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Gegege no Kitarou

Season 1 2018 - 2020

  • 2018-04-01T00:00:00Z on Fuji TV
  • 23m
  • 1d 13h 11m (97 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Fantasy, Anime
After a vlogger inadvertently unseals dangers from the spirit world, normal Tokyo girl Mana seeks help from yokai boy Kitaro and his eyeball father.

97 episodes

Series Premiere


1x01 (1) The Day Yokai Awoke

Series Premiere

1x01 (1) The Day Yokai Awoke

  • 2018-04-01T00:00:00Z23m

Kitaro and Medama Oyaji appear before an incredulous student who put a letter into the yokai post after people began to suddenly change into trees.


1x02 (2) Terror! Miage-Nyudo

1x02 (2) Terror! Miage-Nyudo

  • 2018-04-08T00:00:00Z23m

Kitaro is safe following an attack thanks to Mana. After releasing a yokai from imprisonment, Nezumi Otoko buys a talent agency as part of a plan.

Kitaro and the others look into a series of child disappearances and notice something they all have in common. Mana visits a construction site.

Yuta learns the location of the GeGeGe Forest from Mana, and finds his way in. Excited to be in the yokai world, he gets Kitaro to show him around.

The lightning-charged yokai Kaminari gets Nezumi Otoko out of trouble and into big profits. But he's tough to control and things soon get out of hand.

Kitaro heads to the mountains to take care of a Sunekosuri that's draining the energy of the woman who harbors it. But it thinks it's just a cute cat.


1x07 (7) Ghost Train

1x07 (7) Ghost Train

  • 2018-05-13T00:00:00Z23m

A company president drunkenly assaults Kitaro, shouting that the supernatural doesn't exist. Later, karma arrives in the form of an unfamiliar train.

On a village visit during a school trip, Mana accidentally knocks over a stone tablet, incurring the attention of a being that appear in mirrors.

Ever the entrepreneur, Rat Man pitches his services to a family whose husband is overworked. But he soon finds himself on the end of a different deal.

Cat Girl gets a message telling her that strange things are going on at school. She looks for her supernatural friend Hanako there but can't find her.

When another moon appears in the sky, The 808 Tanuki army claims credit and demands control of Japan. Kitaro heads underground to face them.

Now that Kitaro's been turned to stone, the tanuki move to suppress all anti-tanuki sentiment. Cat Girl introduces Mana to the growing resistance.

After Rat Man's diamond business takes off, Kitaro accuses him of foul play and they cut ties. The plot thickens when two men in black suits appear.

After he's laid off, a desperate salaryman finds refuge in slumber. But after weeks pass and he doesn't wake up, his son asks Kitaro for help.

1x15 (15) Zunbera Spirit Surgery

  • 2018-07-08T00:00:00Z23m

Kirara hates how her schoolmates stare at her homely face. The witch-like yokai Zunbera offers to make her beautiful, but her help doesn't come cheap.

Mana heads to Sakaiminato and can't wait to attend the local festival. But things go awry when a boat goes missing along with her uncle.

A monk-like yokai challenges those he meets to answer his question and turns those who cannot into stone. Mana and Kitaro's father must save the day.


1x18 (18) Kawauso's Lie

1x18 (18) Kawauso's Lie

  • 2018-07-29T00:00:00Z23m

Car Girl takes pity on a hungry boy and secretly gives him some of the vegetables she's been growning. But there's something strange about him.

Kitaro sneaks into a ghost school that's attracting the attention and attendance of local kids. It seems like a great place but something's off.

1x20 (20) Memories of the Yōka

  • 2018-08-12T00:00:00Z23m

Mana visits her sick great aunt. When she shows Kitaro the red flower that blooms in her garden, he suspects something supernatural and heads south.

Rat Man's up to no good again, this time using a fire yokai to power his amusement park attraction. It soon forms an unlikely friendship with a robot.

Kitaro and his friends visit an island where legends tell of an ox demon. There, a television crew coordinated by Rat Man soon sparks a crisis.

Natsumi is ready to close down her grandparents' old apartment building when Kitaro appears and asks her to reconsider, telling her about its history.

Rat Man gets married but his beautiful bride quickly takes advantage of him. She's actually a gold-digging yokai and surprisingly tough to stop.


1x25 (25) Kubire-Oni's Curse

1x25 (25) Kubire-Oni's Curse

  • 2018-09-23T00:00:00Z23m

Mana installs a pernicious smartphone app that curses the person she names. But the unhappiness she causes soon multiplies, and rebounds back to her.

Yuna's mother forbids her to talk to boys. But when she finds a magic picture of a beautiful young man, he comes alive and becomes her companion.

Kitaro and friends accept a number of refugee yokai but cultural differences quickly lead to trouble. The true enemy waits behind the scenes.


1x28 (28) The Great Yōkai War

1x28 (28) The Great Yōkai War

  • 2018-10-14T00:00:00Z23m

As the nefarious Backbeard's minions prepare another assault on the Japanese yokai world, Kitaro attempts to destroy the Ring of Arcana.

While looking for the ring, Agnes causes trouble downtown and earns a scolding from Kitaro. But she soon gets a very different reception from Mana.

Halloween fever hits Japan but Cat Girl isn't feeling the love. She heads to the movies with Mana, where Carmilla and some vampiric minions await.

The azuki bean yokai trio is bummed because humans don't fear them anymore. Rat Man offers to fix all their problems and make azuki beans great again.

Mana runs into Kojiro, who still has feelings for her. While trying to look cool he accidentally breaks a sphere, unsealing the demon Belial's power.

Kitaro meets a wealthy man whose daughter faces kidnapping by a yokai. Meanwhile, Kitaro's foes find a lead in their search for the Ring of Arcana.


1x34 (34) Emperor Blackbeard

1x34 (34) Emperor Blackbeard

  • 2018-11-25T00:00:00Z23m

Kitaro's friends usually take an annual vacation together, but this year's trip is cancelled when members of the group begin to disappear one-by-one.

1x35 (35) The Witches of Destiny

  • 2018-12-09T00:00:00Z23m

Fearful of attracting harm to her Japanese friends from Backbeard, Agnes says farewell. But Mana's won't let go of their relationship so easily.

Adele and Agnes race to see who will find the ring first but it winds up on Mana's finger, sticking her in the center of a dramatic magical battle.

One human who survives Backbeard's Brigadoon accepts the help of a former foe and must risk everything to save Kitaro and the rest of humanity.

After a long hiatus, a corpse-stealing yokai is again spotted trying to bring a body home to eat. Weak with age, he must try new tactics to succeed.

Feverishly in love, Shun confesses his feelings for Yuki-Onna. The two start dating, but it all goes sour after Shun seeks love advice from Rat Man.

Entertainer Bimbo Isamu decides to deal with his faded career by risking the wrath of the yokai Sara Kozo and stealing his signature chant.

After their owner moves away, the yokai-possessed belongings he left behind get very upset. Rat Man manipulates the situation to his advantage.

The tengu arrest Kitaro for an arcane yokai crime. There's a mountain of evidence against him, so much that his friends suspect the trial's a set-up.

While investigating a series of vampiric incidents, Kitaro receives a letter from a scientist who claims to have found the secret to immortality.

1x44 (44) Masquerade Nopperabō

  • 2019-02-17T00:00:00Z23m

Aspiring celebrity Atsushi struggles to maintain his playboy act since he's actually a nerd. He gets support from a mysterious online friend.

Kitaro and his friends head into a bamboo thicket infamous for a yokai that supposedly leads those who enter astray. A chilling greeting awaits them.


1x49 (49) Nanashi And Mana

1x49 (49) Nanashi And Mana

  • 2019-03-31T00:00:00Z23m

Kitaro heads to a village where people are suffering from an unknown ailment. Cat Girl insists on accompanying him but she's still not back to normal.

Giant Nue appears above Tokyo, menacing the city and causing chaos. Kitaro heads down to Hell to strike an ambitious deal with King Enma.

Mana's friend Miyabi wishes she didn't have to study or do chores. She soon meets the 'Tree Children,' who give her more than she bargained for.

Vlogger Charatomi's frustration with job interviews leads him to pair up with insecure yokai Nukekubi. But their plan sparks an unfortunate reaction.

A tormented farmer's spirit takes the monstrous form of a giant yokai nightly. Kitaro recognizes it as the same yokai from an incident 30 years ago.

1x55 (55) Hihi's Harassment Hell

  • 2019-05-12T00:00:00Z23m

Tennis playing yokai Hihi wants to train a human to win the gold medal. His training methods are effective but extreme, forcing Kitaro to intervene.

Frustrated after Kitaro rejects his avaricious nature, Rat Man finds a vampiric companion who appreciates his material desires and wants his help.

Agnes informs Kitaro that recent blood-sucking incidents don't just involve vampires; they're connected to the resurgence of their old foe, Backbeard.

While investigating ship-related incidents, Kitaro runs into the ever-mercurial Rat Man, who leads him right into the clutches of a familiar foe.

After receiving a disturbing message, Mana goes to check on a friend but finds her missing. A mysterious cactus seems to be connected to the incident.

Mana, Yuta, Hiroto, and Soma head out camping. The older boys tease Yuta for being a scaredy-cat, but a sudden chill soon has them all spooked.

Despondent singer Kana Nickel meets a tofu-carrying yokai. After she discovers that, like her, he lacks a sense of purpose, she makes him her manager.

Panic ensues after polluted water appears at the site of a newly constructed dam. Kitaro suspects it's the work of the powerful yokai Kurobozu.

Rat Man asks Kitaro for help with Seika, a yokai who uses bamboo to harass humans. Kitaro soon discovers there's another side to Seika's actions.

Unable to withstand any more bullying from her husband's sadistic boss, Shoko snaps and turns to the destructive powers of Suiko the tiger yokai.

In a bizarre play to liven up Tottori Prefecture, its governor secedes from Japan. When Kitaro and his friends question why, the police arrest them.

At a summer festival, Mana follows a strange voice that leads her out of sight. Her friends try to follow but the macabre yokai Shinigami interferes.

Rat Man builds an online following using photos of his new pal, a primitive caveman, sparking a battle for Likes with Mana's friend, Christine.

After crashing his stolen car, a criminal gets a ride with a strange chauffeur by the name of Kitaro, who says he'll take him to 'where he belongs.'

A strange young man warns Mana that her association with yokai imperils her life. Later, General Ibukimaru of the underworld takes a human hostage.

Hoping to choose his own path in life, a young man plans to destroy a sacred rock his family has guarded for generations. He finds Kitaro in his way.

Karakasa is shocked at how folk treat their umbrellas these days. When he sees a man mistakenly take the wrong one, it starts a wild goose chase.

After meeting an eccentric, love-obsessed yokai, Kitaro uncharacteristically asks Cat Girl on a date. Their friends smell a rat and tail the couple.

A selfish salaryman follows rumors of a wish-granting dragon and learns that it is real. But so are the tragic consequences of his avaricious wishes.

Enma demands Kitaro help him find a treasonous general or risk losing his freedom. Meanwhile, Rei Isurugi hatches a destructive plan to gain power.


1x75 (75) Kyubi no Kitsune

1x75 (75) Kyubi no Kitsune

  • 2019-09-29T00:00:00Z23m

Rei insists he'll never give up, even as his body struggles under the burden of so many souls. Meanwhile, Tamamo-no-Mae lays waste to Hell.


1x76 (76) Nurahiyon's Ambition

1x76 (76) Nurahiyon's Ambition

  • 2019-10-06T00:00:00Z23m

Hell is back to normal but the culprit who unleashed the Generals remains at large. Meanwhile, a familiar yokai makes trouble at a construction site.

Kitaro senses that Nurarihyon is using violence to pit humans against each other and goes looking for him. But as always, his foe is one step ahead.

Kitaro enters a cursed village to investigate the ties between a death-obsessed photographer and the Moryo, a corpse-dwelling yokai who's after him.

One spooky Halloween night, Backbeard's minion Komori Neko begs Rat Man to help him climb the ranks. Naturally, Rat Man agrees to help -- for a price.


1x80 (80) Onmoraki's Trap

1x80 (80) Onmoraki's Trap

  • 2019-11-10T00:00:00Z23m

After Mana notices her classmate Tsutomu acting like a zombie, she follows him home and spots someone acting even stranger. Kitaro decides to step in.

Cyclopic yokai Hiderigami has trouble breaking into the human comic business. Even when he finds a willing editor, Kitaro worries it won't end well.


1x82 (82) Geriatric Nuppeppo

1x82 (82) Geriatric Nuppeppo

  • 2019-11-24T00:00:00Z23m

After Rat Man gets rich from an anti-aging cream with a nasty effect, Kitaro follows a trail from the cream to the mysterious Nuppeppo yokai.

Claiming to be looking for “Takumi,” a masked yokai begins assaulting humans. The attacks seem random but Kitaro finds a connection to a certain tree.

A peculiar yokai from southern lands comes to Japan for work, but his lack of familiarity with clothing causes trouble. Kitaro steps in to assist.

After Rat Man witnesses a dark ceremony, the appearance of giant eyeballs over Kofu leads a yokai expert to pronounce the return of Daidarabotchi.


1x86 (86) Bloody Christmas

1x86 (86) Bloody Christmas

  • 2019-12-22T00:00:00Z23m

Mana's Christmas shopping trip is ruined when she runs into a strange being dressed as Santa who's been snatching kids off the street.

Mana visits her friend's family-run cafe and is impressed at how good the food is. But the place is empty, except for one suspicious-looking old man

1x88 (88) Rollo Cloth's Romance

  • 2020-01-12T00:00:00Z23m

After his beloved singer rejects him, Ittan Momen's hurt feelings lead him to Rat Man's newest venture: a house shared by yokai and cute young women.

1x89 (89) The Curse of Te-no-Me

  • 2020-01-19T00:00:00Z23m

Visions of a strange man with eyes in his hands cause chaos in the legal world as Nurarihyon reveals a plot to pass a sweeping law against yokai.

1x90 (90) Idol Legend Sazae-Oni

  • 2020-01-26T00:00:00Z23m

When a video of Kitaro singing about mermaids becomes a hit, his friends are all shocked. They're even more shocked when he reveals it's not him.

Years after the two witness a tragic supernatural event at Angkor Wat, a famous director invites Kitaro to his new play to try and achieve closure.

Desperate for new ideas for a show, a television director follows Rat Man to a hole in the woods, where the happiness-hating yokai Amanojaku awaits.


1x93 (93) The Phantom Train

1x93 (93) The Phantom Train

  • 2020-02-16T00:00:00Z23m

After everyone else in the world is transformed into vampires, Cat Girl and Kitaro's dad race to find a phantom train to travel back to the past.

Mana joins her yokai friends on a trip to a hot spring inn. But its owner has a request for her and Kitaro that leads them into an old foe's trap.

Forming a cold-blooded yokai alliance, Backbeard and Nurarihyon declare war on humanity. The government reacts by passing a strict anti-yokai law.

The bad guys toast their impending victory. Cat Girl says it's her turn to save the day and takes Mana with her to the underworld to confront Enma.

Season Finale


1x97 (97) The World You See Isn't All There Is

Season Finale

1x97 (97) The World You See Isn't All There Is

  • 2020-03-29T00:00:00Z23m