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  • 2012-04-18T01:00:00Z on Syfy
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  • United States
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  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files is set to revolutionize paranormal programming by investigating the evidence witnesses post on the Internet every day. Have you ever seen a photo or video online and wondered, "Is this real?" This is the show that will answer that question.

Heading up the Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files team is Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent who found that his love of the paranormal was greater than his love for the Agency. Now, he leads a young team of intrepid investigators who will convene to dissect the latest unusual images and decide whether they merit further investigation. Grainy videos will be brought to life using the latest in 3D modeling, and Ben will make the final choice which cases will require a trip into the field.

Once an investigation is underway, the team will talk to witnesses, carry out experiments using the latest in high tech detection devices, collect physical samples, and determine whether a case should be debunked, or whether it's a baffling paranormal mystery that might even put the team in danger. It's all in a day's work for the dogged investigators of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.

12 episodes

3x01 The Grim Sleeper & The Real Mr. Freeze

  • Season Premiere

    2012-04-18T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: They investigate a case where footage is shown of a woman levitating in her sleep. PART 2: A Dutch man known as The Ice Man, has been setting records for years for his ability to endure extreme cold. OTHER CASES: UFO in Hawaii captured by 2 military men. Also a couple hiking allegedly capture the Abominable Snowman on film. PART 1 OVERVIEW: The Grim Sleeper (Atlanta, GA): They investigate a case from 2010 where footage is shown of a woman levitating in her sleep. There were nights where it was claimed she woke up covered in bruises which prompted her to film. Footage of full bodied levitation are rare to come by. So the team are eager to put it to a series of tests involving winches and optical illusions. PART 2 OVERVIEW: The Real Mr. Freeze: The next case regards superhuman abilities. Wim Hof, a Dutch man known as The Ice Man, has been setting records for years for his ability to endure extreme cold. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Hawaii UFO (Big Island, HI) Two military men, also brother's capture footage of a silent metallic UFO flying over Big Island Hawaii. The footage impresses the team from their knowledge of it not being easy to fake. But ultimately they decide to move on. Himalayan Yeti (Mahabharat Range, Nepal) A couple hiking capture purported footage of the Abominable Snowman. Although impressive they decide against investigating as they cannot track down the witness and therefore the exact location it was shot.

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: A mysterious UFO hovering over Bodega Bay, the large bright white sphere captured through a bedroom window. PART 2: Thermal camera footage of an icy cold humanoid apparition shot in the allegedly haunted Paramount Theatre. OTHER CASES: Deemed likely faked footage of an urban legend, the Dark Hooded Figure. Also an apparition in a seat at Hibbing High School's auditorium. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Bay Area Hysteria (Bodega Bay, CA): A mysterious light / UFO hovering over Bodega Bay is caught on camera through a bedroom window. The white sphere captured is so big it was initially perceived to be the moon however it was in a crescent phase. The team put it to the test, including misidentifying it as a helicopter with a search light & an illuminated balloon. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Jersey Shore Haunting (Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ): The team investigate thermal camera footage of an icy cold humanoid apparition shot in a backstage corridor of where a tragic fire killed cabaret dancers in the 1930's. The location has a rich history of being an alleged hotbed of activity. After putting the footage through a number of tests the team decide on doing their own night time investigation. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Dark Hooded Figure (Clarksville, VA): Some fishermen supposedly captured footage of the Dark Hooded Figure. Apparently some legendary demonic entity that stalks people in their sleep. The footage is quickly dismissed as a likely hoax. High School Haunt (Hibbing, MN): Photo's shot in 2009 at Hibbing High School captures what appears to be an apparition at one of the seats in the auditorium.

3x03 Vanishing Victim & Sky Serpent

  • 2012-05-02T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: Rare footage of an alien abduction in progress, a women seemingly de materialising whilst sleeping. PART 2: A flaming serpentine like UFO with an undulating motion is captured in Stratford, UK. OTHER CASES: Video of a raven disappearing shortly after taking off from a branch. Also deemed likely faked footage of a close encounter of the 3rd kind. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Vanishing Victim (Droitwich, UK): The team investigates rare footage of an alien abduction in progress. The footage captures a couple sleeping and the wife seems to de materialize as the sheets sink into the mattress, moments later she reappears. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Sky Serpent (Stratford, UK): A flaming serpentine like UFO with an undulating motion is captured by a guy walking the green-way's of Stratford. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Zozo the Raven Spirit (Seattle, WA): Footage of a raven disappearing shortly after taking off from a branch. It supposedly captures a local urban legend of a demon that takes the form of a black bird. Problem is it was suspiciously shot by an indie film crew making a movie of same said urban legend. Aloha Alien (Big Island, Hawaii): Likely hoaxed CGI footage of a UFO crashing down then the videographer runs to the location and sees an alien in the woods.

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: Photos from the alleged most haunted house in Texas show a smoke like apparition. PART 2: Two Big Foot cases in Kentucky including photos and a detailed video. OTHER CASES: A family BBQ shoots footage of a low flying UFO with lights. Also a Russian military truck convoy with UFO like objects. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Pride House Specter (Jefferson, TX): They investigate photos shot in 2009 by a paranormal investigator in what's apparently the most haunted house in Texas. The photos show a clearly defined smoke like apparition that's humanoid without feet, looking like it's floating down the stairs. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Bluegrass Bigfoot (Jefferson, KY): The team investigates two Big Foot cases in Kentucky. The first of which are some photos of what looks like a gorilla in his back yard. The second of which is an anonymously sent video which purportedly shows some pretty clearly defined footage of Big Foot. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Chino UFO (Chino, California): A family having a BBQ shoots footage of a low flying UFO with lights. The case is dismissed after they realise no one in the scene is reacting to what they're seeing and their conclusion is it's likely some sort of hoax balloon with LED lights. Russian UFO Convoy (St. Petersburg, Russia): Video of what looks like two metallic saucer shaped objects on the back of a truck with a military & police escort. Although Devin points out that he recognises the objects as military hazardous waste container lids.

3x05 Battleship Ghost & Scouting UFO

  • 2012-05-16T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: The team investigates a battleship with a reported haunted history. PART 2: They investigate video of a low flying triangular UFO seen scanning the ground with a bright light. OTHER CASES: Footage from a UFO model competition fools a conference of UFO experts. Also basement video from the scene of an axe murder captures a strange moving shadow. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Battleship Ghost (USS North Carolina): The team investigates a battleship with a reported haunted history. The first evidence is a photo of what appears to be an cloaked apparition, pointing with a face that's some what defined. The second is a video shot the same night in the mess hall which shows a moving shadow close to where a worker tragically died falling from a ladder. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Scouting UFO (Warren, MI): The second case is a reported UFO shot in Michigan near a construction site. The triangular UFO is seen flying very low scanning the ground with a bright light. The team thinks that what they are seeing may be the TR-3B. A secret experimental aircraft that the air force could be developing. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Irish Triangle (Dunboyne, Ireland): Highly detailed footage of a triangular UFO was shown to an annual Irish UFO convention and apparently caused quite the stir. Although Ben recognised the footage as part of a UFO contest held in North Carolina and that what we're seeing is just a model. What's intriguing is the footage clearly fooled many UFO experts at the conference. Basement Shadow Man (Fort Scott, KS): Video shot by a team of paranormal investigators in a house that was once the scene of a grizzly axe murder. A shadowy figure moving from right to left is captured in the basement of where a father hacked his family to death. The team decides they need more evidence before taking on this case.

3x06 Reptile Rampage & Gasoline Ghoul

  • 2012-05-23T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: The purported urban legend of a reptile like man attacking cars. PART 2: Security footage at a gas station becomes big local news as an apparition is found on film. OTHER CASES: Video of a ghostly figure entering and exiting someone's body. Also a close encounter of the 3rd kind video around a forest camp fire in France is scrutinised. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Reptile Rampage (Bishopville, SC): The team investigate an purported urban legend in Bishopville, South Carolina of a 7 foot, red eyed, 3 toed lizard man that supposedly attacks cars in the area. The evidence the team follows is a series of photo's that are claimed to be the aftermath of these attacks. The photos show what looks like large bite marks, scratches and puncture holes in various places around the cars. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Gasoline Ghoul (Parma, OH): The team visit a gas station in Ohio where on 2007 some footage was shot from a security camera of what looks like a ghostly apparition. The figure is visible on camera for around 30 minutes during which customers are using the gas station oblivious to what we see beside them. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Speakeasy Specter (Melrose Park, IL) Video of what looks to be a ghostly figure entering and exiting someone's body, the person looks oblivious to what is happening on film. Shot by paranormal researchers whilst investigating a speakeasy with a reported haunted history in Chicago's suburbs that was once run by one of Al Capone's drivers. However Austin points out that it's likely an anomaly caused by a camera set on auto exposure. Forest Fire Alien (Cuy, France) Video shot in 2008 by friends around a camp fire in a forest which is supposed to show an alien peeking from around a tree. Although Jael quickly dismissed this as a computer generated hoax after seeing a clearly defined line going up the side of the tree with the alien. A tell tale sign that video editing was used to add something into the frame.

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: Purported footage of a gargoyle captured from a UK park with an alleged haunted history is investigated. PART 2: The team looks into video from a supposed haunted inn that shows a feline like apparition. OTHER CASES: Footage from an apparently haunted school, now a b&b showing child like apparitions gets the team talking. Also video from Brazil showing a UFO that seems to split into multiple UFO's. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Glowing Gargoyle (Beckenham, UK): They follow evidence from footage captured of what looks to be a gargoyle with a tail and glowing eyes. Apparently captured whilst a guy was testing infra-red features on his camera at a park nearby his home. The park in question does have some haunted lore surrounding it which is why the guy was out filming that night. The team investigates. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Phantom Feline (Bardstown, KY): The Fact or Faked team investigate video evidence from 2007 collected by a team of paranormal researchers in the Old Talbott Inn, Kentucky. The footage in question shows a shape what almost looks feline like floating fast across the room. The 230 year old inn has a lot of local haunted lore and tragic events surrounding it which the team feels warrants an investigation. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Prosperity School Apparition (Joplin, MO): Video shot in 2008 by paranormal investigators at a bed and breakfast called the Prosperity House which used to be a school around a hundred years ago. The video is purportedly of a young boy pushed from a window to his death. Small figures are shown through a doorway moving fast right to left. Although other evidence (EVP's & images) apparently captured the same night was not sent to Fact or Faked so the team moves on. Brazilian Bronze Spheres (São Paulo, Brazil): 2011 a guy walking out from his house onto his porch captures footage of a UFO that seems to split into multiple UFO's. Although impressive Ben point's out that there is a point in the video which could contain evidence of CGI. That and the fact that the video is pretty low resolution leads the team to move on.

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: Impressive UFO footage of 3 bright lights leads the team to an alleged UFO corridor in Florida. PART 2: A case that has baffled paranormal investigators for years. Footage of entities seemingly made of light leaving trails behind them. OTHER CASES: Videos of an alien at a fireworks display and claimed poltergeist activity showing mist, an indented sofa cushion and objects moving are both scrutinised. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Florida Woodland UFO (Pensacola, FL): Evidence from 2011 in Florida leads the team to investigate footage of a UFO. The witness claims he was driving on the free-way when he noticed something in the woods so he pulled over and started filming. The footage is of 3 very bright UFO's flying slowly across riverside woodland. The area is also apparently a UFO corridor with a high number of reported sightings. During the investigation the Fact or Faked team apparently capture some UFO footage of their own. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Black Forest Entity (Colorado Springs, CO): The team takes on a case that has baffled paranormal investigators for years. In 1991 a family reportedly was plagued by strange occurrences in their new home. Noises, voices, flashing lights and doors opening & closing prompted the family to start capturing footage. The first clip shot in night vision is of small bright entities that leave trails of light as they move in an undulating motion adjacent to the home. Even stranger, the second clip again in night vision inside the home shows another of these entities this time looking almost plasma like folding into itself and moving erratically across the room, again leaving trails of light behind it. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: New Years Eve Alien (Big Island, Hawaii): Footage shot in Hawaii on new years eve 2011. The video shows a small fireworks display as the camera pans to reveal what unconvincingly looks like an alien fading in and out of view as light shines on it. The people in the scene seem unaware of it although the camera man is clearly focussing in on it. The team quickly pick up on the fact that the light hitting the alien seems more like a flash light being shone on and off it. Rather than the steady glow, what we'd naturally see from the steady light of fireworks shown only more than a few feet away. Ben points out it's likely a puppet set up with a light source flashing on it so that you'd only catch glimpses of it. Couch Cushion Casper (St. Paul, MN): They review footage of claimed poltergeist activity at a house in Minnesota. Apparently the family had 3 cats that were staring at the same spot for days which prompted them to start filming. The footage of a living room first shows mist entering the room, next a cushion on the couch starts to indent as if someone was sat upon it and finally a bunch of magazines and mats fly off the coffee table. The team quickly dismiss this as easy to fake and conclude that it's most likely computer generated.

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: They visit an alleged haunted tri-county truck stop after seeing evidence of smoke like and glowing blue apparitions. PART 2: Photo's showing bolts of paranormal electricity from a cemetery at an abandoned town. OTHER CASES: Alleged poltergeist activity, a chair and fridge door moving. Also a triangular UFO video from a residential area, Massachusetts get the team talking. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Truck Stop Terror (Villa Ridge, MO): The team investigates evidence from a team of paranormal researches that were at the allegedly haunted tri-county truck stop on route 66 Missouri. The first evidence a photo of what appears to be a smoke like apparition in the men's rest room. The next is a video shot in the basement in which an almost humanoid figure glowing bright blue is seen moving across the shot. The place is apparently a very active hotspot with many witnesses to paranormal events. The team investigates further. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Graveyard Lightning (Logtown, Mississippi): Photo's took in 2011 by a pair of amateur paranormal investigators that were at the Logtown cemetery. Capture what appears as electric paranormal activity. Bolts of light formed mere feet above the ground with glowing mist surrounding it. What's intriguing about it is how defined the image is and the location itself. A town that was bought by NASA as it's so close to their testing facility so all that remains is this cemetery. The location is an alleged hot spot for paranormal activity, ghostly sightings, sounds and voices. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Lafayette Poltergeist (Lafayette, Louisiana): The videographer says he was testing out his new cam corder when he hears a disturbance behind him which is when the events on film unfold. During which a chair get's pulled out from under a dining table and the fridge opens ajar. The reactions from the person filming seem credible but the team quickly points out how easy it is to fake. The objects in question, the chair and fridge door both move from left to right and it would be quite easy for someone unseen standing behind the wall to tug on some mono filament wire. Lowell Lights (Lowell, Massachusetts): A couple of guys see a triangular shaped object floating over a residential neighbourhood. They catch it on film and are apparently so freaked that they call the police. The camera phone footage shows a large triangular UFO with lights in the corners and one more towards the centre. The team seems to have an open mind about it although concludes that it's too much like other videos they have seen & cases they've already done.

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: The team put a seemingly mysterious location, the Oregon Vortex to the test amid thoughts that the gravitational anomalies claimed are optical illusions. PART 2: An apparition at an English pub, an ex funeral parlour gets investigated. OTHER CASES: Video of UFO's performing high speed acrobatics. Also footage of a locally famous lake monster called Champ are both scrutinised. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Into the Vortex (Gold Hill, OR): The team is drawn to a mysterious location, the Oregon Vortex that apparently defies the laws of physics. A series of clips showing what appear to be gravitational anomalies such as a ball rolling up hill and a broom that doesn't fall over when stood upon it's bristles. Followed by another clip of two people with vastly different heights can stand in a certain spot that makes them look the same height as each other. A surveyor, also scientist apparently bought the place after becoming fascinated with it and spent years researching it. Ominously before his death it's claimed he burnt all his research and said that "The world is not prepared to know the mysteries that the vortex holds." Eager to put the clips (What could be merely optical illusions.) to the test, the team investigates. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Tavern Shapeshifter (Penrith, UK): Footage from 2010 at the General Wolfe Pub, Penrith, UK. The owner was reviewing security footage of the day before when he discovers what appears to be an apparition. The video shows a translucent figure changing shape and hovering over some seats, the next moment it flies fast out of view, almost like it's being sucked out a window. The pub has some background, it was once used by an undertaker and dead bodies were kept a floor above when it used to be a funeral parlour. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Portland Trailblazing UFO's (Portland, Oregon): 2010 Smart phone footage shot through the wind shield of a car after the person claims to see something whilst pulling out from her driveway. The video shows multiple lights in the sky, UFO's travelling at unbelievable speed making a series of acrobatic turns. The video ends as the lights fly away from view behind a tree line. Ultimately the team dismisses the footage due to the low resolution and an inconsistency. The light is clearly far away and behind the power lines seen close in the foreground yet for a few frames the light appears in front of them. This could clearly be a sign of post editing of the footage to include computer generated lights in the sky. Champ 2.0 (Lake Champlain, Vermont): A girl claims she shoots footage of Champ a locally famous serpentine lake monster. The footage shows what appears as humps breaching the surface of the water. Although Austin points out that we're seeing nothing but waves as after zooming in you can even see the white caps of waves on the supposed humps. The team moves on.

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: The team investigates security camera footage of an apparition, seemingly a floating girl in a dress from Belgrave Hall. PART 2: An claimed haunted morgue is looked into. After seeing a skeleton apparition photo & apparent poltergeist footage. OTHER CASES: Mississippi UFO video that looks like headlights in the sky. Also video of a levitating girl emerging from Russia is scrutinised. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Surveillance Specter (Leicester, UK): The team investigates security camera footage from Belgrave Hall, Leicester, England. The camera was apparently set to capture 1 frame per second but when an apparition appears it freezes for 5 seconds and as it starts again the apparition is gone. The building has a history of a wealthy family in 1845 moving in when shortly after their daughter dies there. It's also an alleged hotspot for activity like full bodied apparitions, disembodied footsteps and phantom cooking smells. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Morgue Mystery (Louisville, Kentucky): The team is drawn to an infamous paranormal hotspot, the Baxter Avenue Morgue after reviewing evidence from 2008-2010 by a team of paranormal investigators. The first of which is a photo of what looks to be a skeleton like apparition in a store room next to wooden crates. Although in the photo the lights are also streaking indicating it's likely camera motion blur from a low shutter speed for example. Next a video from 2009 shows a chair being slightly lifted then pushed over supposedly all by itself. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Mississippi UFO (Gulfport, Mississippi): Two lights are caught on film shimmering and hovering over water at a beach, the lights kind of look like headlights in the sky. Ultimately the team dismisses the footage due to there being no other witnesses and military bases nearby could indicate it's a military craft. Russian Levitating Girl (Tiaga, Russia): 2009 footage of a man playing out in a park with his dog as he runs into a girl with her mother. The video shows the girl levitating above the mother as the camera pans down into the ground and then back up to the girl who is now on the ground next to the mother who swiftly walk away. In the end it's deemed the footage to likely be fake. The point that the camera pans down is a good place for a hoaxer to make a cut in the video as they switch out a puppet for the real girl.

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: Impressive footage of the infamous Icelandic lake monster. Destination Truth's Josh Gates joins the investigation. PART 2: The team wants to crack the mystery of how Stone Henge was built in such an ancient era with only basic tools. By testing a recent theory from a carpenter. OTHER CASES: Photo's from ruins of an alleged ancient city in Hawaii. Also video of an apparition in a mental hospital is scrutinised. PART 1 OVERVIEW: Iceland Worm Monster (Lake Lagarfljót, Iceland): A local farmer living on the lake shore notices something in the lake through the window and immediately starts filming. The lake is famous locally for the lake monster with cases reported as far back as the thirteen hundreds. The footage shows a clearly defined image of what looks like a large snake like entity undulating through the surface of the water. Shot an estimated 300 feet away. As Josh Gates had previously done a Destination Truth show about this very case the team bring him on as a special guest. PART 2 OVERVIEW: Stonehenge Secrets (Wiltshire, UK): For the final case of the season the team wants to have a go at cracking some mysteries surrounding Stone Henge. For starters the mystery of how it was built in an era so ancient that it's unclear how any civilization around back then with only basic tools could even achieve it. For instance some of the outside stones weigh over 40 tonnes and had to be transported from over 100 miles away. Bill wants to test a recent theory from a retired carpenter in Michigan who thinks he's cracked it. OTHER VIDEOS: Shown & discussed by the team are as follows: Lost City (Big Island, Hawaii): A man combing woods in remote parts of the island came across what he claims was ruins from an ancient city. The team reviews photographic evidence of effigies carved into rock. The team is finding it hard to believe as Hawaii is already so well traversed. Also the fact that the witness claims he found the land owner who granted permission for photographs to be took but not for the location to be known didn't help this case. Norwalk Walker (Norwalk, CA): A maintenance worker at a mental hospital in Norwalk, California starts filming after claiming to hear disembodied voices, seeing shadows and a feeling of general creepiness. The video purportedly captures an apparition, a quite detailed translucent person walking out from a junction in a corridor. Although Ben points out that he's done some digging into the person that captured the footage who is also a hobbyist film maker who regularly posted videos online and concludes this is likely some composite image layered on top of the original footage. In other words a likely fake.