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Season 2 2017

  • 2017-09-16T01:00:00+08:00 on VRV
  • 25 mins
  • 4 hours, 10 mins (10 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction

HarmonQuest is a fantasy comedy adventure series that melds live action comedians riffing on a stage in front of a live studio audience with animated forays into a fantasy adventure role-playing game. The intrepid comedians, Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, and Erin McGathy, along with a rotating special guest member, gather around a kitchen table and attempt to play the game and fail in hilarious fashion, to the chagrin of their adjudicator-referee- Game Master Spencer Crittenden.

10 episodes

2x01 The Quest Continues

  • Season Premiere

    2017-09-16T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

Fondue, Beur, and their new friend Chip meet with a powerful Sorcerer who brings them to the hellish Demon Realm on their quest to find Boneweevil, but our heroes are soon overwhelmed by the armies of Hell.

2x02 Demon Realm Devilry

  • 2017-09-16T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

Trapped in the Demon Realm after the death of Celty, a lake of mystery juice transmutes Fondue and friends into various beasts. In order to reverse their curse, the gang seeks the help of a powerful and strange swamp witch.

2x03 Bonebreak Village

  • 2017-09-23T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

On Boneweevil's suggestion the gang heads to Bonebreak Village, the last refuge of Hell's survivors. There, they discover their way home might just be a mysterious spirit locked away in one of the Demon Realm's many Nether-Jails.

2x04 Into the Abyss

  • 2017-09-30T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

With nowhere to go, our heroes are saved by an old friend of Boneweevil. The bizarre and awkward tooth beast whisks the gang into the Abyss for some high stakes bar trivia with a grim reaper.

2x05 Back to Sandman Desert

  • 2017-10-07T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

After defeating the caretaker of the abyss, our heroes return to Earth, where much has changed. Finding some sand nomads and saving them from marauding beasts, the gang is treated to tea, and discover an evil presence has followed them back from the Demon Realm.

2x06 The Barely Cursed Bazaar of Commerce

  • 2017-10-14T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

After learning of Celty’s re-appearance, our heroes follow the clues towards the city of Forlona, but a newly formed river of lava prevents their passage. Luckily, a mysterious merchant tent and its magical shopkeeper are here to help, but she seems to keep strange wares and stranger secrets.

2x07 The City of Forlona

  • 2017-10-21T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

In an effort to stop Celty’s evil ritual, our heroes travel to the center of it all, the Capital City of Forlona! A lost little boy informs the gang of recent catastrophe in the city, and a quest for his parents leads them into the royal Castle to beg for the King’s aid.

2x08 The Keystone Obelisk

  • 2017-10-28T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

Feldspa the Royal Vizier beseeches Fondue and friends for their help in destroying the Keystone Obelisk, the lynchpin of Celty’s Obelisk Ritual. The gang joins forces with a deadly arsonist to assault the Obelisk as they attempt to enter the Obelisk to destroy its core.

2x09 The Castle of Etylai

  • 2017-11-04T01:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

Charles returns from the Demon Realm with an old flame of Beur’s. Our heroes assault Celty’s floating castle with the help of the dragon, but after getting split up, Boneweevil and Fondue are at each other’s throats, and their bickering threatens the future of their heroes’ journey.

2x10 The Sorcerer of the Storm

  • 2017-11-18T02:00:00+08:00 — 25 mins

A lethal encounter sets our party back, but after being rejoined by a familiar face from their past, our heroes face Celty and take on the deadly enchantress in her flying fortress. Can the gang finally put a stop to Celty’s evil schemes, and what even were those evil schemes anyway?