Dr. Stone: Specials

Special 2 (36) Ryusui

  • 2022-07-10T13:30:00Z on KBS Kyoto
  • 55m
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
The battle against Tsukasa's empire is over, and Senku and his team set out to save Tsukasa, who is in cold sleep. To discover the mystery of the petrification phenomenon, the Kingdom of Science finally set out for the New World on the other side of the Earth! Senku and his team begin to build a ship for the voyage. In an attempt to recruit a godly captain with 10 billion navigational skills, they awaken Nanami Ryuusui, the heir to the Nanami Conglomerate and an expert sailor, based on information from Minami, who used to work as a journalist. With his overwhelming greed, Ryuusui creates a currency in the village and enjoys a luxurious life. In exchange for captaining the ship, he proposes he wants the king of all resources, "oil."