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All Episodes 2015 - 2017

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  • Ended
  • go90
  • 2015-10-19T00:00:00Z
  • 20 mins
  • 1 day, 13 hours, 43 mins (110 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • AwesomenessTV
  • Drama
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Guidance uncovers the truth behind a series of scandalous photos of the most popular girl in school circulating through all forms of social media. The drama unfolds through weekly sessions with the school's guidance counselor, Anna. Still scarred from her own high school experience, Anna must set aside her own insecurities and work outside the box to get to know the teens and discover who's really behind the photos. Is it the resident hot guy, the mean girl with weight issues, the overachiever, the social outcast, or the beautiful, enigmatic girl who started it all?
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110 episodes

1x01 The Pictures

  • Series Premiere

    2015-10-19T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Scandalous pictures of Miriam circulate among the student body, sending her on a journey with new and old friends to find the culprit, while Anna uses her own methods to achieve the same.

1x02 The Jock

  • 2015-10-20T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

The stakes have risen and Anna struggles to contain the photo scandal. She discovers new information until unexpted word from Julliard catches both Anna and Miriam off guard.

1x03 The Suspects

  • 2015-10-21T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Miriam opens up to Anna and Chip reveals what really happened the night the pictures were taken. Anna notices Roger's suspicious behavior.

1x04 The Power of Persuasion

  • 2015-10-22T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Miriam's popularity at school and on social media escalates even more due to the picture scandal. Anna investigates the finding of a microphone in her office and recieves a surprising call from Mr. Worth.

1x05 The Rumors

  • 2015-10-23T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Bridget reveals the root of her troubled relationship with Miriam and with the help of Linz and Roger, Anna is provided with a list of leads and a new possible motive. There is also a surprising call from Mr. Worth.

1x06 The Guilty One

  • 2015-10-26T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Roger explains his working relationship with Miriam's father, Chip faces the possibility of serious charges, and Anna realizes the primary suspect was right under her nose the entire time.

1x07 The Secret

  • 2015-10-27T04:00:00Z — 20 mins

When Chip doesn’t show for their meeting, Anna tracks him down and catches him mid-fight with Miriam. In Anna’s office, Chip gets vulnerable and reveals how he may have been involved in the scandal.

1x08 The Tweet

  • 2015-10-28T04:00:00Z — 20 mins

Bridget asks Anna to be the teacher advisor for the Female Endeavor Movement club that she plans to start. Anna confronts Bridget about a potentially damaging tweet.

1x09 The Hack

  • 2015-10-29T04:00:00Z — 20 mins

Anna continues to grill Roger about his access to the office after hours. He insists his innocence and to help clear his name offers her information on how someone could have hacked the system to text everyone photos of Miriam.

1x10 The Fake Profile

  • 2015-10-30T04:00:00Z — 20 mins

Linz buddies up to Anna in her office, but unexpected word from Juilliard catches both Anna and Miriam off guard.

1x11 The Aftermath

  • 2015-11-02T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Provoked by the news from Juilliard, Miriam opens up to Anna about her real feelings regarding their town and her peers. Anna, however, is most concerned with the fact that Miriam told her dad about the pictures.

1x12 The Caste System

  • 2015-11-03T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Bridget calls Anna out for sneaking into the boys' locker room and laughs off what Anna thinks is a new lead with regards to the photo scandal.

1x13 The Photo Shoot

  • 2015-11-04T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Chip tells Anna what really happened the night that Miriam posed for the pictures.

1x14 The Folder

  • 2015-11-05T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Anna grills Roger about his history with Miriam as well as the process of mass distribution via text message. When Anna inquires about a suspicious folder on his desktop, Roger storms out.

1x15 The loudspeaker

  • 2015-11-06T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

While Principal Walsh meets with Miriam's dad, Linz hangs in Anna's office and speculates who is to blame.

1x16 The #MiriamWorthless

  • 2015-11-09T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

The hashtag #MiriamWorthless is trending on twitter and Bridget berates Miriam in the school parking lot. Anna shows Miriam the recording device that she found in her office, but Miriam is at her breaking point.

1x17 The Power of Persuasion

  • 2015-11-10T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Principal Walsh and Anna turn to Chip's phone for evidence, but Anna learns a tough lesson about playing by the rules.

1x18 The Bug

  • 2015-11-11T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Miriam reaches out to Mr. Worth to check in on Miriam who's still absent from school. Anna questions Bridget about the microphone she found in her office, but Bridget plays a strong opponent.

1x19 The App

  • 2015-11-12T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Anna targets Roger upon reading that Mr. Worth pulled funding for his app, but Roger denies bugging the guidance office. Anna confronts Jim about being aloof, but the conversation doesn't end how Anna would've liked.

1x20 The Call

  • 2015-11-13T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Anna vents to Linz about everything she's got on her plate, and Anna finally hears from Mr. Worth but it isn't the kind of call she was expecting.

1x21 The Rumors

  • 2015-12-14T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Rumors about what happened to Miriam swirl around school while Roger, Bridget and Chip hash it out in the guidance office.

1x22 The Bully

  • 2015-12-15T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Anna confronts Bridget about continuing to torment Miriam on twitter, so Bridget reveals the history at the root of their troubled relationship.

1x23 The Attention

  • 2015-12-16T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Anna turns to Linz as she susses out the information at hand. Linz suggests the possibility that Miriam did all of this for attention.

1x24 The List

  • 2015-12-17T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Roger provides Anna with a list that may lead her to the person responsible.

1x25 The House Visit

  • 2015-12-18T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Anna visits Miriam at home, but Miriam is hardly welcoming. She can't escape the unwanted attention resulting from the seemingly infinite reach of the photos.

1x26 The Access

  • 2015-12-21T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Roger explains the significance of his working relationship with Miriam's father and suggests a way someone might have gotten the photos from Miriam and Chip.

1x27 The Charges

  • 2015-12-22T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Up against the possibility of serious charges, Chip fears for his future, and he's still distraught over his now broken relationship with Miriam.

1x28 The Lesson

  • 2015-12-23T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Back from suspension, Bridget's given up on trying to make sense of the scandal, but Anna offers her good news with regards to the feminist club.

1x29 The Guilty One

  • 2015-12-24T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Anna realizes that the primary suspect was right under her nose the entire time.

1x30 Case Closed

  • 2015-12-25T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Jim congratulates Anna on cracking the case and reasserts his interest in her. Miriam thanks Anna for everything.

2x01 B+

  • Season Premiere

    2016-11-04T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

On homecoming night, a tragedy strikes the students at Capitol High School. Two months earlier, principal Decost introduces longterm family friend and new guidance counselor Alana Maynor at the senior symposium. Straight-A student Hilary contests a grade from popular teacher Mr. Ridley, while Tyler lets Alana know just how little her influence is wanted or needed around Capitol High.

2x02 A.B.A.

  • 2016-11-05T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Smiley makes a joke that hits one of Alana's nerves, which results in her sharing a personal detail of her life with him. Mr. Ridley tries a new teaching method that results in Hilary protesting his class, while Alana follows up with mysterious Polly and realizes what she's been hiding. Meanwhile, Layla finds out what Liddy has been doing with Ozo.

2x03 Under the Influencers

  • 2016-11-06T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

After finally convincing Decost to agree to his website, Smiley brings Tyler, Brianna, Hilary, Layla, Liddy, and Ozo together to form The Alliance. Brianna makes plans without Tyler while Alana digs into Tyler's past. Smiley's gossip breaks up a couple. On homecoming night, Layla comforts a surprising ally.

2x04 Together Forever

  • 2016-11-07T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Hilary tries to cover up a big mistake before it's too late. Tyler seeks out advice from Mr. Ridley while Layla confronts Ozo about his relationship to Liddy. Alana offers advice on letting go while learning just how narcissistic teenagers can be. Smiley shares a video with dire consequences.

Hilary must deal with the consequences when her video with very serious accusations against a teacher goes public. Everyone at Capitol High School seems to take a side when it comes to Mr. Ridley, resulting in conflict among both the students and faculty.

2x06 Eighteen Candles

  • 2016-11-09T05:00:00Z — 22 mins

Alana heads the investigation into Mr. Ridley following Hilary's accusations. Tyler confronts Ozo in fear that Brianna may be cheating. Hilary and Smiley track down a student with similar claims about Mr. Ridley. Meanwhile, on the night of homecoming, Alana tries to get the truth of what happened from the students.

2x07 En Rogue

  • 2016-11-10T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Alana questions Liddy about her relationship with Mr. Ridley. Tyler obsession with finding out who Brianna gave the shoes to deepens. Ozo follows Brianna to find out who her new boyfriend is, while Mr. Ridley is threatened into staying in a relationship he tries to end. Alana teams up with the students to expose the truth.

2x08 Rumor or Trumor?

  • 2016-11-11T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Smiley tries to get Brianna to admit the truth, which only pushes her further away. Ridley confronts Brianna about her subtleness, or lack of it, and the victim of the homecoming night shooting is finally revealed.

2x09 Bam Bam

  • 2016-11-12T05:00:00Z — 21 mins

Tyler and Ozo make a plan to revenge the teacher they hate. Hilary receives devastating news and decides to take justice into her own hands; Brianna confronts Mr. Ridley after learning the truth. School politics become much more serious when the governor is concerned.

2x10 Capitol Catch-Up, Part 1

  • 2016-11-13T05:00:00Z — 22 mins

Tyler goes to any extreme in order to protect Brianna, while Brianna suffers the emotional and social consequences.

2x11 Capitol Catch-Up, Part 2

  • 2016-11-14T05:00:00Z — 23 mins

Mr. Ridley and principal Decost both face the repercussions of their actions when Alana finds out the truth.

2x12 State of the Union

  • 2016-11-15T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

When sketchy info about Tyler's past surfaces, Decost urges Alana not to explore it further.

2x13 Pumped up Kicks

  • 2016-11-16T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Tyler meets with Alana and discusses Brianna's future, meanwhile Brianna appears pleased with a new purchase.

2x14 Under the Influencers

  • 2016-11-17T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Smiley orients the key players to the Alliance, Alana deals with family matters, and Layla shares a private word with Brianna.

2x15 Thresholds

  • 2016-11-18T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Despite Alana's stern warning against using school archives for personal purposes, Hilary bruskly make an irreversible decision in the heat of the moment.

2x16 Delete, Delete

  • 2016-11-19T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Hilary wakes up to delete the video she hastily posted, Tyler confides in Mr. Ridley about his relationship troubles, and Layla gets nostalgic for the happy days with Liddy.

2x17 Snitches or Bitches

  • 2016-11-20T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Layla confronts Ozo about selling weed to Liddy; next she goes to Alana for advice on her relationship, though it's apparent that she can't seem to think beyond herself.

2x18 Checkerboard Vans

  • 2016-11-21T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

During cheerleading practice, Tyler goes to slip something into Brianna's bag but stops when he's very pleased with what he sees. On the bleachers, Ozo refuses to sell weed to Liddy.

2x19 Scout's Honor

  • 2016-11-22T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Hilary believes Smiley when he says he'll take down her video.

2x20 Flameout at the Eatery

  • 2016-11-23T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Tyler and Brianna appear to make peace, Liddy and Layla quarrel explosively, and Hilary goes viral.

2x21 Brilary

  • 2016-11-24T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Hilary faces hatred among the student body after everyone's seen her vlog on the Alliance site.

2x22 Solo Expedition

  • 2016-11-25T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

When Alana urges Principal Decost to allow an investigation into Mr. Ridley, Decost consents but maintains that the district can't know a thing.

2x23 TKO

  • 2016-11-26T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Smiley admits to relying on his phone for protection, and Hilary and Liddy stand off about Mr. Ridley as Smiley looks on.

2x24 Hide & Seek

  • 2016-11-27T05:00:00Z — 20 mins

Hilary's crushed by the feeling of responsibility she has for everything that's going on, and Alana establishes the plan for an investigation into Mr. Ridley.

3x01 Dead Slut

  • Season Premiere

    2017-08-27T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Faith mourns the death of her twin sister Grace while Katina, the school guidance counselor, sets off to figure out who tarnished her memory.

3x02 Dead Ball

  • 2017-08-27T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Katina comforts Laurin and tries to narrow down suspects after Navi exposes a secret that changes everything.

3x03 Dead Drunk

  • 2017-08-27T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Navi learns the fine line between humiliation and humility as Katina hunts down evidence that may be deleted forever.

3x04 Dead Man Walking

  • 2017-08-28T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Serious consequences are enacted as the student body learns who was with Grace the night she died.

3x05 Dead Eyes

  • 2017-08-29T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Scott makes a controversial move which shocks Katina and the school.

3x06 Dead Ringer

  • 2017-08-30T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Faith's grief hits a whole new level confusing Scott and the rest of the students; and Audrey takes measures into her own hands to protect herself and Laurin.

3x07 Playing Dead

  • 2017-08-31T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

It's game day, so Scott, Faith, and Navi work relentlessly to uncover the truth about the volleyball team.

3x08 Dead Wrong / Dead Right

  • 2017-09-03T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Katina's new accusations make some students very uncomfortable.

3x09 Dead of Night

  • 2017-09-04T04:00:00Z — 22 mins

Scott confronts his guilt as the resistance spreads.

3x10 Dead End

  • 2017-09-05T04:00:00Z — 23 mins

Two students come forward with their version of what happened the night Grace died, revealing more to Katina than she was expecting.

3x21 Mine!

  • 2017-09-20T04:00:00Z — 20 mins

3x27 Guilty

  • 2017-09-30T04:00:00Z — 20 mins

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