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Season 3 2010

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  • 2010-06-16T10:00:00Z on ABC
  • 40 mins
  • 8 hours, 0 mins (12 episodes)
  • Australia
  • English
  • Comedy
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12 episodes

3x01 Cleaning Products

  • Season Premiere

    2010-06-16T10:00:00Z — 40 mins

How do you Sell? Exploring the techniques and tactics agencies use to sell their Cleaning Products.
The Pitch: Save the Blobfish
Ad of the week: An indepth discussion of how the Government and Mining Industry have tried to sway public oppinion through their advertising.

3x02 The World Cup

  • 2010-06-23T10:00:00Z — 40 mins

How do you Sell? Adidas vs Nike, talking about the techniques and tactics agencies have used to sell their products in and around the World Cup.
Time Tunnel:From 1981 hello sexy Nix.
The Pitch: Visit Asbestos
Ad Crunch: An indepth discussion of Daniel Cox's ad to help make people wear seatbelts, how does this film work and what makes it so affective.

3x03 MasterChef

  • 2010-06-30T10:00:00Z — 40 mins

How do you Sell? Exploring how advertising sells MasterChef and how MasterChef sells you. Raking in cash through ad sales, product placement and merchandising.
The Pitch: Western Australia should become it's own country
Ad Crunch: Analysing a provocative World Wildlife Fund ad, what does this piece of communication acheive and how effective is it.

3x04 Deodorant

  • 2010-07-07T10:00:00Z — 40 mins

Endorse Me: Kevin Rudd
How do you Sell? A journey into advertising's armpit, the claims and solutions agencies use for the problems you just realised you had. Debating Deodorant advertising.
The Pitch: Oil spills
Ad of the week: Analysing the award winning Old Spice ad.

3x05 3D Television

  • 2010-07-14T10:00:00Z — 40 mins

How do you Sell Televisions? The biggest purchase most people will make after a house and car how do they get you to buy their brand?
The Pitch: Urine
Ad of the week: McDonalds introduction of the Mighty Angus and the Gand Angus campaine was their most successful launch. What made sale increase to the tune of an extra $2 million a week?

3x12 Airlines

  • 2010-09-29T10:00:00Z — 40 mins

Wil Anderson, Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft are joined by Matt Eastwood and Bridget Taylor on the final episode for this series. On How Do You Sell? we look at airlines and On the Pitch - NZ and Australia One Country.

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