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Force Five: Danguard Ace: Season 1

1x26 Butch to the Rescue

  • 30 mins
  • Animation

Satelizer investigates a planetoid that seems to feed on Pulsar-Cosmo Energy (PCE). However, this planetoid turns out to be a living space being that clutches on to the Satelizer and drains it of its PCE. Hechi decides to capitalize on this and sends Harken in Mecha-Satan "Gas Hog" to finish Satelizer off. Bunta decides to save Takuma and Hideto by swimming out to them in a space suit with a recharge. Harken bails from Gas Hog due to its Super Uranium (SU) fuel. He uses the vacated Mecha-Satan to crash into the planetoid enriched in PCE. Because when PCE and SU fuse... BaBOOM!