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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files: Specials

Special 12 Iceland Worm Monster & Stonehenge Secrets

  • 2012-07-04T03:00:00+02:00 on Syfy
  • 45 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: Impressive footage of the infamous Icelandic lake monster. Destination Truth's Josh Gates joins the investigation. PART 2: The team wants to crack the mystery of how Stone Henge was built in such an ancient era with only basic tools. By testing a recent theory from a carpenter. OTHER CASES: Photo's from ruins of an alleged ancient city in Hawaii. Also video of an apparition in a mental hospital is scrutinised.

Iceland Worm Monster (Lake Lagarfljót, Iceland):
A local farmer living on the lake shore notices something in the lake through the window and immediately starts filming. The lake is famous locally for the lake monster with cases reported as far back as the thirteen hundreds. The footage shows a clearly defined image of what looks like a large snake like entity undulating through the surface of the water. Shot an estimated 300 feet away. As Josh Gates had previously done a Destination Truth show about this very case the team bring him on as a special guest.

Stonehenge Secrets (Wiltshire, UK):
For the final case of the season the team wants to have a go at cracking some mysteries surrounding Stone Henge. For starters the mystery of how it was built in an era so ancient that it's unclear how any civilization around back then with only basic tools could even achieve it. For instance some of the outside stones weigh over 40 tonnes and had to be transported from over 100 miles away. Bill wants to test a recent theory from a retired carpenter in Michigan who thinks he's cracked it.

Shown & discussed by the team are as follows:

Lost City (Big Island, Hawaii):
A man combing woods in remote parts of the island came across what he claims was ruins from an ancient city. The team reviews photographic evidence of effigies carved into rock. The team is finding it hard to believe as Hawaii is already so well traversed. Also the fact that the witness claims he found the land owner who granted permission for photographs to be took but not for the location to be known didn't help this case.

Norwalk Walker (Norwalk, CA):
A maintenance worker at a mental hospital in Norwalk, California starts filming after claiming to hear disembodied voices, seeing shadows and a feeling of general creepiness. The video purportedly captures an apparition, a quite detailed translucent person walking out from a junction in a corridor. Although Ben points out that he's done some digging into the person that captured the footage who is also a hobbyist film maker who regularly posted videos online and concludes this is likely some composite image layered on top of the original footage. In other words a likely fake.