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Grand Blue: Season 1

1x01 Deep Blue

Very surprised by how good and faithful this adaptation has been so far. Bravo to Zero-G. I've gotten used to the slightly different base character design art but the "Titan faces" are perfect, so no need to worry! VAs are pretty solid so far, and I can't wait till more of the characters are introduced. The comedic timing was pretty good and I'm excited to see how more of the manga is adapted.

As for those "worried" about the humor or jokes getting stale, don't worry too much. This is the first episode and they've only introduced a few of the characters, so there isn't much else to rely upon until we really get into the main story arc that is to come. If the anime follows the manga faithfully (which it looks like it will), the character development, relationships and dynamics will get much more fleshed out and you'll learn to love these characters (faults and all) like I have.

Anyway, can't wait for the Miss Izu arc to start next!!!!

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