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Four Star Playhouse

Season 4 1955 - 1956

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  • 1955-10-06T04:00:00Z on CBS
  • 25 mins
  • 17 hours, 30 mins (42 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama
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42 episodes

4x01 The Firing Squad

  • Season Premiere

    1955-10-06T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A WWII captain must oversee an execution he doesn't want to happen.

4x02 The Face of Danger

  • 1955-10-13T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A 100-year-old woman who recalls her romance with a desperado during the days of the old West.

4x03 Let the Chips Fall

  • 1955-10-20T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

Members of a private club suspect one of their members of cheating at cards. They hire a crooked card player to ferret out the guilty party.

4x04 Full Circle

  • 1955-10-27T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A drama critic writes that he was unconvinced by an actress’s performance. The irate miss pays a visit to his home, armed with a gun.

4x05 A Spray of Bullets

  • 1955-11-03T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A sheriff tries to keep his failing eyesight a secret, but a vicious outlaw learns the truth and challenges the lawman to a gun battle..

4x06 The Devil to Pay

  • 1955-11-10T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A successful businessman accepts a deal with the devil to modernize the administration of hell. Methods prove too efficient for his own good.

4x07 Here Comes the Suit

  • 1955-11-17T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Because of his thrift, a very conservative and proper young man finds himself forced into wearing a rather garish suit. As a result, his personality undergoes a remarkable change.

4x08 Looking Glass House

  • 1955-11-24T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A woman is surprised when her fiancé turns out to have been married before.

4x09 The Thin Red Line

  • 1955-12-01T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A former jazz great is released from a mental hospital where he has been treated for amnesia...and for the attempted murder of his wife, and attempted suicide. Upon returning to his home and wife, a series of events leads up to the startling discovery of what really happened the night of the attempted murder/suicide.

4x10 A Place Full of Strangers

  • 1955-12-08T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Industrialist Fleet Mason, a workaholic who doesn't realize how many lives he effects with his stressed-out working habits. When he thinks his loving wife has hung up on him in disgust, he re-evaluates his life by taking an imaginary bus trip to Meadville"". The trip is to nowhere and is full of psychological imagery. In a smoke shrouded bus terminal he meets all the people in his life as total strangers. When he meets his wife and realizes she doesn't recognize him, he becomes despondent. Only when his father appears and guides him to the exit does he realize how he must alter his life.

4x11 One Way Out

  • 1955-12-15T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A wealthy woman separates from her fortune-hunting husband. She rents a swanky New York penthouse in a building so new that she is the only one living there. When she awakens from a nap, she finds herself trapped in the apartment. Her estranged husband and his girlfriend are after her money and are hoping this will drive her crazy.

4x12 Dark Meeting

  • 1956-01-05T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

When her long-time pin-boy retires, bowling proprietress hires the one guy who answers her want-ad right away. He turns out to be an escaped committed psychotic who, lonely and always lacking in the social skills, never received the nurturing of a friend [you think]. We know it but it takes some time before she becomes aware. While waiting for the police to come to apprehend him, she lets him walk her home through the park while lending him her sympathetic ear. Dealing with a psychotic might take some finesse. How will HE take it? And how will he take IT?

4x13 Magic Night

  • 1956-01-12T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Disappointed that his 25 years’ service with one firm has gone unnoticed, a mild and meek bookkeeper embarks on a mad whirl to forget his sorrows.

4x14 Tunnel of Fear

  • 1956-01-19T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

After 20 years in prison, an ex-convict has only one purpose in mind: revenge on his former business partner.

4x15 High Stakes

  • 1956-01-26T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

An employee catches attractive Mrs. Raymond making a pass at Willie, then Mr. Raymond comes to the club with a gun to get even. Willie shoots him in self defense, but Willie is framed when Mr. Raymond's gun disappears.

4x16 The Listener

  • 1956-02-02T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A woman plots to murder her husband in order to collect his insurance. Her plans are overheard by her father-in-law.

4x17 Safe Keeping

  • 1956-02-09T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

An American newspaperman is given an important letter to smuggle out of a foreign country. He then becomes involved romantically with a beautiful spy who also wants the letter.

4x18 No Limit

  • 1956-02-16T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Suave restaurateur-gambler Willie Dante rebuffs the attempt of racketeers to cash in on his gambling activities. He appears to change his mind, however, due to the influence of a beautiful woman.

4x19 Command

  • 1956-02-26T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

The first mate on a merchant ship has been waiting for years to take command of the ship. When the elderly captain makes a mistake at a time when the ship is in danger the first mate sees his chance.

4x20 Once to Every Woman

  • 1956-03-01T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A lonely spinster falls in love for the first time in her life. But unknown to her, the man is married.

4x21 Red Wine

  • 1956-03-08T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A detective follows his quarry into the jungles of Batavia. Three men answer the description of the murderer he seeks.

4x22 To Die at Midnight

  • 1956-03-15T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

The conflict of a prison warden who discovers exculpatory evidence on the eve of an execution.

4x23 Desert Encounter

  • 1956-03-22T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A famous author gets embroiled in an unusual situation when he offers to drive a young Mexican girl to her ranch.

4x24 The Case of Emily Cameron

  • 1956-03-29T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A man devotes his life to caring for his bedridden wife, but there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

4x25 The Rites of Spring

  • 1956-04-05T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A jealous husband devises an unusual method of learning whether or not his wife has been faithful. He believes she has not told him the truth about some flowers she received.

4x26 Autumn Carousel

  • 1956-04-12T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A TV writer finds inspiration from a little girl travelling to Los Angeles.

4x27 Wall of Bamboo

  • 1956-04-19T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

An American intelligence officer falls into the brutal hands of a derelict white man now risen to power in Red China.

4x28 Touch and Go

  • 1956-04-26T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A scuffle between two friends brings sudden and accidental death to one of them. The survivor, believing he will be accused of murder, has only four hours to find the only person who can testify that the death was accidental-the dead man’s fiancée.

4x29 A Long Way From Texas

  • 1956-05-03T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

Willie Dante proprietor of Dante’s Inferno, sends home a young bride who wants to learn how to gamble. She claims she wants to take more of an interest in her bridegroom’s activities!

4x30 That Woman

  • 1956-05-10T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

After the death of her husband, a bewildered city girl is forced to make her home on a farm with her brother-in-law’s family. The narrow-minded brother resents the young widow, who scandalizes the countryside by using nail polish and makeup.

4x31 The Other Room

  • 1956-05-17T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A professor agrees to a strange bargain. He consents to marry a girl he does not know and then to disappear.

4x32 One Forty-Two

  • 1956-05-24T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A priest is called in to stand by a tyrant dictator threatened with assassination. The entire population of his small country, through mass “thought transmission,” wills his death.

4x33 Beneath the Surface

  • 1956-05-31T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

In an effort to escape her past, a woman takes a job in a plant.

4x34 Watch the Sunset

  • 1956-06-07T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

After five years in a mental institution, a man’s wife returns home to resume a normal life. His problem is complicated by the fact that he has fallen in love with his secretary.

4x35 Second Chance

  • 1956-06-14T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A Hollywood screenwriter, in love with an ambitious actress, finds she is using him to further her career.

4x36 Woman Afraid

  • 1956-06-21T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A wealthy woman spoiled by her husband’s attentions, unwillingly goes with him on a second honeymoon to the farm where he spent his childhood. After her husband breaks his leg horseback riding, she finds herself face to face with an escaped murderer in the lonely old house.

4x37 The Stacked Deck

  • 1956-06-28T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

Willie Dante, owner of a gaming house, is threatened by blackmailers. They want to use his place for a payoff.

4x38 Distinguished Service

  • 1956-07-05T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

The same day a prominent doctor is to receive a coveted award for his word, his wife learns of a hidden secret that could destroy his career.

4x39 Yellowbelly

  • 1956-07-12T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

After serving and being wounded in World War 2, a captain is recalled to duty in Korea. Because of his resentment, he is branded a coward by his company and faces removal from his command.

4x40 The Stand-In

  • 1956-07-19T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

An aspiring actress has spent 20 years in Hollywood, not gaining fame as she had hoped, but as a stand-in for a well-known actress. Her ambition turns to despair, and her affection to bitterness.

4x41 Success Story

  • 1956-07-26T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A man is assigned to force a small-town newspaper out of existence.

4x42 Something Very Special

  • 1956-08-02T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

Alan moves to America when his wife dies, leaving his young daughter with her grandmother in Paris. When he returns after five years, his daughter has difficulty believing that he loves her.

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