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Specials 2000

  • 2000-10-17T04:00:00Z on Noggin
  • 12 mins
  • 48 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Children

Described by Doug Thomas of Amazon.com as "a little more hip than Little Bear and a little less talky than Arthur," Franklin is a delightful cartoon about Franklin Turtle, his family and his many friends. Although Franklin is a turtle, he's like any kid his age. He attends school, enjoys playing with his friends and likes to try new things on his own, although sometimes he still he needs some help from his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle. He has a goldfish named Goldie and a stuffed dog named Sam. There were a few changes to Franklin throughout its run, including the introduction of a new opening sequence and the introduction of Franklin's baby sister. There were also a few cast and crew changes. However, the important things stayed the same. The program went on to air six seasons, as well as a direct-to-video movie, Franklin and the Green Knight and two other direct-to-video releases. Additionally, a Franklin CD was released: Hey, It's Franklin, which contains the show theme song, m

6 episodes

Franklin is at first excited when he learns that his parents are going to have a baby. As the winter months drag on, he grows antsy as he knows that the baby is coming in spring, but it seems like the winter is lasting especially long. Worse, he's now becoming confused as some of his friends' comments have led him to wonder if once the baby comes, his parents won't have any time for him. While Franklin is dealing with this, his friend Snail has a different problem. Franklin is a great friend, who has always had time for him and been nice to him, even when his other friends sometimes leave him behind. Now, though, with Franklin about to become a big brother, he's worried that Franklin won't have any time for him. When Franklin hears again a story he loved as a kid of knight who brought spring to his town, he first suggests it is a class play and then begins thinking that he himself could be the story's hero, the Green Knight and bring spring to Woodland. He enlists Snail as his squire and together they go on a journey which brings them head-to-head with all the issues they've been struggling with.

Special 2 Franklin's Magic Christmas

  • 2001-11-06T05:00:00Z — 12 mins

In Franklin's Magic Christmas, both Franklin and Harriet have grown and this year they're going to be spending Christmas at Faraway Farm where Mrs. Turtle grew up. Everyone's excited to go, but conflict is created because in Franklin's eyes, Harriet is getting special treatment that she doesn't deserve. This is aggravated more when Harriet's antics cause him to leave his favorite stuffed toy Sam behind at home in the snow. At Faraway Farm, Franklin tries to contact his friend Bear, only to find that he can't reach him. Franklin later becomes even more disenchanted with Harriet when she spills plans for a special surprise for Grandpa Turtle. It seems like things couldn't get any worse, but when an ice storm hits the farm, Franklin is left without any means to try and contact Bear and then Grandpa injures his leg when Mr. and Mrs. Turtle leave to check on the neighboring Collie family. Franklin comes up with a risky plan to try to bring him help all the way from Woodland, but it'll take a magical solution to keep him (and Harriet, who snuck along) from becoming trapped out in the snow.

Special 3 Back to School With Franklin

  • 2003-08-19T04:00:00Z — 12 mins

School has come to a close for the summer and the kids of Woodland all enjoy a summer of "doing nothin'," although, as they learn, doing nothing can be a busy thing. When they return to school, they learn that Mr. Owl is out on a family emergency and their substitute is Miss Koala. Miss Koala is from Australia and seems rather odd to the kids, especially Franklin, who takes the longest to warm up to her. Eventually, though, her "can-do" attitude and ideas of "always trying different" begin to appeal to them and when they learn that Mr. Owl is going to be returning, they want to win a soccer game for her to show their appreciation. Meanwhile, Franklin's sister Harriet is upset when she learns that her best friend Beatrice is going to be attending nursery school this year and can't play with her like she used to. Franklin lends her his old blue blanket and that helps some, but things really look up when she makes friends with Beaver's new little brother Kit, but not before an unfortunate incident.

Franklin shares many good times with his Granny, but when she takes ill, he's determined to help her. When his Aunt Lucy, an archaeologist, comes to visit, they find an old treasure map made by his grandmother. It show the location of a time capsule that she buried near Turtle Lake and never dug up; shortly after she buried it, her parents died in a house fire and she hasn't been back since. When Granny becomes ill, Franklin learns that there is a turtle talisman inside the capsule, containing a strong magic that can help his Grandma. He sets out to find it with the help of Bear, Beaver, Snail and Aunt Lucy. However, he also has to contend with Aunt Lucy's headstrong goddaughter Samantha.

Special 5 Favorite Turtle Tales

  • no air date — 12 mins


Special 6

  • no air date — 12 mins