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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files: Specials

Special 9 Truck Stop Terror & Graveyard Lightning

  • 2012-06-13T01:00:00Z on Syfy
  • 45 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: They visit an alleged haunted tri-county truck stop after seeing evidence of smoke like and glowing blue apparitions. PART 2: Photo's showing bolts of paranormal electricity from a cemetery at an abandoned town. OTHER CASES: Alleged poltergeist activity, a chair and fridge door moving. Also a triangular UFO video from a residential area, Massachusetts get the team talking.

Truck Stop Terror (Villa Ridge, MO):
The team investigates evidence from a team of paranormal researches that were at the allegedly haunted tri-county truck stop on route 66 Missouri. The first evidence a photo of what appears to be a smoke like apparition in the men's rest room. The next is a video shot in the basement in which an almost humanoid figure glowing bright blue is seen moving across the shot. The place is apparently a very active hotspot with many witnesses to paranormal events. The team investigates further.

Graveyard Lightning (Logtown, Mississippi):
Photo's took in 2011 by a pair of amateur paranormal investigators that were at the Logtown cemetery. Capture what appears as electric paranormal activity. Bolts of light formed mere feet above the ground with glowing mist surrounding it. What's intriguing about it is how defined the image is and the location itself. A town that was bought by NASA as it's so close to their testing facility so all that remains is this cemetery. The location is an alleged hot spot for paranormal activity, ghostly sightings, sounds and voices.

Shown & discussed by the team are as follows:

Lafayette Poltergeist (Lafayette, Louisiana):
The videographer says he was testing out his new cam corder when he hears a disturbance behind him which is when the events on film unfold. During which a chair get's pulled out from under a dining table and the fridge opens ajar. The reactions from the person filming seem credible but the team quickly points out how easy it is to fake. The objects in question, the chair and fridge door both move from left to right and it would be quite easy for someone unseen standing behind the wall to tug on some mono filament wire.

Lowell Lights (Lowell, Massachusetts):
A couple of guys see a triangular shaped object floating over a residential neighbourhood. They catch it on film and are apparently so freaked that they call the police. The camera phone footage shows a large triangular UFO with lights in the corners and one more towards the centre. The team seems to have an open mind about it although concludes that it's too much like other videos they have seen & cases they've already done.