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Firefly: Season 1

1x11 Serenity

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The Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation is given each year for theatrical films, television episodes, or other dramatized works related to science fiction or fantasy released in the previous calendar year. This list contains winners and nominees, covering both Long- and Short-Form categories as well as retro Hugos, but (obviously) does not contain nominees who are not (or cannot be) listed on Trakt, including (but not limited to):

1939 (R): "The War of the Worlds" by the Mercury Theatre on the Air (radio play)
1939 (R): "Around the World in Eighty Days" by the Mercury Theatre on the Air (radio play)
1939 (R): "A Christmas Carol" by the Campbell Soup Playhouse (radio play)
1939 (R): "Dracula" by the Mercury Theatre on the Air (radio play)
1939 (R): R.U.R. (stage play)
1941 (R, SF): Adventures of Superman: "The Baby from Krypton" (radio play)
1960: "Murder and the Android", NBC Sunday Showcase Imissing from Trakt)
1970: News Coverage of Apollo 13
1971: "Blows Against the Empire" by Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship (album)
1971: "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers" by Firesign Theatre (comedy album)
1972: "I Think We're All Bozos on the Bus" by Firesign Theatre (comedy album)
1976: The Capture (graphic novel)
1978: Blood!: The Life & Future Times of Jack the Ripper (audiobook)
1979: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (radio play)
2004 (SF): "Gollum's Acceptance Speech", 2004 MTV Movie Awards
2006 (SF): Lucas Back in Anger (stage play)
2007 (SF): Prix Victor Hugo Awards Ceremony
2009 (LF): METAtropolis (multimedia stories)
2012 (SF): The Drink Tank's Hugo Acceptance Speech
2017 (SF): "Splendor & Misery" by clipping (album)

(R) is Retro Hugo
(SF) is Short Form


The correct order of Firefly episodes. As they were intended to be aired


All episodes I saw in 2016.


4,15 episodes per day
2,95 hours per day

Shows: 108
New episodes: 1484
Rewatched episodes: 36 (Person of Interest S1, 12 Monkeys S1)

Flash S1x11 - S3x09
Arrow S4 - S5x09
Vikings S3 - S4x15
The Americans S3 - S4
The Expanse S1x05 - S1
Hannibal S3x11- S3
Shannara Chronicles S1
The Last Kingdom S1
Mr Robot S1 - S2
The Leftovers S1 - S2
Shadowhunters S1x01
Doctor Who S9x07 - S9 + Christmas Special 2015 + Christmas Special 2016
Sherlock New Years Special 2016
Black Sails S1 - S3
And There Were None S1
Legends of Tomorrow S1 - S2x08
The 100 S3
Psycho Pass S1 - S2
The Walking Dead S6x09 - S7x08
11.22.63 S1
Better Call Saul S2
The Returned S2
Firefly S1
Agent Carter S1 - S2
Vixen S1 - S2
Master of None S1
Twilight Zone S1 - S1x18
House of Cards S4
Person of Interest S1 - S5
Agents of SHIELD S3x11 - S4x08
Young Justice S1 - S2
Underground S1
The Magicians S1
iZombie S2
Banshee S1 - S4
24 S9
Fear the Walkind Dead S1 - S2
Marvels Daredevil S2
Deutschland 83 S1
Humans S1 - S2
Rush Hour S1 - S1x03
Erased S1
The Lost Village S1 - S1x02
Re:Zero S1
Joker Game S1 - S1x04
Wynonna Earp S1 - S1x02
Orphan Black S4
12 Monkeys S1 - S2
Outlander S1 - S2x03
Ascension S1
Game of Thrones S6
Dead Set S1
The Driver S1
Love/Hate S1 - S2
Preacher S1
Roots S1
Cleverman S1
Outcast S1
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 S1
Terror in Resonance S1
The Man in the High Castle S1 - S2
Peaky Blinders S3
Marco Polo S2
Sense8 S1 - Christmas Special 2016
BrainDead S1
91 Days S1 - S1x02
Penny Dreadful S1 - S3
Serial Experiments Lain S1
Green Lantern TAS S1
The Night Of S1
Stranger Things S1
The Night Manager S1
Supergirl S1 - S2x08
Superman S1
Constantine S1
The Get Down S1
Power S1 - S3
The Tick S1x01
Ballers S1 - S2
Narcos S2
Atlanta S1
Quarry S1
Rick & Morty S1 - S2
Luther S1 - S4
Houdini S1
Black Jesus S1 - S2
The Exorcist S1
Queen Sugar S1
Marvels Luke Cage S1
Westworld S1
Timeless S1 - S1x10
Aftermatch S1 - S1x02
Lethal Weapon S1 - S1x09
Frequency S1 - S1x09
The Boondocks S1 - S4x05
Channel Zero S1
Falling Water S1 - S1x06
Black Mirror S3
Class S1
The Crown S1
Victoria S1
3% S1
Parasyte S1 - S1x13
Frontier S1
Dirk Gently's S1
The OA S1
Rome S1 - S1x05
Band of Brothers S1 - S1x06


This is a list of the best episodes from the television programs of Joss Whedon. (And no, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is not on this list.)


DVD Order
(the correct watch order)

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