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Gordon the Garden Gnome

All Episodes

  • 2005-06-06T00:00:00Z
  • 10 mins
  • 3 hours, 46 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Animation, Family, Children
Gordon is a gnome gardener who has lots of adventures in his garden, with his friends and neighbours. Gordon’s best friend is a worm called Andrew, who lives in his hat; but there’s also a mole called Morris, a fish called Bob, Daphne, a beautiful red squirrel and the chattering sparrow sisters, Mimi and Fifi. Gordon’s Gnome friends include Percy, Jerome and Rosie Gnome, who are also his neighbours. The Chief Gnome and his lovely wife Gladioli often call on Gordon with their young nephew Ian. And let’s not forget, Lez and Dez, a couple of naughty slugs with a healthy appetite for Gordon’s plants! The character of Gordon Gnome also feature in an exciting “Global Garden” exhibition at Eureka! The Museum for Children in Halifax (the UK’s only dedicated museum for children).

53 episodes

Special 1

  • no air date — 10 mins

1x01 The Best Garden Competition

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 12 mins

With a little help from his friends, Gordon prepares his garden for the Annual Garden Competition. Unfortunately the Slugs start a rumour that Gordon has instructed everyone to “Taste test” the produce and Gordon’s helpers start helping themselves to everything. When the Chief Gnome arrives to judge the garden there are hardly any tomatoes left, the grass is covered in nut shells and the vegetable patch is a mess. But all is not lost. While Gordon fails to win the Best Garden prize, he is awarded a special prize for having the ‘Tastiest Garden’ in the world.

1x02 Up the Garden Path

  • no air date — 12 mins

Slug Path protestors prevent Gordon from building a new stone path across his border because it traverses one of their ancient pathways. They have a map to prove it, and it seems that wherever Gordon proposes building his path, it’s in someone’s way! So, Percy lends Gordon his patented ‘Dangle-a-Gnome’ device to help him reach his plants. When this catapults him into his tree, he discovers that everyone’s been reading the Slugs’ map the wrong way up. All the bug pathways are on the other side of his garden and it’s ok for Gordon to build his new path exactly where he wanted it!

1x03 Percy's Prize

  • 2005-06-19T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

Percy wins a competition and heads off for a day out at Gadget Heaven Theme Park - but not before he's instructed Gordon in the finer point of his garden maintenance schedule. Unfortunately, the Chief Gnome has other plans for Percy's garden and insists that Gordon supervise the trainee Ian Gnome in looking after the garden to further his education. Predictably, Ian's talent doesn't live up to Percy's rigorous standards and Gordon has to solve numerous gardening disasters. Can Gordon get the garden back into perfect condition before Percy returns that evening?

1x04 Gordon's Leaves

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon is busy clearing up the leaves in his garden, but never seems to be able to complete the job. As fast as he catches them, or rakes them up, two tiny hedgehogs keep messing up his nice neat piles of leaves. Eager to learn how Percy keeps his garden so tidy, Gordon has a demonstration of Percy’s ‘Floaty Leaf Spray’ and motorised ‘Leaf Vacuum’. Both end up making a bigger leaf-mess in Gordon’s garden. But Gordon’s solution was in his garden all the time – leaves stick to hedgehogs, and it’s great fun for the hedgehog kids to roll around collecting them!

1x05 Where's My Hat?

  • 2005-07-03T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

Gordon loses his magic hat! A gnome’s hat is as precious as a fairy’s wand, and without it, strange things start to happen to remind Gordon to keep looking for it. After one day his nose turns into a pinecone. Then his hair grows long and green. Then his boots grow three times larger!! Everyone, except Gordon, finds this very funny! Can Gordon find his hat before things get really out of hand?

1x06 Attack of the Crows

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon, Percy, Jerome and Rosie all make wacky scarecrows to frighten the crows that have been eating all their crops. But nothing seems to scare these birds. It's only when Gordon takes a fresh look at the problem that the best solution is found. He creates a fantastic bird-table and supplies the crows with an alternative diet of tasty nuts and seeds from his stores. In return, the crows agree to stay away from the vegetables.

1x07 Into the Wild

  • no air date — 12 mins

The Chief Gnome wants Jerome to tidy his garden, but can't find him to tell him! Gordon is sent off to locate Jerome and deliver the Chief's instruction - to tidy his garden or it will be mowed down! Gordon and Andrew the worm embark upon a jungle expedition into the wilderness that is Jerome’s garden. They eventually find Jerome, plus many of the things Jerome has previously borrowed from Gordon! They also find a very rare and exotic orchid. This wonderful little flower is the solution to saving Jerome's garden from destruction! Jerome’s garden is designated a "Nature Reserve"!

1x08 Bee Movie

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon gets permission from the Chief Gnome to build a Bee Hive in his garden, so that he can collect some fresh honey for his breakfast. He plants lavender to attract the bees and conducts interviews with Queen Bees to live in the hive. But the Queen and Drone he selects are a little fussier about their living quarters once they know the hive is theirs. Poor Gordon is given the run-around, rearranging his garden and building additional accommodation. When Gordon discovers that his bees are not even Honeybees, they are Bumblebees and will never produce enough honey to share with him, they have to go!

1x09 Gnomeless

  • 2005-07-31T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

When an unusual plant arrives unexpectedly in Gordon’s garden, Gordon assumes there’s been a mix-up in the Gnome Post. But Percy, Rosie and Jerome aren’t expecting a delivery either, so Gordon sets off with Andrew around the world, to return the plant to its proper home. In each location Gordon discovers clues as to the plant’s natural habitat - whether it likes hot or cold, dry or wet climates – and they soon find the owner. But the Chief Gnome is hot on Gordon’s heels looking for the plant too - it’s a surprise present for his wife Gladioli’s birthday.

1x10 A Slug's Life

  • 2005-08-07T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

Lez and Dez, the Slugs, want to get their own back on Gordon for never letting them eat the gardens’ plants. When Gordon’s not looking they sneak under his hat and repeat a magic growth spell they have just overheard Gordon use. Lez and Dez are soon ordering Gordon to give them food and because they are bigger than him, he can’t refuse. But when Gordon finds out how the Slugs became large he tricks them into believing that they have eaten all the food in the world. Then he puts them on a strict diet and exercise regime to get them back to their normal ‘small’ selves again.

1x11 Feathered Friends

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon retrieves his watering can from Jerome and discovers an egg inside it. Chirpy, the baby bird is born and mistakes Gordon for his Mummy, unaware that his real mother is busy looking for him. Chirpy follows Gordon everywhere tries his best to help Gordon with his garden tasks. Unfortunately he usually messes things up! Yet Gordon can’t be angry with Chirpy for long and is delighted when Chirpy learns to fly for the first time – especially as this leads to him being reunited with his real Mother.

1x12 Gordon's Marrow

  • no air date — 11 mins

It's the anniversary of the Chief Gnome becoming 'Chief', and as usual he expects to receive a very BIG gift from each of his fellow Gnomes. Sadly, Jerome Gnome has forgotten to grow anything this year and is in a terrible panic. Gordon generously donates his gift of a very large marrow, to Jerome confident that he can easily find and alternative gift in his greenhouse. Unfortunately for Gordon, Lez and Dez, the Slugs, have had a feeding frenzy in his greenhouse and there’s only one very small tomato left. Surprisingly it proves to be the Chief Gnome's best present.

1x13 The Storm

  • no air date — 21 mins

A fun day at the ‘Play Tree’ in Rosie’s wood is spoilt by news that a storm is on the way and the Gnomes have to return home to protect their gardens. Percy ties umbrellas to his trees, Jerome fixes his lose plank and Gordon, helped by Rosie, ties tall plants to sticks to stop them snapping in the wind. When the storm has passed, Gordon emerges to inspect the damage. Not so bad in his garden, but in Rosie’s wood the Play Tree has been blown down. The Gnomes are upset at the loss of their treasured tree, until Gordon has the idea to make it live on in other ways. They’ll use the wood to repair the storm damage and create a new adventure playground.

1x14 Lost in the Post

  • no air date — 12 mins

It’s Turnip Tuesday and everyone is sending greeting cards and turnip-related parcels to their loved ones. But there seem to be a few hiccups with the post and Gordon receives a singing turnip telegram intended for someone else, followed by a volley of turnip missiles. To top it all, the Chief Gnome gets lost in the post and doesn’t show up to Gordon’s Turnip Tuesday Party. So, Gordon flies off on his magic hat to the Gnome Post Sorting Office to get the Chief Gnome back. Only then can the party begin.

1x15 Meadow Mow Day

  • no air date — 12 mins

The Gnomes are busy repairing, oiling and polishing their lawn mowers ready for Meadow Mow Day. For tomorrow is the first day of spring and as usual they will celebrate it with the first cut of the meadow grasses and a performance of the Chief Gnome’s ‘Trumpet Hat Solo’. But when the big day arrives, the Gnomes they awake to discover a blanket of snow on the ground. Instead of cancelling the festivities, Gordon suggests they use the mowers as snow ploughs to clear the ground and make snow-Gnomes.

1x16 The Smelly Boots

  • no air date — 12 mins

After a hard day’s work, Gordon’s bright red ‘puddle buster’ boots are very smelly, so he leaves them outside overnight. To his surprise, in the morning his boots are gone! Gordon spends the day questioning his friends: have they seen his puddle-busters? Investigations lead to Jerome’s garden, which is emanating a peculiar smell – but it turns out to be the world’s smelliest plant! When Gordon eventually finds his boots, he discovers a family of mice are hibernating in them. Apparently they smell just like their favourite cheese!

1x17 The Fairy Ring

  • no air date — 12 mins

A strange circle appears on Percy's perfectly manicured lawn. He urgently calls on Gordon for advice – "just mushrooms growing from an old tree stump," says Gordon. But Rosie Gnome knows better: Percy has been greatly honoured…it’s a fairy ring and there will be a big dance tonight! But then the fairies start arriving, and they aren't quite the delicate, feminine creatures everyone has expected. These are cool fairies, with rock guitars and heavy sound equipment. Overwhelmed by the destruction the party will cause, Gordon negotiates with the Fairy Queen to limit the damage to Percy’s lawn. The Chief Gnome attends as guest of honour and even Percy discovers it’s possible to have a great time.

1x18 Cousin Mervyn

  • no air date — 12 mins

Strange holes start appearing in Gordon’s garden. It seems that anything made of wood is prone to the attack. First it’s the rungs on Gordon’s ladder, then the coupling on his trike and trailer and even his front door! “Are you or have you ever been a woodworm?" is the question everyone wants to know of Andrew. "No" is the answer, but Andrew knows someone who is – his cousin Mervyn. Andrew has to tell Gordon what’s really going on.

1x19 Vincent the Bat

  • no air date — 11 mins

Gordon is instructing Ian Gnome on the finer points of companion planting, when a bat with a terrible cold arrives in the garden. His name’s Vincent and he’s lost his way because his sonar’s not working. Gordon asks Vincent to stay with him until he’s better and prepares him some special cold remedies. But Ian is scared of Vincent and refuses to help out...that is until he discovers Vincent’s pretty cool at flying and can hang upside down!

1x20 That's Magic

  • no air date — 12 mins

The Chief Gnome shows Gordon his ‘rabbit in the hat trick’ that he is preparing for a magic show for the ‘gnomelets’ at the Gnome Academy. Gordon’s very impressed. He decides to give it a go himself, but can’t seem to get it to work. However, that night, while Gordon is sleeping, lots of baby rabbits emerge from under his hat and run off into the garden. Lez and Dez, report sightings of fluffy white ghosts in the vegetable patch and are terrified when Gordon’s carrots start to go missing before their very eyes! Gordon goes underground with Morris to find out what’s going on.

1x21 Birdbath Bonanaza

  • 2005-10-23T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

The Sparrow Sisters, want to take a bath but their birdbath is empty and the fountain isn’t working. Gordon replaces the broken water pump with a brand new super-pump from Percy's Gnome shopping catalogue. Unfortunately, it’s so powerful it empties the entire pond! So, Gordon creates an ingenious water system that gets water from the tap at the far end of his garden to the pond, creating a fantastic water theme-park ride at the same time. Everyone has great fun at the new lido.

1x22 Horace and Doris

  • 2005-10-31T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

Horace and Doris, two posh Snails, arrive in Gordon’s garden looking for a second home. Lez and Dez take a disliking to them and send them off into Percy’s garden, where they hope they will fall foul of one of Percy’s bug-catching contraptions. But Gordon offers a more ‘friendly’ solution to their housing problem, and builds them a top of the range Double Bin Compost Heap. Lez and Dez are furious and decide to ‘raid’ their house warming party.

1x23 Back to the Land

  • no air date — 12 mins

The Chief Gnome spends the day in Gordon’s garden, trying to become a simple gardening gnome again. Unfortunately, every garden task he is given, from hoeing, to planting seeds and picking beans goes wrong, and the Chief Gnome ends up supervising other work rather than doing anything himself. The Chief Gnome reveals to Gordon that he’s too scared of doing something wrong to get stuck in, so Gordon offers to help him with the basics. The Chief Gnome finally gets his hands dirty and puts in a good day’s work as part of the team.

1x24 Percy I Shrunk the Gnome

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon uses one of Percy’s fancy bug-catching devises to rid his vegetable patch of bugs. But the bugs object and call an emergency meeting to negotiate a new nibbling agreement. With a little hat magic, Gordon shrinks down to bug-size to meet them face-to-face. Ian goes along as part of his education but he disappears when the meeting gets a bit boring. Gordon has to keep the bugs happy and find Ian, before the Chief Gnome returns to collect his nephew.

1x25 Gordon's Gadgets

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon is invited to test a new range of high-tech products for the Gnome Innovations Catalogue people. He makes lost of helpful suggestions on how to improve the devices. In fact, he finds most of them over-complicated and simplifies them all to the most basic of component parts: like a fork, a spade, a trowel or a watering can. In the process he creates a brand new ‘Natural Range’ of plain and simple garden equipment.

1x26 Gordon's Fairwell

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon is given the opportunity of a lifetime to become Head Gardener at Gnome Park, an exciting amusement park. Gordon is so excited about all the wonderful things he will do when he gets there, he doesn’t think about who will replace him in his own garden. Can Gordon really leave his garden and all his friends behind?

1x27 Little Lamb Lost

  • 2005-12-05T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

Gordon helps a little lost lamb called Fluffy find his mother – but this cute little lamb isn’t quite as sweet and innocent as he makes out. He’s actually very naughty. While Gordon and Rosie are out searching for his Mummy, Gordon’s garden is in danger of being eaten!

1x28 Wish You Were Here

  • 2005-12-12T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

Gladiloli loses her diamond engagement ring in the ocean, when holidaying at the seaside with the Chief Gnome. So, the Chief Gnome calls Gordon away from his garden to dive in and recover it. Gordon and Andrew discover the most amazing underwater garden in the ocean, but find it very hard to get Gladioli’s ring back. It’s in the possession of a couple of angry sea slugs, called Ron and Don, who don’t like underwater tourists and have some very unusual ransom requests!

1x29 The Treasure Chest

  • 2005-12-19T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

When a ‘self-digging spade’ goes out of control, Gordon uncovers a treasure chest buried deep in his garden. Unfortunately, the thought of great riches divides the Gnomes and animals, who each want the treasure for themselves. Even the Chief Gnome gets a bit greedy and claims the treasure is his! But Gordon isn’t interested being rich. He has all the riches he needs, living in a beautiful garden and being able to share it with his friends. But he could do with a new toolbox….

1x30 Gnome Academy

  • 2005-12-26T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

Gordon, Percy and Jerome Gnome are invited to Ian’s school as guest teachers to give gardening lessons. Percy’s lesson is on tidiness and how to create a scare-bug. Jerome demonstrates how to ‘let the grass grow under your feet’ and the art of making ‘To don’t lists’. But it is Gordon’s ‘Let’s get Mucky’ gardening approach that proves a big hit with the kids.

1x31 Robo-Gnome

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon borrows the fully automated Robo-Gnome 3000 from Percy to help with his fruit and vegetable harvest. Things go well until Lez and Dez realise they can control the Robo-Gnome with Ian’s ‘Gnome Fighter III’ computer game remote control. They decide to have a bit of fun.

1x32 Pop Go the Weeds

  • no air date — 12 mins

A nasty weed that spreads by exploding seedpods is discovered in Gordon’s garden. Gordon tries to de-fuse the seedling, but the Chief Gnome surprises him at a crucial moment and it goes off. As the Chief Gnome busies himself establishing a crisis centre, Percy reveals that he has accidentally fed the same plant some Speedy Massive Grow fertiliser and they’re just about to explode! Can Gordon get rid of the weed successfully from his garden?

1x33 Suddenly This Summer

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon does all he can to conserve water in his garden following a long period of drought. He collects water from his water butt instead of using his tap and hose pipe. Then he shares out water from his watering can sparingly to each plant and applies mulch. Unfortunately, Percy Gnome insists on pumping water from the stream behind his gardens into his top of the range sprinkler system. Can Gordon teach Percy about water conservation before the stream runs dry?

1x34 The New Tree

  • 2006-01-23T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

Gordon orders an Apple Tree for Rosie’s birthday, but with only a day to go until Rosie’s party, it still hasn’t arrived in the post. When it does arrive Gordon is surprised to find it is just a seed in an apple core. How can he grow a tree from seed in a day? Perhaps a little Gnome hat magic might help?

1x35 Water, Water, Everywhere!

  • no air date — 12 mins

It’s been raining for weeks and Gordon and the Gnomes prepare for a flood. Gordon puts sandbags around all the doors to his house and greenhouse. Rosie gets about on stilts. Jerome learns to surf and Percy buys a brand new boat from his catalogue. Unfortunately, Percy’s hasn’t read the instructions on how to drive it when the flood hits, and he’s swept away on the rising tide. It’s Gordon and friends to rescue!

1x36 The Gnome on the Moon

  • no air date — 12 mins

A mysterious rock falls to earth landing in the middle of Gordon’s lawn. Then a rocket lands in the flowerbed, piloted by Armstrong Gnome, the Gnome on the Moon. Armstrong proves to be a bit of a whiz with rocks and helps Gordon more the rock to build a rockery. He even lets Gordon drive his moon buggy. At the end of the day, the Chief Gnome brings his telescope and the Gnomes learn all about Armstrong’s mission to grow flowers on the moon!

1x37 The Trowel in the Stone

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon accidentally removes the Golden Trowel from the special stone and is forced to take over from the Chief Gnome as leader of all the Gnomes. He moves in to Gnome HQ at Kew Gardens and prepares for life behind a desk. But he misses his garden and longs to be just ‘Gordon the Garden Gnome’ again.

1x38 The Legend of Big Foot

  • 2006-02-20T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

Gordon goes in search of Big Boot, the legendary Gnome that roams the woods behind his garden. Percy guides the expedition with the help of a "Nose on a stick" but ends up getting them all lost. And Gordon’s attempts to get a picture of Big Boot are thwarted by the Chief Gnome and Gladioli, who keep frightening him off. Rosie manages to lead them all home with her natural tracking ways – where it seems that Jerome has spent all afternoon in the company of Big Boot!

1x39 Too Many Gnomes

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon accidentally falls into Percy’s new Vegitron duplication machine, while trying to stop Dez from doing the same thing. Chaos ensues as four identical life-sized Gordons and four tiny Gordons emerge at the other end; along with four identical Dezes. But which is the real Gordon? Andrew tries to find out. And can Lez ever top the Dezes from arguing!

1x40 What a Performance

  • 2006-03-06T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

It’s Gordon’s turn to host the Gnome “Sprummer” festival and the Chief Gnome asks him to put on a play. Everyone is to take part and the theme is ‘The Four Seasons’. Gordon is Spring, Rosie is Summer, Jerome is Autumn and Percy is Winter. Andrew heads up the orchestra and Lez and Dez introduce the acts. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as smoothly as Gordon has planned.

1x41 Night Noises

  • 2006-03-13T00:00:00Z — 12 mins

Percy installs an intruder alarm in his garden and warns Gordon "strange things can happen at night". When a mysterious noise keeps Gordon awake that night, Gordon is a little bit spooked, so he decides to investigate. At the same time, Lez and Dez are planning a secret night raid on Gordon’s vegetable patch and it turns into a very busy night in the garden indeed.

1x42 Big School

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon helps Ian Gnome overcome his fear of moving up to ‘big school’, with the help of a little caterpillar called Malcolm. For Malcolm is facing similar problems, as he’s scared of flying and refuses to turn into a butterfly. Ian show Malcolm that flying’s pretty cool and Malcolm in turn teaches Ian that you shouldn’t knock something if you haven’t tried it.

1x43 Gordon's Garden Swap

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon swaps gardens with Kylie Gnome in the Australian outback. Both Gnomes are so confident about their gardening abilities that they don’t listen to each other’s advice on how to deal with their new gardens. Problems soon arise for Gordon when it starts to rain in the outback and for Kylie when it snows in Gordon’s garden. Andrew decides to get them together at the library to share their knowledge.

1x44 Gordon Keeps Fit

  • no air date — 12 mins

The Chief Gnome declares it is ‘Keep Fit Day’ and organises a Gnome fitness programme. Unfortunately, Gladioli has also declared it the Chief Gnome’s ‘Surprise Day’ and Gordon is to be instrumental in preparing the big surprise. How can Gordon complete the fitness test and prepare the surprise at the same time?

1x45 Up, Up and Away!

  • no air date — 12 mins

Everyone is looking forward to the Gnome Academy's Topiary Air show. Each Gnome receives his topiary kit from the Chief Gnome, complete with tree, safety helmet and magic compost. Gordon makes a chicken and shows trainee Gnome, Ian exactly how it’s all done. But Ian isn’t content with just watching the grown-ups and he gets into a spot of bother when he tries to fly the Chief Gnome’s special bi-plane. It’s up to Gordon to save him.

1x46 The Veggie Pet

  • 2006-04-16T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

Ian is left with Gordon for the day to take his mind off wanting a pet. When Ian works hard in the garden, Gordon rewards him by making him a model dog from vegetables. It’s a Veggie-pet. Ian calls him Radish. At first Ian thinks Radish is pretty cool, but he still wants a real pet. So Ian brings Radish to life with a little bit of Gnome hat magic and Gordon has to teach him to be a responsible pet owner.

1x47 Silly Noises

  • no air date — 12 mins

The Gnome Council, led by the Chief Gnome, hold a big meeting to decide on a new sound for the arrival of Gnome Post. A field test is arranged in Gordon’s garden. Not the best timing, as Gordon is also trying to find a lost kitten in the garden and he can’t hear the noise of her bell for all the silly noises of parcels arriving!

1x48 The Frog Hop

  • 2006-04-30T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

Gordon learns to play his hat like a trumpet for the Big Frog Hop, which is to be held in his garden for the first time. Percy, Rosie and Jerome all join in and Gordon soon has a Gnome hat band quartet for the big event. The Chief Gnome wants to join in too, only can’t find an instrument that suits him. Gordon manages to solve the problem by making the Chief Gnome the conductor.

1x49 Dino Disaster

  • 2006-05-07T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

Gordon and friends accidentally activate the Chief Gnome’s new ‘Weather Predictor’ machine and can’t turn it off. When Andrew asks it to tell them what the weather was like millions of years ago, a T-Rex jumps out of the time portal, leaving them with a very big dinosaur problem. How can they get the dinosaur back to its own time zone without the Chief Gnome finding out?

1x50 The Amazing Fly Trap

  • no air date — 12 mins

Gordon receives an amazing birthday gift from his Cousin Charlotte in North Carolina – a carnivorous plant called a Venus Fly Trap. Not only does this plant eat flies, but it can also talk! Gordon declares this the best present he has ever had. But Venus is hiding a very important secret and doesn’t want to disappoint Gordon by sharing it - she hates eating flies and has become a vegetarian!

1x51 I Remember

  • 2006-05-14T23:00:00Z — 12 mins

A series of mishaps in the garden put Gordon in a bad mood. His trike’s front wheel gets stuck in one of Morris’ molehills. The loose plank on Jerome’s fence squashes his hat and Percy’s ‘cloud generator’ drops a rainstorm on his garden by mistake. Taking a break, Gordon discovers his old diary and reads about his first meeting with each of his friends. He re-discovers what is special about all of his friends and his mood brightens.

1x52 The Wishing Well

  • 2006-05-28T23:00:00Z — 10 mins

Jerome discovers a well in his garden and asks Gordon to take a look at it. Believing it might be a "wishing well" Gordon makes a wish and encourages all his friends to do the same. But there’s something not quite right about the well. It’s keeps asking for lettuce leaves to be dropped inside before it will grant any wishes. Gordon is suspicious that Lez and Dez, the slugs, might have something to do with it!