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Fashion War 2016

  • Ended
  • TVB
  • 2016-02-29T08:00:00+00:00
  • 45 mins
  • 15 hours, 0 mins
  • Drama

MODES fashion magazine editor-in-chief Ip Long (Moses Chan) is feared and hated by industry peers and colleagues because of his ruthless attitude. According to him, his opinion and decision is the only one that matters. With the power he welds he forces fashion companies to only exclusively advertise with MODES or else he will not feature them in the magazine. When fashion enthuses, blogger and dress maker Yannes Cheung (Sisley Choi), interviews and gets hired at MODES he has her disqualified for the position because of the counterfeit designer handbag she is carrying. Later he sees her talent when he notices the editor board she had rearranged during her interview but still refuses to hire her.

When rival fashion magazine GINA starts emerging as a heated competitor, Long decides to hire scandalized socialite Vincy Kei (Ali Lee) who was suggested to him earlier by MODES publisher executive Man, as head of the Advertising Department to bring publicity to MODES. Vincy a head strong women who doesn't like to be looked down upon however is not happy when Long has her portray herself to the public as a sad victim of her husband's abandonment.

Ip Long becomes scandal ridden when a photograph posted on Yannes's blog shows him with a counterfeit designer luggage. Vincy who sides with Man, use the scandal to turn employees at MODES against Long in order to oust him. When Yannes is sued by Long because of her blog posting she heads to MODES head office to personally apologize to him. Long refuses to accept her apology and tells her he will proceed with his lawsuit. However the lawsuit was a publicity stunt by Long to bring attention to Yannes who he had intentions of hiring after seeing her editorial board and her passion for the magazine.

Vincy and Man finds another opportunity for Long's downfall, when Long refuses to include newly signed advertisement accounts in the upcoming issue that Vincy got for MODES. Instead Long chooses to promote an untalented mainland designer in an multi page spotlight article. Man and Vincy sets up a broad of directors meeting and accuses Long of using the magazine to promote the untalented designer for his own personal gain. However Long explains his reasons to the board of directors letting them know that the untalented designer has a powerful sponsor that will help tap MODES into the Mainland market. Vincy and Man tries to downplay their accusation as an misunderstanding but Long sternly confronts Vincy and puts her in her place. Long comments further intensifies Vincy's hatred for him and she starts recruiting staff from the editorial department to betray Long. This ensues a power struggle between Long and Vincy at MODES.

1 season

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