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Fat Friends

Season 1 2000

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  • 2000-10-11T21:00:00-02:00 on ITV
  • 60 mins
  • 6 hours, 0 mins (6 episodes)
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Drama
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Fat Friends is an ITV drama (made by Tiger Aspect and Yorkshire Television), following a group of overweight people, their laughter and pain, and addresses the absurdities of dieting in our modern age. The drama looks at people and how they relate to one another and use body weight as an excuse for all sorts of failings in their relationships, or not living their lives to the full. A later sitcom, Gavin and Stacey used a very similar cast.

The premise of the programme is set around a slimming club in the Headingley district of Leeds. The club is run by the formidable Carol, who fruitlessly tries to get her attendees to follow the 'Super Slimmers' diet. The characters who attend the club are from varied backgrounds and of varied weight. Whilst there are plots ongoing throughout all four series, each episode focusses on one particular character.

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6 episodes

1x01 Love Me Slender

  • Series Premiere

    2000-10-11T21:00:00-02:00 — 60 mins

Kelly Simpson is determined to get in her two sizes two small wedding dress in time for her big day meanwhile at the slimming club her mum Betty has won through to the regional finals of Superslimmers 2000 even though her husband isn't that happy about her losing weight.

1x02 Fat Chance

  • 2000-10-18T21:00:00-02:00 — 60 mins

Alan Ashburn is losing weight for his 20th wedding anniversary celebrations but a romantic meal out with his wife ends in their relationship falling apart.

1x03 Fat Free

  • 2000-10-25T21:00:00-02:00 — 60 mins

Actress Lauren Harris has won herself a part in a soap she is convinced that losing five pounds would make her a better actress, she is also having problems with her mum who is convinced she is anorexic and her boyfriend Gareth whose nickname for her is pudding.

1x04 Growing Pains

  • 2000-11-01T22:00:00-02:00 — 60 mins

15 year old member of Superslimmers Jamie reveals the reasons for his depressed state - his mother is battling with depression and he is being teased at school, he eventually decides he can't cope with the pressure of it all and contemplates suicide.

1x05 Face The Fat

  • 2000-11-08T22:00:00-02:00 — 60 mins

Val prepares to launch her new magazine, but the quest for something trendy to wear and a call to an escort agency for a partner to attend the bash produce further revelations about the slimming world : and herself.

1x06 When The Fat Lady Sings

  • 2000-11-15T22:00:00-02:00 — 60 mins

As the weeks of preparation near fruition and the big day approaches, Kelly still has to survive her hen night and crucially : fit into her wedding dress. With only one daughter left at home, Betty and Douglas can finally relax : or perhaps not.

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