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    • 60 mins
    • Animation, Comedy

    Watch the duos of Vinny and Jeff ("Team VJ"), and Brad and Ryan ("Team BR") of GiantBomb.com as they record their gameplay sessions of the budget Xbox 360 title Deadly Premonition from start to completion.

    Deadly Premonition is an open-world game following eccentric FBI Agent Francis York Morgan (and his imaginary friend Zach) as he investigates a brutal murder in the small town of Greenvale.

    Team VJ ended their endurance run on May 26, 2010 after 38 episodes while team BR ended theirs on May 31, after 41 episodes.

    41 episodes

    2x01 Endurance Run: Deadly Premonition: Part BR-01

    • Season Premiere

      no air date — 60 mins

    I'm having a premonition that Brad and Ryan are going to regret agreeing to this.

    Down that road there are more people to show your badge to.

    The difference between reality and Japan's version of reality comes into stark relief.

    Look, I can't have all of you hovering around while I perform my autopsy. It makes me nervous.

    I made this awesome mix tape that is 120 minutes of just Kokomo. Road trip!

    We've barely started the Endurance Run, but Brad and Ryan are already running into old friends.

    Boy, this food sure looks good. Too bad I can't EAT ANY OF IT. AT ALL.

    Today the community comes together to CATCH A KILLER.

    York introduces himself to the town's... colorful inhabitants.

    Okay, seriously, you kids are really starting to freak me out.

    You really should cut back on those, York. Warping through time is really hard on the body.

    I like the jungle vibe you've got going here, Becky, but you should really have someone spray for zombies.

    Look, Thomas, now's not the time to- oh, yeah, I can see how that might upset you.

    Okay, you guys are really starting to creep me out.

    You try that wall thing one more time, lady, and I'm bringing out the big guns.

    It's a personal rule of mine to never hit a lady with a golf club, but these are special circumstances.

    Hey, if you need someone to trim your creepy hand-tree, I know a guy.

    I've had about enough of your sass, wall lady.

    I'll let you in, Emily, but you may not like what you see. I mean, Zach's not the most handsome guy.

    Look man, that suit just doesn't ROCK, you know what I'm saying? Why don't you try deep blue?

    I don't know about this. Remember episode 50?

    Prison is a lonely place Nick, I'm glad you've made a new friend.

    Turns out these endurance runs are more linked than we knew.

    Wow, I didn't really think dart boards could loom, but that one sure is good at it.

    Hey Wesley, do you have, like, a dart sniper rifle or something? Maybe a rocket launcher?

    Hey, whadya say we go play some dar- OH GOD WHAT IS THAT.

    Filing Room? Raincoats? Nonsense! How about we just pump some iron?

    Well that sure is a head-scratcher, wouldn't you say, Zach?

    That's it, fellas. I want it niiiice and purple.

    Yes, I'm calling to inquire about your Wall Ladies. Just how many do you have in stock?

    You know man, these red seeds ain't so bad...

    Yeah, Kaysen...you stare hard. You stare long and hard at justice served.

    So, Emily, if I understand this right, you're telling the Endurance Run is ISN'T over?

    Oh Endurance Runs...as one door closes another refuses to open.

    Oh yeah, York! The power of Woodman-ia just blew my 24-inch guns out!!!

    Well, you know...a steel pipe to the back of the head isn't the worst idea I've heard.

    Thus, we reach the end of another Endurance Run. Thanks again for watching.