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Friends: Season 4

4x02 The One with the Cat

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Movies, shows, seasons, and episodes I have already watched.


January: 115 Episodes
February: 110 Episodes
March: 43 Episodes
April: 73 Episodes
May: 56 Episodes
June: 131 Episodes
July: 163 Episodes
August: 119 Episodes
September: 204 Episodes
October: 90 Episodes
November: 79 Episodes
December: 43 Episodes

Number of Total Shows: 91

New Shows Started: 34
- Bump
- Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel
- Dancing with the Stars AU
- Don't Trust the B- In Apartment 23
- Dug Days
- Euphoria
- Everything Sucks!
- Gossip Girl (2021)
- Hawkeye
- Holey Moley (AU)
- Holey Moley (US)
- Home Economics
- I am not okay with This
- Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami
- Legends
- Little Voice
- Loki
- Marvel Studios: Assembled
- Money, Explained
- Monsters at Work
- Olaf Presents
- Only Murders in the Building
- Open Heart
- Our Kind of People
- Outer Banks
- Pixar Popcorn
- Shameless
- Simone vs. Herself
- The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
- The Great Christmas Light Fight
- The Hills: New Beginnings
- WandaVision
- What If?
- Zenimation


Vistos en el maldito 2020.

  • Primeros s6is meses: 530
  • Últimos s6is meses: 581

A list of episodes I've watched in 2020


Everything I've seen, in 2020. Ew. That doesn't rhyme


All of the TV episodes which I have watched in 2018


New Shows Started: 33
- 13 Reasons Why
- A Series of Unfortunate Events
- Australian Ninja Warrior
- Big Little Lies
- Cake Wars
- Chicago Med
- Dance Moms
- Dynasty
- Famous in Love
- Formal Wars
- Girlboss
- Gossip Girl
- Grey's Anatomy
- Jane the Virgin
- Life of Kylie
- Mustangs FC
- Orphan Black
- Powerless
- Red Band Society
- Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian
- Riverdale
- Riviera
- Single AF
- Supernatural
- The Big Bang Theory
- The Bold Type
- The Originals
- The Secret Life of The American Teenager
- This is Us
- Young Sheldon
- Yummy Mummies


List of episodes I've watched in 2017.

Shows: 69
New episodes: 994
Rewatched episodes: 563

RuPaul's Drag Race S5E02→S9
Dexter S7E08→S8
Rick and Morty S1→S3
F is for Family S1→S2
American Crime Story S1
Scream Queens S2E10
Sherlock S4
The Americans S1→S5E11
Friends S1→S10
Elementary S4E23→S4E24
Star Trek: TNG S1→S6E02
The Walking Dead S7E09→S7E10
New Girl S6
Oscars S1E89
Iron Fist S1E01→S1E02
Arrow S5, S6E08
Better Call Saul S3
Doctor Who S10E01→S10E07
Game of Thrones S6E06→S7
The Office S7E24→S9
Vikings S1→S5E04
Bill Nye Saves the World S1E01→S1E02
The Flash S2E20→S2E23, S4E08
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S2→S3E09
Archer S1E01, S8
Parks and Recreation S1→S7
Twin Peaks S3
Taboo S1E01→S1E03
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3
House of Cards S5
Orange Is the New Black S5
Penny Dreadful S3
Mr. Robot S2
Peaky Blinders S3
Master of None S1→S2
Fargo S1→S3
Wet Hot American Summer S2
From Dusk till Dawn S3
The Defenders S1
2 Broke Girls S6
Sense8 S2
That '70s Show S1→S8E10
Narcos S3
Bojack Horseman S4, Special 1
Agent Carter S1E01
The Deuce S1E01→S1E04
Ozark S1
Star Trek: Discovery S1E01→S1E09
Once Upon a Time S5E12→S5E23
Banshee S1→S4
Band of Brothers S1E01→S1E04
Fear the Walking Dead S1
Big Mouth S1
How to Get Away with Murder S3
Westworld S1
Boardwalk Empire S1→S3E03
Arman ja Suomen rikosmysteerit S1E01→S1E08
Mindhunter S1
Stranger Things S2
The Confession Tapes S1E01→S1E04
Kill Arman S1E01
Marvel's The Punisher S1
Adventure Time S1E01→S1E06
Supergirl S3E08
Hawaii Five-0 S6E24→S7E13
Orphan Black S5
Knightfall S1E01→S1E02
Manhunt: Unabomber S1

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