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Growing a Greener World is a groundbreaking television series that delivers the latest trends in eco-friendly living mixed with traditional gardening know-how to a modern audience. The series will inspire viewers of all ages with stunning HD video, a fresh and engaging style, and always a compelling story.

Each episode will feature the people, organizations, and events that are making a difference in our world today by raising awareness and influencing others to better stewardship of the environment we all share.

26 episodes

7x01 The Giving Garden: Ample Harvest Helps Share the Bounty

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 25 mins

If you’ve ever grown a vegetable garden, you’ve probably had more of something than you could use at the end of the season. That was the basis for how AmpleHarvest.org was formed. Gary Oppenheimer saw that his community garden was producing far more than the gardeners could consume, or even give away to family and friends. So he decided to find a way to get that fresh produce in the hands of neighbors in need, and that simple idea grew into a national non-profit network. The premise was to make it possible for anyone to have access to- or donate- fresh produce, wherever they lived—all from garden surplus. Today, AmpleHarvest.org has been recognized by the White House as well as major companies and organizations for their important work. In this episode, we’ll meet founder Gary Oppenheimer and see how we can all share some of our “ample harvest” with our own neighbors in need.

At the height of our nation’s industrial revolution over 100 years ago, wealthy businessman Henry Phipps built the Phipps Conservatory as a gift to the city of Pittsburg. Today Phipps has become a model for public gardens and conservatories around the world for its sustainable building practices, energy conservation and eco‐friendly methods. In the process they’ve earned the distinction of being “America’s Greenest Garden” and the greenest conservatory in the world. Taking his cue from the chocolate tree featured at the conservatory, Chef Nathan creates a molten chocolate cake that melts in the mouth.

With severe water shortages and drought grabbing an ever growing piece of our daily news, it only stands to reason, conserving this precious resource is more important than ever. Gardeners and weekend warriors typically waste over 50% of what water they use for outdoor irrigation. In this episode we meet author and waterwise expert, Nan Sterman in her own backyard to learn how to use less and still have a beautiful garden and landscape, no matter where you live. Then it’s back to the GGW Garden Farm to see the installation of an ultra-efficient irrigation system for the lawn and garden.

Beyond the popular beneficial lady beetle, lies a host of not-so‐well known insects and organic products that are surprisingly efficient at keeping pest populations and plant diseases in check. This episode looks at using natural predators and insects to keeps pests in check. We’ll also explore natural remedies for dealing with some common plant diseases in the home garden.