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  • 1977-03-06T05:00:00+00:00
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  • Animation

Force Five was not a single television show, but a syndicated series that showcased five different anime programs once a week, dubbed into English for an American audience. Danguard Ace was an Americanized version of Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace and only some episodes were included in the American release.

Danguard Ace ("Planetary Robot") centered around Earth's discovery of a new planet called Promete. Earth had become ravaged and almost uninhabitable due to overpopulation and a lack of natural resources, so a ship was sent to the remote outreaches of the solar system to explore the unspoiled Promete, which shared similarities with Earth's environment.

Unfortunately, the evil scientist Komisar Krell also discovered Promete, and he planned to move his own people onto the planet. After Krell attacked the first Earth ship journeying to Promete, the Earthlings built Danguard Ace to protect them from future assaults.

Danguard Ace had some parallels to the sci-fi classic Star Wars, focusing on a conflict between the good son and bad father. The hero of the story, Lieutenant Winstar, was the son of a great pilot whom he believed was dead. But in fact, Winstar's father was a prisoner of the evil Krell, who controlled the pilot's mind through a mask. Like Darth Vader, Winstar's father hid his true identity, taking instead the pseudonym Captain Mask.

26 episodes

1x01 The Masked Man: Captain Dan

  • Series Premiere

    1977-03-06T05:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

The myterious masked man, Mr. X, is an extraordinary pilot who has managed to escape the Doppler Corps. He is brought in by Dr. Oedo (Cmdr. Cross) to train 3 young pilots for the Danguard Ace after defeating Mecha-Satan "Robotras". He is now known as "Captain Dan." (a.k.a. Captain Mask)

1x02 Down from Mach 2

  • 1977-03-13T05:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

The rigorous training by Captain Dan is enough to make the most promising pilot take up basket weaving. However, Takuma vows to someday pilot the Danguard Ace in spite of the brutal training. Especially after Captain Dan backs up what he preaches from his own flight training methods by single handedly taking out Mecha-Satan "Hell Sparrow" using conventional weapons considered obsolete by the cadets.

1x03 Calling Captain Mask

  • 1977-03-20T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Captain Dan is needed again... This time, to fight off Mecha-Satan "Death Tanker." When the unthinkable happens and he gets in trouble, Takuma goes against grounding orders and saves his life. Captain Dan was pleased with the end result but not the means. Takuma feels that Captain Dan has a special grudge against him. Is Takuma right in his assumption?

1x04 The T Formation

  • 1977-03-27T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Kanaya (Marcus) suffers a career-ending injury as he (already injured) stows away aboard Satelizer. There is a defect in the Satelizer and Sky Arrow's ability to do the "T" Formation. Kanetani finds a way to use the Mecha-Satan "Galagas'" weapon to correct the problem. Unfortunatly, this was his last Satelizer flight as this manuever further injured him... As Kanaya sets sail and leaves Jasdam along with his dreams of being a Danguard pilot, a teary-eyed Takuma flys Satelizer over the ferryboat droping off a bouquet of flowers bidding his friend Kanaya farewell... (hence the episode title name)

1x05 Captain Mask Remembers

  • 1977-04-03T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Captain Dan is given an ultimatum by the Doppler Corps. as they lure him to an island with his masked friends held hostage. The hostages turn out to be fakes and highly explosive ones at that! Captain Dan is believed to have perished in the explosion until he shows up at Dr. Oedo's office (at the end of the episode) with a full recollection of his past and identity. He is also able to remove his mask! Who is he?

1x06 Mission One Remembered

  • 1977-04-10T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Captain Dan has now been revealed as the long lost Dantetsu Ichimonji (Col. Blackstar)! Colonel Ichimonji swears Dr. Oedo to secrecy about his true identity as Takuma has enough trouble focusing on his pilot training and the fact that the press would have a field day with Ichimonji's sudden return. So, he continues to wear the mask (now safe of Doppler's control). Now that Col. Ichimonji knows Takuma is his son, this does not change the rigorous flight training. In fact, it becomes all the more intense! Col. Ichimonji will not reveal himself to his son until he becomes a man.

1x07 Practice Makes Perfect

  • no air date — 30 mins

Takuma has let his past success go to his head as he tries to leave the base for some goofing off. Captain Dan is getting disappointed at his concetedness and puts Takuma trough some real rigorous simulator training. The skill sharpening training pays though as Mecha-Satan "Gil Dozer" really tests Takuma's sense of battle...

1x08 Splashdown from the Past

  • no air date — 30 mins

A space capsule labeled "Promete" splashes down nearby. Captain Dan and Takuma set out in the Satelizer and Sky Arrow to retrieve any data this capsule is carrying on the Promete Project. Unfortunatly, Doppler also detected the capsule's splashdown and sends two Mecha-Satans (Missilus and King Diver) to make sure Jasdam doesn't succeed in retrieving the data. Will Takuma be up for this very challenging mission?

1x09 Captain Mask at Risk

  • no air date — 30 mins

Takuma fails an important mission as he let's his individual success go to head when he defeats Mecha-Satan "Marzon." Captain Dan crash lands the Sky Arrow and almost accidently reveals his idenity to his son. Doppler forces succeed in kidnapping more scientists for development of more Mecha-Satans and Doppler's new flagship bound for Promete! Takuma learns a painful lesson, by satifying his personal victory over the Mecha-Satan he failed the mission by not being able to save the scientists that are now in Doppler's clutches...

1x10 Circuts Saves the Day

  • no air date — 30 mins

Takuma must stay behind as he is constantly on call in case of a Doppler Corps. attack. So Lisa, Myo-chan, and Tamaga go for alittle R&R on an island trip. Their fun is ruined by Mecha-Satan "Hell Buster." All communications from the isle are out and they are forced to use Tamaga as radio for an SOS!

1x12 Friendship on Ice

  • no air date — 30 mins

A Dr. Wyde has discovered an ore (Wyde Ore) that when fired upon with Pulsar-Cosmo Energy, becomes 100 times stronger! His son Rob has taken over the research mining operations. Rob, as well as his father before him, is dead set against the Promete project. So, he refuses the help of Takuma and Co... That is until a Doppler raid steals the Wyde Ore and creates Mecha-Satan "Ganto." After Danguard Ace fired its Pulsar cannon on Ganto, it made the bulky Mecha-Satan's alloy 100 times stronger! What will Takuma do now? Lucky he didn't fire the Pulsar Cannon upon Ganto's backside...

1x13 A Narrow Escape

  • no air date — 30 mins

A scientist and old friend of Captain Dan; Dr. Warp, escapes from Doppler's grasp. Captain Dan takes off in the 'not quite ready' Sky Arrow to save him as his friend is being hunted down by a Doppler robot squadron. Captain Dan and Dr. Warp's planes are forced down on an island by the Doppler squadron. Takuma and Bunta set off to rescue them. Does Dr. Warp have secret information on Doppler's plans for Promete?

Captain Dan realizes that his age is catching up with him and he still feels the effects from wearing the mask while he was in Doppler's clutches, can no longer be a full time pilot for Danguard Ace. Takuma needs a younger partner for the Danguard. Aerobatics star Jet Joe and co-star Hideto Oboshi are recruited by Dan for Danguard Ace training. Captain Dan hopes that these two new pilots will keep Takuma competitive and on his toes. While training in the Danguard, Joe and Hideto are attacked by Mecha-Satan "Yazilar" and find themselves in trouble as they are not fully trained Danguard pilots...

Mecha-Satan Yazilar proves to be too much for the new trainees and Jet Joe bails out and runs. Takuma and Bunta arrive at the scene in the Sky Arrow to salvage the Danguard and rescue Hideto. Joe is captured by Doppler's Corps. He joins Tony Harken's elite fighter squadron. However, Joe is no traitor. He steals a fighter and flees to warn Jasdam of Doppler's progress on the new warship "Planestar!" Sadly, Joe is shot down by Gudon (Yazilar pilot)... Gudon has always managed to escape every doomed Mecha-Satan in the past, but not this time as Danguard avenges Joe's death...

1x16 The Adversary

  • no air date — 30 mins

After the death of Captain Gudon, Takuma and new partner Hideto now have a new adversary from the Doppler Corps.; Tony Harken. He is the leader of the Harken Elite Squadron. A Pulsar-Cosmo Energy (PCE) center is infiltrated by soldiers of Harken's squad. Danguard Ace must protect the secrets of PCE at all costs! But, Mecha-Satan "Bacroid" makes this a little harder than it sounds...

1x17 Winstar Takes a Back Seat

  • no air date — 30 mins

Captain Dan is growing impatient at Takuma's lackluster performances during training. Hideto continues to shine and on this mission gets to be chief pilot in the Danguard Ace. Meanwhile Pauru, the new Mecha-Satan commander is insulted by Tony Harken. Pauru demands a shot at the Danguard to redeem the honor of Gudon and the Mecha-Satan team. So, it's Danguard Ace vs. Mecha-Satan "Dytanker." Takuma learns that he must be a team player to be a Danguard pilot...

1x18 A Cadet Takes Command

  • no air date — 30 mins

Takuma is starting to grow jealous of Hideto's rapid progress in his Danguard Ace training. He's also feeling that his position as Danguard's chief pilot is being threatened. Captain Dan has taken a shine to Hideto's progress but realizes that he has no outer space combat experience and assigns Takuma to train him. They are sent to space station RX-2 (the RX-1 successor) with Bunta to begin Hideto's training. Unkown to them, RX-2 is infiltrated by two of Harken's men. They sabatoge the RX-2's engine room and set the station on a collision course with the Jasdam base! Will Takuma be able to make the right military decisions? He'd better hurry as Mecha-Satan "Daelos" is closing in!

1x19 A Martian Detour

  • no air date — 30 mins

Takuma, still bothered by his father's passing, is on an emotional roller coaster as Hideto tries in vain to cheer him up. Doppler sets up a trap on Mars for the Jasdam Baseship. A spy is sent to an old wrecked Earth expedition ship to be "rescued" and taken back to Jasdam to find out what their power source is. As Doppler knows that it is superior to the Super Uranium fuel in which Planestar runs. The spy fails as Takuma shoots him down. But now they must face Mecha-Satan "Sky Tenticle." Also, a small octopus-like creature (found years earlier by the lost expedition) lends a helping tenticle against the Mecha-Satan.

1x20 Return of Octor

  • no air date — 30 mins

The octopus-like space creature Bemu has returned. Only this time he's much larger (due to radiation) and has a power of firing energy from its eyes. Doppler wants this creature to use against the Jasdam Baseship. Harken leads his squadron out to fire an obediance antenna into its head (much like the control of masked men). Now, this once benevelant creature is now working for Doppler (and as a tag-team partner for Mecha-Satan "Manbolt")! Will Takuma figure it out? Of course, he's the good guy!

1x21 A Boy From Atlantas

  • no air date — 30 mins

A boy named Peter is discovered on a floating continent orbiting Jupiter (hmmm... where have I heard this before...:)). The continent has ruins of the lost city of Atlantas as well as Easter Island type artifacts. An expedition started by Peter's father years ago... Peter was getting help from Doppler as he was not kind to the Jasdam crew when they found him. Peter found out too late that his continent was used by Doppler to trap Jasdam and force it into Jupiter's superior gravity...

1x23 Sixth Sense

  • no air date — 30 mins

Dr. Oedo wakes up from a WW 2 flashback (after he dozed off on the bridge). He developed a "sixth sense" of knowing an enemy's position when all conventional radar and computers fail. Meanwhile on the Planestar, Doppler and Harken stage a plot to get rid of Lugar. They find him to be expendable as his Mecha-Satans have not been successful. Doppler gives Lugar a false promotion and sends him out in his flagship, "Mother-Satan." From Lugar's ship, Mecha-Satan "Gejiram" launches to take on Danguard Ace as Mother-Satan battled Jasdam. Harken (aboard the Planestar) takes over the controls of Lugar's Mother-Satan by remote and planned to Kamikaze it into Jasdam. Lugar, though not one of Doppler's "selected race,"decided not to desert but to go along and show Doppler and Harken how a real warrior dies...

1x24 Tale of the Comet

  • no air date — 30 mins

Lisa ventures out in the Sky Arrow to investigate a mysterious comet.This is a huge comet made up of uranium and is on a collision course with Promete! Lisa encounters trouble as the fragments of the comet are drawn magnetically to the Sky Arrow. Satelizer is sent out to the rescue with the help of a special demagnetizing beam (fired from Jasdam) that repells the fragments. However it becomes more difficult as Mecha-Satan "Hell Crane" (the 1st powered by PCE) attacks Jasdam and disrupts the beam protecting Satelizer... Will Takuma get out of the magnetic pull with Lisa? Will Hell Crane succeed in destroying Jasdam? Who will stop the gargantuan comet from its collision course with Promete?

1x25 Grand Illusion

  • no air date — 30 mins

A strange planetoid is discovered as everyone on Jasdam has suffered from strange illusions. Planestar's crew is also suffering from realistic illusions forcing them to the brink of insanity. This planetoid projects these images to protect itself from invaders. The unthinkable happens as Harken in Mecha-Satan "Gigantos" and Danguard Ace join forces to get rid of this threat. The planetoid turns out to be a shape-shifting creature and attacks Jasdam. Harken is torn... Does he let the creature destroy Danguard and Jasdam or does he help them out? Hechi advises Harken to leave them, but this is not a direct order from Doppler Soto... A new found respect and bond form between Takuma and Harken, but next time they meet...

1x26 Butch to the Rescue

  • no air date — 30 mins

Satelizer investigates a planetoid that seems to feed on Pulsar-Cosmo Energy (PCE). However, this planetoid turns out to be a living space being that clutches on to the Satelizer and drains it of its PCE. Hechi decides to capitalize on this and sends Harken in Mecha-Satan "Gas Hog" to finish Satelizer off. Bunta decides to save Takuma and Hideto by swimming out to them in a space suit with a recharge. Harken bails from Gas Hog due to its Super Uranium (SU) fuel. He uses the vacated Mecha-Satan to crash into the planetoid enriched in PCE. Because when PCE and SU fuse... BaBOOM!