at a rocket engine and how it works and look into the uses of rockets from guided missiles to carrying scientific instruments for gathering information in or above the Earth's atmosphere.