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Edward and Friends

Specials 1987 - 1988

  • 1987-12-25T12:00:00Z on BBC Canada
  • 5 mins
  • 50 mins
  • Animation, Children

Welcome to Fabuland® the happy home of Edward Elephant, Wilfred Walrus,
Lionel Lion, Bonnie Bunny, Hannah Hippopotamus, Mike Monkey, Joe Crow
Catherine Cat and many other animal friends. This series was based upon the
popular LEGO® figures and sets, but wasn't overwhelmed by its commercial
origins. Indeed, with some jolly design and animation from FilmFair and some
equally effective voicework lead by Bernard Cribbins, this little series stood
proudly on its own stickle legs. Stories were simple, frivolous and fun and
Fabuland® itself was presented as a bright busy place with an airport,
docks and more - rather like something out of a Richard Scarry book.
Edward himself was a rather hesitant elephant, keen to take part in things,
but always cautious to the last...

10 episodes

Special 1 Christmas in Fabuland

  • 1987-12-25T12:00:00Z — 5 mins

Edward Elephant invents a weather machine, but when he sets it to snow, it causes a blizzard. Will Santa remember to land there?

Special 2 Edward and the Big Balloon

  • 1988-01-01T12:00:00Z — 5 mins

Joe Crow invited Edward, Bonnie and Max for a ride with his airplane, but it breaks down, so instead they fly in a hot air balloon.

Special 3 Catherin's Cake

  • 1988-01-08T12:00:00Z — 5 mins

Catherine Cat starts to bake, everybody smells the delicious cake, so they anticipate it very much. But Catherine falls asleep and burns the cake.

Max, Bonnie and Edward promise to stay together to catch bugs, but they get seperated. Edward, however, being non-forgetful, doesn't wander off and stays near the bush where he found a little butterfly feasting on one of Hannah Hippopotamus's flowers, whom he calls "Edward's Butterfly". Bonnie, meanwhile, is still hunting for bugs, and catches one, but the bug turns out to be Max, whom she hit on the head.

Special 5 The Great Race

  • 1988-04-29T11:00:00Z — 5 mins

Edward wants to drive Oscar's car, but he's too young, so he builts a go-kart instead. They start a race, too.

Special 6 The Snowfall

  • 1988-05-02T11:00:00Z — 5 mins

A lot of snow fell in Fabuland overnight, everybody enjoys it. Except Oscar, who got stuck in his car.

Special 7 The Clock Tower

  • 1988-05-06T11:00:00Z — 5 mins

The clock tower's bell goes wrong, everybody tries to find a solution.

Special 8 Clive Is Taller

  • 1988-05-13T11:00:00Z — 5 mins

Clive tries to prove to Edward he's taller than him. He even builts a pair of stilts.

Special 9 Edward and the Statue

  • 1988-05-20T11:00:00Z — 5 mins

Residents in Fabuland want to surprise Oscar with a statue; a sign of appreciation for being such a great mayor, but the statue breaks when they about to unload it from the ship.

Special 10 The Expedition

  • 1988-05-27T11:00:00Z — 5 mins

Wilfred finds an old map, they about to explore new places.