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Harlots 2017

Game of Brothels - Betrayal, Politics, Sex and Revenge in the Struggle to Become Queen of Whores:

Surprisingly addicting. Game of Throne-esque betrayal, alliances,
bribery, coercion, corruption, politics, sex, and revenge.

Harlots inspires empathy for the plights of the heroines -
the brothel madam and her youngest daughter. You really root for the
madam's struggle to keep her girls from harm and rise up through the
ranks of brothels to move up in station and compete with the Queen of

Harlots touches on racial and class issues and even features the
occasional gigolo, during a time in which one in five women in old
London make their livings as whores. It shows how religious zealots,
the law, and the masses can be manipulated as pawns in the political,
carnal, racial, and socioeconomic power struggle that is the Game of

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its dirty, its naughty, its racy, its everything against decency and its deadass one of the best shows ive ever seen!

the acting is very good, the music is addicting and the story -battle of brothels- is one of the most exciting and most original ideas ive ever seen! please for the love of god, and everything that stands against god (i.e. this show), watch it! 10/10

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This is simply one of the best, diverse, feminist show on television right now. Written, directed and produced by women, this is a show that despite its subject matter doesn't cater to the male gaze. It is a show less interested in sex that on how power and love (or lack of) impacts on the lives of women as well as the ramifications of generational violence within families.

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