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    • 40 mins
    • Documentary, Drama, Family, Special Interest

    The award-winning dramatic documentary series highlighting the people, events and historical sites of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    6 episodes

    2x01 Nauvoo: The City of Joseph

    • Season Premiere

      no air date — 40 mins

    From the swampy banks of the Mississippi, the majestic City of Joseph rose and the Saints once again tried to worship in peace and build a temple to their God. Yet, as missionaries went abroad and converts flocked to Nauvoo by the thousands, the enemies of the church grew restless. Learn of the events that led up to the brutal murder of the Prophet Joseph and follow the Saints' faith-building experiences as they struggled with the question of succession.

    2x02 The Trek West

    • no air date — 40 mins

    Witness the inspiring and exciting saga of the Mormon pioneers and their 1,000 mile exodus across the rough and unforgiving wilderness of the American West. You'll be transported to life on the Mormon Trail as you learn rare stories and facts that will make this unforgettable part of history more meaningful.

    2x03 The Mormon Battalion

    • no air date — 40 mins

    With great sacrifice, the Saints courageously formed the Mormon Battalion, and mustered support for the United States in the war with Mexico. Follow their trials as they make their way to San Diego, help in the discovery of California gold, and blaze a new wagon road across the Sierra Nevadas. Woven amid this often forgotten chapter of history is the story of Melissa Burton Coray–one of few women who made this 3,000 mile journey.

    2x04 The Handcart Pioneers

    • no air date — 40 mins

    Many Saints crossed the American plains with only what could be carried in a handcart. They faced incredible trials and left a powerful legacy that lasts even until today. Witness the challenges of hundreds of European families who, without covered wagons and oxen, embarked on a dangerous trek that led them to join the fellowship of Saints already settled in the Salt Lake valley.

    2x05 Ensign Unto All People

    • no air date — 40 mins

    From their struggle for survival to the struggle for Statehood, the Saints were not without trials, but Joseph Smith foretold "no unhallowed hand" would restrain the growth of their fledgling Church. Raising its standard with glorious temples and a global missionary effort, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has truly become an ensign unto all people.

    2x06 A Legacy of Faith

    • no air date — 40 mins

    The vital missionary program to spread the Gospel began early in the Church, and has continued unfettered until today–blossoming into a global community of Latter-day Saints. Missionary stories from New Zealand, England, Africa, Mexico, South America, and Japan will strengthen the testimony of anyone remembering their own conversion.