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    • 40 mins
    • Action, Drama, Thriller

    The story is based on real events of an Egyptian spy for one of Egypt's intelligence operations against the Israeli Mossad.
    A young Egyptian grew up under miserable social conditions, carries a heavy burden, a destitute family, consisting of his mother, his blind wife, and his brother, a playboy.
    While he was working in the port he receives a tempting offer but discovers that the source is the Israeli Mossad, which aspires to recruit him to work as a spy on his homeland.
    Motivated by patriotism, he rushes to inform the Egyptian security services, who asks him to continue to play the same role; to dictate intelligence to the enemy, some information is true, some are false. They continue to work with the Israeli Mossad double agent in Egypt for a full six years.

    2 episodes

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