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Growing a Greener World is a groundbreaking television series that delivers the latest trends in eco-friendly living mixed with traditional gardening know-how to a modern audience. The series will inspire viewers of all ages with stunning HD video, a fresh and engaging style, and always a compelling story.

Each episode will feature the people, organizations, and events that are making a difference in our world today by raising awareness and influencing others to better stewardship of the environment we all share.

26 episodes

The Season 6 premiere chronicles a year in the life of a new beekeeper: host Joe Lamp'l. Included: selecting the best equipment; taking possession of live bees and installing them in a proper hive; and harvesting honey.

How to make compost; and use recycled pallets to build a compost bin.

How to raise chickens in a backyard. Included: a simple structure for a chicken coop.

How to create a Certified Wildlife Habitat in one's backyard.

How to start a vegetable garden from scratch.

The show's most popular segments are revisited.

A low-cost and simple deer barrier that anyone can make; and natural, safe and humane ways to repel other common garden and landscape pests.

Two rooftop organic farms in New York City are visited.

Efforts to save the endangered honeybee are detailed.

A small retail nursery that specializes in plants overlooked by large commercial operations is visited; and heirloom tomatoes are turned into a spicy gazpacho. Also: biodegradable plant labels; recycling programs; and eco-friendly growing techniques.

How to achieve a weedless garden without relying on chemicals.

A Chicago factory-turned-farm; and two California entrepreneurs who offer aquaponic systems and desktop mushroom gardens.

6x14 Moss Is Boss (Raleigh, NC)

  • no air date — 25 mins

Moss, which is often seen as a nuisance, is discussed.

Pruning is discussed. Included: five keys to pruning like a pro; common pruning mistakes; and promoting healthy plants through selective pruning.

Gardeners who teach about sustainable edible gardening while traveling the country in a biodiesel bus are featured.

Small-space gardening is explored. Included: small gardens in the San Francisco area.

How gardens impact the diversity of life in one's yard and town; and on the planet.

Sustainable practices employed by small-scale farmers are featured. Included: applying the techniques to one's own backyard.

A commercial facility that makes compost from yard waste and kitchen scraps; and a Seattle training facility that teaches how to compost.

A Maine farm that grows vegetables year-round is visited.

The Season 6 finale shows how a new landscape is designed and installed.