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Event Zero

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  • Ended
  • 2012-05-21T03:00:00+03:00
  • 5 mins
  • Mystery, Thriller
A normal commute turns into disaster when a subway train derails. Emergency crews rush to save lives and family members desperately try to make contact with their loved ones. But what caused this tragedy....and what else might be going on.

7 episodes

1x01 Matt

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 5 mins

A commuter is trapped inside the wreck of a derailed train. He manages to escape without injury, but it quickly becomes clear that broken bones are the least of this passenger’s concerns.

1x02 Pamela

  • no air date — 5 mins

A government minister learns of the disaster, and in the process of trying to contact her daughter on the train discovers that there are elements at play here that are way above her control.

1x03 Gwen and Tully

  • no air date — 5 mins

Two ambulance officers rush a victim to the hospital. They try unsuccessfully to save their patient before making the deadly discovery that the sickness is contagious and that they themselves have been infected. Can they warn people in time?

1x04 Jack and Shelley

  • no air date — 5 mins

Jack’s wife, Shelley, returns home from having narrowly escaped the train disaster, but as she knocks on the door it is clear she is not well. Jack, fed with information from the TV news, has a life-or-death decision to make.

1x05 Yusuf

  • no air date — 5 mins

A man of middle-eastern descent is under suspicion of being implicated in what is now being treated as a terrorist attack on Sydney. Is he involved, or is there a severe case of racism at play here?

1x06 Scott

  • no air date — 5 mins

Scott goes about his duties of trying to pull as many survivors from the wreck as possible. His search uncovers something far more sinister than injured passengers.

1x07 Harriet

  • no air date — 5 mins

A young and clearly infected woman flees the chaotic crash-site. But even as the immediate danger subsides her stress levels continue to rise. How much does this innocent looking woman know?