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Fireman Sam

All Episodes 1996 - 2018

  • 2018-07-24T08:30:00+01:00s at 2018-07-24T08:30:00+01:00 on BBC Two
  • 1987-11-11T09:00:00+01:00
  • 10 mins
  • 1 day, 4 hours, 52 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Children
Fireman Sam is a Welsh animated children's television series about a fireman called Sam, his fellow firefighters, and other townspeople in the fictional Welsh town of Pontypandy. The original idea for the show came from two ex-firemen from Kent.

257 episodes

Fireman Sam In Action is a 1996 live-action stage play and a 62-minute film featuring three stories. The opening sequence of this film was filmed on location at Aldenham Country Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England and features children from Parkside School learning fire safety with Fireman Sam played by Gary Lucas. The show toured worldwide with Writer and Director, Charles Savage for 7 years along with a Postman Pat Musical. Episode 1: Fire Station Flood Alert Station Officer Steele (Ian Sinclair) fires Elvis (Mark Frederick) as the station cook. It gives Fireman Sam (Gary Lucas) an idea. He invents Pancake Prototype One and a robot called Bentley (Sarah Dyall) to be Elvis’ replacement, ("Gently, Bentley"). Whilst spring-cleaning, Elvis, exasperated with Bentley's constant whistling, decides to put his Elvis Presley cassette in the robot. He goes crazy and ends up breaking the stopcock causing a flood in the whole fire station. When it’s all sorted, they start to have what Bentley’s cooked, bangers and mash. It turns out that Bentley isn’t a good cook after all and everyone decides Elvis should be reinstated, ("Elvis Cooks The Lunch").

Fireman Sam In Action is a 1996 live-action stage play and a 62-minute film featuring three stories. The opening sequence of this film was filmed on location at Aldenham Country Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England and features children from Parkside School learning fire safety with Fireman Sam played by Gary Lucas. The show toured worldwide with Writer and Director, Charles Savage for 7 years along with a Postman Pat Musical. Episode 2: Dilys’ Attic Fire A few weeks later, the fire station crew start making a training film with Norman Price (Karen Briffett) as Trevor (Joe Vera)’s gopher. Production of the training film begins. Norman gets bored of being a gopher, so Penny suggests he play the victim in their staged rescue, along with Sam's niece and nephew Sarah (Emma Watt) and James (Kelly East). Later Dilys (Sarah Carleton) looks for treasure in the attic, after reading a magazine article, but the candle that is her torch sets fire in the house. When she’s getting rescued, she argues about not letting go of a valuable vase that she found and could be in danger of breaking and it ends up in Trevor’s hands. Dilys lavishly praises the fire brigade, but they say it's all in a day's work, ("By Jupiter, By Jupiter").

Fireman Sam In Action is a 1996 live-action stage play and a 62-minute film featuring three stories. The opening sequence of this film was filmed on location at Aldenham Country Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England and features children from Parkside School learning fire safety with Fireman Sam played by Gary Lucas. The show toured worldwide with Writer and Director, Charles Savage for 7 years along with a Postman Pat Musical. Episode 3: Pontypandy Fireworks Party On 5 November, the crew are preparing a bonfire for Bonfire Night, under the command of Station Officer Steele, ("The Person In Charge Is Station Officer Steel"). Norman is dressed as a tree and pinches Bella (Sarah Dyall) and Dilys’ bottoms. His plan is foiled by some railings which he ends up getting stuck in. After the crew rescue him from the railings, the whole village chastises him, ("Naughty Norman Price"). Norman introduces his pet hedgehog which he calls Brian. Brian scampers into the bonfire and Norman panics to get him out. The crew set up the guy and light the bonfire but Norman who is searching for Brian is in danger of being killed. After he’s rescued, it’s revealed that Brian was a girl hedgehog and has just had babies. Sam re-christens the hedgehog Bronwyn, but advises Norman to let the hedgehogs go back into their natural habitat. Trevor and Elvis light the bonfire, and the celebrations get underway, ("Remember, Remember The Fifth of November").

Special 4 Fireman Sam: On Stage

  • 2007-01-15T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Live stage show featuring the popular Welsh fireman. It's Fun Day in Pontypandy and there is so much to do. All seems to be going well until Fireman Sam is called out to a flood at Dilys' shop. Sam has to rescue Norman, help catch Woolly AND THEN extinguish a fire that threatens to ruin the Fun Day completely! Will the Fun Day ever happen?

Special 5 The Great Fire of Pontypandy

  • 2010-05-24T09:30:00+02:00 — 60 mins

Norman, Derek, Sarah, James, and Dilys go pioneering with Trevor Evans in the forest. Norman Price and his cousin, Derek, want a campfire to cook sausages and try to light a fire by rubbing sticks together. The trouble is, Dilys calls them away and the fire gets going without them realising it and the "Great Fire of PontyPandy" starts!

Special 6 Santa Overboard

  • 2008-11-18T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Meanwhile Norman Price convinces his mum to place an inflatable Santa Claus on the roof, but it's a windy day & the Santa flies off with Norman Price & Dilys Price chasing after it. An overloaded plug catches fire in their shop. Meanwhile Fireman Sam comes to the rescue.

Special 7 Norman's Halloween Heist

  • 2012-11-03T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman Price causes his usual havoc, this time at Halloween. Meanwhile Fireman Sam & Firefighter Penny Morris comes to the rescue.

Special 8 Holiday Heroes DVD

  • no air date — 10 mins

It's the holiday season and Fireman Sam's adventures are heating up! With jingle bells and fire alarms, Fireman Sam is well prepared for the season's best saves!

Sound the alarm! Fireman Sam and his heroic team are always prepared for rescues. Whether it's a flood in Pontypandy, dangerous shifting tides or trouble at sea for Norman and James there's no challenge too big for Fireman Sam! Join the squad and save the day with this collection of daring seaworthy rescues. Featuring 6 stories!

Special 13

  • no air date — 10 mins

Special 14

  • no air date — 10 mins

Special 15 Fireman Sam: Helicopter Heroes

  • 2011-09-05T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

It seems like everyone in Pontypandy is on a mission to cause mischief! Norman & James go on some troublesome adventures flying a model plane, while Elvis is getting ready to become the next singing sensation and Trevor and Tom take part in a barbeque cook-off. Who will cook the most delicious dish? Find out with Fireman Sam™ as he tries to keep up with the whole town!

Special 16 Fireman Sam: Help Is Here

  • 2009-08-01T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

See Fireman Sam in action in this collection of firefighting adventures! Join your pals, Fireman Sam, Norman, Mandy, and Radar as they make courageous rescues throughout the town of Pontypandy. Fireman Sam saves the supermarket on Fire Prevention Day, helps the rescue dogs find missing people, shares important safety tips, and makes a daring helicopter rescue in the midst of a forest fire.

Special 17 Fireman Sam: Brave New Rescues

  • 2011-07-01T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Fireman Sam and his friends work together to save the day when Mike's kitchen catches fire, Dilys gets stuck out at sea and Norman cries wolf.

Fireman Sam and his fearless crew are reporting for duty! The courageous team of heroes next door shows their cool demeanor in a variety of hot situations to save the day!

Special 19 Danger By The Double

  • no air date — 10 mins

Fireman Sam has double the challenge in his latest exciting adventures! James and Sarah are always competing with each other, but when a tree in the forest is hit by lightning, will they stop in time to realise the dangers in front of them? Fortunately for the troublesome twosome, the Hero Next Door is on hand, with a little help from Radar, to sniff out the twins and guide them back to safety. Episode List - Danger by the Double, When Fools Rush In, Pontypandy Extreme, Stuck in the Muck, Double Trouble and Model Plane.

Special 22 Snow Business

  • 1988-12-22T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It's Christmas Eve, and Pontypandy's got four inches of festive snow to keep the kids entertained. They're playing snowballs, and everyone around town is enjoying the cold snap, except for Dylis Price. She's not happy shovelling snow from her shop front and ducking the great hanging icicles above her head. She wonders why the Christmas tree isn't up in the park yet. Why, the Council have been a bit late this year. She suspects they couldn't afford one. Her comments give Fireman Sam a jolly idea...

Special 24 Heroes Of The Storm

  • 2015-09-13T09:30:00+02:00 — 60 mins

Fireman Sam and the team are on a mission to save Pontypandy! Just as the brand new fire station opens and two new recruits arrive, an approaching hurricane threatens the town. The crew jump into action!

Special 25

  • no air date — 10 mins

Special 26

  • no air date — 10 mins

Special 27

  • no air date — 10 mins

Special 28 Alien Alert

  • 2016-09-03T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Pontypandy is hit by a raft of UFO sightings and Fireman Sam is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. When Norman Price thinks he sees a flying saucer, not only does it kick off an exciting rescue for Fireman Sam but also brings the Buck Douglas Alien Quest TV show to Pontypandy. Soon everyone has gone Space Spotting mad and Alien hunting related emergencies are happening all over the place. Things don’t appear as they seem though but there’s one thing you can count on, that Fireman Sam is there to save the day!

Special 29 The Pontypandy Regatta

  • 2014-09-22T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Pontypandy is holding the annual Regatta boat race

Special 30 Alien Alert! The Movie

  • 2016-10-05T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

When Norman Price thinks he sees a flying saucer, not only does it kick off an exciting rescue for Fireman Sam but also brings the Buck Douglas Alien Quest TV show to Pontypandy. Soon everyone has gone Space Spotting mad and Alien hunting related emergencies are happening all over the place. Things don’t appear as they seem though but there’s one thing you can count on, that Fireman Sam is there to save the day!

1x01 Kite

  • Series Premiere

    1987-11-07T09:30:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Strong winds bring telegraph poles down and take Sarah and James' kite high up, but a little higher than they intended.

1x02 Barn Fire

  • 1987-11-19T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

On a very hot day, Sarah and James are picking potatoes for Bella. Sam wonders if he can help, but first he has to deal with a barn fire at Pandy Lane Farm.

1x03 Trevor's Training

  • 1987-11-24T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It's routine drill for Trevor on his first day in the fire service, until a message comes over the radio.

1x04 Flat Tyre

  • 1987-11-26T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

After going to a boot-sale, Trevor's tyre goes flat and invades Pontypandy and loads of delays, luckilly Fireman Sam goes to the rescue.

1x05 Camping

  • 1987-12-01T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

What have a frog and an oily rag got to do with camping? Sam, Sarah and James soon find out.

1x06 Norman's Tricky Day

  • 1987-12-03T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman is up to his old tricks as usual, but this time he plays one too many!

1x07 Lost Cat

  • 1987-12-08T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Saturdays are busy enough for Bella, without having to deal with chip pan fires and lost cats.

1x08 Telly Trouble

  • 1987-12-10T09:30:00+01:00 — 9 mins

TV stardom comes to Station Officer Steele and everyone in Pontypandy is tuning in.

2x01 Treasure Hunt

  • Season Premiere

    1988-09-01T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Sam introduces Sarah and James to his new metal detector, and they get hooked on looking for treasure. Unfortunately, they manage to burst a water pipe in the park while searching for Bella's keys! Meanwhile, Norman's game of 'Knights Of The Round Table' backfires when his saucepan helmet gets stuck on his head. Overall, it's a busy day for Sam and the crew...

2x02 Sam's Day Off

  • 1988-09-08T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Sam's popcorn machine is just the ticket for the cinemas, until it suffers from a touch of flumbustication!

2x03 Thief In Pontypandy

  • 1988-09-15T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Sam's mislaid his watch, Bella's necklace has disappeared and Dilys' earrings have gone missing! Can Sam solve the mystery?

2x04 Chemistry Set

  • 1988-09-22T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman's dream of making the pongiest stink bomb in the world backfires when Dilys walks into the laboratory.

2x05 Wishing Well

  • 1988-09-29T08:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Trevor organises a search party when Norman doesn't come back from picking strawberries.

2x06 Sam The Great Inventor

  • 1988-10-06T08:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Sam is all set to win the Best Inventor in Wales competition, until ...

2x07 Safe With Sam

  • 1988-12-19T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

There is a fireworks display being held to celebrate the anniverary of Pontypandy fire station opening. But there are many valuable lessons to be learned about safety.

2x08 Snow Business

  • 1988-12-22T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It's Christmas Eve, and Pontypandy's got four inches of festive snow to keep the kids entertained. They're playing snowballs, and everyone around town is enjoying the cold snap, except for Dylis Price. She's not happy shovelling snow from her shop front and ducking the great hanging icicles above her head. She wonders why the Christmas tree isn't up in the park yet. Why, the Council have been a bit late this year. She suspects they couldn't afford one. Her comments give Fireman Sam a jolly idea...

3x01 Dilys' Forgetful Day

  • Season Premiere

    1990-10-15T08:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When Dilys falls off the ladder, Norman's got a lot of explaining to do!

3x02 Spot Of Bother

  • 1990-10-22T08:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman's double bluff backfires when chicken pox hits Pontypandy.

3x03 Halloween

  • 1990-10-29T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It's Halloween in Pontypamdy and Penny is in for a surprise.

3x04 Norman's Pitfall

  • 1990-11-05T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Not far from an old disused mineshaft, Norman is fishing for chocolate cream eclairs.

3x05 Lost Ring

  • 1990-11-12T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Bella is very happy about the diamond ring she inherited, until it goes missing ...

3x06 All In A Good Cause

  • 1990-11-19T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Sam is dumbstruck when all the charity money they've raised for a good cause goes missing ...

3x07 Brass Band

  • 1990-11-26T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Only practice makes perfect, but the fire station band needs something quicker than that.

3x08 Lost In The Fog

  • 1990-12-03T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Penny becomes anxious when Sarah and James don't arrive for tea.

3x09 Bentley The Robot

  • 1990-12-10T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Sam's latest invention is almost superhuman, until it meets Norman Price ...

4x01 Home From Rome

  • Season Premiere

    1994-10-25T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Rosa stows away in Bella's shopping trolley, when she goes to Bingle's department store. But disaster strikes when a lift gets stuck, and it's up to the Pontypandy fire service to rescue Bella and her cat...

4x02 Rich And Famous

  • 1994-10-27T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Dilys wishes she were rich and famous, so goes off to do some treasure hunting in the attic. But she gets more than she bargained for when she knocks over a candle, setting the roof on fire...

4x03 Quarry Rescue

  • 1994-11-01T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

While Bella is making pizza's for Trevor to deliver James falls into an old quarry. Then Trevor gets his finger stuck in the brake fluid chamber.

4x04 Deep Trouble

  • 1994-11-03T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Sam has been sent to weed Penny's cottage garden. Why has Penny been called out to help?

4x05 Trevor's Bus Boot Sale

  • 1994-11-08T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Trevor is holding a 'Bus Boot Sale', but then gets trapped at the old dump while suffering from some fumes. After Norman rescues him Norman then gets a surprise from Trevor.

4x06 What Goes Up

  • 1994-11-10T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Trevor gets stuck in a balloon and soon its the fire service to the rescue

4x07 Steele Under Par

  • 1994-11-15T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When Steele is given a letter of retirement he decides to go golfing. But then his present gets in trouble in Trevor's shed which catches fire.

4x08 Disaster For Dinner

  • 1994-11-17T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

A fire drill practice is being held at Bella's Cafe, but first there's trouble at 3 Vale Road when Sam's robot catches fire.

5x01 Danger Falling Sheep

  • Season Premiere

    2005-04-04T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

When naughty Norman tries to conquer Pontypandy Mountain he finds himself stranded on a ledge with a fallen lamb.

5x02 The Big Freeze

  • 2005-04-05T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman raises everyone's temperature with the bed he builds for his pet lamb Woolly.

5x03 Twist of Fate

  • 2005-04-06T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Station Officer Steele takes Norman and Mandy Flood pot-holing, but he soon ends up in a tight spot.

5x04 A Real Live Wire

  • 2005-04-07T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Mandy thinks a squirrel will be a good pet, but its taste for electrical cables causes a fire.

5x05 Bug Eyed Boy From Venus

  • 2005-04-08T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

When Trevor Evans tells the children that there's no such thing as little green men from outer space, Norman is determined to prove him wrong.

5x06 Bathtime for Dusty

  • 2005-04-11T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Scruffy dog Dusty is chosen to be the fire station mascot, but first he must have a bath. Dusty is not keen on the idea, though.

5x07 Neighbourhood Watchout

  • 2005-04-12T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Mandy, Sarah and James decide to start a junior neighbourhood watch scheme, but get rather carried away.

5x08 Twitchers in Trouble

  • 2005-04-13T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Trevor is looking forward to his date with Dilys and decides to take her birdwatching. However, a fire at Trevor's birdwatching hide ensures that the date is hotter than planned.

5x09 Carnival of Junk

  • 2005-04-14T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

A rubbish tip proves to be a trap for the unwary James, but then the recycled rubbish becomes the centrepiece in a Caribbean-style carnival.

5x10 Mummy's Little Pumpkin

  • 2005-04-15T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Halloween is scarier than normal after Norman leaves his pumpkin lantern unattended.

5x11 Joker Soaker

  • 2005-04-18T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

To everyone's horror, Norman has a new toy - a ""Joker Soaker"" water pistol!

5x12 Fit For Nothing

  • 2005-04-19T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

The Fire-fighters are training hard to appear in the Wales Fittest Fire-fighters calendar. It's a competition to see who is the fittest.

5x13 Deep Water

  • 2005-04-20T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Mandy and Norman get into deep water when they go hunting for treasure.

5x14 Beast of Pontypandy

  • 2005-04-21T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

A black beast has appeared in Pontypandy and Woolly has disappeared...

5x15 Pizza Palaver

  • 2005-04-22T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Bella is as sick as a parrot when a bird's nest falls down the chimney and into her new oven.

5x16 Fun Run

  • 2005-04-25T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Today in Pontypandy, a fun run has been organised for charity. Unfortunately Norman's cheating ways put James and the other competitors in danger.

5x17 Trouble and Squeak

  • 2005-04-26T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman has taken the school mouse home to look after. Unsurprisingly, it escapes and causes havock when both Rosa and the mouse end up stuck in Bella's chimney.

5x18 King of the Jungle

  • 2005-04-27T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

The Tarzanesque jungle cry of naughty Norman Price raises the alarm when the twins get caught in a blazing haystack.

5x19 Norman's Invisible Friend

  • 2005-04-28T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman invents a fictitious friend to get double helpings of everything.

5x20 High Jinx

  • 2005-04-29T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman uses a power kite to help his with his deliveries.

5x21 The Case of the Liquorice Shoelaces

  • 2005-05-03T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Someone has been stealing shoelaces from Dilys's shop and the prime suspect is Naughty Norman. Surprisingly he isn't to blame and he sets out to prove his innocence.


  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 10 mins

6x02 Hot & Cold Running Sniffer Dog

  • 2008-11-12T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Mike doesn't believe that Radar is a rescue dog, but he is soon proved wrong after he falls and breaks his arm in the Whole Fish Cafe cellar.

6x03 Hearts on Fire

  • 2008-11-13T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Trevor take Dilys and Norman camping, but Dilys becomes panicked after hearing Norman's exaggerated stories.

6x04 Perilous Path

  • 2008-11-14T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman, Mandy, and Radar go to find a golden eagle, but Norman ignores the danger signs and gets trapped on a crumbling cliff.

6x05 The New Hero Next Door

  • 2008-11-17T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When Mandy gets a new video camera, the children decide to make an action movie.

6x06 Santa Overboard

  • 2008-11-18T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It is nearly Christmas in Pontypandy and Norman is keen to have the best Christmas decorations, which leads to Dilys putting too many into one plug socket, leading to a fire.

6x07 Best Foot Forward

  • 2008-11-19T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman goes mussel collecting with Charlie, Sarah, and James. He attempts to get the most mussels, but ends up getting his foot wedged between two rocks.

6x08 Baa Baa Baby

  • 2008-11-20T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When Norman finds a lamb whose bleat sounds like a baby crying, Sarah pushes it around in a pram so that people will think she is looking after a real baby. When she leaves her jacket on an electric heater, a fire starts with the lamb inside the house. Meanwhile, Station Officer Steele is determined to prove his fitness to the team by jogging constantly.

6x09 Mother's Little Helper

  • 2008-11-21T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Helen goes away on a course, leaving Mike to do all of the housework. When he leaves the iron on whilst he goes out to fix Dilys' washing machine, a fire starts.

6x10 Cat Magic

  • 2008-11-24T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Bronwyn's cat Lion follows her, Sarah and James to the wishing well, and Bronwyn wishes he wouldn't chase birds. When they get home, they realise Lion is missing.

6x11 Seeing Red

  • 2008-11-25T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Bronwyn takes Sarah and Nipper the dog out on a walk along the cliffs to tire out Nipper, but trouble strikes when Sarah falls on a rock and hurts her leg.

6x12 Going Out with a Bang

  • 2008-11-26T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

After finding some old fireworks in the shed, Mike sets up a fireworks display.

6x13 The Wrong Smell

  • 2008-11-27T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Helen and Penny go on a mountain hike, until the fog rolls in and Penny twists her ankle.

6x14 No Nurse Like You

  • 2008-11-28T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Mike wants to treat Helen to a memorable wedding anniversary, however a power outage threatens to ruin his plans.

6x15 The One That Got Away

  • 2008-12-01T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman goes fishing with Charlie, Sarah and James. They discover a baby whale heading for the beach and try to stop it, but land themselves into trouble when Norman makes the boat crash into the whale.

6x16 Dinosaur Hunt

  • 2008-12-02T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman and Trevor discover an ammonite on the beach which inspires Norman to create the illusion of real dinosaurs for James and Sarah. James chases the sound of Norman's "dinosaur growls" into a beach cave where both boys become stranded by the rising tide. Meanwhile, Sarah is stranded on a rock. Sam & Penny comes to their rescue.

6x17 Floating Cart

  • 2008-12-03T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman builds a go-cart with items he's collected from around Pontypandy. Some of these items are collected without permission, thus causing problems for others. He loses control of the cart on its maiden voyage and falls off the quay. Fireman Sam comes to his rescue.

6x18 Sticky Situation

  • 2008-12-04T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

The glue from one of Norman's birthday presents leaves him with sticky fingers and in danger.

6x19 Cry Wolf

  • 2008-12-05T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman accidentally sets off Dilys' new fire alarm, so she confiscates his football. To get it back, he sets the alarm off again, and again when a fox enters the shop.

6x20 Sheep on the Road

  • 2008-12-08T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Woolly is sent to stay with Norman, who is ill, whilst Mike mends her field's gate. Unfortunately, Norman and Woolly go out, resulting in Trevor's bus swerving off the road and dangling over the edge of the cliff.

6x21 Mam's Day

  • 2008-12-09T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It's Mother's Day and Norman wants to go skateboarding. He makes Dilys a very unsafe candle holder and when she takes it to the Whole Fish Cafe, a fire starts.

6x22 Alarm on the Beach

  • 2008-12-10T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When James and Mandy find a crate on the beach, they try to open it, but end up trapping James' legs under the crate.

6x23 Hot Air

  • 2008-12-11T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It's a very hot day in Pontypandy and Trevor refuses to accept that his old bus may not make it up the mountain. When the engine overheats, Trevor ignores Norman's advice, opens the bonnet, and starts a fire.

6x24 Towering Inferno

  • 2008-12-12T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman and Mandy decide to find out which of them is the best hider in Pontypandy.

6x25 Danger by the Double

  • 2008-12-15T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

James and Sarah will not stop competing. When a fire starts in the forest they are too busy trying to out do each other to realize they are in danger.

6x26 When Fools Rush In

  • 2008-12-16T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

James wants to get Bronwyn something special for her birthday, so he borrows Station Officer Steele's metal detector to find ancient coins, but he ignores Steele's advice and gets trapped by rocks near the cliffs.

6x27 Paper Plane Down

  • 2008-11-11T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman's paper airplanes really heat things up at the fire station.


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins

6x34 Flood's Flood

  • 2008-02-20T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

As preparations are made for a Pontypandy Karaoke night, Sam and the other firefighters prepare for a drill. Mike Flood works on repairs for Bronwyn but he gets trapped in the Jones' basement, after he accidentally jams the door and causing a small leak to turn into a flood. Fireman Sam comes to the rescue.


  • no air date — 10 mins

6x36 Norman's Halloween Heist

  • 2012-11-03T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman Price causes havoc on Halloween, when he tries to collect more sweets than the other children.


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins


  • no air date — 10 mins

7x01 Pirates of Pontypandy

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 10 mins

During a pirates picnic, Norman and James fall asleep and drift away when they go out in a rowboat.

Trevor takes the children on a nature walk to the Mountain Rescue centre. A zip wire has been set up for them, and when Trevor goes on it, he gets stuck.

Norman and Trevor go bird watching. Elvis is preparing to go on a TV show and says he might not be a fireman for much longer. However he decides to help when the forest catches fire.

7x05 Sailor Steele

  • no air date — 10 mins

Station Officer Steele is invited to go fishing with Charlie.

7x07 Norman's Ark

  • no air date — 10 mins

When Pontypandy is flooded by a high tide, Norman goes out of his way to save Woolly and her lamb.

7x08 Three Legged Race

  • no air date — 10 mins

It's the annual three legged race in Pontypandy, and Sam is partnered with the less-than-confident Dilys.

7x10 Open Day

  • no air date — 10 mins

Elvis breaks his leg and wonders if he is cut out to be a fireman. Station Officer Steele is back on the job and leads the team to rescue Mike Flood who has slipped and is dangling from the roof. Unfortunately, Steele gets into trouble himself when Norman gets his head stuck in the railings and only Elvis is available to help.

7x31 Off Duty Sam

  • no air date — 10 mins

Once his shift is over, Sam can't wait to get home and do his chores. But that'll have to wait when one thing leads to another at Dilys' shop.

7x45 Poorly Penny

  • no air date — 10 mins

While Sam is enjoying his day off, Penny comes down with a cold, yet still tries to do her duty when the Jones family land themselves in trouble.

7x49 Stranded

  • no air date — 10 mins

Norman and Mandy discover a baby whale stranded on the beach. Sam, Penny, and Tom Thomas save the day!

7x50 When Fools Rush In

  • no air date — 10 mins

James wants to get Bronwyn something special for her birthday, so he borrows Station Officer Steele's metal detector to find ancient coins, but he ignores Steele's advice and gets trapped by rocks near the cliffs.

7x51 Blow Me Down

  • no air date — 10 mins

Norman thinks he is a great sailor and takes Dilys out for a sail. Mandy, James, and Sarah are flying Station Officer Steele's new kite and when it's Steele's turn, the kite ends up on the roof of the Floods' house.

8x01 Bronwyn's Millionth Customer

  • Season Premiere

    2012-11-19T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When Sarah and James discover that the Wholefish Café is about to have its one millionth customer, they convince Bronwyn that there should be a big celebration to mark the event.

8x02 Jupiter on the Loose

  • 2012-11-20T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When the Pontypandy Pioneers go to the fire station to complete their fire safety badge, Norman wants to prove to Derek that he can drive a fire engine.

8x03 Boyce will be Boyce

  • 2012-11-21T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Station Officer Steele fills in when Boyce hurts his back.

8x04 Elvis In Concert

  • 2012-11-22T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Pontypandy is holding a Charity Concert and Elvis is to be the star act.

8x05 Mandy At Sea

  • 2012-11-23T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Mandy wants to be a round-the-world yachtsman.

8x06 The Great Guinea Pig Rescue

  • 2012-11-26T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Sarah and James's new pet guinea pig escapes.

8x07 Water Tower Inferno

  • 2012-11-27T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It’s a big day in Pontypandy, Gareth is opening the Pontypandy mountain railway line and station; he has refurbished the old engine, The Pontypandy Flyer, to take people up and down the mountain.

8x08 Mandy's Mountain

  • 2012-11-28T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When Mandy reads Moose Roberts’ book about his mountain climbing adventures, she decides that she wants to be a mountain climber when she grows up – and climb the highest mountain in the world!

8x09 Runaway Train

  • 2012-11-29T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When Bronwyn gives Gareth a sausage sandwich for his lunch, she has no idea the lengths Nipper the dog will go to for a bite!

8x10 The Pontypandyness Monster

  • 2012-11-30T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Sarah makes up a story about a monster to get more customers on her Grandad's railway.

8x11 Disastrous Dilys

  • 2012-12-03T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman isn't the only naughty member of the Price family....

8x12 Charlie's Big Catch

  • 2012-12-04T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Charlie takes the schoolchildren on a fishing trip and catches the biggest shoal of fish ever.

8x13 Bessie to the Rescue

  • 2012-12-05T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Station Officer Steele discovers his old fire engine, Bessie.

8x14 King of the Mountain

  • 2012-12-06T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Tom and Moose take the Pontypandy Pioneers on a mountain climbing expedition.

8x15 Lighthouse Lock Out

  • 2012-12-07T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman spoils everyone's trip to the lighthouse by locking them all out on the balcony in a bid to avoid cleaning Mike's muddy van

8x16 Girls Night In

  • 2012-12-10T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Mandy offers to babysit Lily when Helen Flood invites Mrs Chen and Penny over for a girls' night in, but things take a dangerous turn when some curling tongs start a fire

8x17 Wheel of Fire

  • 2012-12-11T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Charlie is so busy correcting Gareth's haphazard preparations for the firework display that he misses a Catherine wheel nailed too tightly to the door of Bessie's shed.

8x18 To Outfox a Fox

  • 2012-12-12T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When Tom and Moose volunteer to help Mandy and Norman spot a fox, the animal scampers off with Moose's hat

8x19 Lily Lost and Found

  • 2012-12-13T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

The friends go to the beach for a picnic but Lily needs help when she gets stranded on a sandbank

8x20 Sky Lanterns

  • 2012-12-14T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Mr Chen's class make sky lanterns for Chinese New Year, but Norman creates a disaster when he lets go of his too early

8x21 The Big Chill

  • 2012-12-18T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

When the power goes out at the fire station, Sam has trouble lighting a fire.

8x22 The Pontypandy Polar Bear

  • 2012-12-19T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Huge footprints in the snow convince Sarah that there's a polar bear in the area. But she and James get into difficulties when they try to photograph it for a local newspaper competition.

8x23 Ice Cold in Pontypandy

  • 2012-12-20T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Trevor's bus gets stranded on thin ice.

8x24 Snowball of Doom

  • 2012-12-21T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Mike gets hit by a runaway snowball.

8x25 Floodlights

  • 2012-12-24T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Christmas is coming and there is to be a competition for the best Christmas lights in Pontypandy.

9x01 All At Sea

  • Season Premiere

    2014-10-01T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

It's the day of Pontypandy's new Ocean Rescue Centre launch and Station Officer Steele is taking the firefighters on a tour of the centre. As they arrive on the quay, so does the new coastguard, Ben Hooper.

9x02 Battle Of The Birthdays

  • 2014-10-02T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

As twins Sarah and James can never agree on what kind of birthday party to have, Bronwyn has decided that this year they will have two parties. James' will be a science party and Sarah's will be a football party.

9x03 Wild Cheese Chase

  • 2014-10-03T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

It's the annual Pontypandy Cheese Roll Challenge (a race down a hill chasing a giant circular cheese) and Norman really wants the prize - the giant cheese! He sets out to win, but is it too late to enter the competition?

9x04 On Thin Ice

  • 2014-11-03T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

It's a snowy day in Pontypandy when Moose announces he is opening his 'Winter Wonderland'. Norman, Sarah and James are very excited but unfortunately when they arrive there, they find that it's all about igloo building.

9x05 Magic Norman

  • 2014-10-06T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

When Norman Price decides to put on a magic show at the Floods' house, he wants it to be the most 'spec-tac-ular' magic show ever! But as he sets up, he realises he is going to need lots of effects for the show.

9x06 Escape From Pontypandy Island

  • 2014-10-07T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

When the Pontypandy Pioneers go on a day trip with Trevor to Pontypandy Island, Norman, Mandy, James and Sarah are all desperate to prove that they will be the best explorers.

9x07 Troubled Waters

  • 2014-10-08T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Station Officer Steele takes the day off. Sam assures him that the filing will be done and tells him that he should relax and enjoy himself! Steele then sets off only to find that Sarah and James are having a fun day out.

9x08 The Best Sleepover Ever

  • 2014-10-09T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman, Mandy, Sarah and James are having a sleepover at Mandy's house. But when Dilys accidentally packs his Cuddly Sheep Pyjamas instead of his Army Bob Pyjamas he has to hide them.

9x09 Whale Watch

  • 2014-10-10T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

When Bronwyn decides she needs to record some relaxing whalesong, Charlie offers to take her out on the skiff to find a whale. Ben turns up and Bronwyn suggests that as he knows so much about whales, he should come along too.

9x10 Up, Up And Away

  • 2014-10-13T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Whilst doing some kite flying with the other kids, Mandy is inspired to want to fly over Pontypandy Mountain. Hannah tells her that her dad, Joe, has just the thing...which turns out to be a hot air balloon!

9x11 Lights, Camera, Avalanche!

  • 2014-10-14T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

It's snowy and Norman is directing his very first movie up in the mountains, starring Mandy and Sarah. Sam and Elvis are also up in the mountains, on their way to a skiing lesson with Penny.

9x12 The Pontypandy Cup

  • 2014-10-15T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

When Joe and Mike discover that Norman is entering Pontypandy's big go-kart race, The Pontypandy Cup, they get very nostalgic about the go-karts they made when they were kids.

9x13 Treehouse Trouble

  • 2014-10-16T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

The Pontypandy Pioneers are working towards their construction badges and what better way to do it than to build a treehouse under the supervision of Mike Flood! Norman is desperate to be the first one into the treehouse.

9x14 Record Breakers

  • 2014-10-17T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman is trying to break a world record, when Derek challenges him to see who can break a record first.

9x15 Pontypandy Heatwave

  • 2014-10-20T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

It's been hot in Pontypandy, and Joe wants to try out his solar powered BBQ

9x16 Norman's Big Fossil Adventure

  • 2014-10-21T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

The Pontypandy Pioneers are going fossil hunting, and Norman has collected a lot of fossils, but how will he get them home?

9x17 Turtle Hunt

  • 2014-10-22T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Ben is tracking a turtle, and Mandy wants to get to the harbour in time to see it.

9x18 The Treasure Trap

  • 2014-10-23T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman and James are looking for treasure in the sea caves when bad weather comes in.

9x19 Rocky Rescue

  • 2014-10-24T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Moose is leading a rock spotting tour on Pontypandy Mountain. Sarah and Lily get separated from the group while feeding a lamb.

9x20 Pest in Show

  • 2014-10-27T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

The quay is abuzz with activity as contestants prepare for the Pontypandy Pet Show, hosted by Tom Thomas and judged by Station Officer Steele.

9x21 Hide and Seek

  • 2014-10-28T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman claims to be the best hider in Pontypandy, and has bet all his sausages the other children can't find him.

9x22 One Way Street

  • 2014-10-29T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

The ladies of Pontypandy are going to see their favourite band, but can Trevor's bus get them there safely?

9x23 Stage Fright

  • 2014-10-30T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Mrs Chen is putting on a show for the people of Pontypandy, and Norman and Hannah are tasked with decorating the props.

9x24 Garden Force

  • 2014-10-31T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Mandy wants to surprise her mum by freshening up the garden, and enlists the help of some friends.

9x25 The Return of Norman-Man

  • 2014-12-26T09:30:00+01:00 — 23 mins

Norman is playing Superheroes with James - Norman is Norman-Man and James is his sidekick Atomic Boy. Suddenly Lion the cat floats off in a boat and James and Norman find they have a real rescue on their hands.

9x26 The Return of Norman-Man

  • 2014-12-26T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman is playing Superheroes with James - Norman is Norman-Man and James is his sidekick Atomic Boy. Suddenly Lion the cat floats off in a boat and James and Norman find they have a real rescue on their hands.

10x01 Runaway Horse

  • Season Premiere

    2016-08-20T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Sam, Elvis, Arnold and Penny are on their way to rescue Lizzie Sparkes from the Veterinary Clinics roof only to find that it's Woolly that needs rescuing. Meanwhile, James, Sarah, Norman and Mandy are having a race to the hills and Norman is not happy that James and Sarah are ahead of them. Back at the Veterinary clinic, Arnold is attempting to get Woolly to come to him and Sam advises him to talk to Woolly calmly, but in the end it's Arnold who manages to fall onto the safety pad below and Sam ends up rescuing Woolly. Norman, angry that Sarah and James are winning, suggests riding a horse to win, but Mandy does not like this idea. Suddenly, the horse speeds off and ends up getting stuck in some mud. Sam, Arnold and Ellie respond to the rescue call along with their new multi purpose 4x4 Phoenix. Once they arrive Sam and Arnold change into their animal rescue gear and rescue Norman and the Horse from the mud, with Arnold keeping the horse calm. Later as Norman rants about not winning the race, Sam advises Arnold that there is someone else who needs calming down as well.

10x02 Sam's Birthday

  • 2016-08-20T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

While trying to get Sam's birthday organised, Sam's present goes out of control and James, Hannah and Dilys fall into the quay.

10x03 Castles and Kings

  • 2016-08-22T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Mandy, Norman and the Twins play castles and kings and Norman wanted to build a fire breathing dragon, but the dragon catches fire and later crashes into Bessie's shed which causes the fire to spread on the back of the shed.

10x04 Pizza Pandemonium

  • 2016-08-23T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

James makes Sam, Sarah and Hannah a Pizza which was one of Bella Lasagne's recipes. Since Hannah never knew who she was, Bronwyn told her that she had her own Café once in Pontypandy (still seen opposite from Dilys shop) and had since moved to Newtown. Gareth turns up at the Wholefish Café asking for help with food at a party down at the railway station and James volunteers to help. At the Ocean Rescue Centre, Arnold and Ellie are proceeding with their fire service training by changing into their ocean rescue uniforms as quickly as possible. However, Elvis manages to get the zip on his life jacket stuck. At the Cafe, James, Sarah and Hannah have made lots of pizzas but are struggling to fit them in the oven so Sarah suggests cooking them in the oven upstairs and cooking some at Hannah's house. Back at the fire station, Arnold and Ellie are now changing into their animal rescue uniforms whilst Station Officer Steele is trying to get the Ocean rescue uniform off Elvis. After that Elvis quickly changes into the Animal rescue uniform and gets that stuck too. Sarah James and Hannah arrive back at the Cafe only to find that it's on fire. Station Officer Steele sends Sam, Penny, Arnold and Ellie to fight the fires whilst Elvis gets out of his uniform. Once the fires are out, Hannah forgets that there's pizza's in the oven at her house and worries that they could be on fire too, so a late Elvis rushes there on Mercury and puts out the last fire. With the pizza's all burnt, there's no food left, so Sam fetches 2 surprises: 1. Fresh pizzas and 2. The return of Bella Lasagne who everyone is surprised to see.

10x05 Dog Day Disaster

  • 2016-08-24T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman tries to show Dilys how good he is with Aunty Phily's pet dog.

10x06 Bus Trouble

  • 2016-08-25T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Whilst on the way to the ruins, Trevor's bus brakes down and tries fixing it but he disconnects the brakes and when Mrs Chen helps out she ends up driving the bus out of control.

10x07 Spy Games

  • 2016-08-26T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman is making a spy movie. However he makes James do all the stunts which puts him in danger including getting trapped in a garage fire.

10x09 The Great Party Panic

  • 2016-08-27T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Sarah and James organise a spooky party at the Whole Fish Cafe for their friends. However when the party's centre piece is revealed it causes a fire, trapping the kids in the cafe.

10x10 The Break-Up

  • 2016-08-29T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Elvis and Mike break up their band to form solo acts and when Mike's guitar machine falls apart during a show, it causes a fire.

10x11 Fiery Football

  • 2016-08-30T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

It's a big day at Pontypandy park. The fire crew is about to have a football game with some of the Pontypandy citizens. Norman wants to watch the game, but Dilys promised Bella Lasagne that Norman would serve pizzas cooked and made by Bella, but when he accidentally takes a pizza out of the oven, hot bits of charcoal come out too causing a pizza box to catch fire. Norman later sets a hill on fire when he throws the blazing pizza box on the ground.

10x13 Shape Up and Shine

  • 2016-09-01T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

While Sam helps Trevor teach the Pontypandy Pioneers about woodland fire safety, Chief Fire Officer Boyce tries to put the other firefighters through a faulty exercise routine he planned. When they get injured as a result, only he, Sam and Station Officer Steele are left to deal with a woodland fire.

10x14 Space Train

  • 2016-09-02T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Gareth is taking Mrs Chen and the children up to the mountains to see the northen lights, however his cardboard box space helmet causes mishap by setting the train on fire and driving off without him.

10x16 Castles in the Air

  • 2016-09-04T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Mike inflats a bouncy castle on the beach and Norman wants to play on it, but Mike tells him it needs to be secured first. But when Norman ignores him, He and Mandy end up floating out to sea

10x17 Ice Hockey Meltdown

  • 2016-09-05T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Mike organises an ice rink at his house so the children can play hockey since its a snowy day in Pontypandy. However, he dosen't secure the floodlights when comes to night time and they all topple over and cause a fire.

10x18 Float Your Boat

  • 2016-09-06T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Tom, Charlie and the Twins spend the day at the beach. But when Tom takes a rest on his dingy he finds out that he's been washed out to sea when he wakes up.

10x19 Froggy Fantasy

  • 2016-09-07T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Bronwyn organises the Froggy Fantasy play at the pool and James, Sarah, Norman and Mandy are performing, dressed up as frogs. Norman is jealous that James is the star of the show and decides to lock him in his changing room by gluing the door shut. but during the play, Norman knocks an umbrella into Trevor's BBQ and starts a big fire which reaches the changing rooms where James is trapped. Sam must fight the fire and rescue James. Luckily Tom helps him out by using the water from the pool. As a severe punishment Norman must now regularly attend fire safety lessons with Penny

10x20 Dashing Through The Snow

  • 2016-09-08T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Is Christmas in Pontypandy and Gareth takes the children to the Mountains for a Christmas surprise, Mrs. Chen tells Sam that the tree dilys ordered for the town hasn't arrived but Elvis promises her that Sam will find one, but the local radio has reported that a snow storm is heading their way and Gareth and the children are in trouble

10x21 Big Top Norman

  • 2016-09-09T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman loudly trumpets his latest venture - "a big top circus" in the park, which he promises will be "the greatest show on earth

10x22 Paddle On

  • 2016-09-10T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Ben and Hannah are on an ocean paddle expedition together to the Northern Buoy and back

10x23 Day Of The Penguin

  • 2016-09-11T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

When a penguin escapes from Newtown Zoo Elvis really hopes he will see it. But it's Norman and Mandy who meet the penguin first, waddling across the beach!

10x24 Pontypandy In The Park

  • 2016-09-12T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

The residents of Pontypandy have gathered in Pontypandy Park for the annual town festival.


  • no air date — 10 mins

11x01 Norman Man Vs Firedog

  • Season Premiere

    2018-02-10T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Norman Man and Atomic Boy are quick to test out their new-found powers when Joe's robotic dog goes on the rampage, causing Sam's dream of a fire free month to goes up in flames.

11x02 Cadet Castrophe

  • no air date — 10 mins

Ellie takes the Junior Cadets into the woods for a training day, but when a small mishap causes a gas canister explosion, Fireman Sam must get things under control with strength.

11x04 Wally Wizzo

  • no air date — 10 mins

There’s catastrophe in the Mountain Rescue Center & Norman wants to be an online sensation as Wizard Wally Wizzo, but his stunts cause more problems.

11x05 The Prince In Pontypandy

  • 2017-11-18T09:30:00+01:00 — 10 mins

Pontypandy is a buzz with excitement when a royal prince comes to visit and the Pontypandy Fire Service are given the responsibility of organizing the event but when Tom falls down a ravine an unexpected individual comes to his rescue.

11x06 The Why Files

  • no air date — 10 mins

Norman and Hannah set themselves up as The Why Files - investigators of the mysterious mysteries of Pontypandy and one of their first cases involves strange goings on near the cliffs.

11x07 Pontypandy Slickers

  • 2018-05-01T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Moose takes the children of Pontypandy on a Wild West adventure and Mandy has some horse riding lesson but ends up in trouble when she and the horse fall on a rocky ledge.

11x09 Wrong Turn Dilys

  • 2018-05-03T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

The Cadets are up at the mountain activity center so they can have a ride in Wallaby 2 and Norman is running late and Dilys tries to get him there but end up stuck in a tree after driving too fast.

11x10 Night of the Norman

  • 2018-05-04T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Norman watches a scary zombie movie and believes that James, Hannah and Mandy are zombies. He tries to get help with a flare, but sets it off inside the Flood’s house and starts a fire.

11x11 Alien Bug Hunt

  • 2018-05-07T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

The kids become obsessed with a new internet craze, and attempt to be the first to complete it in Pontypandy.

11x12 Blast From the Past

  • 2018-05-08T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Station Officer Steele is directing a movie about his childhood and Norman wants to be the star of the show. But gets annoyed when the spotlight isn’t on him and causes a huge fire.

11x13 James and the Giant Pumpkin

  • 2018-05-09T09:30:00+02:00 — 10 mins

Pontypandy is holding a vegetable competition and the kids try to get there with their giant pumpkin, but trouble is caused when James and the pumpkin end up on a runaway go kart!